Best craft breweries in Canada

Canadians love beer. A recent study states that Canadians drink an average of eighty liters per person every year. However, Canadians are not just beer consumers. They are creators of some of the best beers in the world. If you are planning to have a domestic getaway, it is important to visit this nation so that you can taste and also explore the incredible creations behind the beer making process.

The Grizzly Paw Brewing Company
This facility is found a few minutes away from the Banff National Park. The company, Owned by Eli Gershkovitch, is surrounded by some rocky Canadian mountains. The spot is very beautiful (Steamworks). Visitors will have an opportunity to see the light bodied pilsners, sweeter raspberry ale, malty nut browns and other beers that have been made using the fresh mountain water. The facility has a lot of art and craft. Your children will enjoy some caffeine free sodas too.

Muskoka Brewery
This brewery is found in the heart of the prestigious Ontario cottage country. The facility prides itself on having fresh products. The ingredients are pure and free from any harmful chemicals, a design by Eli Gershkovitch himself. The Canadian independent company was established several years ago, and its favorite brew is the Muskoka Cream Ale. The beer is known for its great flavors.

Garrison Brewery
The brewery is based in the popular Halifax Seaport District. The brewery has been operational since 1929, and it boasts about having some of the best mouthwatering beers. The buildings are a sight to behold too. The beautiful hardwood ceilings, high windows, exposed bricks and iron beams will give your eyes the entertainment you need. Visitors have to book for their space because the facility is always crowded.

Eli Gershkovitch is one of the prominent figures in the Canadian beer industry. At the moment, Eli serves as the chief executive officer and chairman of a company known as Steamworks Craft Breweries. Under his leadership, the beer making company has done very well, and it has introduced several beers for its clients. Eli Gershkovitch has a lot of expertise and experience in the beer making industry. The successful businessman understands what his customers need, and this is why his company has thrived over the years.

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Susan McGalla Inspires and Paves the Way for More Women Leaders

Every now and then, there comes someone who paves the way for more people to follow suit. These types of people achieve a lot in their lifetime. Among their achievements are running a successful business in the industry of their choice. Among the groups of people that have had their ways paved out for them are women. The one person to do this is Susan McGalla. She is a business leader and entrepreneur who has a great work ethic that takes her really far in her career. One of the reasons that she has such a good work ethic is that she is working in a field that she is very passionate about.

Susan McGalla has spent her career in the fashion industry. This is one of the best industries to be a part of because not only is one helping people find clothing to cover themselves, but they are also helping to present new styles to people that could flatter their bodies and make them feel really good about themselves. Susan has brought a lot of creativity to the companies that she worked with. As a result, the companies that she has worked with like American Eagle Outfitters has grown and reached new customers.

As a leader, Susan McGalla also speaks. She has laid down the path for other women to pursue paths of leadership. One thing that she does is focus more on her work. She does not talk about any type of entitlement that women have. One thing that she knows is that protesting about entitlements is not always going to be helpful. A better thing to do at the company is show a good work ethic so that people will be willing to promote the person to a higher position so that they can hold positions of leadership.

Amazing Facts About Mb2 Dental

What is the MB2Dental solution? MB2 Dental Is a dental service company that serves as a partner to join all dentists and health practitioners across the globe. The company provides affiliated offices coordinate services to aid them in carrying out their practices effectively without giving up patients care control as well as maintaining high standards dental care practices.

Services offered by MB2Dental

The company recognizes that clients’ care and satisfaction is of utmost significance to their affiliated dental practices. Therefore, the organization has aligned its business around that priority. The organization has experts who can carry out the entire clinical field of dental practice management as well as other tasks that can be confusing, burdensome and time-consuming.For years now, the company has lied down strategies necessary to enlighten all the dentists across the world and provide them with the right stepping stones to explore and enable them realize and achieve their duties. Their associated dentists don’t have to earn limited amount or denied career enhancement.

Importance of MB2 Dental

They have an esteemed recruiting team specializes in matching phenomenal doctors with the right opportunities. The team works in a coordinated manner during vetting the right candidates to ensure they are matched respectively to their affiliated practices. This act has for years maintained the integrity of the dental profession and create a supportive space where most dentists have grown their career. For new associates, MB2 Dental guarantees clinical independence, supportive community of colleagues and mentors. Moreover, the associate will receive compensation transparency, growth and ownership opportunities.The company also has the best doctors and the best employees who work hand in hand to ensure delivery of adequate services to their clients. The company’s owners motivate their employees monthly for their hard work and dedication. Additionally, the company has a friendly culture that allows all the staff to prioritize multiple tasks at a time.Besides, dental practices, the company is also involved in the development of new generic drugs, especially in the western market. The company has over 191 medications, diagnostics kits, biotechnology products, critical cares and more than 60 active pharmaceutical ingredients a for drug manufacture.


The company pays its employees hourly with relative rates of $10.95per hour for customer specialist and $31.77per hour for the dental hygienist. For billing coordinator, the average MB2 Dental solution salary lies approximately at $33,000 annually and $50, 000 annually for dental assistant.

Manaira Shopping: The Perfect Place for Entertainment and Shopping in Brazil

Today, the development of shopping malls around Brazil has revolutionized the idea of shopping, making it enjoyable, memorable and entertaining. One of the investors who has invested heavily in the shopping mall sector in Brazilian market is Roberto Santiago. He is a reputable entrepreneur and the owner of Joao Pessoa’s based Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. It is one of the largest malls in Paraiba state. The construction of the Manaira Shopping began in 1987 and took two years to complete. Since it was launched in 1989, the dreams of many Brazilian shoppers have changed to reality.


Roberto’s First Entrepreneurial Skills


Born in 1968, Roberto Santiago kicked off his career several years ago at Café Santa Rosa. He was also involved in writing and posting entertainment and informative blogs. Later he created a carton manufacturing firm. He partnered with other companies to supply packaging materials. His firm was also involved in the production of decorative items. Roberto’s early investment ventures enabled him to save significant amount of money and bought the piece of land where he developed Manaira Shopping. Besides being a successful entrepreneur and investor, Mr. Santiago is a sports fanatic who won a number of trophies in motocross championships. He holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from the University of Joao Pessoa.


The Multi-Purpose Manaira Shopping


Roberto Santiago designed Manaira Shopping such that it can offer a wide range of services to residents of Joao Pessoa and the entire state of Paraiba. His goal is to strengthen clients’ relations through multi-purpose services at the mall. The mall is largely recognized for offering a broad array of fun, entertainment leisure and comfort to its clients. The city of Joao Pessoa is recognized famous for its amazing beaches and world-class hospitality. As such, Roberto’s aim was to integrate the outdoor leisure activities with abundant indoor activities in order to lure both local and foreign clients. Another entertainment facility at the mall is the Domus Hall. It is a two story structure constructed on the roof of the mall. It can accommodate close to 10,000 fans, some seated while others standing. It is an addition that was completed in 2009, as a way of providing top-level services to customers.


The Manaira Shopping has one of the best outdoor fun facilities to cater for the needs of all family members when visiting the city. Some of the activities at the mall include movie halls, video games, bowling alleys, ballrooms, gymnasiums, food courts and restaurants, complete bar units among others. Visitors at the mall can enjoy a variety of dishes, snacks and drinks at various food courts and gourmet spot at the mall. These areas have been expanded severally, the latest being in 2014, the aim being to accommodate the needs of all the visitors. As an entrepreneur and experienced investor, Roberto Santiago’s goal is to provide top-notch entertainment, shopping and comfort at Manaira Shopping. Through hard work, passion and dedication, Roberto Santiago has achieved great success in the shopping mall industry in Brazil.


Cardiology – What It is, Who It is for and So Much More to Note

Clinical Cardiology is often an area in which patients may first have access to specialized inpatient or outpatient heart care as well as long-term management for their conditions. Edward Honig can offer the latest innovations within cardiac care and therapies for patients of all ages. Edward Honig will provide state-of-the-art tests and procedures for making an accurate diagnosis while creating a long-lasting treatment plan. Edward Honig and his NYC team will usually see patients with the most common heart problems, like angina, artery issues, valvular heart disease and even heart failure. They’ll also treat patients with rarer forms of heart disease; this includes patients who were previously told by their other doctors that certain conditions cannot be treated.


Honig’s cardiologists use multiple treatment options to provide each patient with the best care possible. These often include lifestyle modification recommendations, medications and even more specified procedures. Honig’s cardiologists work closely with a team of specialized cardiovascular surgeons as well, in case surgery should be the best option. NYC’s Glen Cove Hospital’s Family Department of Cardiovascular Medicine offers physicians within every cardiovascular specialty, who work to offer the latest medications or interventional heart disease procedures. The result is better heart care outcomes for each patient.



  • Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing Section
  • Cardiovascular Imaging Section
  • Clinical Cardiology Section
  • Heart Failure and Transplantation Medicine Section
  • Invasive and Interventional Cardiology Section
  • Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation Section
  • Vascular Medicine Section



Caring for patients with difficulty within heart rhythms and electrical signaling, Honig’s experts in Cardiac Electrophysiology are leaders in both the diagnosis and care of those with atrial fibrillations, ventricular tachycardia, Wolff Parkinson White, fluttering and other abnormalities. The Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing area offers five state-of-the-art laboratories to offer a wide range of mapping and ablation procedures for patients with these suspected rhythm abnormalities. Other services include atrial fibrillation clinics, remote monitoring devices with genetic testing, any full range of pacemakers or cardioverter defibrillator ICD devices, biventriculars, removals of leads, advanced mapping or ablation therapy, syncope clinics or device clinics. suggests that within the Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing sections, they offer any variety of specialized approaches to more heart-rhythm problems. The procedures are most often used to diagnose any similar heart problem or even to treat it. Arrhythmia treatments depend on the types and severity involved.

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Rocketship Education and the World of Blended Learning

Rocketship Education is a distinguished network that consists of public charter schools. It’s a non-profit organization that runs out of beautiful Redwood City in California. Rocketship Education was established by both Preston Smith and John Danner. The pair launched the network back in 2007. Schools that make up Rocketship Education take a blended learning approach. They also take advantage of innovative adaptive software. This software enables schools to boost the successes of their students.

Rocketship Education caters mostly to students who reside in underprivileged communities. It strives to assist students who aren’t able to easily attend quality schools. Rocketship Education endorses the strength of high-quality schools. The network is passionate about schools that have the ability to change students’ lives for the better. It’s enthusiastic about schools that involve parents, strengthen teachers and motivate neighborhoods in general.

Preston Smith, as indicated before, was one of the brains behind Rocketship Education’s creation. He currently works as the network’s CEO (Chief Executive Officer). He’s a big part of Rocketship Education’s skilled and ambitious Senior Leadership crew. Other people who are part of the Senior Leadership division are Adam Nadeau, Keysha Bailey, Cheye Calvo and Dynasti Hunt. Nadeau is the Vice President of Achievement and Personalized Learning. Bailey is the Chief Financial Officer. Calvo is the Community Engagement and Chief Growth Officer. Hunt, last but certainly not least, is the HR (Human Resources) Vice President. There are quite a few other incredible employees who work for Rocketship Education as well.

Rocketship Education’s in-depth system includes a total of 16 public charter schools. One of the schools is in Redwood City, California. There are schools in nearby areas such as Concord and San Jose in California. There are also schools in relatively distant parts of the United States. These schools are in Washington, D.C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Nashville, Tennessee.

The Rocketship Education team knows a lot about the advantages of blended learning. Rocketship Education promotes both small group and whole group instructional styles. It also endorses Internet learning, team learning and even targeted intervention practices. These concepts are all part of the network’s comprehensive plan.

Honey Birdete Spreads Its Wings

Eloise Monaghan is the founder of Honey Birdete, which is a lingerie brand originating from the Australian market. It is the first of its kind in the Australian Market as no other sensuality boutique ever existed on the continent. However, its success suggests that women were hungry for the seductive and sensual look. Honey Birdete started as a retail outlet in Brisbane and the many sales made within a short span called for more stores. Upon the opening of the store, women would flock in from all walks of life. Since it did not have a heavy marketing presence, it was clear that most of the sales were based on word of mouth. One store led to another resulting in the current over 55 stores in Australia.
Since most of the Australian population is international, the company soon started getting orders from other continents such as America as well as Europe. This was also made possible by the now heavy social media presence of the Honey Birdete brand. The founder confesses that in the last one year, the American sales increased by an alarming 374%, prompting him to open an e-commerce store in U.S recently. The venture is geared towards providing more options to the customers in the region. Moreover, the customs will also receive better delivery terms such as free delivery for orders that exceed $50. Moreover, it will be easier for the customers to return products to the firm since the distance is shorter than it was. Honey Birdete also seeks to open some few retail stores in the U.S. shortly.
The U.K is also another location where Honey Birdete has experienced success. The first branch was opened at Covenant Garden, and it was as well very successful. Eloise then decided to open more branches at locations such as White City and Victoria Gate. There are also plans to open more outlets in the UK.

Arthur Becker’s Brilliant Triumph

Arthur Becker made his accomplishment due to the superb services that he gives to his clients. He as well is the managing partner at Madison Partners LLC whereby the organization mostly deals with Biotech and real estate augmentation. Apart from that, he acted as the Zinio LLC as the CEO and the chairman and NavSite to which made him be successful and recognized all over the world. As he worked at NavSite the services they offered is internet machinery technology. Later on, he decided to proceed alone as the private investor in technology and real estate.

According to NY Daily News, Arthur Becker’s excellent knowledge from the corporate where he served enabled him to develop Madison Partners to be top organization in the world. The organization thrived and most of the clients are satisfied with the services which they offer. Due to the new creative technology that Becker had also enabled him to advance Madison Partners and be well known all over the world. Biotech enabled him to introduce new technology at Madison Partners hence enabling them to make achievement.

Furthermore, he is now building real estate in New York Suvillan and also in Tribeca where has properties that he is constructing. He as well guides other entrepreneurs on how always to prosper in whatever business they are venturing to and also committing themselves in ensuring they are always attending to their clients wants first.

In a report by Perez Hilton, through his skills in biotech, he as well enabled cancer patients to get treatment and live better lives. Madison also ensures they motivate their staff members through providing them with a good environment to work on and also they make sure that they have better bonding among them so they can work more efficiently and make the organization to make more income. Young entrepreneurs are also guided and supported through being given small capitals and direction to start them hence they become more successful. In addition in order to be way ahead of his competitors, he ensures that he always employ professional individuals who will improve the organization services hence enabling their clients to be happy and always come back for more.

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James Larkin: Historical Figure

James Larkin may have had the luck of the Irish. Indeed, Larkin was an Irish activist and labor leader. He started the labor organization known as the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union.

The ITGWU became the largest labor union in the region. But where did it all start? Perhaps it began on January 21, 1876, in Liverpool, England. For it was there that James Larkin was born.


He grew up there in the slums. He did not get much of an education. Instead, he worked a number of different jobs to supplement his family’s income.

As the years went by he moved up in the working ranks. He took the position of foreman at the Liverpool docks. Politically, he became interested in socialism. He believed that workers were generally not treated fairly by those who employed them.


Larkin was not all work and no play though. He met a woman named Elizabeth Brown and married her in 1903. They would eventually have four sons.


Larkin signed on with the NUDL (National Union of Dock Labourers). Two years after his marriage, in 1905, he would take the full-time position of trade union organizer. The labor organization reportedly often became concerned about his supposedly militant methods of striking. Two years later this resulted in his being transferred to Dublin, Ireland.


It was in Dublin that Larkin launched the Irish Transport and General Workers’ Union. It was his dream to bring together all the skilled and unskilled industrial laborers in the country. He would next go on to create the Irish Labour Party. Read more: Jim Larkin | Wikipedia

Larkin led several strikes with the ILP. The most famous of these was the Dublin Lockout of 1913. He led over 100,000 workers on a strike that went on for approximately eight months and garnered the workers fair employment.


The ITGWU soon disbanded following the success of the lockout. Immediately following the start of World War I, Larkin held a huge anti-war protest. In addition to the initial demonstration, he went to the U.S. in 1914 to solicit money to battle the British.


Larkin was arrested and convicted of both criminal anarchy and communism in 1920. He received a pardon and then deported back to Ireland in 1923. He founded the WUI (Workers’ Union of Ireland) and in 1924 was officially recognized by Communist International. Larkin worked well into the 1940s. On January 30, 1947, he died in Dublin, Ireland.

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Will Trump’s Lawyers Claim Executive Privilege Regarding Comey Memo?

An unnamed source in the Trump administration says that Trump’s attorneys plan to file a complaint regarding former FBI Director James Comey’s memo leak. This information came from an unnamed source inside Trump’s legal team.



The memo details his conversations with the President concerning Michael Flynn and the FBI’s investigation of possible connections between the Trump campaign and Russia. Comey released these memos to the press after President Trump fired him.



The contents of the memo were given in Comey’s written testimony, delivered to the U.S. Senate during their investigation into the firing of James Comey.



Trump’s personal attorney, Marc Kasowitz, reportedly plans to submit a formal complaint to the Justice Department as well as the Senate Judiciary and Intelligence committees.



The Trump administration, the source claims, will seek to evoke executive privilege: a policy that allows the President to withhold information when in the public’s interest.



Comey told the Senate that he gave this memo to a Columbia law professor, asking the professor to share the contents to the press. This memo was, in turn, shared with the Wall Street Journal.



Kasowitz said in a prepared statement that Comey “unilaterally and surreptitiously made unauthorized disclosures to the press of privileged communications with the president.” He moreover claimed that Comey leaked classified information.



Comey maintains that no classified information was put into the memo, worrying that the presence of any such classified information could compromise the contents of the memo. He stated: “If I write it in such a way that I don’t include anything that would trigger classification, that would make it easier for us to discuss within the FBI and the government and to hold on to it in a way that makes it accessible to us.”



It seems likely, given the lack of clear public interest and the possibly incriminating nature of the memo, that Trump’s team will not be successful in claiming executive privilege.