Iowas New Abortion Law

Abortion law differs per state, and in Iowa, a new revision came underway. The new abortion law being proposed in the state of Iowa prohibits the abortion of a fetus once the doctors detected a heartbeat. The lawmakers in Iowa who are mostly Republicans passed the bill recently, and most of them supported it because they believe that heartbeat signifies life. The governor of Iowa is still studying the law, thinking about its pros and cons before signing it. The new abortion effect did not gain the support of the majority of people living in Iowa, and according to the opposition, it is one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the United States. The fetus develops a heartbeat once it reached six weeks, and with the implementation of the law, it will ban all abortion conducted after the fetus became six weeks old.

The new law in the state of Iowa is being criticized because according to the opposition, abortion would become illegal even before someone realized that they are pregnant. It is too difficult for someone to realize that they are pregnant when the fetus is only six weeks or younger. They had to go to the ob-gyn to check their condition, and most women would not do it at an early stage. According to Kim Reynolds, the current governor of Iowa who is a Republican, she has not decided whether to sign the law or to repeal it. She wanted to gain more scientific information that would give her a clear understanding whether to sign it or not. The current abortion law in the state of Iowa prohibits the abortion of a fetus that is already 20 weeks old, but lawmakers wanted to shorten it to only six weeks. However, the proposed law has some limitations, because it allows women who have been raped and victimized through incest to abort the baby even if it reached past six weeks old. A debate among the public is still going on, some supporting the new bill while some are opposing it.