Don Ressler, CEO and Business Man

Don Ressler is the founder and CEO of multiple companies. And he isn’t your average founder. He didn’t come from money or get lucky with one startup idea in his dorm room at college and then become a billionaire. In fact, Ressler worked his way up from the bottom to form multiple brands achieve massive success.

He began with his own startup, which had excellent results. It was called and Ressler was able to turn around and sell it later on to a company called Intermix. At Intermix, he worked hard to raise in the ranks and eventually become the CEO. There, he also met a partner named Adam Goldenberg. They were fast friends and helped each other improve the performance marketing company they were working for. Eventually, they got the idea to form their own startup again and created Alena Media.

Alena Media quickly caught fire and it was bought by News Corp. This meant that their main profit center was hiding behind too many lines and red tape at the corporation. They realized they needed to strike it out on their own to really make a difference in the world and they wanted to provide opportunities in the realm of performance marketing and brand building. In a two week long session of brainstorming, they got their team together and came up with ideas in the living room of the founder’s home. They finally rested on Brand Ideas, which quickly became known as Intelligent Brands.

Intelligent brands is probably what Ressler is most known for today. He was raised numerous rounds of funding from many investors totallinng over $100 million. Their brand lines range, but include Fabletics, JustFab, and SENSA. The stores are all mostly targeted to women and focus on fashion and ecommerce retail. Some stores, like DERMASTORE, are actually marketplaces for physical products like cosmetics and skin care. And their celebrity endorsements have been useful in raising the sales.  Ressler has helped build up these companies to contain more of the market share. In fact, they reached a market cap of $250 million recently, which is quite large.

When it comes to a man like Don Ressler, it is clear that he is a visionary. He is also a hard worker. With his knowledge of the market place, Don Ressler has managed to create some of the world’s most successful brands that really make a difference in peoples lives.


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JustFab wants to be the next H&M

Former Intermix COO Raises $33M For Fashion Brand JustFabulous


How To Start Trading In The Stock Market

Are you seeking financial freedom through investing, do you want to start your own business? Want a proven, easy to follow guide, course or advice provided by a reputable investment advisory firm?

If you are planning to learn stock trading or start a business, you made a great decision. Having your own business, or getting into the investing arena, is a fantastic step toward financial freedom. Jim Hunt can help you learn stock trading or how to make money in your own profitable business, with his tips on Twitter and his advice on YouTube.

Once you have decided to go into your own business or trade in the stock market, you need to get the right resources to help you accomplish what you have in mind. It is important to learn from a reputable source, whether you are planning to make your money in stock trading or you want to start a business from scratch.

To ensure that you are on the right track, consider learning from Jim Hunt of VTA Publications. Jim has been creating courses and books that teach people how to amass a fortune in business or as a stock trader. His course, Wealth Wave, has helped thousands of people around the world, achieve great success in stock trading. With the advice and guidance of Jim Hunt , anyone can safely invest in the stock market or other lucrative opportunity.

VTA Publications has been publishing and promoting top quality books, courses, guides, articles, and training materials that help people start a business, invest their money, and take steps toward financial freedom. For many years, this company has provided investment advisory to people all over the world and is well known in the industry. People from all walks of life have benefited immensely from the knowledge and advice packed in the information products the company provides and many have already amassed their fortunes and achieved their financial goals.

VTA Publications is one of the most recommended investment advisory firms due to the qualification and expertise of their team. Their reliable advice and expert guidance can help you go from where you are right now to your ultimate goal of financial independence.

SEC Whistleblower Program At Labaton Sucharow Continues To Find Success

In just six years the SEC whistleblower program has grown to become one of the most important aspects of the Dodd-Frank Act introduced to avoid future problems similar to those seen during the 2008 economic slowdown. The SEC Whistleblower attorney Jordan A. Thomas was one of the authors of the Dodd-Frank Act, but has now returned to private legal practice to bring his skills to the first dedicated SEC Whistleblower lawyer program in the nation at the Labaton Sucharow law firm; Thomas has developed an impressive team of experts who are dedicated to bringing the highest quality research and legal advice to the whistleblowers passing through their doors.

The latest impressive news to come from Labaton Sucharow reveals the SEC whistleblower program has assisted an individual in receiving a $17 million award for the information they provided about financial wrongdoing that led to multi-million dollar fines levied based on this information. Whistleblowers have the chance to receive awards for their information that can total between 10 and 30 percent of the total fines levied, which can be drawn from the Investor Protection Fund established by the U.S. Congress.

The team created by Jordan A. Thomas works with SEC whistleblowers from the very first step when an informal meeting begins the process of reviewing the information brought by the individual about financial wrongdoing; this first step is vital in beginning the process of making sure the individual is given the proper protections to maintain their anonymity. The SEC whistleblower program does not reveal which investigations and fines have been levied as a result of information received in a bid to make sure the individual whistleblower cannot be uncovered by those fined by the agency.

In the course of the last six years the SEC whistleblower program has seen a number of cases represented by the team at Labaton Sucharow, including the latest award of $17 million to a whistleblower that is the second largest yet awarded to an individual. Jordan A. Thomas has worked on a number of cases that have looked at different aspects of the whistleblower program, including maintaining the anonymity of individuals.

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New Affordable Home Ownership Program to Be Launched in Southern Dallas, Texas

Dallas-based NexBank, a popular Texas bank, has entered into a partnership with Dallas Neighborhood Homes and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity to launch a program that offers affordable housing loans to families located in Southern Dallas. The goal of the initiative is to provide over 100 loans every year over a period of 5 years to low-income residents living in the southern Dallas area.

NexBank SSB has committed to providing loans of up to $50 million to support the program’s expansion and sustainability over the next 5 years. The proceeds will be used by Dallas Neighborhood Homes to lend to homebuyers who have a limited access to loan facilities like mortgages. Additionally, the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity will offer counseling and guidance services.

NexBank has also committed to paying title closing fees that have been completed through any of its affiliate, and closing costs amounting to up to $2,000 per loan. According to Mark Tribuna, senior Mortgage Operations V.P. of Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity, the organization is grateful to NexBank and its involvement in the affordable home loans project. He believes that such partnerships will improve the low home ownership rates in Texas, and improve the quality of lives for many families.

NexBank SSB

NexBank SSB is a successful regional bank located in Dallas, Texas. It has assets worth an impressive $3.5 billion. It provides mortgage banking, commercial banking, corporate advisory services, and institutional services to its clientele that includes financial institutions, corporations, real estate investors, and institutional clients. It is an affiliate of NexBank Capital Inc., an American financial services company.

The company is headed by an experienced team of financial executives led by James Dondero as Chairman. All the bank’s directors are firmly committed to ensuring its success as the leading financial services organization in Dallas, Texas. The banks charter dates back to 1922.

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The future of Investment Banking with Madison Street Capital

You could be wondering what an investment bank does. Investment banks have several functions ranging from dealing with mergers and acquisitions, raising capital, to security underwriting. The investment banking industry has undergone various changes since the 2008 financial crisis which led to the collapse of many financial institutions and a prolonged recession.

The Dodd-Frank Act, which emerged from the 2008 financial crisis, can be deemed to be the most substantial legislation that helped in improving the regulatory framework that significantly contributed to the financial crisis. The Act increased capital requirements and brought private equity firms, hedge funds as well as other investment companies to be considered as part of the “shadow banking system.”

At the time of the financial crisis, pure investment banks were forced to transform themselves into bank holding companies for them to be bailed out by the government funds.

Investment Banking Prospects

In 2010, the industry advisory fees were about $84 billion globally. This was the highest recorded figure since 2007. The future of investment banking not certain however since the industry still faces some significant post-crisis effects.

According to industry watchers, investment banks may start laying off its workers in the coming months as a result of the struggle with slowdown and placid markets. Some firms are already taking action such as Credit Suisse. The firm sent a memo to its investment banking division informing on the possibility of potential job cuts.

There are prospects of possible reduction of 10 percent in the average headcount across the investment banking industry in Europe in 2016.

At the beginning of 2016, the industry faced a weak start which has seen most banks in Europe record a go-slow in hiring employees. Most experts suggest that European banks, in particular, should focus more on “selective hiring” of their senior investment bankers who can help them in generating revenue. These banks need to do so to ensure they claw back the market share they have lost to Wall Street firms.

Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm with global operations in financial advisory and valuation services, financial opinions, as well as merger and acquisition solutions. The global company runs various industry sectors across the world including Private Debt Placements, M&A transactions, Valuation, and Capital raising. Some of the firm’s clients are small to middle market business organizations in the U.S, fruitful and established firms that seek growth, international companies expanding its operations into the U.S, and international companies seeking capital providers in the U.S.

The investment banking firm has a team of experienced professionals who have exceptional knowledge and extensive relationships that enable them to effectively arrange the most suitable financing structure for the client’s situation. This makes Madison Street Capital a significant leading provider and premier middle market firms in investment banking. The firm has its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois and has offices across Africa, Asia, and North America.

Lip Balm’s that Look Great and Treat Your Lips

Dry lips can be annoying, and in some cases they can look unsightly. All women like to have hydrated and nice looking lips. If you want to have pleasantly hydrated lips, you have to always use or have on hand a good lip balm product to help keep lips healthy.
Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm Eggs
EOS lip balm eggs are made from gentle ingredients like butter that comes from shea nuts and healing oils. Evolution of Smooth lip balm eggs do not come in different tints, but they do come in many different -typically fruit based- scents. The Evolution of Smooth eggs are a good choice if you do not want lip tints, yet you want nicely scented lip balm products that work to heal your lips. Check out their products on Walmart. Follow EOS on Twitter. View their linked in profile here:

Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick
The Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick is a lipstick that hydrates ninety-eight percent of women’s lips. There are twelve different shades to this hydrating lipstick that can be appropriately matched to your skin tone if you check the website or check the packaging. All you need to do is select what skin tone sample on the website most closely matches your skin tone. The website will then give you examples of which of the hydrating lipsticks would work the best for your skin tone. The product has shown to be hypoallergenic.

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm
Baby Lips from Maybelline has proved to be one of the best lip balms for baby smooth lips. They are made from ingredients that provide intense lip repair with each use. Maybelline Baby Lips have products that are both tinted and clear lip balms. The lip tinted balm are in peach, purple and pink.


The Exclusive Lime Crime Brand

Lime Crime is an exciting new brand that has managed to captivate a lot of young women around the world. It is the brand that has a lot of interesting shades of lipstick that women just cannot find anywhere else. That has become the claim to fame for Unicorn makeup CEO Doe Deere. She has found a way to compete by being the best alternative makeup brand around. She isn’t trying to make Lime Crime like every other brand that is out there. To the contrary, Doe Deere is fighting hard to be the one that stands out from the competition. This is why the Lime Crime brand is as successful as it is.

There are a lot of makeup brands on the market today. Doe Deere stands out and this bizarre style has managed to captivate a lot of people that are interested in new shades. This is the company that has managed to become a major player in the industry because there are so many different products out there. There are eyeliner, lip gross, lipstick and blush products from the Lime Crime brand.

The thing that has made people recognize this brand is the social media buzz. The young crowd of today is able to push the brand forward with a lot of different social media messages. Even Doe Deere has managed to stay on top of social media by responding to some of the people that are following her. She has this type of energy that manages to transcend cultures. The Lime Crime Instagram page has more than a million followers.

This is a wonderfully youthful brand because it continues to present new shades of lipstick in a timely manner. There are not that many brands that have managed to present new shades on a regular basis. There are a lot of cool shades like Squash and Teddy Bear that are not found anywhere else. This brand is not found in stores. It is exclusive to the website so that is what keeps people loyal to this brand. Customers know that they cannot find it anywhere else.

Flavio Maluf Has Warning For Rest Of World About Brexit

Flavio Maluf is the founder of Eucatex, an Eco-friendly sustainable materials producer in Brazil. During the UK’s historic vote to leave the European Union (EU), the press labeled the event, “Brexit” and there was mixed opinions on what it will mean. It seems that Britain was paying the lion’s share of EU costs, to the tune of over $12 million USD, or about € 11 billion Euros. Not only was the UK out all that money every year, they also were not collecting tariff taxes on foreign goods, a major income source for the UK before joining the EU. The UK’s increasing inflation rate became the critical factor that seems to have pushed UK citizens to make the change.

Flavio Maluf believes the UK’s return to charging those tariffs, along with the loss of their input into the EU, will result in two major problems. The first likely outcome, according to the well-educated and often correct Maluf, is that the EU experiment will now soon completely fail. The second outcome he predicted has already started to occur: many of the world’s major money markets will drop.

One quite interesting observation Flavio Maluf has made is that while this looming problem may end up affecting all of the world’s markets, it my affect Brazil the least. This is because Brazil only does about 2 percent of their annual agricultural exports to the UK. He sees Brexit as a giant mistake for Britain and the whole UK. Now that Germany must take on the greatest burden, it is unclear to Flavio Maluf how the EU will survive much longer as a workable union. The refugees from Syria and other war-torn countries are making the issue much more divisive and polarized.

Flavio Maluf entered the sustainable products industry by starting Eucatex to supply the basic materials used in the manufacture of goods and in major construction projects. He is completely devoted to a sustainable future for all building and products, to leave a greener planet to future generations. He has worked hard to building this business over the last 20 years. He has an Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from New York University.  Follow Flavio on Twitter for more information @Flavio_Maluf.

FreedomPop, Committed To Delivering Quality And Affordable Services.

FreedomPop is an innovative and affordable communication service provider. The service that runs on ClearWire’s 4G WiMax network will reduce spending on phone and data bills. The firm which was founded in 2011 is committed to offering free fast wireless internet to everyone. Users get free texts to any US number, free calls to anyone in U.S and anyone around the world with a FreedomPop account. The free real U.S phone number can be used anywhere across the globe. The firm based in Los Angeles has 1M users in the US and is optimistic the U.K users will reach 1M in the next one year. It is introducing new products in the international market which will be used in U.S and Europe.

The 3G and 4G wireless data provider uses Sprints network and has a plan of 500MB 4G free data every month and contains a speed plus of $2.99 per month. After signing up with them, one puts a refundable deposit on one of the wireless hotspots. Other than the free plan it has monthly premier packages that are lower than their competitors. The basic 1GB costs $9.99, the Casual 2GB costs $17.99, Premiere 4GB at $28.99, Premiere 5GB and Premier 10GB costs $34.99 and $54.99 respectively. FreedomPop has other ways of acquiring free data which includes invitation of friends where one gets 10MB and completing one’s account and taking surveys.

According to a FreedomPop review, the firm is gaining popularity in the 25 countries that they have launched the global SIM card. It uses devices such as the Freedom Stick-Bolt, a USB stick that can be used on one device at a time. The Freedom Spot-Photon is a 4G wireless hotspot usable with up to eight devices at a particular time. The Freedom Sleeve Pocket turns an iPod Touch into an iPhone when plugged in and can also be used as a hotspot to connect eight devices. The Freedom Hub Burst uses a 4G modem and wireless router capable of connecting about ten devices. The Freedom Spot Overdrive Pro and the Freedom Spot MiFi 4082 have 3G and 4G services that cost $ 49.99 and $34.99 respectively. Freedom Spot MiFi 500 LTE uses the LTE hotspot at the price of $149.

The co-founders of the firm Steven Sesar and Stephen Stokols have managed to raise $109 Million, and they are also seeking new investors so that the company can grow globally. FreedomPop is backed by Atomica, DCM Capital, Mangrove Capital, Intel and Partech Ventures among other businesses.

Securus Saves over 65% of Correction Facility Time

Imagine reducing paperwork by 65% just by implementing an automated system that makes filing process easier. This is the reality Securus Technologies is unraveling to correction facilities all over US, Canada, Columbia and beyond.


The new technology by Securus is an automated filing system known as the Inmate Forms & Grievance Application. It will be accessible to prison officials and inmates through a sharing platform known as ConnectUs. Securus are confident that the new exercise to digitize data handling in correctional facilities will reduce manual labor by 65%, freeing up time to focus on more important things.


Every month Securus handles about 13 forms per inmate in any correction facility. This allows prison administration to keep as much data as possible on all their inmates and retrieve records instantly whenever convenient. Inmates also have the freedom of updating information, approved by the authorities via ConnectUs. It could be medical emergencies, application for parole, sentence reduction, visiting hours and authorized kin to visit, and so much more. In case there is an error on any form, the information can be easily corrected via the automated system.


By implementing the Inmate Forms and Grievance, Securus is giving a voice to inmates to express themselves and receive assistance. ConnectUs is all about improving the incarceration experience of every inmate no matter which correction facility they are in. To correctional facilities, installing the new automated system reduces cost of operation immensely whilst helping prison administrations manage their facilities and the inmates better.


The Inmate Forms & Grievance application setup bestows the power of expression and involvement to inmates keeping them updated on their requests. Convicts can know who is processing their requests, the status of the request, and when they can receive the service they asked for. There is no more living in the darkness for prisoners with regards to their welfare, and correctional facilities can now have a smoother operation process.