Backlash For Manhattan Lawyer Giving Racist Rant On Video Now Extended To His Employer


The response from the public came quickly as the man who has been surrounded by controversy since a tape of him going on a racist rant aimed toward Spanish-speaking employees of a local New York restaurant. The man, who has been identified as attorney Aaron Schlossberg, could be heard on the video threatening to call immigration officials on the workers in order to have them “kicked out of my country.”


The firm that employs Schlossberg, has been bombarded with negative reviews on Yelp as a result of the incident. Yelp has since removed the reviews and issued a statement saying that its policy is to remover all reviews, whether positive or negative, that are more motivated by current events in the news instead of the service provided by the company in question.


The obviously angered man while making his admonishment on video at a restaurant in mid-town Manhattan complained that workers were addressing customers in Spanish when “they should be speaking English.” Schlossberg was also sure to remind the workers that they now resided in America. He then made the accusation that the workers did not have the legal right to be in the country.


Columnist Shaun King, via The Intercept, an online news site issued a requested to his nearly 1 million followers on Twitter that they help with the identification of the individual in the video. King reports that the identification was made and confirmed with the help of seven former classmates of Schlossberg at John Hopkins University where he did his undergraduate studies, and George Washington University, where he obtained his law degree.


The next day while leaving his Manhattan apartment, Schlossberg found the New York Daily News waiting for him. Schlossberg made no comment to reporters but telephoned the police to report that he was being both harassed and defamed.


A second video has been released of Schlossberg, berating a man and using words that were blatantly racist. It is unclear when exactly the second video was recorded but it turns out the man was an American born citizen.