Agora Financial Discusses What President Trump’s Endgame In A Trade War Might Be

Agora Financial is a newsletter publishing company that relates today’s main news to how it could affect your accounts and investment strategies tomorrow. One of their main articles published through their 5 Minute Forecast newsletter spoke about President Trump’s consideration to reenter TPP and why he would plan to do so. The article was written by Agora Financial Dave Gonigam who was formerly a news show television producer.

President Trump had announced back in 2016 that he would withdraw the US from TPP completely because of its terrible regulations. But he announced just the other day that he would consider moving back into it if it was better negotiated, and he’s looking to gain leverage over China with it. He has long spoke out against the trade deficit the US has with China and has been saying he could beat this by conducting a trade war the right way, and he’s looking to crackdown on their intellectual property theft and their hacking activities.

Gonigam states that he believes Trump is going to look to limit Chinese investments in American technology such as when he intervened to block a merger with Qualcomm and Broadcom. The three possible scenarios Trump is looking at to lower the trade deficit are by either opening more non-tech markets to China such as banking and insurance, demanding they move their manufacturing and factories to the US or negotiating more exports such as agricultural products to them. It’s hard to tell when or how these objectives will be met, but Agora Financial readers have already begun adjusting their investment strategies according to what the markets think about Trump’s trade policies.

Agora Financial traces its history back to about 1979 when its parent company, The Agora Inc. was founded, and several journalists began writing independent newsletters on the financial markets. The three main newsletters at that time were “Strategic Investment,” “Plague of the Black Debt” and “The Daily Reckoning,” the latest of which still is running today. What they’ve been acclaimed for is being able to predict movements before most mainstream media corporations have including things like the 2002 gold rally, the 2008 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Capital and the subprime mortgage crisis, and most recently the Brexit vote and President Trump’s election.

Agora Financial’s main editor is Addison Wiggin who first came into the spotlight around the time that the tech bubble crashed in 2000, and he’s covered a lot of topics on the US national debt and how it’s impacted the world. He’s joined by other notable editors Jim Rickards and Alan Knuckman who also have experience on Wall Street and have traveled around the world. Agora Financial is based in Baltimore but also has three international publication offices in France, the UK and most recently Australia.

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