The Master of Investment James Dondero

James Dondero has done a great job at making a name for himself in the Dallas area over the past 30 years. Dondero, currently the President and CEO of Highland Capital, has spent the majority of his life working with investors and managing funds in a way that maximizes returns and takes a different look at opportunities. Through his business knowledge and ability to work with people, he has grown the portfolio of Highland to over $13 billion in assets, and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero had a modest upbringing. In early adulthood, he found himself studying accounting and finance at the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce. After graduating, Dondero joined American Express as a corporate bond analyst. There he helped investors determine which bonds were likely fatten their holder’s pocketbooks, and he soon found himself the manager of $1 billion portfolio.

After his short time at American Express, he joined Protective Life as the Chief Investment Officer of one of the many corporate subsidiaries. Here, he again used his knowledge of capital markets and trends to help grow the fund he was managing to over $2 billion in short order. He transferred these skills and his knowledge into a new venture that he was starting to invest in: his how company. Follow James on Linkedin.

Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Markets and has never looked back. Highland is currently investing for pensions, governments, financial intuitions, corporations, and foundations. They offer several different investment strategies for all different types of clients, including collateralized loan obligations, which James Dondero worked hard to bring to the firm. Highland is also starting to offer several types of alternative investments to their clients, including funds in emerging markets.

Even with all of his success, James Dondero finds ways to give back to his Dallas community and the country at large. He donates to institutions such as the Uplift Education Foundation and Education is Freedom. He also gives generously to the Perot Museum of Natural Sciences and the SMU Tower Scholars Program. Dondero fills the rest of his time with other board obligations for MGM and American Banknote.


Mark Mofid Wants to Change the World

Once upon a time, many people can remember plastic surgery as being something of a luxury and somewhat dangerous to one’s health. And for the most part a long time ago this may have been true. We’ve all seen horror stories of botched cosmetic surgery on celebrities in cheap periodicals, while buying a hand full of groceries at the local market.

But like many things, fact is often more fascinating than fiction, and the progresses made in the field of plastic surgery are astonishing. This is true for procedures performed on facial areas and other places such as the gluteus. And when it comes to these procedures, one doctor in particular deserves a little bit of mention for his candid and professional approach to perfecting the procedure. His name is Mark Mofid MD.

He is more than qualified to make advancements in this field, as his training includes Harvard and John Hopkins. Mark Mofid knows his aesthetic practice up and down. And, there’s a reason why he focuses on gluteal augmentation. The simple fact is this field of surgery and medical practice is woefully underfunded and not taken serious. For example, no one laughs at the billion-dollar industry of male enhancement. But when it comes to gluteal augmentation, all of a sudden cheap jokes just come out the woodwork.

The professional endeavor of Mark Mofid is to bring an air of dignity and quality to these procedures, so that they are not stigmatized or thought of as quack medicine. In fact, he has a technique and expertise that other doctors really need to take a look at. He only places in plants in an intramuscular fashion and he make sure to never cross the line when it comes to practicality. What this means is that no matter how hard a person bags for the bigger implant, Mark Mofid never does more than 330 cc of augmentation. Subfascial is off the menu, in his operation room. His teacher in this particular field is Raul Gonzalez MD who happens to be a plastic surgeon in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.


David Giertz Explains how Social Security Beneficiaries Lose 25 Percent of Finances

Many social security beneficiaries in the United States make gross mistakes that reduce their benefits by 25 percent, says David Giertz, the Nationwide Financial Distributors’ president of distribution and sales. Giertz explains that if a retiree whose full age of retirement is 66 years chooses to get the social security check at 62 years, the award will decline by 25 percent or from $1,000 to $750 monthly payments.

David Giertz laments about the lack of knowledge to maximize social security payouts among many U.S. citizens. “Millions of parents and grandparents dry up and go away even if they have retirement income plans,” remarks David.

Maximizing Social Security Payouts

What makes U.S. retirees lose out on social security awards?

The Nationwide Retirement Institute carried out a study on social security fund subscribers. The survey established that although many citizens understand there is a reduction of benefits for clients who get checks before the full maturity period, the beneficiaries do not know the reduction percentage. Neither is the Social Security Fund membership aware that the lower monthly payout is long-term, not a one-time reduction.

30 percent of retirees receive less than the expected benefits. “A significant part of the U.S. population assume that because it is possible to start receiving Social Security at age 62, it is necessary to apply for the benefits,” explains David Giertz. It is “a land grab belief.”

To David Giertz, whose experience in the progressive financial industry spans over 30 years, educating the people registered in Social Security can help. Giertz’s fame rests on the consistent leveraging innovation, business strategy, processes to achieve profitable growth. The former President of sales and distribution at Nationwide Financial helped to deliver profitable revenue from 11B to $17.8B.

David is superb in the management, strategizing, and distribution of life insurance, annuities, specialty markets, private-sector retirement plans, and bank-aided mutual funds. At Financial Institutions Bank, Giertz improved revenue from $1.5B to $8B in 2009.