David Giertz: President of Nationwide Life Insurance

David Giertz is the current President of Nationwide Life Insurance Company located in Columbus, Ohio. He became the president of this Company in April of 2013. Prior to becoming the President, he was the Senior Vice President over the Nationwide Financial Distribution and Sales at Nationwide Life Insurance. He is also very involved with other companies. He is even the President of some other major companies. Some of these companies being the following:

Beginning in Decatur, Illinois, Giertz received his bachelor’s degree in science. David obtained this degree from Millikin University. He then continued his education at Coral Gables, Florida. It was at the University of Miami where Giertz received his Executive MBA. Giertz is an extremely modest man due to his upbringing. He was raised with four siblings in a single parent household. His mother worked full time to support all of them. From his upbringing, he understood a great deal about diverse backgrounds and gives back because he knows that everybody does not have it as easy as some others.

  • Nationwide Financial Distributors Incorporated
  • FI Distributions Agency Incorporated
  • VP of Southeastern USA

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, David discussed the importance of advisors speaking to their clients about social security. He also revealed survey statistics that his company has recently gathered. According to this survey, there are a great amount of advisors that do not discuss social security for retirement with their clients. On top of that, these same clients are saying that they would switch advisors if they knew they were being denied earlier access to this knowledge. He stressed how important it is to maximize your social security benefits to secure your retirement. Nationwide Life Insurance Company has also calculated that plenty of people, around 30 percent, are not receiving the full benefits that they should be. Through the helping hand of David Giertz, you can ensure that you are reaping all of your benefits for retirement.

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