The Career and Philanthropist Life of Jeremy Goldstein

What is the best business to start as an investor? What is the best time to start a business? This is among the most researched questions. Well, it is important that you start a business in a field you have worked before. It is easy because you understand the risks and the way about the business. Jeremy Goldstein’s life explains this best. Learn more about Jeremy Goldstein: and

Jeremy Goldstein has been a lawyer for the better part of his life. He says that there was this one time when all the subsidiaries of companies were breaking off from the main branches. Goldstein thought that a new company could stand a good chance and started his firm.

Jeremy Goldstein says that one thing that leverages him in the business is his experience. Throughout his career, he has solved multiple mystery cases. However, he explains that after two decades of practicing law, there is nothing that you haven’t heard. It is, therefore, easier for him than individuals who are joining the field for the first time.

To be more effective, Jeremy Goldstein ensures he has a good relationship with his clients. He expounds saying that his clients depend on him to make very critical decisions. He, therefore, schedules meetings with them even when there are no legal things to discuss. This helps him in getting to understand his clients and their preferences.

Besides being a successful lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein is also a cheerful giver. He has been a member of the Fountain House Foundation close to a decade. He recently planned a wine dinner party to support the organization. A single ticket was sold at $3500. All the funds were solely dedicated to helping the members of Fountain House.

Fountain House has significantly contributed to the lives of people living with mental illness. They help them secure homes, complete their education and get jobs.

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Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets

Hyland’s was founded in 1903 with a mission to give assistance to improving the health of our international family. Mothers trust Hyland’s to support them in managing the health of all family members.


In 1925 Hyland’s created baby oral health products. Since 1925 mothers have trusted their babies oral and teething relief to Hyland’s.


Hyland’s is family-owned since 1903. This company creates from the best quality of natural-active ingredients and are made under the strictest standards for preparation. These quality products present no dangers to health and are not harsh to the body. This company has been referred to as the number one over the counter provider of homeopathic remedies. Next to the potency or the ingredient list you will see the letters HPUS, which means The Homeopathic Pharmacy of the United states. These letters mean that the product is definitely a homeopathic product.


Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets address most of our babies teething needs.


These tablets are made with quality products that are known to work for most babies and cause few if any problems.


Hyland’s has created a product that provides oral pain relief to our babies and also helps to boost the body’s natural immunity. The tablets are made with sucrose, which is a sweet flavor that babies like and dissolves easily. All the ingredients in the tablets address oral pain, sensitivity, swelling gums, soreness and general teething difficulties. These oral relief tablets should be in our medicine cabinets for our babies when experiencing any oral problems or teething pain.


The main ingredients in Hyland’s Baby Oral Pain Relief Tablets are listed below. The benefits range from soreness, sensitivity, swollen gums to general teething difficulties and more.



CEO of James River Capital Brings Awareness to Burnout in the Workplace

Employees who are showing signs of burnout causes productivity to decline when overwhelmed with responsibilities or the workplace is dysfunctional. Paul Saunders, the CEO and Principle of James River Capital knows when his employees have burnout symptoms and implements intervention measures. He takes action immediately by offering support, encouraging fitness, communicating, and setting goals with the whole team. His system has worked for him nearly 40 years with enhancing his skills as a leader at A.G. Becker and other firms. In his Patch article on April 30th, 2018, he talked honestly about what he does when he observes an employee experiencing burnout.

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Paul Saunders says signs to look for of burnout employees are losing control, attitude changes, low energy level, lack of confidence, and sluggishness. The symptoms are physically and emotionally which needs addressing as soon as possible. Two main causes of work burnout are overload of responsibilities and working in a hostile environment. Paul brought awareness to James River Capital and constantly monitors his employees by interacting with them and ensuring the firm’s policies and structure are flexible. The first thing he and his team do the beginning of a workday is take 10 to 15 minutes outlining their goals they desire to accomplish.


The way Paul Saunders address burnout is effective, and he encourages other employers to try it if an employee is losing control, fatigue, and moody. The time for support and communication is when an employee’s attitude changes and he or she is showing negativity and lacks motivation. He says he recommends to his workers to separate work from the outside world and the home. Another thing to look for is when employees question their ability to perform work duties. It could be a sign of burnout and should deal with it by helping to set personal goals to achieve performance and productivity.


The signs of burnout are easy to detect and often associated to stress and long hours of working without rest breaks in the morning and afternoon hours. Although, some symptoms may be emotional it can affect the body by causing headaches, abnormal sleeping behavior, and other problems. Paul Saunders is knowledgeable of burnout and takes action by keeping communication open with the employees to discuss their concerns. He believes in work and life balance at James River Capital which keeps the environment healthy and productive. Learn more:


James River Capital is an investment advisory and management company headquartered in Manakin Sabot, Virginia. The firm manages hedge fund portfolios and provides services for commodity trading, corporate credit, fixed-income securities, and futures managing trades. Paul Saunders is a registered SEC investment advisor, an author, Chairman, CEO, and business owner.


Roseann Bennett: Telemedicine Is The New Thing In Psychotherapy


Long distance communication has often been a part of human civilization. From time immemorial when drums and horns were the main channels of communication, the industry has evolved from the drums to telegraphs and now the internet which is taking over how people interact with each other. Today, people can connect in a few seconds through a video call directly on the phone.

Just like people use technology to communicate personal matters, doctors are also looking at using the new forms of technology to improve patient’s health. Telemedicine is becoming the buzzword of late. Roseann Bennett is a skilled marriage and family therapist with vast experience in providing mental health diagnosis and treatment. She is the co-founder of the Center for Treatment and Assessment, a non-profit organization for mental health in New Jersey.

Bennett has committed her life to assisting people in need of mental healthcare. A holder of MA and Ed.S. in marriage as well as family therapy, Bennett is a licensed family therapist. She has post master’s certification in cognitive behavior from REACH Institute. She also holds a certificate in clinical and adolescent trauma.

Roseann Bennett is passionate about helping people regain their normal lives through the Center for Treatment and Assessment. She admits that it took her several years of commitment and perseverance to create the successful organization. With her partner, Dr. Todd Bennett, they are committed to assisting families and friends receive proper mental health regardless of their income levels or insurance cover. Being an entrepreneur, Roseann Bennett has invested in caregiving. Go Here to learn more about Bennett.

She works tirelessly to change the people’s perception regarding therapy by making it accessible to everyone. During the “Mental Health Awareness Week”, Dr. Bennett addressed a new trend in the healthcare sector: telemedicine. According to her, new advances in technology have been made to ease the process of providing therapy to patients. Patients can now book appointments through text, emails, and Skype.


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Nick Vertucci Is An Author, Real Estate Investor, and Poker Player

Nick Vertucci is a long time poker player, but he is also a huge success in the real estate industry, making millions for himself over the years. He has also authored several books about real estate, all of which add to his success today. While Nick is not making millions in the poker industry, he is certainly a good and well-known player at this point since he has been playing for more than 15 years. Nick Vertucci has made many risky moves over the years and according to him, his career in poker is what helped him become so successful in real estate.

Throughout all the time Nick has focused on the real estate industry building his career and his wealth, he has maintained his passion for playing poker. Nick has regularly tested and improved upon his poker skills over the years and now he is putting even more effort into it as of late. The first time Nick was able to make money from poker was through a tournament held in Commerce, California, where he played a Texas Hold’em match against 250 other opponents. After winning a prize of 7,500 dollars for 8th place, Nick knew he wanted to keep improving and taking on more in the poker world.

Despite all of his time playing poker, Nick Vertucci is still mainly known for his work in real estate, especially since he opened up a real estate academy. Despite that, he is a regular and known figure in the poker circles as he continues to compete every year. Vertucci has played with some of the biggest names out there in poker tournaments, including Poker After Dark, World Series of Poker, and World Poker Tournament. Accompanying Nick Vertucci to many of the high profile tournaments are some of the biggest earners in the industry, such as Mike Matusow and Phil Lakk.

Betsy DeVos Continues To Put Her Money Where Her Mouth Is When It Comes To Educational Choice

If you know who Betsy DeVos is, there is a good chance that you would have never expected to hear that she would be seen with the likes of the rapper Pitbull. But that is exactly what happened recently when she decided to pay a visit to many different schools in Florida. The reason for her joint appearance had to do with the charter schools that Pitbull has set up. DeVos has always been a supporter of educational choice, and she also supports private and charter schools. Educational choice has to do with legislation that supports the educational rights of American families so they can afford to send their kids to a school of their choosing.


Betsy DeVos was interviewed recently and commented on how well she thinks the educational choice movement is doing. Her optimism is based on the fact that there are now more than 250,000 students who are being served by educational choice programs. In total, 17 states are now participating in these kinds of programs, and new states are coming aboard all of the time. Mississippi, Virginia, Louisiana, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania all have started up fresh programs to serve students, and Indiana has already enrolled more than 10,000 kids through a voucher program.


Betsy DeVos recently pointed to a poll that discovered that Latino families were especially appreciative of educational choice legislation. Low income families have also been the beneficiaries of these kinds of programs. This is completely counter to what opponents of educational choice would have most people believe. The truth is that the program has been painted as something that the wealthy desire, and part of the reason for this is that DeVos is a billionaire. These assertions are completely unfounded and seem almost ludicrous as recent findings have indicated that DeVos has been pouring large amounts of her wealth into the educational sector to help make it better.


In fact, Betsy DeVos recently revealed how much money she has been donating to charitable organizations. This showed that she has donated millions of dollars through the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation to charitable organizations that benefit the U.S. educational system. Some of the money she has donated has gone to Kids Hope USA, the DeVos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and Mars Hill Bible Church. She also serves in a variety of positions that benefit the educational choice movement including the Alliance for School Choice and the American Federation for Children.


Betsy DeVos is the new Secretary of Education for the United States. She grew up in Michigan and has been a large part of efforts that have made the city of Grand Rapids a better place to live in. She expects to continue to serve the people of the United States by improving the educational system from the inside out. While many other people talk about making changes to help families that can’t afford to pay the tuition of private and charter schools, she is out there actually doing something very real about it.


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Liven Up Characteristics of Effective Leadership Style; James River Capital

There are many different schools of thoughts about leadership. It is believed leaders are born; imply they naturally have traits that make them great. There are those who stand that leaders are made through education and training. How so, a leader is defined by how do they are at establishing a roadmap and encouraging other to ship in and propel the vision. As James River Capital Corp has observed that a good leader is more than just a skill they need continuous development.


James River Capital identified three key things that define effective leadership in the corporate world today. A leader should not only lead by example but should also support his juniors. Researchers have found out that the critical mental shift from lead to supporting has brought satisfaction among workers. A leader should know how to interact with his team members, place value on each encourages and motivate them to be better. In the long run, their performance improves and that of the business too. Ideally, it is the small things leaders do that make the whole difference.


Effective leadership should encourage growth within their team. Ideally, the leader should be a person who develops their junior from better to best. If for instance, they have a creative idea they would like implemented. Do not brush it off, welcome them to escalate, have open communication channels, and be hospitable to encourage them to share more with you. On the contrary is they feel undermined, they will hold back brilliant ideas that could have otherwise broken the ground for the business. Working around in ensuring all psychological needs are met should be part of the bargain; everyone should air their voice.


In the same vein, a good leader understands that every opinion is important. A leader should encourage them and engage them in business decision especially those that affect them and are thought to be an obstacle in performing optimally. James River Capital has employed this leadership style and observed that the sense of inclusivity, value, respect and attention, help all team members engage more. If in a meeting, ensure all talk or participate including the quitter members as their opinion could be all the organization need to breakthrough. However, let everyone feel comfortable as intimidation may work adversely. Learnm more:


About James River Capital


James River Capital is fondly known as James Capital. It is an investment firm that manages commodity trading, hedge funds, asset management, advisory and consultancy services among other things. It is based in Richmond, Virginia and was founded in 1986, by a well-respected business and finance expert Paul Saunders. At the time, it was operating under Kidder, Peabody &Co Inc. until 1995 when it was registered as an independent business entity.


SEC Whistleblower Manual

After the infamous 2008 economic crisis, the corporate world was in another crisis, corporate scandals. These scandals affected how investors perceived the industry. Due to the continuous cases of corporate scandals, there was a massive withdrawal of financial support from a section of investors around the country. Due to the complexity of the scandals, the law enforcement agencies could do nothing about the developments.

The only option according to pundits was to encourage whistle blowers by providing a legal protection, which unfortunately was not available prior to 2010. In order to protect corporate America from any further dent on its credibility, Dodd-Frank Wall Street (Reform and Consumer Protection Act) was designed by lawmaking body; Congress. The legislation gave SEC whistleblower attorneys a legal point of view when representing a whistle blower.

How did the legislation empower the whistleblower?

Prior to the legislation, the existing laws did not protect a whistle blower. Whistle blowing was a recipe for all kind of corporate intimidation. However, the whistle blower can now report any corporate fraud without worrying about the future of their employment. In addition, the legislation protects them from any possible intimidations, which was common before the legislation or fear a demotion, or in the worse scenario suffer a suspension.

The legislation gives the whistle blower the legal ability to report any incident of scandal, which must be done in accordance with the existing SEC guidelines. They have the ability (in accordance with legislation) to provide evidence through testifying against their seniors without intimidation. These guidelines have been the number one cause of reductions in corporate scandals for the last eight years.

The legislation interpretation of monetary rewards

The law has four main pillars on monetary rewards. It is important to understand that monetary awards are specifically included this legislation as an encouragement to report fraud instances but not the only reason. In order to qualify for monetary rewards, the whistle blower, in this case, must provide information in depth that in return can be admissible in a legal proceeding. The information provided by the whistle blower must also meet the threshold of a possible interference of the set code of ethics. Finally, the information provided must also provide sufficient reasons to initiate (monetary) sanctions to the suspected individuals.

In addition, the whistle blower, in this case, must be having information unknown to anybody. This requirement rules out any information in the hands of SEC. Any pieces of information already in front of a judicial hearing are also not considered for any monetary consideration since it does not qualify as origination information. The SEC guidelines also outlaw any information, which is dated prior July 21, of the year 2010.

How does one become a whistle blower?

The SEC in the 2010 legislation provided the guideline on how one can be a whistle blower. The SEC has a functional portal where one can file the complaint. The information must meet all the above guidelines. The SEC requires that the whistle blower to only give truthful information only. The SEC gives the person filing the complaint a chance to use their attorney or do so with anonymous status.



Neurocore Offers Fulfilling Employment For People Who Want To Change Lives

It can sometimes be difficult to find a sense of fulfillment in your career, people want to feel as if they are making a difference instead of just a paycheck. At Neurocore, employees have recommended working for the company because they enjoy working in a positive environment and doing something that they truly feel helps people on a personal level. In addition to the positive nature of their work, they enjoy the competitive wages and the fact that they feel their opinions and concerns are listened to by those in management. Read more about Neurocore at

Neurocore isn’t just s job to many on their team, it’s a career in a company that they feel they can grow with. As their company continues to expand, so do the opportunities at Neurocore. As a client advocate, you have the opportunity to work with those seeking and receiving treatment to ensure that they are connected with all of the people and resources that the company has to offer. Their well-being and overall health is a top priority of the company and this is recognized by employees and clients alike.


Neurocore isn’t like the typical treatment centers for mental health. They approach healing in a completely different way using cutting-edge methods that clients have attributed to improving their well-being in ways that other therapies haven’t. For many centers, medication is one of the first tools that are used to help their clients manage their problems. At their company, their clients are taught how to use the power of their own brain to promote healing in order to get their lives and mental health back on track so they can live the way they want to.

In different studies, patients experiencing certain disorders were found to show similar brain activity abnormalities. Through methods using neuroscience, Neurocore is addressing how the brain reacts on a chemical and electrical basis by helping clients train their own minds and body to process life in a more constructive way. To many, the process of retraining the human brain is actually enjoyable with the individualized treatment plan tailored to what their specific needs are. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

The Impact of Rick Cofer

He Means Business

Recycling in Austin Park is becoming the new go green! So, hurry up! The Recreation Recycling Task Force in Austin is definitely trying to keep up with the splendor and the outstanding dynamics of Mr. Rick Cofer.


Mr. Cofer is adamant about the change and enforcing it with all seriousness; by creating the change he wants to see in the world starting with recycling at Parks in Austin. Although some parks are recycling, he won’t stop until they are all on the same page and in the same book. To make matters appear more appealing, he’s giving 2 options, option A will cost $1.3 million and take a year of your time and option B is going to run you about $802,500 and is going to take you two years, but the task force isn’t taking it lightly, and they are weighing their options and walking towards Option B.


Mr. Cofer is a man of dedication and working to see his change accessible to everyone who comes across or interacts with, in, or by any of the Parks in Austin. Hopefully, they decide to enforce the change in every Park in Austin in a timely manner. Just a heads up, Rick Cofer is not playing the blame game of who can fund this or can afford that; he believes that it can be done with everyone chipping and doing their part, one park or two parks at a time!


The Man behind the Impact

Rick Cofer is an honorable pillar in his community and holds many titles. Mr. Cofer is not only a Criminal Defense Attorney (with the numbers to prove his worthiness), he is also the owner of his own firm, and is a part of the Democratic Party on national levels as well as local. He loves outdoor activities with his Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Lady Bird!


During an interview, he mentioned that he considered a good time as Free. Breakfast. Tacos., well we’re definitely here for that! He’s a hardworking reflection of the genuine goodness in humanity and has more than enough to teach us all by his constant pursuit of change. Although his life appears busy, hopefully, the good that he is doing does not go overlooked and undervalued. He’s making an impact one state at a time and he’s doing it with a purpose!