The Success Trail of NewsWatch Television Show.

NewsWatch is a television program that is hosted by Andrew Tropeano. The show attracts more than six hundred and fifty celebrities across the United States and various entertainers. NewsWatch television program airs its content fortnightly. The networks that stream the content are AMC Network and ION Network in the U.S. The show entails news reporters who gather information on breakthroughs, finance, travel, the introduction of new products, public policy issues, entertainment, automotive, celebrities, legal matters and Charities among others. Erick Forrest, Amanda Forstrom, and Susan Bridges serve the staff of NewsWatch in Washington, Dc, with reports they collect from various sources.


Since NewsWatch tv began to air its content in the United States, it has an incredible reputation from entertainers, personalities, and households in the United States. Over one thousand episodes have been produced in the past 25 years, receiving over seven hundred million views. Over ninety million households view each episode of the show through streaming in their various homes. NewsWatch television show invites several Hollywood celebrities to air their opinions concerning trending issues. Different events by the show featured stars like Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, Colin Firth, Eddie Redmayne, Denzel Washington, Bradley Cooper, Will Smith, Mila Kunis and Chris Pratt among others.


The television show influences marketing of products and services by various companies. NewsWatch provides a platform, which companies can promote their line of products. The television program markets products through streaming them in social media channels and online networks, making households familiar with the commodities. During a crowdsourcing event, NewsWatch assisted Avanca manufacturing firm to market mobile lifestyle accessories they produce. The show helped the entrance of Saygus smartphones into the market, during a mobile congress held in Barcelona. SteelSeries also received support from the television show to air their gaming peripherals and accessories. NewsWatch promoted Ockel, a sister company of Avanca firm.


Jeff Yastine Perfects his Model of Aiding Potential Investors into Able Millionaires

     The Banyan Hill Publishing is a global association of investment experts with experience and track record in the preservation of wealth and protection of assets. Banyan assists hundreds of Americans on a daily basis to make it through in their investment challenges, thus helping as many as possible achieve financial freedom.

Financial freedom comes when one can no longer fear to make a bold investment when one is assured that the principal is safe and when one can make independent decisions. This is freedom from troubling financial concerns, which plagues most of the citizens.

Why Banyan Hill

The name is derived from the banyan tree, considered mighty. As the tree matures and grows, the branches grow outward and spread down aerial roots deep to the ground. The tendrils eventually form a new stem or trunk, supporting the parent tree.

Real Life Situation

Banyans are able to withstand all kinds of disasters while extending and finding new opportunities for not only growth but rejuvenation. The customers are to be given support to eventually become their own pillars in the journey to financial freedom. Through assistance and research, you will be able to survive no matter the invisible hands that stand on your way.

Jeff Yastine

Jeff is the editor of the Total Wealth Insider. Yastine was introduced into the firm, the Banyan Hill Publishing in 2015, owing to the fact that he had a two-decade experience in the stock and financial markets. He was the catalyst sought by the Banyan Hill Publishing.

Jeff is also a lead contributor to Banyan’s Sovereign Investor; assisting new investors to get the concepts of their new undertakings. Through this weekly release, investors are able to understand the economic and monetary challenges likely to be encountered. He has been able to create numerous opportunities for financial editors at the firm.

Awards and Feats

Yastine was nominated for the Emmy Awards as an anchor and correspondent by the Nightly Business Report in 1994 through to 2010. During his correspondence years, he interviewed financial magnets like Warren Buffet, Sir Richard Branson, and Mr. Michael Dell.

Through his reporting, he came across numerous opportunities for taking over the stocks and starting all over broken companies. He can handle any industry, from pharmaceuticals to the agricultural sector.

Landmark Pronouncements

Jeff warned investors and family owners on a number of occasions like:

 Hurricane Katrina in 2005 as well as its financial impacts

 Deepwater Horizon incident of 2010

 The impact of the Panama handover in 1999

Jeff Yastine was part of a team in 2002 that was recognized and awarded the New York Society of Accountants Excellence.

Orange Coast College Opens A New, Larger Recycling Center

A new, bigger recycling center was recently opened on the campus of Orange Coast College. The recycling center is available for the use of both students and the public. The new recycling center cost over $7 million and it took construction crews almost one and a half years to complete the job. The facility is located on five acres and is just off Adams Avenue. In a ribbon cutting ceremony the staff that handles recycling at Orange Coast College officially opened the new facility.
While Orange Coast College has offered a recycling service for about 40 years the facility that was replaced was quite a bit smaller than the new one. The parking area, in particular, is much larger. The new center can accommodate five times as many cars at a time compared to the older one. It also features new accommodations for the staff including showers, offices, a meeting area, and mixed-use rooms. It will be open each day of the week.
Many people take their items to Orange Coast College in order to have them recycled. The recycling center can take many types of materials. This includes glass containers, aluminum and tin cans, metal scraps, old appliances, paper and cardboard, and some types of plastic. It will also take in electronics such as televisions, computers, and the like. They will pay for some types of materials to be recycled, such as HDPE plastic which gets 56 cents a pound. Learn more:
Due to the recycling center, the environment is saved in a number of ways. A large amount of energy is saved that would otherwise be used to handle the materials as trash. Also, as less material goes into landfills, forest land is saved that would otherwise have to be logged to make space for all of the extra trash. Learn more:
Orange Coast College is a two-year community college. It has been educating people in Southern California for 60 years. The lower-division classes that it offers can be transferred to other educational institutions such as four-year universities, which many students make use of. Each semester at this college there are about 24,000 students in attendance.

McQuagge Strikes Gold

On January 10th of this year Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHEALTH Group, was announced as the Gold Winner as CEO of the Year by the One Planet Awards.

The One Planet Awards is an annual industry and peer recognition program honoring employees and companies. These companies can be both public or private and can be located from all around the world. The award is known for its prestige as it receives nominations from hundreds of top executives and organizations.

McQuagge attended the University of Central Florida where he attained his Bachelors of Arts in Legal studies in 1982. He then started his career in the insurance industry with Allstate in 1983 in the sales department.

After this, he joined the Student Insurance Division of United Insurance in 1995. In just two years Troy McQuagge was named President of this division specializing in medical care for University students.

When McQuagge came to USHEALTH in 2010, he made it his priority to rebuild its captive distribution agency known as USHEALTH Advisors. His plan was a success and he eventually assumed the role of President and CEO of USHEALTH Group.

While in this position the company showed an increase of growth and profitability never seen before in the very cut throat individual health insurance market.

Since this time, he has served in a similar capacity with Freedom Life Insurance Company of America and other subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group.

Because of his efforts USHEALTH Group has become one of the largest insurance holding companies that cater to customers who need affordable health coverage. Their clients range from University students to small business owners to people who are self employed.

In addition to his impressive resume, Troy Mcquagge has also dedicated his time to a large number of volunteer organizations such as Habitat for Humanity, the Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids Dallas, Phoenix of New Orleans, and Crisis Nursery Phoenix.

McQuagge was honored to be recognized by his industry and peers, but made it a point to thank everyone at USHEALTH Group. He stated that he believes that the award truly belongs to everyone at the company because of all the hard work and dedication they have done to develop new and affordable healthcare options.

According to Glassdoor, Troy McQuagge also mentioned that USHEALTH Group isn’t done with their work and are actively in the process of creating even more affordable options for their clients in the near future.

Louis Chenevert Career in UTC and Beyond

 Louis has had more than a decade of success while working at St. Therese Production as its manager and a stint at General Motors in a similar capacity. He has also worked at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as the company’s chairman and chief executive. Chenevert is a French Canadian who studied production management at ‘Universite de Montreal’.

The Road to UTC

Chenevert before working for UTC had worked at General Motors for more than ten years. He later joint Pratt & Whitney, a business affiliated with ‘United Technologies Corporation’. He worked at ‘Pratt & Whitney for six years a period that saw him elected to the presidency of the company in 1999. At the helm of ‘Pratt & Whitney he served for close to a decade before he was elected to head UTC as both its chief executive and president.

While at the helm of the company, Louis was able to negotiate an acquisition deal of approximately $18.4 billion with Goodrich. Louis was quick to mop up after Rolls-Royce and other companies declined overtures to manufacture alternative engines for the Air Force. Pratt & Whitney presented itself and hence became the only supplier of F-35 engines to the US administration.

Human Resource

During his UTC days, Chenevert was keen on investing in human resource. Through the ‘Employee Scholar Program’, he ensured that employees were able to better their skills and hence serve the company better. Although he was all for investment in the right technologies, he also stressed that investment in people would take the company even further.

Departure from UTC

In late 2014, Chenevert left UTC after he resigned as chairperson and chief executive. Chenevert soon received an appointment to the Goldman Sachs’s division of merchant banking. He now serves as exclusive advisor. His stellar performance at UTC continues to be enjoyed as the company still enjoys competitive advantage in the market.


At the helm of UTC, Chenevert was inclined towards technological investments as well as investments in human resource. He would pick projects that would be able to propel the company further ahead in the industry. Upon picking a project, he would rally his staff behind the project until it succeeded for the company.


Karl Heideck Applauds Pennsylvania’s Improved Car Seat Law

     Karl Heideck has written numerous articles in the Philadelphia blog that works to enlighten the people on the new laws that are enacted in the state. Karl Heideck has a strong commitment to achieving better business in a manner that is not paralleled in the industry, his experience and majors when it comes to the rule of law have an impact on his representation capabilities in the world of legal representation, few people can compare their success to Karl Heideck. Perhaps this is the reason why his services are amassed on a massive scale for the past few decades.

Karl Heideck also talks about the new car seat belt laws that were enacted in the state. These are the laws that work towards adopting new strategies when you have children who are less than two years in the state. For those seeking better business, they can achieve their independent business solution in a manner that depicts their leadership in the country. Philadelphia is one of the few states that achieve better business through agitation techniques with massive rates of adoption. In the recent past, we have seen the commonwealth legislators. These laws enacted in the state are guided towards protecting the children from the harm caused in the event of an accident.

Auto accidents have been the leading cause of deaths for the children under the age of two, for this reason, the state decided to develop a new way of achieving their business results in a manner that depicts their intentions. If you are working towards assimilating working benefits, you could achieve your actions through active business investments to make you a better citizen. If you also follow the law in the state, you will never be at loggerheads with the police. This means that people must work towards being conversant with the new laws.

During this past year when the law was enacted, the police in Philadelphia used to warn the people of the danger of going against the law. However, the time for warnings is over, when you are caught with a child without the stated seat belts, you will be taken to court for charges.


Goettl Company Acquires HVAC Industries

The HVAC Company which was initially owned by a family is now under new ownership. The HVAC Company Walton’s heating and Air that is located in the southern California was bought by the Goettl Air Conditioning Company. The acquisition of the HVAC company financial dealings was put to the open and helps the Goettl with other locations including Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas first. With these, the company will then solidify a stand-in California to allow Walton’s to grow its boundaries beyond the ability of Todd Longbrake alone. However, Longbrake had grown the family owned Business Company to the family’s ability.

Goettl Company was first interested with the Walton’s in the early months of the year 2015. At first, Longbrake could not give in to the negotiation. The comments from the various individual of the HVAC Company about the company Goettl and also the owner of the company, Ken Goodrich made him change his mind and decided to join Goettl. The merging process was completed in the same year. HVAC Company has grown now by ten folds according to the statement by Longbrake.

Longbrake joined Goettl as the field supervisor and sales manager of the company. He assumed the position and latter quickly assimilated into the Goettl company culture. It took him a short time to assimilate and become a leader in the company according to Goodrich. The company merged around two years back, but Goodrich never announced it till early this week. The announcement of the acquisition was held back due to marketing complications and operational issues in the Walton’s notwithstanding.

Goodrich goes on to admit that they have to cater for all these issues before finally giving the company the badge of the Goettl. Goodrich faced all the challenges in the acquisition of the Walton’s because he was aware of what the Walton’s gave back to the company. Goettl and Walton’s had a similar history and values. Goodrich says that although Walton’s was stagnant at the time he thought of getting it, he knew that it was a platform for Goettl to pick up.

Currently, the total number of employees working at the Goettl Company is three hundred and six. This number is expected to rise by two hundred after the acquisition of Walton’s especially in Tucson and Phoenix region which is the company’s largest market. The dream of the company is to grow to become a national business finally. It is soon expected to expand into northern California and Texas by 2019. Visit their Facebook page to know more.

Eric Pulier The Technological Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is one of the entrepreneurs who have enough trajectory energy to reach the sky. His innovations in technology make him fit in this category of entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, public speaker, technologist, philanthropist, columnist, author, financial sponsor and originator of many companies, Eric Pulier’s stunning achievements have made him very famous.

On the Mall in Washington, D.C., his concept for the display portrayed the role in entertainment, manufacturing, and education to name but a few according to Bloomberg. In cloud computing, Eric has won many awards through his success in enterprise technology. He showed signs of innovative tendencies since he was in fourth grade where he developed programming skills. Eric Pulier was interested in technology while others were only interested in other fields like mathematics and grammar. After his graduation from the Harvard University, he turned to technological innovation contrary to his other undergraduate students who focused on American literature and English language. With his magma cum laude degree, he went to Los Angeles for a future in technology.

While in Los Angeles, he started his first venture; People Doing Things in 1991. The organization aimed to promote healthcare and education to mention just but a few through the use of technology. Later on, he founded Digital Evolution which merged with US interactive LLC. Starbright World, ServiceMesh, Media Platform, Desktone, and Atakana were other major startups that Eric Pulier founded. Through Starbright World, Eric explained his dedication to helping the society through contributions and also providing motivation and inspiration. It has helped hospitalized children to communicate through the internet in more than 700 healthcare facilities and hospitals in the United States. His advice to those who want to become entrepreneurs to keep in mind that innovation is for the whole world and everyone should have access to re-invent and maintain the world going. Through his latest innovation named vAtomic systems where he is the CEO, he is pursuing cloud computing where he is developing an asset for mobile devices to ease trading during online transactions and also help in tracking digital products.

Apart from his work in technological developments, Eric Pulier is a prominent philanthropist. He is actively involved in charity activities meant to help the needy in the society. He is particularly involved in helping people with multiple sclerosis conditions learn more about it. Together with others, Eric Pulier created a social media platform called Starbright World. This is a platform through which children suffering from chronic diseases would share their own experience with no interference from the external world.

Change Your Life

How Your Life Can Be Changed With Precious Metals

Precious metals won’t just look great on your wife.

You’re likely not to trade-in that expensive piece of jewelry if she really likes it. Gold is more than the industrial use we’ve put it through and throughout the century. Gold is also a life changer and if you want it to be. There are numerous ways to accomplish this, and agencies like the U.S. Money Reserve can help.

The U.S. Money Reserve is currently led by Philip N. Diehl who peaked the agency and where they stand in a modern world. What Mr. Diehl does today is worthy of more respect than his prior work in the U.S. Mint. Today, your life can be changed with the work that the U.S. Reserve has brought into the future.

The trade of gold is ancient, and one that demands respect in modern times. Lives are changed by it and with a simple equation. The desire of gold ensures that it continues rising over the long haul. This means that investors have the opportunity to triple, or even multiple their initial investment by 10. Read more: US Money Reserve | Built In Austin

Measuring Your Investment’s Weight In Gold

To first measure your weight of gold, it’s important to know the options you have in the U.S. Money Reserve. These options are necessary to understand and in order to protect the money you invest. There are many challenges to trading gold, and the unexpecting investor becomes a target.


You can maximize profits and minimize risk with the U.S. Money Reserve.

Do it by considering their precious metals because most are backed by an outstanding guarantee. The basis of the firm’s guarantee is as a buy-back option. The phrase alone should help you see how much insurance the U.S. Money Reserve puts on its products. Read more: US Money Reserve | LinkedIn

When you’ve lost confidence or simply don’t see a future value in gold, you can sell it right back to the Reserve, and they will honor the sale. So consider the U.S. Money Reserve for all of your precious metal products, and do it now.

Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Combating Medical Conditions – Exploring the Driving Force Behind Dr. Scott Rocklage’s Success

Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks. Use what you are good at to lead you to your goal.


Mr. Scott Rocklage, the current managing partner of 5AM Ventures, lives by this rule. After graduating from two of America’s most renowned universities, University of California in Berkeley and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Scott emerged with a Ph.D. degree in Chemistry.


Imbued with the spirit of scientific research, Mr. Rocklage has dedicated almost three decades of his life to health care and has joined numerous organizations such as Nycomed Salutar, Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Salutar, and Novira in an attempt to discover new areas of life science. He held development positions in Salutar and Catalytica.


Dr. Scott revealed that he is fascinated with the trend of finding unique methods to combat cancer. He is excited by the prospect of developing new improvements that will target mutations and save people from a disease that has plagued their existence for almost 2 million years.


The entrepreneur first joined 5AM Ventures in 2003 and quickly rose to the position of managing partner after one year. The inventor mentioned that prioritization and good time management skills are essential keys to productivity. Every leader who hopes to be successful must acquire these habits.


The primary goal of 5AM is to diagnose and treat hazardous medical conditions that are affecting the lives of the general public.They are constantly advancing in the fields of science and medicine and are supporting companies who are also interested in working towards solving necessary healthcare needs.


Mr. Rocklage is also on the Board of Associates at Whitehead Institute – A nonprofit educational and research institution for biomedical research.


Dr. Scott’s unparalleled experience and hard work led to the approval of three drug applications by the FDA. Cubiscin, an antibiotic and two MRI contrast agents – Teslascan and Omniscan. Rocklage has invented more than 30 U.S patents and has published more than a hundred research papers. Owing to his vast contributions and knowledge, Scott Rocklage has become respected as an influential personality in the healthcare field. He is based in the Boston, MA office. Learn more: