The Establishment and Accomplishments of Human Rights Foundation

Halvorssen is the president of Human Rights Foundation that is based in New York. The foundation was launched in 2005. The 39- year old was born and raised in Caracas, and he speaks fluent American English without an accent. According to Forbes, Thor believes that human rights and individual liberty are not topics for discussion. He believes that they are at the table upon which other arguments rest.

Thor has practical knowledge on human rights. Thor exposed corruption by the government during his tenure in Venezuela’s drug czar. After the exposure, his father underwent torture in a prison in Caracas. His mother passed on after being shot during an anti-Hugo Chavez demonstration. Thor’s cousin is currently serving as a political prisoner in jail in Venezuela.

However, Thor does not spend his time playing the stereotypical activist sack. Thor does not produce sour world-weariness or become a gloomy person who loves humanity and hates people. Thor admits his love for people. He explains that he loves freedom troublemakers, defectors, and dissidents who blow at authoritarians who stand up against tyranny. Thor appointed Havel to serve as the chairperson of human rights foundation up until his death in 2011. After the death of Havel, Thor named Garry Kasparov.

The human rights foundation carries out its annual Oslo Freedom Forum. The forum has become the signature of Human Right Foundation, and it is widely referred to as a Can’t-miss event. Movers and shakers like PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel are one of the major donors of Human Right Foundation.

Information about Thor Halvorssen

Thor is an advocate for human rights, and he is also a film producer. The New York Times describes Thor as a champion of the powerless and the underdog. He began his advocate passion for human rights while still an adolescent after organizing opposition to apartheid in South Africa. His background is in Venezuela and Norwegian.

Thor officially became an ambassador for human rights and due process when his father became a political prisoner in Venezuela. Seven prisoners of conscience have been secured and released since the formation of human rights foundation. The organization has also published two books on roles of the state and individual rights. Find Thor on Facebook to learn more about him and his cause.

IAP Worldwide acquires two companies

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading provider of logistics for a wide variety of fields. They are constantly looking to upgrade the services they provide, and they are a growing company. Recently, IAP Worldwide made two major acquisitions that they feel will take their company to the next level.  Read more: IAP: Home

IAP Worldwide was happy to announce that they have acquired DRS Technologies and the Tactical Communications and Network Solutions business. DRS Technologies is located in Oklahoma City, and they primarily focus on Aviation and Logistics.

Tactical Communications is located in Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland. Tactical Communications focuses on logistics and mission support services, and they also focus aircraft repair management. IAP is impressed with the unique capabilities that each company presents and they believe both companies play a vital role in their long-term growth strategy.

IAP believes that the acquisition will have an amazing impact on the companies capabilities. These acquisitions will also double the size of the company’s market. IAP plans to integrate both companies into a new unit and place some of them into the already existing National Security Programs unit. The new unit will focus on Aviation and Engineering. Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

IAP Worldwide Services CEO was very happy to make a statement after the acquisition. They believe both companies fit into IAP’s footprint, and will be great cultural and business fits for the company. They want to offer the United States, NGOs, and other governments the best possible services, and they believe that expanding their portfolio will give them more options when it comes to serving their clients.

The CEO expanded on IAP’s strategy during a fairly brief statement. They have remained focused on organic growth for years. They utilize customer-focused discipline, innovation, and lean operations. They have added inorganic growth via acquisition and integrating the new companies into the core business. These acquisitions demonstrate that IAP’s investors are fully committed to growing and that the company is committed to caring for their customers.  Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

IAP Worldwide Services has been in the business for sixty years. They offer the United States and international agencies a broad range of services. They operate in 100 locations, and in twenty countries throughout the world. They have a great reputation throughout the industry.

IAP Worldwide is constantly looking to grow so that they can better serve their customers. They feel that these acquisitions will put the company in a strong position for years to come. IAP Worldwide should make more moves in the months to come.

Investing in your hair! WEN by Chaz Dean hair products, see the results.

Anyone that likes to have beautiful hair has heard of Wen by Chaz Dean [see,]. The hair product was created by Chaz Dean, a Los Angeles stylist, who has celebrity clientele, which he has to please. Chaz Dean is constantly developing new products, tending to clients at his salon and styling for fashion shows and award shows. He has been an inspiration to people around the world and a strong factor in helping people get the hair they have dreamed of having. recently wrote an article about testing the products. We all know that companies are out there to sell us their products, so decided to put WEN Cleansing Conditioner to the test. was very straight forward in the article, as they show links to issues some people have had with the product. chose to try Amazon best-selling Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner. It is meant to improve fine, thin hair. They started the trial with before pictures and an after picture. The trial goes on for seven days with daily pictures and explanations of what they were finding as results of the hair care product.

The overall results of this trial were very favorable to Wen. The conclusion is that it is a great product for people with fine hair if you make it a point to shower and style your hair every morning. However if you not that person you may not get the results that you are hoping for. To read the entire article and results of the trial visit

It is an informative and entertaining blog on a very popular Sephora product!


The Attorney You Can Rely On

If you ever find yourself in a legal situation, which hopefully you don’t, it can be a very tricky position, to say the least. You have to really think it through and plan it very carefully. You can’t just rush into or you will make a mistake that you will regret. That is why you need an attorney like Sam Tabar. He is a master of the law and knows all of the ins and outs. When you see him in the courtroom, it is like watching a pro at work. He handles it all with such ease and confidence. Nothing is going to rattle him or shake him. He has all of the answers.

How did he get to this point? It was from his experience and his job training. He has worked for companies like Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, and SPARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors. Through all of this experience, he has gained the knowledge and with knowledge, you gain real life experience. When you have this real life experience, you can look back on it for future situations. You can count on it, rely on it, and use it. You have been in the battleground, so to speak, so whatever is waiting for you, you can look back on a similar situation and how you handled it. You can handle it the same way this time. It won’t overwhelm you or catch you off guard.

Let’s face it: being in court is extremely scary and nerve-wracking, especially if you aren’t used to it and haven’t been there before. That is why you need someone like Sam Tabar to be in your corner, to walk you through all of the steps and make it easy for you. That way, when the court day comes, you don’t have to worry, as he will have taken care of everything with flying colors. When you are as prepared as him, you have done your homework, so there is nothing to fear and nothing to be shocked by. You have taken the time to get it right.  Be sure to follow Sam on Twitter @SamirTabar.

Jose Gonzalez’s Take on The Future of Venezuelan Agriculture

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an agricultural businessman and a well-known Venezuelan Politician. He is the current representative for the Guárico State at the National Assembly. Jose also served as the president of the Venezuelan Federation of the Chamber of Commerce. He got the position as a result of his entrepreneurial talent and business prowess.He has been influential in Venezuela’s agricultural movement because of his distinguished success in the sector. Jose has talked about his experience as an entrepreneur who works as a public servant.
According to him, some government policies have led to the deterioration of the agricultural industry. He explained that the agricultural sector is in a precarious state since the country’s produce of rice and corn has declined sharply. This situation has led to a type of supply he referred to us a “roller coaster” supply since everything seems uncertain. Whatever is achieved is little and insufficient to cater for the needs of the people of Venezuela.
The Venezuelan National Assembly has failed to successfully manage the agricultural sector. Jose Manuel Gonzalez foresaw the food shortage currently happening in Venezuela and tried to inform the relevant government bodies. His efforts to raise alarm on the situation have been futile. He insists that the mismanagement practices are the reason why Venezuelans need to import food to meet the demand. Since farmers are unable to make a living form selling their crops, they prefer to export a large percentage of the produce.
The current situation has forced Venezuela to fix prices on basic commodities such as oil and flour. There is no actual incentive to produce the commodities since the producers (farmers) are underpaid by the government. As a result, farmers are opting to smuggle their goods to neighboring countries that offer fair market prices for the goods.
Jose stated that the country’s leadership needs to restore private property rights, justice and freedom. He also warned about movements that intend to increase the wages by around 50%. Such actions will destroy multiple jobs and ruin many companies in Venezuela. Jose Manuel Gonzalez also wants the government to combat the problems of extortion and kidnapping. He believes unity is the best way forward and has promised to fulfill his duty as a legislator.

George Soros Ukraine

Imagine living in a world where you need to pay bribes just to get to the grocery store. Sadly, the European country of Georgia had problems not unlike this one in 2004. The traffic police were hated for their seemingly arbitrary stopping of motorists to collect hefty fees and fines. Thankfully, Mikheil Saakashvili, the man who became the new president of Georgia in 2004, put an end to this practice. The result was a better country. Today, Ukraine is not unlike Georgia. There are bribes that need to be paid in order to possess a driver’s license. Ukraine needs a leader similar to Mikheil Saakashvili.

The stakes are high for a powerful leader to arrive in Ukraine. However, this leader must arrive through the Ukrainian democracy. Admittedly, the democracy in Ukraine is a slow moving one. However, if one leader or a collection of leaders can arise, they can counteract an aggressive presence from Putin. In Russia, Putin is on a countdown until he will be held responsible for Russia’s mounting economic problems. In this small window, he will strive to counteract any positive leadership in Ukraine. If Ukrainians can be convinced they are unable to solve their own problems, they will inevitably turn towards to Putin. To make matters worse, Putin is willing to help solve those problems in Ukraine with military force. Western powers will need to do everything they can to help Ukrainian leaders and to counteract any temptation for Ukraine to fall into Russia’s arms.

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This commitment from Western powers won’t be cheap and won’t come easily. To promote investment and to help Ukraine defend itself militarily, at least $15 billion will need to enter the country. This amount of money certainly can’t come from one individual. Even George Soros, an individual with wealth and a massive amount of generosity, can’t make that happen alone. However, a man like George Soros can be a leader through drawing attention to Ukraine’s mounting plight. This is something Soros continues to do, and he often puts his money where his mouth is. The question is whether or not other individuals and governments will follow his illuminating example.

The fate of the European Union is also at stake. Ukraine must be convinced to accept the economies and cultures of Western powers. If Ukraine is lured away to Russia through better offers of support or a perception of indifference from Western powers, it will hobble the European Union. Remember, Putin is no friend to the European Union. He can and will turn Ukraine against it.

Those living in Western powers should consider how much they would chafe to live in a country that required bribes to obtain a driver’s license. Afterwards, they should consider how much they would be willing to escape such a situation. People are willing to accept good and evil liberators. That is why it is so important to to invest in Ukraine. This will let those people know the good liberators are prepared to truly help and defend Ukraine.

Learn more about George Soros:

Nutrimost Sues Blatant Rip Off Company

Nutrimost has been a very successful diet system that is helping people lose weight. It has such a huge track record when it comes to effectiveness and results that it is growing quickly in popularity. As a result of its meteoric rise to popularity, there is a rival that is ripping off its campaign. It has in fact avoided doing a video of its own and just took Nutrimost’s video and just edited out any references to the company and added its own name to the company. The name Nutrimost has been replaced with “Can’t Lose Diet”. Nutrimost has found out about this and filed a lawsuit which resulted in a cease and desist letter. The company of the ripped off video removed the video and put a shorter version of the video.

Weight loss company Nutrimost files lawsuit against rival Healthy Living for allegedly stealing promotional video

Nutrimost has managed to get the company to remove the video and all different versions of the video that they have released online. However, there is a request of at least $300,000 for the damages caused to the company as a result of the video being released. Among the damages it has caused Nutrimost is that it has loss a bit of “goodwill and reputation because of the release of the video.

Nutrimost’s success comes from the fact that it doesn’t rely on some set diet that it requires everyone to go on. Instead, it examines the individual, looking at how the person stores and burns fat. The system then constructs a diet plan that works specifically for the individual. Individuals that went on the Nutrimost program have not only lost a lot of weight and kept it off, they have also gotten rid of any other conditions that they have suffered from. Among the other problems that individuals have taken care of with Nutrimost is diabetes. Nutrimost not only helps people lose weight, but also helps them improve their overall health.

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The Benefits of Organo Gold

What makes coffee a unique product is the fact that coffee can be consumed at all points of the day in many different ways. Thanks to technology, coffee can be consumed in different temperatures, textures, and even flavors. Coffee can be consumed on a hot summer day as a delicious smoothie-like substance or even be consumed in the cold winter as a tasty pumpkin drink that brings memories of the up and coming holidays. With over 500 years of history of being sold around the world, coffee has been growing exponentially in popularity within this time. Now, more than ever, coffee is readily available to the consumers and can be purchased at any grocery store, local coffee shop, and even gas station. Now, with the competitive market of growing continuously growing, more companies are looking for new ways to sell coffee as a unique product. One company in particular called Organo Gold has been able to sell consumers a unique coffee that provides copious amounts of health benefits.

Organo Gold is a company that was founded in 2008 by Bernardo Chua, a businessman who understands what it is like to live in poverty. As a businessman, Bernardo Chua has not only wanted to help the consumer, but has also wanted to profit. As a way of benefiting both the consumer as well as the producer, Bernardo Chua has designed his company to be a multilevel marketing company that offers new opportunities for the consumer to become the seller. Individuals who are looking for extra cash or who are looking for a job that does not have a boss, have come to the right place with Organo Gold.

The only requirement to join the Organo Gold team is to truly love the products sold at Organo Gold just like Bernardo Chua does. Some of the products that are sold by Organo Gold include coffee, hot chocolate, tea, among other health-oriented products. Bernardo Chua is not only a businessman, but is also an individual with the mission to help others by educating them on the importance of living a healthy and happy life.  Read more about Bernardo’s success on Bitsylink.