The Impact of Louis Chenevert in UTC

It takes more than wanting and wishing to make it to the top influential and wealthiest entrepreneurs list in the world. Success is for the fierce minds who are ready to go past all the obstacles and get where they want to be. A successful investor also considers the long-term life of business besides the present success of a firm. (See: Louis Chenevert Becomes The Eighth Chairman Of United Technologies)


All these responsibilities are solely for the Chief Executive Officer of the company to handle. The knowledge and the intelligence of the CEO differentiate the conglomerate from other competitors. These qualities lead us to Louis Chenevert who served as the CEO of United Technologies Corporation (UTC) from 2006-2014. Louis left the firm to have a break from the busy and demanding corporate world to pursue his personal interests.


Before joining UTC, he worked as the President of Pratt & Whitney, which was a branch of UTC at the time. He was made President after six years of productivity in the firm. During his time at Pratt & Whitney, he saw the potential of the GTF engine and knew it had a great future. This is why after becoming the CEO of UTC, he married off the two companies. The investment costs UTC 10 billion and two decades to develop and design the engine.


This has been very rewarding and valuable to UTC. More than 14 airlines are using the GTF engine in about 70 aircraft. The GTF engine is popular because it reduces fuel consumption by 16% and the gasses emissions by 50%. This makes the engine environmental friendly and acceptable to many other nations.


The other factor that Louis Chenevert has always been keen on is the employees’ department. He knew that his goals for the company were only possible to accomplish with the help of the workers. This is why while other firms were busy conducting layoffs during the financial crisis, he moved his employees to other parts of the firm where their skills were applicable.

Louis says that to be successful, you have to invest in your team. Choose the right team to work with and then train them to improve their skills. Go Here for more information.



UTC CEO Louis Chenevert

When looking back at the historical success of United Technology Corporation it would be hard to list the success of the company without mentioning the former CEO Louis Chenevert.


Louis Chenevert a native of Montreal, Quebec with a bachelor’s degree in Product Management created United Technology Corporation into an engine manufacturing powerhouse. What made Chenevert a great CEO was that he was able to understand the present and the future of running a corporation.


Louis Chenevert had the ability to understand in order for a corporation to be successful the CEO must be able to lead the company positively in the short term while at the same time looking out for its future by investing in its people and technology. The success story of Louis Chenevert actually started back in 1999 when he was the President of the American aerospace manufacturer Pratt & Whitney. Chenevert saw back then that a particular GTF engine would could become a huge success in the years to come. (Learn Louis Chenevert’s Business Successes Past, Present and Future)


When Chenevert became CEO at United Technology Corporation in 2006 he brought that vision of the future with him. Chenevert started with United Technology Corporation making a $10 billion commitment over the next couple of decades by creating and establishing a jet engine that would be the envy of the industry. Because of Louis Chenevert vision the GTF engine actually reduced the usage of fuel by 16 percents and also the reduction of emissions by over 50 percent.


Louis Chenevert technological vision of the future enabled United Technology Corp to help the U.S. economy by keeping much needed manufacturing jobs here in the United States. Also due to the work of Louis Chenevert, United Technology Corporation is expected to create over 25,000 new workers within the organization in the years to come to be the foundation of new growth and creation measures. Read This Article for more information.


The vision and growth creation of Louis Chenevert did not go unnoticed within the engine manufacturing industry. In 2009 Chenevert was given the renowned National Building Museum Honor Award. Also in 2011 Louis Chenevert was named by Aviation Week & Space magazine its Person of the Year.


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