How EOS Outdid Chapstick

A decade ago, the main choice for keeping chapped lips at bay was the popular Chapstick brand tube of lip balm. It was the staple and household name for lip care. In 2009, EOS, or Evolution of Smooth, released colorful spheres of lip balms in a variety of flavors. Now, they are the second ranking lip balm company, beating out veteran companies Chapstick and Blistex.

EOS started by revolutionizing the lip balm industry–one that had become stagnant over the years. Among a sea of tubes that all look the same, EOS decided to offer round pots of lip balm that can be applied without using your hands. This was their key to success in appealing to young women, who they discovered are the biggest users of lip balms.

The brand designed a product that engaged all fives senses: colorful containers that draw the eye, smooth packaging, powerful scents with accompanying tastes, and even a satisfying ‘click’ when the package finally closes. EOS lip balms became an immersive experience, not just a standard beauty product. They kept their price close to competitors, but opted for organic ingredients over the chemicals found in other brands.

As a product designed for women in an otherwise unisex product area, it was difficult getting EOS onto store shelves. However, when they met with a female buyer for Walgreens, the company was able to place EOS into a store for the first time. Other chains caught on quickly, and the brand expanded to ULTA, Target and Walmart soon after.

With their growing success, EOS decided to invest in manufacturing equipment, removing the need for a third party. They created a process that is almost completely automatic, so they can keep up with consumer needs without hiring additional personnel.

To keep their business on the expanding side, they aimed their marketing at millenial women between ages 25-35. They recruited celebrities from this age range, and even partnered with other brands. A Keds promotion offered a matching lip balm to a new pair of shoes, and a Disney’s Alice in Wonderland themed set was so popular it sold out almost instantly. In the age of technology, beauty blogs and Youtube stars have more selling power than traditional advertising. EOS worked to get featured on these blogs and videos, and sales took off. The brand also worked to create their own social media presence to remain relevant and gain insight into the wants and needs of their consumers.

Their approach to connection paid off, and the brand took only 7 years to become a household name. They are now beating several of their competitors, who are trying to market their own round lip balms to become part of the trend. While other companies work to catch up, EOS is already moving on to expanding their line. They already have hand lotions and shaving creams on the market, and are looking to expand into new areas as the company grows.

The company’s founders come from backgrounds in large corporations and small start-up businesses. They say that the combination of those two aspects is what brought their success, mixing the innovation of a small company with the best practices of a large corporation.

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Benefits of Utilizing an SEC Whistleblower Attorney

The Security Exchange Commission has made great strides in cleaning up fraud and have extended the progress they have made to those people that want to blow the whistle. While it has never been an easy road for whistleblowers, there is a much cleaner path for anyone that wants to shed light on any type of corruption that is affecting the SEC. Prior to coming forward with any type of information, the best thing anyone can do as a whistleblower is to retain the right type of representation. While there have not been law firms and attorneys in general that have taken on these types of cases as a specialization in the past, there are quite a few attorneys that only work these cases. This trend has come from the changes that have been made by the SEC, as they not only provide a level of protection to people who want to come forward, but also offer a monetary incentive.

The financial incentives that are on the table has created a great asset to whistleblowers, as there are now quite a bit of lawyers who specialize in this field. Anyone that wants to expose corruption to the SEC should consider finding a lawyer that deals with SEC cases, as this is going to provide them with the best route to getting a settlement. While many people in the past have simply had to bite the bullet and decide whether or not they want to put their job and their very livelihood on the line, things are not as dramatic in this day and age. If you do happen to get yourself a highly qualified SEC whistleblower lawyer, there is a good chance that you will not only get a settlement, specifically if you expose corruption of fraud that is verified in court, but that your line of work will not be affected. This is something that prevents a huge amount of people from exposing this type of thing to the SEC, which is why this type of reform has been set in place. If you do find yourself deciding whether or not to expose anything, the best thing you can possibly do is find an attorney to speak to. Setting up a consultation meeting and discussing your case confidentially should give you a decent idea as to where you stand and whether or not you should proceed with your case.

I Can Truly Say That FreedomPop Offers Me Free Phone Service

I’ve experienced all types of cell phone service providers that have all let me down, especially in the price department. Since I’m a college student, paying a low cost for cell phone service is important to me, and the best price I’d found was $30 a month for unlimited service, but I knew that I could do better. After a friend informed me about a review of FreedomPop, I made sure to unlock my phone to transfer it over to FreedomPop. I found that I could pay $20 a month for unlimited service like the one I was getting from my previous company.

Even though $20 a month was an amazing price, I couldn’t help myself when I found out that I could also get free service from FreedomPop, so I decided to read a FreedomPop review about how I could use the free service to my advantage. I found that I would get 200 MB of data as well as 500 text messages and 200 minutes of talk time. I knew that the minutes and data would not work for me, but I also found a creative way to allow myself to have a lot of extra talk time and data.

I have Wi-Fi in my building, and the Wi-Fi service is free of charge, so I’m allowed to use Internet on my phone via the Wi-Fi service. I have unlimited fast Internet service on my cell phone now because of the Wi-Fi, and I can even make calls over Wi-Fi as well. Only when I leave my home do I have to use the minutes and data that’s provided by FreedomPop, but I still manage to get through each month without having to pay any money for the service.

I signed up for the FreedomPop service with an email address, and I had a sim card shipped out to me, which only cost me $0.99 because it was on sale. Even my previous cell phone service provider charged me $20 for a sim card, which makes me feel ripped off since FreedomPop charged me so little for my sim card. The best thing about the FreedomPop sim card is that it’s an international sim, which means I am able to use it in 25 different countries when I travel. I couldn’t ask for a better company than FreedomPop, especially since they truly give me free cell phone service.

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AIG Insurance Company Sued By Bruce Levenson

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment (AHBE), the organization directed by UCG founder Bruce Levenson, which formerly owned the Atlanta Hawks, has launched a lawsuit for breach of contract against the New Hampshire Insurance Company (AIG). At issue are the claims made by the former General Manager, Danny Ferry. Tony Ressler is the current owner of the Hawks and is not included in the lawsuit.
AHBE is calling the lawsuit a case of insurance bad faith civil action. Levenson’s team claims an incident involving the termination of Ferry is correctly covered by AIG’s insurance policy. The employment issues that were covered by insurance, but AIG contests them, are the areas of “Workplace Torts” and “Wrongful Termination.” These issues were brought by Ferry after he his employment was terminated and notified AIG of this fact in the Spring of 2015. AIG says the issues with Ferry were not covered.

According to Forbes, a buyout agreement came to AHBE from the new team owner, Tony Ressler’s group in June of 2015. This ended early an $18 million 6-year contract that was begun in 2012. Ressler’s group have responded to confirm that the Atlanta Hawks’ current owners are not at all involved and offered no comment. The lawsuit is all about AIG failing to cover settlement losses in AHBE’s disagreement with Ferry. The total amount of money in the claim has not been publicly disclosed. AIG is also steadfastly refusing to pay anything without a very good case being made. AHBE says the case is simple and obviously AIG’s responsibility if being shirked in ‘bad faith.’ AHBE is also asking for a judgement that requires AIG to pay 50 percent more, to cover legal fees and other costs.