Just Who Is Doe Deere?

The name Doe Deere is rather unique and the name Lime Crime is also one of a kind. To simply state it, Doe Deere is the founder for one of the cosmetic industries most prominent companies. Lime Crime just so happens to be that company, and it has revolutionized the game in many ways. This Russian-born beauty is like a magnet as she pulls in the attention with relative ease. Deere has always had a strong love for the entertainment industry as she was an aspiring musician years ago. While living in New York City, she actually received the gift to perform in a band.


Deere was 17 years old at the time, and she spent 14 years in “The Big Apple.” This actual band was where she met her soon-to-be husband. That’s right! Big things were happening on a regular basis thanks to her strong ambition to succeed. After performing in the band, Deere would go on to attend classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Fashion was the name of the game. Deere has always been fascinated with this subject since she was a child. During her childhood, she would dress-up in the boldest and brightest of colors. Her friends’ style were actually bland when being compared to her style and this would carry over into her adult life. As of today, Deere is a full-fledged businesswoman with her very own company. Lime Crime is the queen of lipsticks thanks to its liquid-matte finishes. The brand uses some of the brightest of colors that no other brand dares to emulate. This would include the eclectic names of saint, utopia, black velvet, red velvet, scandal, ruby red, shroom and many more.


Deere has always stated that people should always be true to themselves and that people should always follow their dreams. She’s known in the cosmetic industry as the “Unicorn Queen” and some of her brand’s best selling products come from the Unicorn Collection. Who is Doe Deere? She’s an entrepreneur, a musician, an innovator as well as a future icon. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/

Key Legal Case Coming Up Next Month With Many Ramifications

A major legal case is coming up next month. In December, the Supreme Court of the United States will decide on a key law relating to civil rights. It is known as Masterpiece Cakeshop Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission.

There are two issues at play here. One is the need for civil rights laws to protect the rights of all couples, regardless of orientation. Another is the right of businesses to choose which customers they want to serve. Which right is more important? The Civil Rights Act of 1964 decided that it is more important to protect civil rights than it is to let people choose who they want to hire. Will the Supreme Court decide that the same applies when it comes to businesses choosing their customers?

Another issue at play here is religious freedom. Do the store owner’s religious beliefs come into play here, and are they more important than protecting civil rights?

In a previous case, the Supreme Court, led by Justice Antonin Scalia, ruled against Native Americans who brought a lawsuit against the state of Oregon. It had to do with their religious ceremonies. The Supreme Court ruled that since the thing that they were not allowed to do was not based on religious discrimination, meaning that the law to prohibit it was neutral and not motivated by any religious factors, the Native Americans could not claim religious discrimination. It is possible that the Supreme Court will decide the same here, meaning that the civil rights laws are not motivated by any religious factors and are simply neutral. Therefore, it cannot be said that religious beliefs are being violated.

Another issue at stake here is whether compelling someone to bake a cake would be compelled speech, which is a violation of the First Amendment which guarantees the freedom of expression, meaning that you can choose to not say something as well.

Disappointed Lawyer Sues Oxford for $1.3 Million

A lawsuit by an Oxford University graduate is underway in London’s High Court. Former student Faiz Siddiqui alleges that when he graduated from Oxford he earned a less-desirable degree as a result of poor teaching and faculty negligence. According to Siddiqui’s suit, his low grades prevented him from attending law school at Yale University and damaged his burgeoning legal career.

Siddiqui enrolled at Brasenose College, Oxford in 1997 and began to study modern history. Like many Oxford students, he hoped to earn a first class honors degree from the school. However, after taking his final exams in 2000, Siddiqui discovered that he had instead received an upper second class bachelor of arts honors degree.

Siddiqui’s lawsuit alleges that poor teaching and low faculty numbers were responsible for his depressed grades. In his suit, he claims that teachers were overworked and inadequately prepared to deal with an increased number of students. According to Siddiqui, many of the college’s teachers were on sabbatical, leaving only one tutor to assist students with the Indian special subject portion of the exams. The lawsuit alleges that this tutor was in charge of twice the number of students that college tutors typically supervise. Siddiqui also cites another student from his class who submitted complaints to the university after she received low grades on the same exams. Furthermore, Siddiqui claims that the university failed to take a medical condition into account when grading his exams; his doctors had diagnosed him with severe hay fever, a condition which they said would affect his concentration.

Siddiqui claims that his second-class decree from Oxford left him depressed and unable to sleep. He states that as a result of these emotional problems, he performed poorly in his duties at several different jobs he has held over the years and eventually became unemployed. He is suing Oxford University for a total of $1.3 million. As part of his suit, Siddiqui is also seeking restitution for lost earnings.

IDLife and Customized Sports Nutrition

If you’re someone who is serious about their workouts, serious about nutrition and is above all else, serious about seeing results, IDLife may be just what you’ve been looking for. If you’re unfamiliar with IDLife, it is a health and wellness company that prides themselves on being able to offer consumers a unique personalized nutrition system, that is not only an adjunction to their training regimen but is also delicious. Founded in 2014, IDLife is a purveyor of protein shakes, as well as energy and hydration products designed for those who are serious about living a healthy lifestyle. The company’s name, IDLife, is an acronym for “Individually Designed Life.” It is a name that connotes empowerment and encourages consumers to become the captain of their own destiny, as it relates to their health.

So, what makes IDLife nutrition different from their competitors? IDLife supplements can be tailored to complement your unique nutritional needs, which is determined once customers take a completely free IDNutrition health assessment. The result of this health assessment will enable IDLife to recommend products that fit your unique profile, based on your health goals, age, sex, health condition, and much more. In addition, IDLife’s product line is comprised of the highest quality ingredients; for example, their protein shakes are made from 23 grams of grass-fed, 100 percent cold-filtered whey protein, which helps build lean muscle while simultaneously boosting metabolism.

IDLife products also include energy and hydration products; the company’s energy products are available in chewable, powder, and liquid formulations. IDLife energy is designed to be time-released, which means not only will you get an immediate boost of energy you will also benefit from sustained energy releases throughout the day. If you’re someone who partakes in very strenuous workouts, you can appreciate the importance of hydration. Fortunately, IDLife also carries a delicious sports powder, which is the perfect way to replenish electrolytes and vitamins loss as you sweat through your toughest workouts.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or simply be a healthier version of yourself, IDLife has the products to help you reach your goals.

Logan Stout’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TheLoganStout

5 Things You Will Absolutely Love About The Organo Gold Opportunity

Are you looking for a world class business that can help you take your health and life to a whole new level? If so the Organo Gold opportunity may be just what you are looking for.

Here are 5 things you will absolutely love about the Organo Gold opportunity:

They Have a Global Support Team

Right now Organo Gold is operating in 50 different countries throughout the world. To help ensure all distributors have every possible chance at success, the company offers a global support team, regional leadership, and management teams that are dedicated to each individual country. Organo Gold is available on eBay.

They Offer a Very Generous Compensation Plan

Not only is the compensation plan generous, but it is also innovative and transparent. With Organo Gold you will be able to make money 7 different ways. Very few companies in the industry can compete with this level of compensation.

They Offer Exclusive Premium Products

As a distributor you will have access to exclusive products that can’t be found anywhere else. All Organo Gold products are made using the highest quality premium ingredients. The company utilizes a very strict quality control process to ensure every product is fresh and safe to consume.

They Offer World Class Training

Organo Gold wants all of its distributors to be successful. They therefore offer world class training that is based on the principles found in the best selling book Think and Grow Rich by Napolean Hill.

As a distributor you will have access to online business building tools, weekly conference calls and leadership programs in your regional field. Follow Organo Gold on facebook.com.

They Give Back

The great thing about Organo Gold is their commitment to giving back. Their foundation, OG Cares, is a global non profit that helps foster positive change by providing leadership development opportunities for children all over the world.

Read: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/ogx-body-management-line-adds-fenix-xt-and-fenix-dx-300528649.html

Judge Rules On Trump’s CFPB Pick

In recent legal news, a judge in Washington has given a victory to President Donald Trump. After the resignation of the previous director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, President Donald Trump appointed Mick Mulvaney as the new director. However, the deputy director, Leandra English, filed a lawsuit in order to get a restraining order to prevent Mick Mulvaney from taking charge of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Leandra English claimed that she was the rightful director and that she should have taken over after the previous director resigned.


Judge Timothy Kelly refused the restraining order on Tuesday morning. He said that there is a very small likelihood that the case would be able to proceed based on its merits. Leandra English argued that the Dodd-Frank Act made her the rightful director. However, Judge Timothy Kelly said that the Federal Vacancies Reform Act seems to apply to this situation. The Federal Vacancies Reform Act would give President Donald Trump the ability to appoint a new director for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Mick Mulvaney is the head of the Office of Management and Budgets. However, Judge Kelly said that there is nothing that would prevent him from heading both departments. In addition, he added that denying Donald Trump the ability to appoint Mick Mulvaney as the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau would raise significant constitutional issues.


The Dodd-Frank Act says that the deputy shall serve as acting director in the absence or unavailability of the director. However, the Department of Justice said that the Dodd-Frank Act does not replace the Federal Vacancies Reform Act, which gives the president the ability to temporarily appoint a director of an agency that is subject to Senate confirmation. In other words, either one of those acts can be invoked. Leandrea English is considering her steps and may seek an injunction against the ruling.

David Giertz Explains how Social Security Beneficiaries Lose 25 Percent of Finances

Many social security beneficiaries in the United States make gross mistakes that reduce their benefits by 25 percent, says David Giertz, the Nationwide Financial Distributors’ president of distribution and sales. Giertz explains that if a retiree whose full age of retirement is 66 years chooses to get the social security check at 62 years, the award will decline by 25 percent or from $1,000 to $750 monthly payments.

David Giertz laments about the lack of knowledge to maximize social security payouts among many U.S. citizens. “Millions of parents and grandparents dry up and go away even if they have retirement income plans,” remarks David.

Maximizing Social Security Payouts

What makes U.S. retirees lose out on social security awards?

The Nationwide Retirement Institute carried out a study on social security fund subscribers. The survey established that although many citizens understand there is a reduction of benefits for clients who get checks before the full maturity period, the beneficiaries do not know the reduction percentage. Neither is the Social Security Fund membership aware that the lower monthly payout is long-term, not a one-time reduction.

30 percent of retirees receive less than the expected benefits. “A significant part of the U.S. population assume that because it is possible to start receiving Social Security at age 62, it is necessary to apply for the benefits,” explains David Giertz. It is “a land grab belief.”

To David Giertz, whose experience in the progressive financial industry spans over 30 years, educating the people registered in Social Security can help. Giertz’s fame rests on the consistent leveraging innovation, business strategy, processes to achieve profitable growth. The former President of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial helped to deliver profitable revenue from 11B to $17.8B.

David is superb in the management, strategizing, and distribution of life insurance, annuities, specialty markets, private-sector retirement plans, and bank-aided mutual funds. At Financial Institutions Bank, Giertz improved revenue from $1.5B to $8B in 2009.

Are More People Representing Themselves in Court?

Nowadays, it seems like more and more people are going to court for a variety of different reasons. Unfortunately, hiring a lawyer can be incredibly expensive, especially if your case is larger and needs additional visits to the courtroom. If this has been a problem for you, you might find it incredibly beneficial to know that most people are now representing themselves in court. Not only does this save them a ton of money and prevents their settlement from being divided into lawyer fees, but it also saves hassle and time for you as well.

The key to representing yourself in court is knowing what to do. There are a lot of people who actually make things worse because they do not know what to do in terms of representing themselves. You need to know a bit about law in order to make this work in your favor. You also need to have enough witnesses to help your case when you are in front of the judge. This is going to encourage the entire case to go as well as possible, and it prevents problems down the road because of the fact that you’ve decided to do this on your own.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that there are a lot of people representing themselves each and every day. There is nothing worse than finding that this is something that hinders your ability to win the case. Because of this, it is so important that you file the case in advance to when it is actually going to happen. There is nothing worse than not being able to go to court because you cannot afford to hire a lawyer who is going to be able to help you and represent you in court. This is why you need to make sure that this is important for when you’re looking to get the most out of the case and know that this will help.

Chicago to Create New Affirmative Litigation Team

Chicago will be creating a new affirmative litigation team that will consist of four lawyers. This team will make sure that businesses and corporations in Chicago are being held to the task and keeping in line with the law. If a business is doing something that is wrong, these lawyers will file litigation against them. They will use local and outside counsel as needed.

The team has not yet been created. However, Chicago has already filed suit against Uber and Equifax, alleging that they did not respond quickly enough to data breaches, which affected many residents in Chicago. In addition, Chicago has vowed to sue US Steel for waste that has been dumped in rivers near Chicago.

Chicago announced that they are creating this team in order to fill a void that was created by the federal government’s lack of motivation to keep these companies in check. In addition, this team will help bring in revenue to Chicago through these lawsuits.

Siskel, who is the corporation counsel in Chicago, said that this idea started taking place well before the previous election, based on candidate Trump’s comments during his campaign. It made him believe that he will not be as strong as he could on corporations, which meant that Chicago may need to step in to do it themselves.

Siskel was appointed as corporation counsel in Chicago a few weeks after the 2016 election. His first moves were to build better bridges between law enforcement, the judiciary, and other players in the city.

Siskel has also been making it his priority to make various reforms to the city’s legal system and law enforcement system. He will also fix issues with the city’s record keeping process.

This new team will include two lawyers who have already been appointed and another two lawyers who have not yet been appointed. The salary for these two lawyers will be between $65,000 and $115,000 a year.

What Legal Actions Awat Harvey Weinstein?

Movie mogul Harvey Harvey Weinstein’s is having a rough time. More than fifty women (and some men) have come forward claiming that the film maker has sexually harassed them at different times over a long period of time.

The picture that is emerging is that of a powerful and influential figure in the film industry using his position for undignified gains. On the other hand, Weinstein has acknowledged that has “caused a lot of pain,” yet still claiming that some of the allegations are “patently false.”

But it is the legal implications of the long list of allegations that is likely to cause even more drama. Employment and labour law attorney Ann Fromholz said that regardless of Weinstein’s influences and his position at the company, The Weinstein Co. would be liable over sexual harassment claims even if they weren’t aware.

The four member board of the company had indicated that their commitment to participating in any investigations. “We are committed to assisting with our full energies in all criminal or other investigations of these alleged acts, while pursuing justice for the victims and a full and independent investigation of our own.” Read, a statement from the board.

Several board members resigned in the wake of the allegations. Details of whether the company or Weinstein had made any payments have not been substantiated.

Top celebrities, including award winning actress Angelina Jolie, Ashley Judd,Gwyweth Paltrow among others have given grotesque accounts of their encounter with Weinstein at different times in their career. Actress Rose McGowan is reported to have reached a $100 000 settlement with Weinstein to “avoid litigation and buy peace,” after an ugly encounter with the film mogul in a hotel room during the Sundance Film Festival in 1997.

The allegations on Harvey Weinstein have cast a pale shadow on work ethics in Hollywood. Focus now shifts to whether there will be lawsuits emerging from the Weinsten scandal even as Weinstein reportedly takes time for counseling and to concentrate on his family.