An In-Depth Look at the Supreme Court Case and It’s Possible Outcomes in Regards to Online Gambling

The gambling scene within the United States is a controversial subject in regards to the many parties that have interests in the industry. Online gamblers have often had to look to travelling to the state of Nevada, foreign countries, or other grey areas in order to enjoy the passive hobby of online gambling.

Legislation is beginning to be proposed in several states to introduce regulations for daily-fantasy sports, one of the more controversial gambling topics, considering that different perceptions exist to whether this is a form of gambling or a skill-based game. For now, many states either do not regulate daily-fantasy sports websites like DraftKings, or DraftKings chooses to not provide services in certain markets to better comply with local laws.

With an on-going United States Supreme Court case with New Jersey, it is expected that a precedent will soon be set to whether online wagering will become legal in the United States. Some online players will continue to play on unregulated off-shore gaming sites that inherit large amounts of risk to its players, while others continue to avoid online gambling until some form of local legislation is introduced.

Within the next sixty days a lot of questions will have answers, and the online gambling industry in the United States could significantly change in either direction. DraftKings has expressed interest in creating a sportsbook, but understands that it will have to be patient or find a sneaky method of getting around PASPA, better known as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992. This act makes it impossible for sites to offer sports gambling anywhere except Nevada, and a select few other states.

Kamil Idris Address The Intellectual Property Law Between China And U.S

First Hague Peace Conference was established in 1899 which is the Permanent Court of Arbitration. It is referred to as an international legal body that is prestigious and where a respected man Kamil Idris is a member. The aim of Permanent Court of Arbitration is to ensure it has provided resolution to international disputes. Kamil Idris once served at World Intellectual Property Organization also known as WIPO from 1997 to 2008 as the Director-General.

When Kamil Idris was discussing intellectual property rights, he used the current war that is between Chinese and United States. The manufacturers from China are said to be benefiting from coping goods that had been manufactured by the western world. Most of US business entrepreneurs have gone out their businesses because China has copied their proprietary products which are now being sold globally costing a fraction of what they used to cost. The president of US, Donald Trump has cried out. The United States is now planning to slap the tariffs of the export products from China worth $100 billion. The tariffs will become enforced until China itself and its manufacturers feel the pressure. It seems Trump is forcing Chinese government so that it can enforce IP protections of its own. It is a plan that can even backfire.

According to Scott Kennedy who is the economic analyst and works in Center for Strategic and also international Studies has a belief that China will need economic pressure before they can agree to ensure they have made the concessions. He is worried that Trump might not have done enough which will lead to the agreement with Chinese. He sees trump fighting tough instead of giving a smart fight. Most of the experts from China believe that intellectual property law is now getting slowly better after the rhetoric emanation that is from Trump’s camp. They have now realized that when copying software and movies from the west was not a bad idea as it seems not to be. Initially, movies and the software pirating idea was being regarded as stealing from the western world.

China expert who works in an investment company called Mathew Asia, Andy Rothman recently referred the thought that used to say that it was illegal to transfer technology and was a big problem which was according to the American Chamber of Commerce that is located in Beijing, China. In early times, when one entered a drug store he could get fake drugs but today you will get from their manufacturers.


Guiliani Joins Trump’s Legal Team

On Thursday, former New York mayor and famed prosecutor Rudi Giuliani joined President Trump’s legal team, in the hopes of bring an end to the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Guiliani said that he would like to negotiate a solution that would conclude the probe because he thinks that it would be in the best interests of the country. He also mentioned that he has high regard for both President Trump and Robert Mueller.

Jay Sekulow, who is a lawyer working on Trump’s legal team, confirmed that the mayor and former presidential candidate had joined them. John Down, who previously led Trump’s legal team in regards to the investigation, resigned a month ago. Sekulow further said that two other attorneys had joined the president’s legal team: Marty Raskin and Jane Serene Raskin.

Since Dowd left the Trump team, the team has had trouble retaining lawyers to work on the probe. In March, Ted Olson — who was the solicitor general for President George W. Bush — said that many well known Washington attorneys were steering clear of what he called both the “turmoil” and the “chaos” that he characterized as the current state of the White House.

But President Trump has denied that this is the truth. In a series of tweets, the president said that there were many lawyers who wanted to join his legal team. He further said that the problem was not that there was a shortage of lawyers, but that he was hesitant to add attorneys at this point of the investigation who were unfamiliar with the investigation.

Trump told his followers that top law firms and numerous lawyers want to represent him. He further termed the idea that he cannot find lawyers “fake news.” He said that no lawyer ever turns down what he called “fame and fortune.” Though he did admit that some attorneys were conflicted about joining his legal team. He further tweeted that he was happy with his current legal team.

Some Forex Trading Lessons with AvaTrade

Trading involves the exchange of goods and services. Traditionally, trade was an exchange between goods for others. Later on, money was introduced and the traders exchange their goods for money. Trade became a global affair and that necessitated the need for exchanges of the currencies of the countries involved. The form of trade which involves currencies is called forex trading. The practice is gaining in all parts of the world including some countries that have been regarded as less developed in the past. The value of the currencies varies according to the environment in a specific country.

Various firms identified the opportunities and started forex brokerage firms. AvaTrade is one such firms that was started and has been in operation for more than a decade. The firm has recorded an impressive growth and has become one of the largest forex brokerage firms in the world. There are several firms that offer the brokerage services, however, a trader should be cautious in deciding the best firm to trade with, the trader should choose a brokerage firm that is regulated by a reputable authority. Some brokerage firms that lack proper regulation are likely to engage in unethical business that may have a negative impact on the trader.

AvaTrade review offers diverse services and at competitive fees as compared to some competitors. The traders get the value for their money. The success of the company can be attributed to it’s ability to offer quality services at competitive fees as pricing is an important aspect of marketing. The firm offers a wide range of instruments that a trader can use, the diversity of the instruments has attracted a lot of investors into the firm. One of the most exciting features about AvaTrade is that the investors can do their trading through various platforms which are easily accessible. A firm that wishes to grow in financially and in terms of operations should embrace diversity, AvaTrade has a client support team that can assist traders in their various native languages. The feature is an indication that the firm values its customers and recognizes them as an important part of the organization.

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Bruno Fagali Sees Positive Experiences as a Way to Grow

     For Bruno Fagali, the point of making things easier on people was so he could continue practicing law in different ways. He knew how to help people and knew his help would continue making a difference for everyone who needed it. Bruno Fagali liked giving people a chance to see positive things and also give people the legal advice they need. Even though Bruno Fagali knew things would be hard for others, he felt it was his job to keep making it easy for them. As an attorney, he has a lot of experience with the legal world and isn’t afraid to show people there are things that will continue making a difference. It’s his goal of helping that allows him the chance to keep pushing forward and keep making things easier. No matter what Bruno Fagali does, he feels good about helping people and feels there are things he can use to keep helping others.

Even when Bruno Fagali started giving the community the things they needed, he knew he could bring positive changes to the community. He also knew the opportunities people had depended on the work they put into different situations. It made sense for Bruno Fagali to keep doing things the right way and keep giving everyone the options they needed. There were positive things that helped Bruno Fagali see things would keep working. Bruno Fagali always knew how to continue pushing forward and helping others get the chances they deserved to be successful in different situations.

Despite challenges Bruno Fagali faced, he knew how to help other people. He had a lot of faith in the work he did and knew the opportunities he used would keep helping him continue offering legal advice no matter what. Bruno Fagali likes giving people advice because he’s a professional who knows how to do it. He also feels he’s making a difference when he can continue showing people how things will get better no matter the issues they have or the things they try to do to continue getting better. It’s his goal of helping that allows him to be the best in the business.

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DOJ Releases Comey Memos

Thursday saw the release of former FBI Director James Comey’s infamous memos detailing his interactions with President Trump. The memos, which came with redaction, include discussions on the infamous dossier built by Christopher Steele detailing potentially compromising information Russian might have on the President.

While the memos give no previously undisclosed information on the meetings, they do paint a picture of an FBI director’s increasing discomfort with a President unaware of the usual customs in Washington. A common theme throughout the memos is the President’s lack of knowledge for using established communication channels between the Administration and the Justice Department such as when he asked the FBI Director to privately discuss the oncoming investigation into National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, a move that left the meeting open to questions of inappropriate influence.

The memos also detail the infamous “loyalty” meeting between Comey and the President where the latter had asked for loyalty from the former. The FBI Director then said the President could expect honesty from him which the President then interpreted as “honest loyalty” which Comey acknowledged in the memo that the two might have had different ideas of what that term would have meant but decided that clarification of the term wouldn’t have been productive.

In regards to the Steele dossier, the memos describe the conversation between the two in which the President brought up the dossier’s most salacious detail– a reported encounter involving Russian prostitutes in a Moscow hotel. The President had asked the FBI Director if he could disprove the claim, saying he didn’t want First Lady Melania Trump to wonder about its validity. The President disputed that the incident had happened but mentioned that Russian President had bizarrely claimed that Russia has “the most beautiful hookers in the world.”

The release of the memos coincide with House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte’s desire to subpoena for them. Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd has insisted that the memos were scrubbed for any information that might adversely affect the ongoing investigation.

Democrats Sue Trump, Russia and Wikileaks

On Friday, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) filed a lawsuit in Manhattan federal court against President Donald Trump, the government of Russia and the organization Wikileaks, saying that the three colluded to help Trump win the presidency back in 2016.

The documents filed in court state that the Trump campaign happily accepted the aid of the Russian government to help him win the election. Previously, President Trump has more than once denied allegations of any collusion with the Russian government during the campaign, and so has the Russian government. Though several investigations into the matter are ongoing, and a number of U.S. intelligence agencies have stated that the Russian government did help Trump during the presidential campaign.

Many political insiders in Washington see the lawsuit as nothing more than a political stunt, especially as it is unlikely to uncover anything that would not be uncovered by current investigations. But these same insiders believe that the lawsuit could keep the story in the public consciousness.

Friday’s lawsuit specifically names a number of President Trump’s aides and former aides. This includes former strategist Roger Stone, and the president’s own son-in-law Jared Kushner. Also named was Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, and Julian Assange, who helped found Wikileaks.

Tom Perez, who is the head of the DNC, said in a statement that the alleged hacking that took place during the 2016 presidential campaign was not only an attack on democracy but also “an act of unprecedented treachery.”

While foreign governments are typically immune from legal action in the United States, Democrats contend that this should not apply in this case, as they insist that the Russians “trespassed” on private computer servers.

In the spring of 2016, reports came out that the DNC had been victims of computer hacking. In the following months, intelligence agencies in the US attributed the hacking to people in Russia. Then, in the summer — just prior to the Democratic Convention — Wikileaks published 20,000 emails allegedly obtained through the breach.

Comey Memo Says Jailing Journalists for Leaks was Considered

Since the Department of Justice’s decision to release memos written by former FBI Director James Comey in regards to his meeting with President Trump, one notable anecdote has been a quick aside in regards to stopping leakers within the Administration. The incident highlights both the Commander-in-Chief’s adversarial relationship with the press at large as well as a pattern within the memos of Director Comey’s attitude of passively acknowledging to a bare minimum the President’s unorthodox behaviors without becoming party to them.

The memo discloses that, at the tail end of a conversation between the FBI Director and the President, the subject turned to the leakers within the Administration and possibly other branches of the government that were frequently disclosing important or embarrassing information to the press. Around the time of the meeting, the President had publicly made it known his frustrations at the White House’s inability to keep information from being leaked to the press. Director Comey intimated a harsh response to leakers, saying he suggested seeing “the value of putting a head on a pike as a message.” The memo does not specify what Director Comey meant in terms of policy by that response

The President responded with the suggestion that journalists who report on the leaked information could be jailed to encourage compliance in identifying sources. “They spend a couple days in jail, make a new friend, and they are ready to talk,” the President specified. The Director reportedly laughed off the idea as he walked out of the office as at-the-time Chief of Staff Reince Priebus held the door. The memo is unclear how serious the President was.

The incident is just one example of the President’s cool regard towards the press. The label of “fake news” has been a mainstay of the President’s reactions to the press in briefings and on Twitter. Particular subjects of the President’s wrath has been CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

Deputy Interior Secretary May Have Violated Ethics Agreement

It is being reported that Deputy Interior Secretary David Bernhardt may have violated an ethics agreement he signed when he joined the Trump administration, adding yet another controversy for a department that has been plagued by them.

According to records, Bernhardt — in the fall of 2017 — met with a lobbyist who works for MGM Resorts. This is a casino his former firm represents. Some believe that the meeting violates an agreement Bernhardt signed in May of that year, which prohibited him from having any dealings with his former company. He previously worked for Brownstein Hyatt Farber & Schreck, which is a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm.

In October of 2017, Bernhardt met with Gale Norton, who previously was the interior secretary for President George W. Bush and who today is a registered lobbyist for a company called Norton Regulatory Strategies that does work for MGM Resorts, which is her only client.

Bernhardt and Norton insist that their meeting was just social, and that no business was discussed. Also at this meeting was Assistant Secretary of Insular Areas Doug Domenech and Associate Deputy Secretary James Cason.

Not only does Norton perform work only for MGM Resorts, she currently works on only one issue for them: preventing a partnership between two Native American tribes in Connecticut who want to open a casino together, which would potentially be a competitor of MGM. The proposed casino would not be on a reservation, and would therefore need the approval of the Interior Department.

From at least March of last year, Brownstein Hyatt has represented MGM on the issue, which is while Bernhardt still worked for the company prior to joining the Interior Department.

So far, the lobbying effort against the casino has been successful, as the Interior Department had held up approval for the casino. In response to this, the Native American tribes have filed a lawsuit in federal court, in an effort to force the department to decide on their application.

States Allowing “Dreamers” To Apply for Professional Licenses

10 U.S. states now allow Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients — also known as “Dreamers” — to receive professional licenses, even though many of these licenses require having a Social Security number.

Some states are allowing Dreamers to apply for any license, while others — such as Florida and Nevada — are only allowing them to apply for specific professions.

Indiana is the most recent state to provide license access to Dreamers. In March of the this year, Republican Governor Eric Holcomb signed the bill into law. The state joined Nebraska in being a conservative state that has enacted laws to help Dreamers.

In 2016, Nebraska enacted a similar law, over the objections of Republican Governor Pete Ricketts, who insisted that the bill was not fair to immigrants who came to the country legally. He was overruled by own his party, which overwhelmingly supported the measure. Ricketts’ veto was overridden by a single vote in the state senate, which caused the numerous Dreamers in the gallery to rise to their feet and applaud. Most of the lawmakers, in turn, applauded back.

The same state, only 7 years earlier, enacted a law that took many public benefits away from undocumented immigrants, including commercial and professional licenses. Dave Heineman, who was the governor at the time, said that the law would make sure that government benefits only went to those who were deserving of them.

A few years after this, Heineman opposed President Obama’s DACA initiative, which allowed children of undocumented immigrants the ability to work and go to school throughout the country. At the same time, the Nebraska legislature tried to pass a law that was similar to the so-called “Show Me Your Papers” law that was enacted in Arizona.

But since then, support for the Dreamers in the state has risen considerably, and not just because of the work of immigrant activists. Business leaders in the state have also supported changes to the state’s immigration policies.