Tim Armour Market Advice

Watching the stock market can drive a person crazy. There are a lot of ways to advance your capital, and investing is one of the best ways to do so. Over the long term, there are a lot of people who are interested in taking things to the next level with their money. Working with a professional is one of the best ways to accomplish this goal. If you want to keep investing over the years, you need to makes sure you have the ability and the guidance to do so.

Tim Armour is an expert in this area, and he has led Capital Group to be one of the best companies in the world in this industry. Learning from him is one of the best things that anyone can do during their career.

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Tim Armour

When he first started out in the industry, Tim Armour was all about helping others. He also wanted to build a great business that he could use to impact the world. Capital Group is a company that a lot of people work with on their personal finances. Not only do they give great investing advice, but they are also committed to helping people in a number of other ways as well. Always make sure that you understand how to work with a company like this to help you get to a new level. There are a lot of people who are excited about the changes that are taking place within Capital Group led by Tim Armour.

September 2015 Crash

In September of 2015, the market took a nice little dip. There are a lot of people who call it a market crash, but there is a lot of other ways to describe it more accurately. Tim Armour is always looking for a buying opportunity, and temporary market drops are the perfect time to do that. He believes that the market dip in September was one of the best buying opportunities in many years. After the dust settled, it turns out that he was right. A lot of people are now excited about all of the changes that are happening in the market. Tim Armour believes that you should work with an investment professional who is willing to test things out in order to make them happen. A lot of people are worried about the different things that can happen if you are not thinking about the long term of your business.

Mike Baur Co Founder of Swiss Start up Factory

One of the top entrepreneurs in Switzerland is Mike Baur. Mike is the current co founder of the company known as Swiss Start up Factory. This company specializes in helping a number of entrepreneurs reach their goals. Swiss Start up Factory provides advising, coaching, mentoring and funding to a number of entrepreneurs. While Mike has co founded a unique company, he has also spent a number of years investing in start up businesses. This experience helped provide Mike with the inspiration to eventually start up his own company. At the very beginning of his career, Mike worked for a number of financial firms in business banking. During his stint in banking, Mike got first hand experience dealing with entrepreneurs who were looking to get capital and advise on how to launch their companies. Therefore, Mike has an extensive background in helping start up businesses achieve their goals.


Baur co founded Swiss Start up Factory in 2014 in an effort to capitalize on the emerging trend of entrepreneurship. His company specializes in providing mentorship and financing to a number of new businesses. Swiss Start up Factory operates by first holding an event where entrepreneurs pitch their business idea. Mike then evaluates each business idea and chooses the ones that he believes will likely be the most profitable and successful. After choosing a business, Baur will then provide them with capital as well as coaching to help ensure that these businesses reach the highest levels of success possible. With this company, Mike has been able to help a number of new businesses make a positive contribution to Switzerland’s economy.


Before Mike was involved in entrepreneurship, he spent a number of years investing in a number of start up companies. He would routinely invest his own funds in a number of companies that were just starting up. This endeavor proved to be very lucrative as Mike would often earn high returns on the capital he invested. As a result, Mike was able to make a lucrative income as well as coming up with the start up capital necessary for his new business. Along with earning high profits, start up investing helped give Mike the experience he needed in order to pursue entrepreneurship. The experience allowed him to realize the full potential of start up companies. As a result, Mike came up with a plan to build a company that would create even more start up companies and allow him to continue earning a lucrative income through his company Swiss Start up Factory.


Use the Wen by Chaz to realize its powerful benefits

The hair care industry has grown incredibly in the previous years. For many women, having a bad hair is an awful experience. Many thus spend countless hours and time to wash, style, treat, straighten and color the hair. Everyone hopes to have celebrity hair that is easy to control and is healthy. Unfortunately, many people never bother to check on the kind of shampoos they use. Most shampoo products you find today come with harmful chemicals. Once the shampoo lathers, many think that is an effective solution to realizing good hair. However, these chemicals have a negative effect on the hair and weaken the hair strands. The synthetic ingredients tend to cause stress on hair root and could damage it with frequent use.

For someone that wants to have the best hair conditioning agent, then they have to find the WEN hair cleanser. It is a new hair cleaning system that includes several products you find in the market. Most of the products you find in the market today utilize ingredients that damage the hair. Sodium Laurel Sulfate is an example of an ingredient that could have negative effects on the hair. However, the Chaz Dean invented hair care system doesn’t come with any negative effects on the hair. Instead, it uses natural cleansing agents to realize a cleaning agent that is perfect.

The Wen by Chaz is a five in one cleaning agent. What it means is that it includes five different products you may purchase on hair care stores like QVC. The Wen hair cleaning solution acts as a cleaning solution for hair. It removes the need of using shampoo, a cleansing agent or a conditioner. Unlike other products that leave the hair frizzy and dry, the Wen by Chaz leaves the good looking and moist. The Wen by Chaz hair conditioner will benefit your hair greatly. Try it today to realize its benefits.

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Investment Tips for the Year 2017

It is not uncommon for some professionals to have expertise in more than one area. Just like some of the more notable individual success stories, Sam Tabar has experience in both the legal field as an attorney and the investment field as a Managing Director for PARX Group Co./PMA Investment Advisors. Therefore, the advice that he gives to others about investments that should be made in the year to 2017 is not only based on a whelm of potential possibilities, but are founded on real world sound investment strategies. So, for those of you who are interested in what he had to say about today’s smart investment tips, you can review those that have been provided to you below.

Tip #1 – Even though making the proper investment decisions may not be an exact science, there are some key strategies that people can use when they know how this industry works. One of the most important is cutting down on the risk involved in buying investments that may cause newbies and casual investors alike to lose large sums of money. That said, with 2015 investors, commodity trading should be kept to a minimum and proceeded with much caution. This is because buying commodities are not only risky, but also more volatile than other trading opportunities. As a result of this kind of advice, it is very important that investors either eliminate these investments altogether or do the appropriate amount of due diligence before moving forward.

Tip #2 – Invest in Private Business

While investing in traditional stocks is usually available, there are other alternatives that investors need to consider closely too. One of which involves investing funds into private businesses. Because social entrepreneurship is currently seeing substantial social gains, this is a very good place to start any investment campaign. For instance, he has compared his own investment opportunities to reference and further prove its point by referring to the investment that he made in THiNX.

Tip #3 – Lessen Risk with a Diversified Portfolio

Another important piece of advice for lessening the impact for both seasoned and newbies is making sure to maintain a diversified portfolio. Simply stated, do not put all of your investment eggs into one basket.

Market Position Held by Cotemar and Services Offered

Oil and gas industry has gained significant growth in offshore fields through Cotemar. The company was launched in 1979 and has since grown to lead the markets due to some unique qualities they observe. The company endeavors in enhancing quality and safety by use of highly specified vessels. Their services are provided through three major segments that are blended according to the markets they serve. The well-calculated segments include;



Technical bits involving construction, innovation, servicing and engineering. Here they focus on improving the customer gears. Since they are of a variety of types, they opt for the submersible ones since they are fast and have the ability to facilitate movement from an oilfield to the other.



Secondly, they have specialized marine vessels. They use them to ferry people and light products. In this case they highly monitor their vessels to ensure that they meet the set standards. Individuals on the ship are hence guaranteed of their safety.



Cotemar’s other service involves lodging and cuisines provision. While on their vessels you will enjoy accommodation and quality food. Cleaning is also done so you do not have to worry about laundry. The common places for use are also maintained clean.



Company’s Contribution to Societies



Mexican society has the best in Cotemar. They have adequate years of experience in providing quality services to them. Apart from offshore oil sector, they also get involved in production of hydrocarbons. While at this they focus on effective procedures executed through devoted personnel.



Having grown their scale so greatly, they have a remarkable client base. The ever-growing markets are served by an equally great number of employees. They range between 5001 and 10,000. You realize the company boosts the economy by taking in such a large number of employees.






Without doubt, this is a leading company in the oil and energy industry. They are professional and uphold the ethics in an admirable way. They have also implemented core values that guide them. Generally, they include integrity, reliability, humility and innovation. You realize they are aimed at providing better services to their clients, as well as cultivation on company-client relationship. They offer training sessions to mold their potential employees before they join their highly committed crew.

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