Goettl Company Acquires HVAC Industries

The HVAC Company which was initially owned by a family is now under new ownership. The HVAC Company Walton’s heating and Air that is located in the southern California was bought by the Goettl Air Conditioning Company. The acquisition of the HVAC company financial dealings was put to the open and helps the Goettl with other locations including Tucson, Phoenix, and Las Vegas first. With these, the company will then solidify a stand-in California to allow Walton’s to grow its boundaries beyond the ability of Todd Longbrake alone. However, Longbrake had grown the family owned Business Company to the family’s ability.

Goettl Company was first interested with the Walton’s in the early months of the year 2015. At first, Longbrake could not give in to the negotiation. The comments from the various individual of the HVAC Company about the company Goettl and also the owner of the company, Ken Goodrich made him change his mind and decided to join Goettl. The merging process was completed in the same year. HVAC Company has grown now by ten folds according to the statement by Longbrake.

Longbrake joined Goettl as the field supervisor and sales manager of the company. He assumed the position and latter quickly assimilated into the Goettl company culture. It took him a short time to assimilate and become a leader in the company according to Goodrich. The company merged around two years back, but Goodrich never announced it till early this week. The announcement of the acquisition was held back due to marketing complications and operational issues in the Walton’s notwithstanding.

Goodrich goes on to admit that they have to cater for all these issues before finally giving the company the badge of the Goettl. Goodrich faced all the challenges in the acquisition of the Walton’s because he was aware of what the Walton’s gave back to the company. Goettl and Walton’s had a similar history and values. Goodrich says that although Walton’s was stagnant at the time he thought of getting it, he knew that it was a platform for Goettl to pick up.

Currently, the total number of employees working at the Goettl Company is three hundred and six. This number is expected to rise by two hundred after the acquisition of Walton’s especially in Tucson and Phoenix region which is the company’s largest market. The dream of the company is to grow to become a national business finally. It is soon expected to expand into northern California and Texas by 2019. Visit their Facebook page to know more.