Alabama Senate Race Debacle Coming To A Close

The debate over an Alabama state Senate seat that has been open is drawing to a close (hopefully). For those of us who have been living under a big rock over the last few weeks, Democratic candidate Doug Jones and Republican candidate Roy Moore have been campaigning for weeks to have the chance to fill the empty seat left by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Mr. Moore has been legally protesting the final vote count and was seeking a stay of the final count in hopes of a chance at a whole new election. The judge just ruled against Mr. Moore and stands behind the original voting talley, declaring Mr. Jones the champion.


Mr. Moore did not quietly protest this decision as he issued an aggressive statement stating that he blames the Democrats and the Washington establishment for making sure he was railroaded. Mr. Moore’s political career has been in trouble for quite some time as he has been removed twice from the Alabama Supreme Court as he has failed to follow judicial orders. Most recently, Mr. Moore has been accused of sexual misconduct against several women. Roy Moore lost the Senate seat by 20,000 votes, so it wasn’t a close race. Mr. Moore has been trying his best to have this decision overturned in court, stating that Secretary of State, John Merrill should have investigated this election more thoroughly. Mr. Merrill fired back that Mr. Moore should have stated specific issues that he would like to see investigated and that he has no problems with swearing in Mr. Jones into office.


I’m glad that the people of Alabama are finally done with the dog and pony show that is Roy Moore and hopefully will have a chance for real change with Doug Jones. Mr. Jones is the first Democrat in office in over 25 years. To read more about this story, please click here.