Companies dealing with Neurocore

In the United States there are many states that have their medical companies who specifically deal these brain performance programs. These programs known as Neurocore are made not only for brain diagnostics, but also to lead other performances programs as well as other neurofeedback. Over the last couple of years this specific authority has been spread to over 9 different brain centers across the United States. According to a couple of different articles that have been published there are a few different companies which go into more detail about Neurocore and their programs within these companies. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

For example there was an article written on Michigan Companies and how the state of Michigan has created over 3,399 of different organizations. Each of those organizations have been created to not just handle their own Neurocore data, as well as establish other things like activities, teams, and investors. Of all the 3,399 different organizations in the state of Michigan about half of those 1,701 are actually profit companies, and only about 10 are going to be non-profit. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

There was also another article written on the GM company of the Greater Detroit Area. With their location on the Like Michigan it self this company has over 1,747 different organizations within the company itself. Since their establishment in July of 1992 the GM company itself has two of their main investors, one being Micro VC, and the other known as Venture Capital. It has also managed to create over 874 different profit company within, and about 5 for non-profit. As one of many Neurocore companies, GM has not just provided their organizations with some information. They have managed to completely organize everything in the Greater Detroit Area. As a part of headquarters themselves, they are able to provide everything for their data, to their history, investments, as well as many others.


Neurocore is Changing Our View of Depression and ADHD Treatments

Around the world, we are seeing an increase in the number of people diagnosed with depression and ADHD. The usual response to these diagnoses is to give the patient medication such as Adderall, Ritalin or Zoloft. While the medication can sometimes help, it also comes with a host of side effects and long-term consequences. Many who use these drugs feel out of it and like they are not themselves. Luckily, there is a place that is finding ways to address issues like ADHD and depression without the harmful drugs. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Founded in 2004 by neuropsychologist Dr. Tim Royer, Neurocore now has brain performance centers around the United States and even in some other countries. They have a location in Boca Raton, Grand Rapids, Grandville, Holland, Livonia/Metro Detroit, Palm Beach Gardens, Sterling Heights, and West Bloomfield. Each center is dedicated to strengthening the brain and allowing it to combat ADHD, depression and other issues.

Neurocore’s treatments work by retraining the brain. Patients are put into a comfortable, private room. In that room, they are hooked up to equipment which monitors their brain activity as well as heart rate and breathing. The patient gets to watch a movie, which is used to reward the brain. When the brain gets unbalanced, the movie stops playing until the brain corrects itself. The brain naturally wants the visual stimulation, so seeks the reward and learns to correct itself. This helps the brain to learn how to balance itself for many issues. A minimum of 30 sessions is required for the treatments to work, although more may be necessary. Neurocore has the goal of eliminating a patient’s need to have long-term therapy, so they try not to have more sessions than necessary to achieve the goal of brain retraining. They have found that approximately 75% of patients who complete the Neurocore treatments are able to greatly reduce or eliminate the need for medications. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

The treatments have had enough success that many parents are taking their children to Neurocore with the hope of easing their ADHD symptoms as well as eliminate the need for medicine. Since the process has no side effects, is completely harmless, and has a high rate of efficacy, many parents are finding the help and relief they need for their ADHD children. Neurocore is changing hoe ADHD id treated, and it is a huge improvement on traditional treatments.