Federal Lawsuit Against Andrew Anglin Moves Foward

On Tuesday, a federal judge ruled that the publisher of a neo-Nazi website cannot hide from a lawsuit filed in Montana.

Jeremiah Lynch, who is a U.S. magistrate judge, said that Andrew Anglin — who publishes the neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer — was a legal resident of Ohio when the lawsuit was filed last April. This means that a court there can hear the case, though a district court judge could still review Lynch’s recommendation.

For nearly a year, Anglin has been trying to avoid the lawsuit, by claiming that he was a stateless person. The lawsuit was filed by Tanya Gersh, who is a Jewish real estate agent living in Whitefish, Montana who had gotten into a feud with the mother of a leading white nationalist named Richard Spenser. Gersh alledges that, through the efforts of Anglin, in excess of 700 harassing and threatening communicatios were sent to her.

With the help of the Southern Poverty Law Center, Gersh sued Anglin for invasion of privacy. She also sued him for violating a state anti-intimidation law and for causing her emotional distress.

Anglin subsequently hid from process servers, and, through his attorney Marc Randazza and his website, he claimed that he was living overseas. Randazza, who defends other white nationalists, made the argument that Anglin had permanently established himself outside the United States, which made him a stateless person who was outside the reach of federal courts.

But neither Anglin nor Randazza could offer any real proof that Anglin was residing outside the country. In fact, there is evidence that Anglin was visiting his hometown of Columbus, Ohio in February of 2017, so that he could appear in court on a unrelated matter.

In response to the decision, Randazza on Tuesday night tweeted: “Can’t win em all.”

Another hearing in the case is scheduled for April 3 in Missoula, Montana, relating to a motion to dismiss the case because of the First Amendment.

Revolutionizing the Legal Field by Adopting A.I

While the development of A.I is transforming almost all sectors in the world, the field of law also stands to benefit from the technology. Law firms have embraced innovation by leveraging technology. A.I lead to the improvement of legal services. On the other hand, it increases efficiency and contributes to the reduction of operational costs. A.I can do most of the research work. Additionally, its light speed computation enables it to sift through data and retrieve the required information much faster than any human. As a result, lawyers have ample time to deal with matters requiring human interaction and critical thinking. Such issues left to the lawyers include making court appearances, defining strategies, and negotiating deals.

Besides that, A.I has proved useful in document review. It aids in conducting due diligence before mergers. On the other hand, it has found use in analyzing contracts. While doing research, it’s known that people can make errors. A.I improve the efficiency and increases the accuracy of the analysis with almost 100 percent certainty. Incredibly, A.I can sift through a judge’s rulings and come up with the probability of ruling for, or against a particular motion. While it comes to offer accuracy, speed, and improve efficiency, A.I cannot replace lawyers. Instead, it may create additional job opportunities for the technologists. As a result, we expect to see a co-existence of lawyers and technologists. Embracing the technology means that lawyers can get precise and factual information within a short time.

However, while the technological tools bring efficiency and speed to the workplace, David Johnson (J.D ’89) says that we should approach them will a little bit of skepticism. There are several instances that A.I have produced wrong results. On the other hand, researchers warn that our ability to think critically and conduct analysis is on the decline due to the adoption of AI. While it may free us from the hideous amount of work, it contributes to laxity and a lack of imagination.

Nick Vertucci Thoughts on Business

Nick Vertucci is a successful investor and entrepreneur. He recently spoke at an event about his thoughts on the global economy. He is a passionate investor who has had a ton of success during his career. Not only does he operate a successful company, but he is also a real estate investor.

Nick has not always had success. Early in his career, he struggled to find a job that he enjoyed. He bounced from job to job in search of his passion. He eventually decided to start a company. His first business idea failed, but he learned valuable lessons from the failure.

Learning About Real Estate

Nick Vertucci decided to become a real estate investor because he wanted more financial freedom. At the time, housing prices were much lower than they are today. Nick started to look for real estate properties in his local area. He was having trouble with the entire process, and he sought the advice of a real estate mentor. He was able to learn valuable lessons that prevented massive financial mistakes.

Over time, Nick has been able to develop a massive real estate portfolio. Not only does this portfolio produce monthly income, but it also increases in value each year through price appreciation. Nick Vertucci decided to start a real estate academy for other people willing to learn about investing.

Teaching Others

Nick offers an online format for people who want to learn about real estate investing. Real estate investing is relatively simple. Investors look for properties that can produce positive cash flow. With the strong housing market, it is hard to find homes that are affordable. Nick Vertucci started investing in 2011, and real estate prices were much lower at that time. In the years ahead, Nick Vertucci plans to offer additional products and services to his customers.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://www.facebook.com/Nick-Vertucci-Companies-127612227262138/

Wisconsin Judge Orders Special Elections

On Thursday, a Wisconsin judge ordered Governor Scott Walker to schedule special elections for a pair of legislative seats that the governor has refused to schedule since the end of last year.

Due to Walker’s refusal to schedule the elections, Democrats in the state had sued the governor. They also indicated that governor was delaying the elections because he was afraid that Republicans would lose them.

Josann Reynolds, who is a Dane County Circuit Court Judge and an appointee of Governor Walker, told the governor that he must schedule an election within the week. Though the governor is expected to appeal the order. Amy Hasenberg, who is the governor’s spokesperson, said that the governor was presently conferring with state attorneys to determine what actions they will take next.

The two seats in dispute concern one in the state senate and another in the state assembly. They both became vacant in December of last year when both office holders took positions in the Walker administration. The governor has insisted that the two seats should not be filled in special elections, but that they instead should be filled during the normal November 2018 elections. The winners of those elections would then be seated in January of next year.

The governor stated that he had no legal obligation to hold special elections, and that by not holding them he was actually saving the taxpayers money. But Democrats believe that he was more motivated by the fact that a Democrat won a special legislative election this past January in a heavily Republican district that overwhelmingly supported President Trump in 2016. Governor Walker himself called the outcome of that election a wake up call.

According to Wisconsin law, if a seat vacancy occurs before May 1 during an election election year, a special election must be called. But Walker believes that this does not apply in this case because the vacancies occurred last year, which was not an election year.

Facebook Could Face an Avalanche of Lawsuits

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has not only eroded confidence in the world’s most popular social network; it has also opened a can of worms that could keep Facebook’s legal team busy for years.

In California, four civil lawsuits were filed against Facebook during the last week of March; furthermore, attorneys representing Cook County in Illinois filed a lawsuit on behalf of Chicago residents whose protections under the Consumer Fraud and Deceptive Business Practices Act were allegedly ignored when the social network gave data access to Cambridge Analytica.

Although the various lawsuits piling up against Facebook present a diversity of civil complaints, a common theme in the filings is that the social network failed t to protect user data in accordance to its Terms of Service.

Meanwhile, agents from the Information Commissioner’s Office of the United Kingdom executed a search warrant at the corporate offices of Cambridge Analytica in London. Legal analysts believe that the raid could produce documents that United States Special Counsel Robert Mueller will probably find of interest as they may relate to the ongoing investigation into the political campaign that elected President Donald Trump. The work of Cambridge Analytica is believed to have been instrumental in the election of Donald Trump as well as in the Brexit referendum.

The legal issues that Facebook will likely face in the next few months were caused by an app developed by Cambridge Analytica under the guise of academic research. A Russian American developer created a Facebook app that essentially consists of a fun quiz; what users did not know is that their social media data was being harvested along with the data of individuals within their social circles. The data was later cross-referenced with consumer data records to create voter profiles that could be targeted with false news reports.

In the Cook County lawsuit, Facebook could face fines as high as $10,000 per each individual violation of the aforementioned Illinois state law. Similar lawsuits by state attorney generals across the U.S. could be forthcoming.

John Dowd, Trump’s Lead Lawyer, Resigns

The New York Times is reporting that Trump’s lead lawyer resigned today. Just last week, Trump claimed in a tweet that he is very happy with his legal team. The President lashed out at the report that Trump was looking for different legal talent. Regardless, changing lawyers in the middle of any litigation or controversy is 1) a sign of being on the losing end, and 2) a catalyst for even more loss.

Thousands of hours are involved in litigation. Beyond what the public sees in any legal fight, lawyers spend days, weeks and months researching, brainstorming, and writing. The lawyers supporting any potential criminal defendant are numerous. Typically, each attorney is tasked with the procedural and substantive law for a particular subset of the total case. For instance, one lawyer might be responsible for determining whether jurisdiction could be an issue in the case. While this research and information belongs to the client, the knowledge and strategy involved in all of that work remains with the lawyer and his or her team. So, when you no longer have that lawyer’s expertise and strategic framing, as a client…not a good thing.

Furthermore, and even more importantly, the other side of any litigation relishes picking off an opponent’s legal team. If litigation is war, then each and every step in the process is a battle to the end. So, when the other side starts losing lawyers – for whatever reason – one side looks to be winning the legal fight. Lawyers also spend time attempting to dislodge opposing parties from their legal team. Citing conflicts of interest or other ethical missteps, lawyers will typically have teams devoted to the single task of researching the law on conflicts and bar rules.

So, overall, lawyers resigning is not a good thing. It is doubtful that the recent news of Trump’s lead attorney, Dowd, will be a benefit for the President’s legal fight against special counsel Mueller. The only possible good news would be if Trump hired a much better lawyer to replace Dowd. Since learning that Ted Olson, one of the country’s finest litigators, turned Trump down, it seems that Trump is losing his legal entanglement.

House Passes CLOUD Act

Today saw the House of Representative pass H.R. 1625, a spending bill, in order to avert yet another government shutdown. Lodged in the very back of this bill was the CLOUD Act, enabling the U.S. government to acquire communications data regardless of whether or not that data is located within its own country. The CLOUD act also enjoys exemption to the Stored Communications Act, allowing qualified foreign powers to enter an executive agreement that bypasses the Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty when working to gather data in criminal investigations and making direct consultation with American tech companies a feasible option. Many groups with concerns over privacy and human rights oppose this bill for its litany of failed safeguard to individual rights.

The CLOUD Act of H.R. 1625 is slightly revised from its initial build, now requiring the Attorney General and Secretery of State to decide that a foreign power qualifies for every element of its human rights test before reaching an executive agreement. The AG will have to explain these findings in a Congressional report. Further, such agreements cannot be used to create new decryption obligations for U.S. companies. Despite these changes, there are still several issues with this version of the CLOUD Act:
• There is no requirement to judicially review surveillance orders of foreign powers.

• Foreign powers can ask companies to engage in wiretapping, thus sidestepping the Wiretap Act within the U.S.

• It provides no definition for “serious crimes” for the MLAT’s sake.

• It offers little coverage for Americans to maintain their data privacy from foreign interests.

• It carries the potential for foreign powers to share Americans’ collected data with the U.S. government and barely restricts what the U.S. government can do with that data.

• Unlike the LEADS Act or ICPA, the CLOUD Act ignores the need to acquire a warrant for probable cause.

The Senate is likely to pass this bill within the next two days.

OSI Industries, operating all over the world

OSI Food Industries is a privately owned company that processes and distributes product all over the world. Processing and distribution things such as chicken, pork and beef.

In June of 2016 a Tyson Food plant in Chicago was bought by OSI Industries for 7.4 million dollars, as specified by the Cook County records.

According to Tyson Foods 480 jobs were going to be lost by October 1st of 2016, caused by the facilities shut down. OSI Industries offered 250 of those employees to remain working as OSI employees.

This 200,000 square-foot facility was bought by OSI Industries with the intent of broadening their manufacturing Network, and adding another facility to their other Chicago facilities.

Also in 2016 OSI Industries bought a piece of Flagship food groups. According to a statement given by Flagships Europe’s Chief executor they are excited to be a part of OSI Industries by strengthening their position, improving themselves, and meeting new opportunities to better serve their customers. Russell Maddock, who is COO and president of OSI Industries expressed great excitement in broadening the company’s portfolio and bettering their capabilities to serve their customers needs.

These expansions have helped make OSI Industries one of America’s top food companies. OSI Industries owns 65 facilities all over the world with a Workforce of over 200,000 employees. OSI Industries states that their mission is to process and deliver as promised everyday to every customer, and for their product to be top quality at all times.

Their mission means that all vendors they work through must meet their high standards. This means that they challenge each and every one of their extensive vendors to be the best they can be.

OSI Industries is also very well known for their creative product ideas, and willingness to go even as far as purchasing new equipment and coming up with new processing methods to meet their clients needs.

All the hard work the employees of OSI Industries has helped them to obtain the globe of honour award in 2013, 2015 and 2016.

The award was awarded by the British Safety Council To 18 organizations worldwide. Before even being able to compete for the global of honour OSI Industries first must reach a maximum of 5 stars with the audit given by the British safety council’s Environmental Management. As well as showing a panel of experts they exceed in Environmental Management from the boardroom to the shop floor.

Learn More: www.crunchbase.com/organization/osi-group


Gregory James Aziz, the Chief Executive Officer and President of National Steel Car has held that leadership position for the past 24 years. The husband to one was born in April 1994, in Ontario. His academic journey led Greg James Aziz to Ridley College and later the University of Western Ontario where he furthered his knowledge in economics. At the age of 22 years, Greg Aziz became part of their family business which was a fresh food wholesaler company that later spread to become international.


Having worked with several investment bankers and having grabbed many opportunities the trade provided, he was able to discern tremendous and hard to come by chances when he saw one. In 1994, his transaction with Dofasco to purchase National Steel Car went through successfully. Greg Aziz intended to develop the Canadian local company into the leading manufacturer of railroad freight cars all over North America.


Greg Aziz took advantage of the remarkable engineering skills possessed by the company’s employees as well as team building activities. James Aziz made a wise investment in terms of human labor and capital, and his efforts bore fruits which were notable half a decade later. The company’s manufacturing capacity tripled and their rate of employment rose from about 600 employees to 3000 approximately.


NSC is proud to be the leading car innovation industry and the only freight car manufacturing company which has been certified and recertified for close to two decades now, the ISO. In 1996, National Steel Car was awarded the highest quality award known as the TTX SECO and has continuously been receiving it since then.


National Steel Car supports the Hamilton community, within which it is based by funding several charities in the area, for example, the Salvation Army, the Hamilton Opera among others. Gregory and his wife express their interest in agriculture by sponsoring the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Canada.


National Steel Car which has been in existence for over a century reveals that its biggest secret for success is the people. Investing in high expertise and even better human relations is key to having a good team which works in favor of the company’s well-being.  See This Article to learn more.

Rodrigo Terpins Talks About His Experience At The 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally

The 22nd Edition of the Sertoes Rally was a much-awaited event, with rally drivers from all over Brazil coming together to partake in one of the most significant events of the season. One of the more notable participants of this event was Rodrigo Terpins, the well-known rally driver who has participated in most of the notable rally events in the company during the past few years. Terpins has a massive fan following and is considered to be a well-known name in the industry. His presence at the event was much awaited, and the events that were to follow were also things that the rally driver looked forward to.



During the event, Rodrigo Terpins participated with Fabricio Bianchini, who is also another notable name in the sport. The duo competed in the Prototypes T1 category, which was one of the more notable categories within the event. Terpins finished eighth among the rest of the competition, which had over thirty-eight participants in total. Check out creativetreets.com




One of the things that particularly caught people’s attention during the event was the car that  Terpins was using during the event. This car, which was numbered #326, showed an incredible amount of promise during the event and was something that much complemented the skill and expertise that the car demonstrated.




In an interview, Terpins stated that the vehicle gave him an incredible experience, and was something that showed an incredible amount of promise. He said that he was impressed with the overall performance, and is a vehicle that he looks forward to driving once again in the future.



Even though the car was brilliant by itself, it was something that requires a lot of attention from professionals and specialists. Terpins had to have a specialized team along with him to help tend to the vehicle that he was using, and to ensure that everything was running smoothly, and as intended. The team, along with Terpins managed to make the best use of the vehicle, which in turn yielded brilliant results.



Since the event, Terpins has participated in several others and has tried on some different vehicles at events similar to these.


Click here: http://hackronym.com/a-look-into-the-career-of-rally-driver-rodrigo-terpins/