Philip N. Diehl Leading the US Money Reserve to Stardom

The US Money Reserve is the biggest distributor of precious metals in the United States of America. The organization that is based in Austin, Texas has been a revelation since its inception in 2002. Customer service is key to the team. The group has kept its competitors at bay by offering top customer experience to its clients. It has never disappointed its customers, and that is why it continues its upward trajectory in success as clients loves doing business with it.


The US money reserve has a hardworking, dedicated team of professionals. The team is very knowledgeable when it comes to information about major precious metals like Gold, Silver, and Platinum. As a result, customers have always hooked to the organization’s services. Many individuals and companies interested in joining the precious metal business usually get the information they require from the US Money Reserve. As a result, the US money reserve has gained notoriety as the most trusted organization when it comes to dealing with precious metals.


US Money Reserve has over 150 members of staff. For a team, that big, many people would expect a larger number of employees. However, the team which adheres to the philosophy and culture of the organization has been instrumental in making the organization the success story it is today. The success has served to bring joy to all the stakeholders in the organization.


The success of the US Money Reserve can be directly attributed to its head Mr. Philip N. Diehl. He was the former US Mint Director making him very invaluable to the organization. Philip has a vast experience when it comes to dealing with precious metals like gold silver and platinum. He has consequently used the vast knowledge he has amazed over to make the US Money Reserve the giant it is today. He is a charismatic leader. Every employee respects him which makes the implementation of the organization’s strategies very smooth.


The US Money Reserve is considered by many clients dependable and stable. A reputation like that is not created overnight. People are willing to partner with the organization when doing business as they have never been disappointed.


The public has never shied away from acknowledging that the US money reserve is a great group. The president of the Money Reserve Mr. Diehl is always invited to economic talks on TVs and radios to share his economic views and answer about the challenges facing the precious metal industry. This is an honor to the man himself and the organization at large.


Geoffrey Cone Offers a Variation of Trust Expertise

Geoffrey Cone has recently been featured in one the New Zealand Business Weekly magazine due to the development of a new trust law consultation service at his law firm, Cone Marshall. Cone is widely regarded as New Zealand’s best tax and trust establishment attorney. The executive and his partner, Karen Marshall, have a combined forty years of trust establishment expertise and have chosen to offer this expertise to the large population of tax attorneys who own practices in New Zealand. During his most recent interview, Cone described the assets that he brings to Cone Marshall executive team with regards to the development of trust establishment programs for attorneys. Cone stated that he is qualified to develop trust establishment programs because of his background in a variation of trust laws, experience as a leader of other attorneys, and excellent reputation as a expert in trust establishment policies in New Zealand.


Qualifications Based On Background

Geoffrey Cone briefly discussed the way that his background has prepared him to develop trust establishment programs at the Cone Marshall law firm. Geoffrey Cone is known in New Zealand as the go-to attorney for all trust establishment processes for good reason. The tax and trust establishment attorney has successfully practiced trust establishment law for two decades and has been educating attorneys for even longer. Geoffrey Cone believes that any attorney with expertise in a given field is morally obligated to contribute to the well being of other attorneys in the local area.


Experience as a Leader of Attorneys

Cone also discussed his leadership of his fellow attorneys in relation to his qualification as a trust establishment program developer. Cone stated that his ability to successfully lead his peers has been well documented and established throughout his career. The executive stated that he has thoroughly developed his ability to lead attorneys and is currently excited to have the opportunity to offer advisement.


Excellent Reputation as Expert in Establishment of Trusts in New Zealand

Geoffrey Cone also listed his reputation for excellence in the New Zealand trust establishment industry. Cone stated that this reputation was developed over a long period of time through his own diligence and hard work. Cone believes that this reputation is proof that he has the ability to formulate legal practices and make them extremely successful. Cone closed his interview by stating that Cone Marshall representatives were currently accepting inquiries about the trust establishment program.


The Former AHBE Ownershp Group Sues AIG Over Bad Insurance Faith

Bruce Levenson is a serial entrepreneur base in America. He is a renowned philanthropist and former NBA owner. He was also the co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, Inc. this was the mother company that operated and owned the Philips Arena and the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Bruce has served as a governor to the NBA board since 2004. In 1977, Bruce Levenson co-founded the United Communications Group (see; According to the Forbes magazine, this is the largest communications company in the world. He is also one of the board member and founder of TechTarget. This is an information technology industry company.

Bruce spent his early life in Wahington, D.C. he was born to Jewish family residing in this region. He spent his early childhood in Maryland. He joined the University of Washington. He went further to study a master’s degree in Law at the University of America. Levenson began a journalism career in Washington while attending law school during evening hours.

The Atlanta Hawks Entertainment and Basketball Company, the former ownership group belonging to NBA, has filed litigation against Hampshire Insurance company for contract breach where the corporation was involved in a settlement made by the previous general manager. Bruce Levenson was among the former ownership group and the controlling partner. According to Brice, this litigation has nothing to do with the current ownership of the company.

The litigation, filed in Fulton County Superior Court against Hampshire insurance company, is described as a civil action against contract breach and bad insurance faith. The former management team claims that their businesses were insured under a policy for covering some losses related employment. They include workplace torts and wrongful termination of employees. According to the documents in court, AHBE gave Hampshire Insurance Company a notice in 2015 that claims the covered issues. They reached a secret agreement of settlement to end their six-year business partnership.


Talk Fusion’s Video Chat Set to End 2016 on a High Note

It is quite safe to say that 2016 has been Talk Fusion’s year. The leader in digital marketing solutions has found themselves on the receiving end of yet another award for their groundbreaking Video Chat product line.


Announced on August 15th, Talk Fusion’s Video Chat was named Technology Marketing Company’s 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year. The award celebrates the success of services and products that facilitate the exchange of video, data, and voice brought to the market within the previous twelve months.


Adding to the honor of being named TMC’s product of the year, TMC’s CEO Rich Tehrani personally congratulated the efforts of Talk Fusion. Mr. Tehrani has called the award winning team “true leaders within their industries” and even went as far as to say “these honorees represent the best-of-the-best products and solutions available on the market today.”


The cross-platform Video Chat service connects users on any device allowing for seamless communication through video emails, chats, newsletters, as well as live business meetings with up to 500 attendees able to join in one the largest online conferences offered today.


Not one to rest on their laurels work has begun to ensure the success of 2016 is carried strongly into 2017 with plans to continue improving the video marketing solutions programs. As excitement continue to grow around Talk Fusion’s new WebRTC Recorder and site,

, 2017 is poised to be yet another award-filled year in Talk Fusion’s legacy.


Who is Talk Fusion


The leaders in video marketing solutions have revolutionized the industry since their start in 2007. CEO and founder, Bob Reina created Talk Fusion with the goal of changing how businesses communicate and set out to improve not only the lives of his clients but the people fortunate enough to join his team. Built upon the philosophy of “Giving Back” Talk Fusion and its Independent Associates contribute to numerous charitable organizations across more than 140 nations.

How Doe Deere Is Empowering Women Through Her Makeup Line

Meet Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, a cruelty-free makeup line rooted in e-commerce that has gained a huge following of fans who can’t get enough of the ultra-pigmented lipsticks, eyeshadows and nail polishes.

In 2004, Doe created an eBay account to sell her DIY fashion, and stayed true to her own aesthetic by posing for pictures while wearing bright makeup in lots of vibrant hues. Four years later, she started the now-famous makeup line, and today she’s a hugely successful entrepreneur, inspiring business-minded women on a global scale. Today, she’s eager to share her story and secrets to her success so that she may empower other women to follow in her footsteps.

Born in Russia, Doe moved to New York City when she was a young girl. As a child, she was always drawn to brightly-colored and unique clothes, and let her imagination run wild using her mother’s makeup.

It’s undeniable that Doe’s image has contributed to her success, and rightfully so. With an enormous Instagram following, women of all ages are inspired by her playful approach to fashion and beauty. Refusing to take herself too seriously, her influence is giving fans permission to express their creativity through their appearance, while staying true to themselves.

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As an Internet entrepreneur, Doe strongly believes in the power of branding. She can’t emphasize enough how integral her own personal brand has been to her success, and since creating her online presence in 2004, she has been consistent, which is key. Instead of tirelessly keeping up with ever-changing trends, Doe has been committed to her unique aesthetic of bright colors and playful imagery. This consistency has given her a loyal fanbase that has stuck with her as fads come and go.

Anther large contributing factor to her success, she claims, is her commitment to uplifting her employees by treating them with respect. The happier the working environment, the more motivated her employees, and the more success for everyone involved.

As far as giving advice to other women looking to follow in her footsteps, she believes you can never start developing a business too early, and that it’s essential to always follow your gut instincts. Additionally, she advises developing a strong customer service team.

The beauty guru didn’t always feel like a success story, however. Throughout her 20’s, she took on several different administrative jobs, but ultimately felt that she wasn’t being true to herself. Even years after watching her makeup line take off, her company website was hacked, and Doe found herself working overtime to rebuild the trust of her loyal customers.

Today, Doe has her hands in every aspect of her business. From testing products out in the lab, to meeting with her creative director daily, it’s no doubt a full-time job. All in all, however, it’s worth it, especially as she watches companies around her following her lead; for instance, the “lipstick swatch” which enables online customers to see lipstick colors on actual lips rather than against a blank white image.

Doe says she is inspired by a variety of people, from Dita Von Teese to Donald Trump (business-wise, not politically, she insists), but the biggest influence on her work is her husband and president of the company, Mark.

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Steve Murray Passes Away

Steve Murray is a well- known hedge fund manager in the United States. He has worked with the CCMP Capital for over sixteen years. He has also had the opportunity to sit on boards for companies like Aramark and Warner Chilcott.

Stephen Murray recently announced that he was leaving CCMP Capital and that he was no longer going to serve as the company’s CEO. CCMP capital is a very popular equity firm that is based in New York City. Several months ago, the company had managed to raise over three billion for its funds under the leadership of Steve Murray. Before resigning from the top position of the company, Steve Murray had been listed among the two CCMP executives who played a crucial role in the fund.

Immediately after leaving the business, newspapers and magazines have been looking for him, trying to figure out why he had left, and what his future plans were. According to the fortune magazine, Steve Murray left CCMP Capital because of health problems on Wikipedia. Steve had been unwell for several months, and he wanted to get better medical attention. In ten days, his name was removed from the institution’s website.

Read more: CCMP’s Murray dead at 52

Steve Murray joined CCMP Capital many years ago when it was still known as the Chase Capital Partners. After several years, the organization changed its name to JP Morgan Partners. In the year 2006, CCMP Capital became independent and acquired its current name.

Just one month after leaving the company, Steve Murray passed away. At the time of his death, Steve Murray was fifty-two years old. Before his death, he was serving on several boards: Crestcom International, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, Infrogroup Inc and any others.

Greg Brenneman, the former chairperson of the private equity firm, will now take the position of CEO. In a recent report, Greg said that the company was saddened to learn that a close friend and founding partner of the company had passed away. According to Greg, Steve Murray was a very dedicated investor. He was a terrific deal maker whose contributions will forever be remembered in CCMP Capital. Steve spent most of his career life working in CCMP Capital, and the success the company had experienced in the past is attributed to him. His leadership skills on will also be remembered. Greg and his team send their message of condolences to Steve Murray’s wife and two sons.

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The Manse on Marsh Appoints New CEO


The Manse on Marsh was founded in San Luis Obispo, just close to the Central Coast. The facility offers assisted living care to the senior citizens residing in Arroyo Grande, San Luis, Paso Robles and other communities in the area. The Manse offers amenities such as social activities, convenient transport, spacious flats and homes, restaurant dining, nurse on staff, maid and laundry services, discreet personal care and attentive caregivers. The institution has won several awards for offered quality services to the seniors in the San Luis region.


Just recently, the Manse announced that Farron Bernhardt would serve the community as the Chief Executive Officer. According to a recent report from Manse on Marsh, Barnhart is coming to the facility after working for thirty years in other senior housing facilities in top positions.


Before getting the special appointment, Barnhart was working as the vice president for a popular institution known as the Assisted Living for Nevada Housing and Neighborhood Development. The experienced CEO has earned a reputation over the years because of his great and collaborative approach when it comes to management of the facilities. These qualities will align perfectly with the residents and staff at The Manse on Marsh.

Bernhardt is very excited about getting this appointment, and he believes that he will help the facility to achieve its goals. According to Bernhardt, most of the families in the country choose Manse on Marsh as their best senior living community because they know the experts and professionals in the facility provide the best life-enriching care and experiences that cannot be found anywhere else. Bernhardt is honored to work for this company, and he looks forward to introducing better experiences for the seniors.


In the recent past, The Manse on Marsh has been given several awards because of its achievements. The recent award, known as the Caring Star award proves that the community is committed to its job. The community was also recognized as the Best of 2016 by an organization known as The Manse on Marsh was named as one of the top facilities that provide the care needed by the elderly.  Look up the Manse on Marsh family on Facebook, or read the real in depth reviews for yourself.


Mike Baur Starts Up Startup Factory That Helps Entrepreneurs Become Successful

Mike Baur is the co-founder, Managing Partner and Executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory, “where innovation meets execution”. Based in Switzerland, their mission is to provide talented entrepreneurs a specialized platform that monitors these talents through the entire process and gives them ambitious milestones. Their vision at the Swiss Startup Factory is to run startup accelerator programs that will be the global standard for others and to provide any startup with every single service they may need to become successful.


The company focuses on technologies and offers these startup entrepreneurs mentoring, coaching, industry expertise and access to networks of potential clients and investors. Mike Baur wants to ensure that the proper issues are tracked and that the best talents are selected and endorsed. They feature a three month-long startup accelerator program in which they provide unique services, financing, coaching, and office space to aide his startups in their success. His goal, with partner Michael Hartweg, is to be an innovative power in Switzerland, helping the industry, especially in Switzerland, where they are the leading location for digitization in the financial sector. Recently, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered up with CTI Invest to create a close relationship in order to develop and further the Swiss Startup Ecosystem.


The Swiss Startup Factory features a source an equal-minded individuals who can create and share those connections at co-working spaces. They are given services that include bookkeeping, invoice management, payroll management, tax and VAT reporting, cash flow reports and financial health reviews. Launched startups from this company include Struckd, Carhelper, Beaconsmind and Blinkers.


Mike Baur calls Fribourg, Switzerland his home and remains strongly connected to it. Fascinated with banking and finance at an early age, the Swiss Startup Factory comes with a great personal gratification. He attained his MBA from University of Rochester and in addition, received his Executive MBA from the University of Bern. He spent nearly 20 years in Swiss Private Banking and eventually found his way to the executive board of a large Swiss private bank.


In 2014, he began his entrepreneurial journey and founded the Swiss Startup Factory with two other partners. This company is the number one privately financed ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland. Mr. Baur invests a lot of time and effort into Switzerland’s youth, especially entrepreneurs, by supporting their startups both as a mentor and with his financial assistance.

The Entrepreneur: Chris Burch

A lot of people make a name for themselves by becoming investors, but very few have done it as well as Chris Burch. Chris Burch is currently the CEO of Burch Creative Capital, an investment firm that focuses on finding new and innovative businesses and products to invest in. He was not always a high flying investor, however, but started out as a young entrepreneur.

Chris Burch was lucky enough to have a father that wanted to teach him everything he needed to know about business and the art of making money. Since his father was a business owner himself, he felt the need to keep the tradition alive. When Chris was just 13 years old, he got a job at a construction site and truly learned the value of his work. After that experience, all he wanted to do was make a living doing what he loved to do and to make a lot of money in the process. He decided to become an entrepreneur.

While attending Ithaca College, Burch and his brother decided to go into business together. With an initial investment of $2,000, they created a small apparel business called Eagle’s Eye to sell shirts and sweaters to college students. After finding a local factory that was willing to produce the sweaters, their business expanded exponentially to other college campuses, pushing their sales to $140 million in just ten years. After a while, Burch and his brother decided to sell their joint venture to the tune of $165 million.

After his initial success, Burch continued to make several investments in new businesses. He always wanted to find the business that was not necessarily popular with other investors. He wanted to find businesses that were struggling, but that had a creative and innovative idea. He wanted to invest in the people that were driven to make their businesses to succeed, but just did not have the capital to get them off the ground on their own. It was under this mantra that he founded Burch Creative Capital. Burch Creative Capital now has a portfolio of over 50 different successful companies, including large companies like ED by Ellen DeGeneres, Poppin, Voss Water, and Faena Hotel+Universe. He is still out looking for more investments, focusing on those disruptive businesses that break the molds of their industries. While he has become an avid investor, it is still his entrepreneurial spirit that drives his success. for more info.