Talk Fusion Upgrades Its Fusion On The Go App

discovered that a video couldn’t be attached to an email. Seeing the need for such capability, Mr. Reina enlisted the help of Dr. Jonathan Chen and Talk Fusion’s first product Video Email was born.


Based in Brandon Florida and operating in 140 countries Talk Fusion provides video marketing solutions to businesses. Some of the company’s products are also useful to non-business users. Globally, Talk Fusion has more than 100,000 customers.


Recently, Talk Fusion upgraded its Fusion On The Go app. Using the iOS7 operating system the app can be downloaded to various Apple devices. At a minimum, those with Android-powered devices need to have the 4.4.3 operating system. The app will work with newer Android systems.


The new features include being able to set-up a chat room in a specific country using any desktop or mobile device to conduct video calls internationally. Multiple party chats are possible. Private “meeting rooms” can be established and stored for later use. You can discover which friends or business contacts are online at any given moment.


For all the features and capabilities of the app, it is designed to be extremely user-friendly. Add on features are available so that each user can tailor the app to their needs.


Other recently added features include the ability to store conversations should you need to refer to them later and unlimited messaging. Talk Fusion does not supplement its revenue stream by selling advertising space on this app.


The video quality is quite good. The unsteadiness and blurriness that have plagued such videos in the past are minimal. Templates and editing are available to enhance production quality.


New or archived videos can be sent using the app. Private users can establish a shared link with their kith and kin. This makes it possible to chat with friends and family anytime, any place, using mobile or desktop devices.


Using Talk Fusion products supports the company’s good works. Their premier product is donated to charities around the world to help with their promotional and fundraising efforts. Learn more:

Louisiana and the Stand Your Ground Law

On Thursday, May 3, Aaron Neames was convicted of attempted manslaughter by a jury in the state of Louisiana. Mr. Neames and his defense team were attempting to justify his actions in the case based on Louisiana’s Stand Your Ground law.

The Stand Your Ground Law states that a person has the right to defend himself with force if he is in a place that he is allowed to be. If another person approaches with forceful intent, a person may repulse the attack. This includes the use of deadly force if the person who is where he has the right to be believes that his life is in possible danger. The law also gives a person the right to use deadly force if that person believes that an attacker is going to inflict harm upon another person.

In the Neames case, the jury did not believe that the facts of the case met the requirements of the Stand Your Ground Law. Here is what happened.

In 2015, Benjamin Jarreau broke into the home of Mr. Neames in an attempt to get money. Jarreau stated that he had made a drug purchase at the Neames’ residence previously, so he believed that there would be plenty of cash on hand.

When Mr. Neames arrived at this house, he found Jarreau inside. Neames wrestled the gun away from Jarreau, and Jarreau ran to his vehicle to escape. While Jarreau was fleeing, Neames fired multiple shots into the vehicle striking but not killing Jarreau.

The conviction of Aaron Neames is seen as a tightening of the Stand Your Ground Law that exists in Louisiana and several other states. Prosecutors in this case wanted to emphasize the point that Stand Your Ground Law does not give members of the general public the right to take the law into their own hands.

The Leadership Virtues Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi

Time and again, leadership and character have been defined as inseparable elements that organizations can put into practice to attain their essential objectives. Moreover, in the leading virtues of leadership, many philosophers have addressed the question of what makes a good leader. Consequently, these philosophers have insisted that a good leader is made from an exemplary character, virtues and additional characters that align with the needs of the organization. For that reason, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has often been defined as an outstanding executive who uses his wealth of knowledge in the banking industry to develop the banking institution.

Introducing Luiz Carlos and his Impact in the Brazilian Banking Industry

Banco Bradesco is a leading banking institution in Brazil. Moreover, it was established by a revered entrepreneur called Amador Aguiar. Now situated at the heart of Sao Paulo, the company prides itself in being a primary financial services provider for about half the entire population of Brazil. Additionally, since its inception, the company has provided excellent services coupled with the input of amazing and experienced leaders.

Introducing Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco upholds his duties as a project manager and a role model for people who aspire to join the industry of banking. Other than that, he is the head cheerleader of Banco Bradesco. With that said, he is the perfect definition of an excellent leader and all too often, he has received the honor as an outstanding leader who has maintained one line of career since he joined the industry. First practicing as a teenager, he worked as an office clerk. Among his duties was overseeing the management of junior departments within the bank. Additionally, he made sure that the banking system was appropriately aligned to fit the requirements of its clients.

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His Leadership Roles

On the dawn of October 2017, the management of Banco Bradesco woke up to some news; the serving president, Mr. Brandao de Mello, decided to quit without notice. Brandao de Mello categorically stated that he was stepping down to allow a more vibrant leader to take over. Moreover, he cited his preference for the bank to conduct internal recruitment instead of sourcing out for his replacement from other industries or companies. Other than that, he appointed Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to serve as the president for the time being. As such, Luiz Carlos took over. Instantly, he dived into the implementation of a new policy and decided to involve the government in the execution.


When it was time to elect a new president to replace Brandao de Mello entirely, the board of directors picked Octavio de Lazari. His election was appended to the fact that he has been serving Banco Bradesco since his teenage years. As such, the new leadership role allows Banco Bradesco to experience the virtues and inputs of a younger leader bearing relatively vast experience in the same industry.

Luiz’s Impact at Banco Bradesco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi maintains his position as a revered team player who has massively contributed to the development of the bank in many aspects. For instance, when he was elevated to serve as the chief executive officer, he introduced the bank to the media fraternity. Moreover, with his vast experience in financial services, he has cultivated the virtue of honesty while serving among junior and senior employees. Therefore, it is evident that Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi practices effective leadership.


Did The Seizure Of Documents From Michael Cohen’s Office Open Up A Can Of Worms In Attorney-Client Privilege?

The Daily Report put out by came out with a piece about the story that’s dominated most of the current news cycle; the raid of FBI agents on President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen and the seizure of several documents. The biggest conundrum about this story is if the laws about attorney-client privilege are still alive today, or if a whole new can of worms have been opened. While many are upset about the way in which this raid was conducted, the question is whether or not the documents that those agents seized actually do fall under the attorney-client privilege statutes.

As author John Gross clarifies in the article, attorney-client privilege has to follow certain characteristics. It basically falls that direct communication between an attorney and client is confidential, but the subject of that communication or even an item unrelated that’s attached to that communication is not privileged. Also, the content of the attorney-client communication must be specifically legal advice or be related to it. Another point Gross makes is that it can only be directly between the attorney and client themselves, and if any other third parties are involved, or the communication is being conducted through another medium such as a public work server, it could lose privileged status. The privilege is also waived if it violates the “crime-fraud exception” clause.

It’s unclear whether or not the documents that were taken consisted of any direct legal advice between Trump and Cohen. But it seems what the agents were after were documents related to the hush money Cohen paid to actress Stormy Daniels, and while there are still questions whether or not the president knew this was going on, it’s likely any documents relating to those payments had direct communications with Trump and Cohen. But did any payments made by Cohen violate campaign finance and therefore the “crime-fraud exception” clause? That still remains a mystery, but there still are tremendous legal practice ramifications waiting to be sorted out when this mess is through.

Four Men Found Guilty Of Insider Trading Scheme Involving Public Health Agency

Two individuals working for the Deerfield Management hedge fund along with two others were convicted on charges involving insider trading as a result of information being leaked from a federal healthcare agency.

The Deerfield management partners have been identified as Ted Huber and Rob Olan. The two men were found guilty of securities fraud, wire fraud, as well as the conversion of government property. David Blaszczak, the founder of the Precipio Health Strategies, was also convicted on the charges.

A worker for the United States Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Christopher Worral, also suffered a conviction for conversion of government property and wire fraud. Worral also faced securities fraud but was acquitted on that charge.

The jury’s verdict came after deliberating for almost four days. The trial itself took four weeks to complete.

Lawyers for the four men, as well as officials with Deerfield Management all declined to make themselves available for comment following the verdict.

The four men were initially charged with the crimes in May of 2017 and prosecutors allege that Worrall provided Blaszczak with advanced notice of actions to be taken by CMS, specifically in regards to the amount that government insurance programs would be required to provide in reimbursement to companies providing healthcare. The indictment then reads that Blaszczak then transferred this information to Olan and Huber, who executed trades based on the inside knowledge.

Blaszczak was a former employee of CMS and kept in touch with Worrall after leaving for other opportunities prosecutors allege in the indictment.

Worrall illegal information included tips regarding the lowering of reimbursement rates to be paid for dialysis and radiation treatments. Deerfield Management would then turn a profit by selling off companies that would be affected by the new policies.

Prosecutors said that the four men benefitted from the scheme for approximately a five-year period that ran from 2009 until 2014.

Deerfield Management entered into an agreement with the Securities and Exchange Committee to pay $4.6 million in settlements related to the case. The management firm did not speak to any questions of its guilt or innocence of wrongdoing in the situation.

Recent Giuliani Statements Could Hurt Legal Position Of President Trump

Rudy Giuliani, a recent add-on to the legal advisory team of United States President Donald Trump, drew the ire of other members of the team recently with comments he made while speaking to analyst Sean Hannity on Fox News. Many on the team believe that comments Giuliani made regarding payments President Trump made to attorney Michael Cohen as reimbursement for hush money the lawyer paid to adult film actress Stormy Daniels to be a serious deviation from established strategy agreed upon by the legal team.

Giuliani may have done serious damage to the defense of President Trump later in the interview when he alleges that James Cohen was terminated as director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation because he wouldn’t give Trump assurance that he was not the focal point of an ongoing investigation. Giuliani furthered the thought by suggesting that Hillary Clinton did, in fact, receive such an insurance when she requested it and that when the same consideration was not issued to Trump he made the decision to fire him so that he could be “free of this guy.”

Other members of the Trump legal team felt that Giuliani blindsided them and believe the statements made by the former New York City Mayor damages the position the team has taken that Comey was in fact fired due to his handling of the investigation regarding her use of a private email server while performing her duties as the Secretary of State.

Barbara McQuade, a law professor at the University of Michigan, agrees with members of the Trump legal team and says that the comments can possibly be quite damaging to the president’s cause. McQuade explains that any demand made to former Director Comey publicly state that President Trump was not the subject of an investigation constituted an obstruction of justice.

Giuliani did not consult with members of the recently assembled legal team before speaking to Hannity but says he did speak to the president both before and after his appearance on Fox network.

The Road To Success For The RealReal

Online luxury consignment store, The RealReal delivers its luxury consignment experience to consumers online, in their luxury consignment offices and in their brick and mortar stores.

The leader in the vibrant resale market for luxury goods, the RealReal works with in-house brand authenticators, gemologists and horologists who day by day scrutinize thousands of objects.

Julia Wainwright launched the company in 2011 after researching the second hand luxury market and discovering the deficiencies in the market.

At the present time, the company’s more than 1,000 specialists, known as “the RealReal Experts,” assure any purchased item is not a knock-off but genuine.

Wainwright pointed out the importance of authenticity at the RealReal. Points to consider include checking the stitching on a handbag and examining the leather smell to be sure it smells like leather and not more like nail-polish remover.

Since its launch, the web site has caught the attention of more than eight million members. Half of all purchases are made by first time buyers and half of the site’s sellers have never consigned, according to a story in the New Yorker, (

Inventory items range from a Gucci hoodie, Chanel ankle boots to luxury designer fashion, luxury resale and works of art.

To make consigning easier, services such as items from homes being picked up at no cost; drop off services and direct shipping are available. And at the brick and mortar stores, customers can meet with experts to gain knowledge of authenticity.

Luxury consignment offices are located in Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

The RealReal recently announced a pop-up shop in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. The shop will make items available such as women’s and men’s fashion, jewelry, home furnishings from designers such as Chanel, Hermes, Cartier and more.

The San Francisco-based RealReal recently announced a $50 million round of funding from the private equity firm Great Hill Partners. A year earlier The RealReal received a $40 million Series E round of funding which was led by Greenspring Associates.

Utah Attorney Gets Deadline Extension Due To Grief Over Game Lost By Utah Jazz

A Utah federal judge has given additional time to a Salt Lake City attorney to file a document that he submitted eighteen minutes late due to what he says was the “emotional impact” of the Utah Jazz losing an NBA playoff game. United States District Judge Bruce Jenkins granted the extension in an order that was signed on April 27.

Brian King, the attorney that missed the deadline is also the minority leader for the House of Representatives in the state of Utah. King explained in the motion he filed to receive the extension that he had paused his work on a legal memo to watch the game 5 National Basketball Association game that took place between the Utah Jazz and the Oklahoma City Thunder. The memo was due at 11:59 at the night of April 25.

In his extension request, King said that the Jazz was winning the game by 25 points in the third quarter but “disaster struck.” The play of the Jazz became sloppy and a series of turnovers resulted in the team losing the lead and the game. King also wrote that Oklahoma City Thunder star Russel Westbrook is a “good player” before saying that it was a “painful” fact to admit

King further explained that the game was over at 10:00 P.M. and that the emotional devastation that resulted from watching the Jazz meltdown was dispiriting to the point that it made the once excellent prospect of submitting the memo in question on time extremely difficult. The written product that King submitted was characterized by himself as being two times as long and one-half as solid as it would have been otherwise. Additionally, King explained that the brief was submitted 18 minutes after the designated deadline.

The opposing counsel in the case, who works for Dorsey & Whitney in Minneapolis, Minnesota had no objection to the motion for extension. King surmises that this was because the opposing counsel is also rooting for the Jazz in the playoff series.

Bruno Fagali: Hiring A Competent Regulatory Law Attorney

Are you dealing with a dispute, breach of contract or other legal matter? Do you want to find a powerful attorney to handle the situation for you? If you are dealing with a business dispute or a personal legal matter and need a good lawyer, Bruno Fagali can help. It’s important to have a good lawyer by your side when facing a tough legal situation.

Want to hire a powerful legal advisor in Brazil? Then check out Bruno Fagali right away. Bruno Fagali has the experience to address your legal issue effectively. Maybe you have been looking for knowledgeable or experienced lawyer like Bruno Fagali. Perhaps you have been advised to consult Bruno Fagali for complex legal matters.

In Brazil, numerous organizations, multinational companies and individuals turn to Bruno Fagali for top notch guidance and advice on issues related to their ventures. Bruno Fagali knows how to approach complicated situations and address and resolve them effectively. Whether you are dealing with a business legal issue, you’re encountering a personal legal matter, Bruno Fagali has the expertise to guide you.

There are may benefits to hiring the services of an experienced lawyer to address your legal matters. If you are operating a business, or if you are thinking about going into business, you will certainly need expert assistance setting up the legal structure of your new enterprise.

A knowledgeable lawyer can keep you from being sued. It is crucial to get help from an expert like Bruno Fagali. An experienced business lawyer will provide the advice and guidance you need to protect your investment and ensure that you adhere to the rules and regulations that apply in your industry or specific business.

For many years, Bruno Fagali has catered to the needs of business owners, establishments and individual clients. Bruno Fagali is one of the leading attorneys in Brazil and he has a great reputation in the industry. He is well known for producing outstanding results for his clients. Bruno Fagali is well equipped to successfully resolves legal matters and protect his clients’ rights.

Iowas New Abortion Law

Abortion law differs per state, and in Iowa, a new revision came underway. The new abortion law being proposed in the state of Iowa prohibits the abortion of a fetus once the doctors detected a heartbeat. The lawmakers in Iowa who are mostly Republicans passed the bill recently, and most of them supported it because they believe that heartbeat signifies life. The governor of Iowa is still studying the law, thinking about its pros and cons before signing it. The new abortion effect did not gain the support of the majority of people living in Iowa, and according to the opposition, it is one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the United States. The fetus develops a heartbeat once it reached six weeks, and with the implementation of the law, it will ban all abortion conducted after the fetus became six weeks old.

The new law in the state of Iowa is being criticized because according to the opposition, abortion would become illegal even before someone realized that they are pregnant. It is too difficult for someone to realize that they are pregnant when the fetus is only six weeks or younger. They had to go to the ob-gyn to check their condition, and most women would not do it at an early stage. According to Kim Reynolds, the current governor of Iowa who is a Republican, she has not decided whether to sign the law or to repeal it. She wanted to gain more scientific information that would give her a clear understanding whether to sign it or not. The current abortion law in the state of Iowa prohibits the abortion of a fetus that is already 20 weeks old, but lawmakers wanted to shorten it to only six weeks. However, the proposed law has some limitations, because it allows women who have been raped and victimized through incest to abort the baby even if it reached past six weeks old. A debate among the public is still going on, some supporting the new bill while some are opposing it.