An insight into Securus technologies performance and accreditation

One of the leading tech firms, Securus technologies, was recently given an A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (BBB), a company outsourced to assess and audit business’ service delivery and performance. Securus technologies provide solutions in technical matters relating to civil and criminal affairs. Their services aim at stepping up the safety of the public, criminal investigations, corrections and monitoring.


The company’s deputy head of operations, Danny de Hoyos, reinstated the audit conducted on them by Better Business Bureau confirming that their performance is not a public statement but a fact that can be verified from past associations with the Texas bureau. The accreditation came as a voluntary act after successfully displaying the following incredible work related virtues;


  • Honesty
  • Trustworthy services and personnel
  • Positive track record in the markets
  • Transparency in all their dealings and transactions
  • Responsiveness to client’s queries and demands
  • Discrete in business dealings and vital information minimizing risk of fraud and leakage of private information


To promote better service delivery and client satisfaction, Securus set up a responsive 24-hour call center with the largest capacity that there is in the industry of two hundred and twenty call center personnel. The service did not only improve business-client relationship but also did boost Securus’ standards to meet the BBB accreditation standards.


Before becoming a part of Securus call center team, individual personnel are oriented on a one on one basis with BBB standards in mind. Equipped with the high BBB professional standards the call center staff can respond to approximately 2.4 million calls monthly scoring a client satisfaction star rating of 4.3.

Despite false statements from our competitors, whose performances are wanting for the longest time, our clients and other professional bodies who have worked one on one with us highly recommend our task delivery potential, backing up BBB’s accreditation.

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