OSI Industries: Growing the food industry further

OSI Industries is a company that has been trying as much as possible to bring to bring the right changes in the food production business. For the past one century, the company has been making significant contributions which could lead to the development of OSI Group and the entire industry. The leadership of OSI is committed to making the industry great by setting the bar of leadership and production too high for the rest. The company has so far been very successful with its production work since it has managed to move its operations to over 17 countries and has built over 65 pants to supplement its production activities.

OSI Industries has a role that cannot be companies for any other company in the industry. First of all, very few companies even in the other industries manage to make the kind of progress that this one has made. A lot has changed in recent years due to the nature of technological food production and economic growth that has been happening all over the world. For a company to weather all the challenges that have been in the industry for past few years and make out of the industry strong, it is not a little achievement.

OSI Industries has reached to this point because the leadership of the company since 1975 have not changed a lot. One of the managing partners of the company then, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is still in the company and currently holds the senior most position in the management. He was part of the company when OSI Industries was formed from Otto & Sons (the previous brand name for this company). This company has transformed its operations so much since then that it has surpassed all other companies which were in the same business. Sheldon Lavin has maintained the position he assumed in the 1980s. He brought with him experience from the banking sector where he was working as an executive and an investment manager.

OSI Industries is on a path that will see its products reach to all corners of the globe. The current leadership will not relent until every plan they have is accomplished. Sheldon Lavin has an able team that will leave no stone unturned. In doing so, the company is also investing in today’s technologies which could make the industry better. The new technologies are bringing efficiency in food production and making it possible for these companies to produce more.

Graeme Holm Credits Collaboration and His Clients’ Success as Reason for the Rise of Infinity Group

Australian newspaper “Australia Financial Review” published its annual list of Australia’s most innovative companies and one of the companies that earned a spot this year is mortgage broker Infinity Group Australia. Infinity Group earned its spot due to their very “client first” and collaboration based business model. Infinity Group focuses on educating Australians on how to manage their finances. They offer more than just loans. After lending their clients their home loans, they monitor their finances in order to make sure they pay it back in record time. They also offer their clients advice on how to manage the rest of their finances along with investment advice and advice on retirement.

This approach comes from founder Graeme Holm who states that Infinity Group is kind of like a personal trainer for your finances. He also states that when you have expert guidance, the entire process of paying off a home loan doesn’t seem as daunting anymore. Infinity Group analyzes the client’s income and budgets it out in the best way possible so that the client is able to pay off any debts and then, later on, be free to invest their capital however they would like.

Holm also emphasizes the importance of cooperation and how that concept drives his business. He highlights the fact that when his clients are successful, so is Infinity Group. Other mortgage brokers only care about receiving payments, but in reality, it is also convenient for them to get back the money they lent out. While most brokers focus on the interest rates and if they’re getting paid on time or not, Infinity Group focuses on making sure that their clients are able to pay back the loan. That way the client is rid of debt, owns their home, and Infinity Group now has the capital they lent out available to lend out to another client. This way, Infinity Group makes money, and the client is successful in paying off debt. It’s a win-win situation.

This business model is what earned Ininfity Group and Holm a spot on the list of Australia’s most innovative companies. The AFR has a very wide audience and this is a very big accomplishment for a company that has been running for a relatively short amount of time. Infinity Group was founded by Holm and his wife in 2012 and since then it has grown to be the reputable company that it is today. Learn more : https://www.medianet.com.au/releases/166333/


Bruce Katzen Featured in the Best Lawyer List

Bruce Katzen is the Chair of Kluger Kaplan’s Trust and Estate’s Litigation Practice Group. He specializes in litigation of trust, probate, and also guardianship disputes and commercial litigation, including securities, corporate matters, stockbroker liability, and accountants’ liability, plus FiNRA arbitrations. Katzen has become recognized for his work. particularly in the following sectors:


  • Life insurance coverage disputes
  • Company sale and purchase disputes
  • Trust, probate, and guardianship disputes
  • Franchise disputes
  • Financial fraud


His early training as a CPA (certified public accountant) aroused his interest in the probate and complex financial fraud cases that he’s handling for his clients. In most of Bruce Katzen‘s cases, given the technical financial issues, his background allows him to understand the issues thoroughly, more accurately examine experts plus witnesses and enables him to advance his client’s position more zealously. Also, he is very passionate about all his clients plus their cases. Katzen immerses himself in every case, carefully considering all the facts and issues so that he can craft a winning strategy.


Once again, the Best Lawyers in America recognized Katzen, Levine, Silverman, Kaplan, and Kluger, for its legal expertise plus excellence in its edition for the year 2019. Founding Member Alan Kluger stated that they were thrilled that their team members were recognized again for that great honor. It is a testament to their devotion to the legal profession; it declares the stellar reputation their attorneys earned through delivering exceptional client service while at the same time practicing professionalism and integrity. Bruce Katzen was one of the people who was featured in the Best Lawyers list.


Best Lawyers lists are normally compiled on a comprehensive peer-review evaluation. Nearly 87,000 leading lawyers in the industry are qualified to vote (from all over the world). The publication has received around 10 million evaluations specifically on the legal capabilities of other lawyers depending on their practice areas worldwide.

Randal Nardone: Taking Huge Risks In Registering The Company In The Stock Exchange

Randal Nardone is one of the co-founders of Fortress Investment Group where he has remained for more than 30 years offering high quality services to the customers and analyzing investment opportunities where the company could invest its resources. Fortress Group has grown to be one of the largest asset managers in the country due to the customer base and the wealth managed by the company. Randal Nardone took a significant risk by registering the company in the New York Securities Exchange which brought many benefits to the growth of the company.

Many market analysts and financial pundits had significantly highlighted that the company was adopting a poor strategy by registering in the New York Securities Exchange as an asset manager. However, the much-anticipated registration and initial public offer changed the fortunes of the company that now stands as a great asset manager in the industry. This was one of the critical decisions that Randal Nardone will remember forever.

After registering the company, a large number of people were attracted to the asset management and alternative investment companies because there had never been another company in that industry recorded in the stock market. This interest brought a large number of investors who bought units of ownership from the company. The money collected through the sale of stock was reinvested back to the company to purchase assets and improving the operations of the company in other areas. It is through the registration of the company in the New York Securities Exchange that the company established itself as the leader in wealth management.

Besides getting sufficient capital to invest and expand the operations of the company, Fortress Investment Group received broad and unlimited media coverage which acted as a marketing tool to the company. This enabled it to attract prospective investors while at the same time being recognized in the market as a frontier organization in wealth management.

Randal Nardone has transformed the leadership of Fortress Investment Group in such a way that no other financial organization in the industry can afford the kind of visionary leadership that is in the company. One aspect that Randal has implemented in Fortress Group is the mentoring of the young employees with the intention of nurturing them to become successful future leaders. This aspect will ensure that the company has put in place a clear succession plan to ensure its continuity even after the three co-principals get their retirement.

Dr. Saad Saad Gives Advice On How to Help Children Who Bit Off More than they Can Chew

It isn’t uncommon for children to get a variety of objects stuck in their esophagus or windpipe. Curiosity is a common trait among children, but luckily there are ways to keep them safe from this danger according to pediatric surgeon Dr. Saad Saad. Dr. Saad Saad has performed surgeries to extract objects stuck in the throat from children as old as 14 years and as young as 6 months.


Younger children are in the most danger when it comes to swallowing foreign objects. They just haven’t developed the preservation skills that adults and older children have. It can be tough to be a parent trying to keep their children safe, but thankfully these objects usually pass through the digestive system without any complications.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case and sometimes medical intervention is required.


If you notice that your child is having problems swallowing or breathing, it might be a sign that they have something lodged in their throat. Dr. Saad Saad insists that the most important thing to remember is to not panic about the situation. There are things that you can do to dislodge the object before medical help arrives.


Many community centers and other organizations offer classes on both the Heimlich Maneuver as well as CPR. Dr. Saad Saad suggests all parents take the time to get certified. The process to dislodge objects varies greatly depending on the age and size of the child with an obstruction. It’s important to know how to do it properly to prevent any further complications or injuries. The first rule, no matter the age, is to never try to dislodge the foreign object with your fingers. According to Dr. Saad Saad, this can push the object down further and make it harder to remove.


If the child is under 6 years of old, performing the tradition Heimlich Maneuver can break ribs and damage the lungs if done improperly. They are much more susceptible to injury than older children. In this case, to dislodge the object the child must be held upside down by their feet while they are firmly patted on the back. In most cases, the object will dislodge fairly quickly and not cause any permanent damage.


Preventing choking is just as important as knowing what to do if it happens. Dr. Saad Saad suggests avoiding certain foods like grapes or hot dogs when it comes to younger children. If a parent decides to give these food items to their children, it’s important to cut them into smaller pieces that cannot become lodged in the trachea or esophagus. Some of the most interesting items that Dr. Saad Saad has had to remove from children include the typical coins, jewelry, and toys, but also larger items like an entire toothbrush! Learn more : https://www.doximity.com/pub/saad-saad-md


Hard to Swallow Advice From Dr. Saad Saad

Joe Arpaio Pardoned by Trump; Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Still Remember

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin have moved past their incident with Joe Arpaio, but they are still fighting the same fight they were when he arrested them.

Over at Front Page Confidential, Lacey and Larkin are still fighting for the rights of all citizens. They produce a daily article called First Amendment Today. Everyday an article concerning modern threats to the first amendment are discussed. Front Page Confidential also aims to expose Republican politicians, airing out their dirty laundry.

This is exactly what got them in trouble with Joe Arpaio. Arpaio was the Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona at the time; Lacey and Larkin were overseeing operations of the Phoenix New Times, a localized alternative newspaper. Read more: Jim Larkin | Crunchbase and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin had been exposing Arpaio’s questionable activities, like abusing his power and using it against his political opponents. The Phoenix New Times was also one of the first publications to call into question Arpaio’s treatment of immigrants. Now, partially in thanks to Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin, Arpaio’s name is notorious all over the country.

Joe Arpaio was appreciative of this fact. He worked with the local court system, drafting a subpoena to have delivered to the Phoenix New Times. When the newspaper decided to write about the subpoena instead of complying with it, Arpaio believed he had the necessary cause for arrest. He was wrong. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/the-enduring-sins-of-joe-arpaio-michael-lacey-and-jim-larkin-speak-out-in-response-to-trumps-pardon-of-americas-worst-sheriff/ and http://www.bizjournals.com/phoenix/potmsearch/detail/submission/6427818/Michael_Lacey

A judge ruled in favor of Lacey and Larkin, claiming that they were within their rights to publicly discuss the contents of the court document. Instead of being charged with a crime, Lacey and Larkin were awarded $3.75 million for an illegal arrest and an attempt to silence the press. This was in 2007.

Arpaio’s immoral activity goes back way further than 2007. As soon as he was elected, Arpaio created Tent City, a brutal, inhumane facility to house inmates.

The same year he arrested Lacey and Larkin, Arpaio used his position to bully a Mexican citizen who was in the country legally. This resulted in criminal contempt of court charges being filed on Joe Arpaio.

In fact, Arpaio was convicted of these charges. However, he didn’t spend a day in jail. In between the conviction and sentencing, Joe Arpaio received a federal pardon from Donald Trump.