Nick Vertucci Is An Author, Real Estate Investor, and Poker Player

Nick Vertucci is a long time poker player, but he is also a huge success in the real estate industry, making millions for himself over the years. He has also authored several books about real estate, all of which add to his success today. While Nick is not making millions in the poker industry, he is certainly a good and well-known player at this point since he has been playing for more than 15 years. Nick Vertucci has made many risky moves over the years and according to him, his career in poker is what helped him become so successful in real estate.

Throughout all the time Nick has focused on the real estate industry building his career and his wealth, he has maintained his passion for playing poker. Nick has regularly tested and improved upon his poker skills over the years and now he is putting even more effort into it as of late. The first time Nick was able to make money from poker was through a tournament held in Commerce, California, where he played a Texas Hold’em match against 250 other opponents. After winning a prize of 7,500 dollars for 8th place, Nick knew he wanted to keep improving and taking on more in the poker world.

Despite all of his time playing poker, Nick Vertucci is still mainly known for his work in real estate, especially since he opened up a real estate academy. Despite that, he is a regular and known figure in the poker circles as he continues to compete every year. Vertucci has played with some of the biggest names out there in poker tournaments, including Poker After Dark, World Series of Poker, and World Poker Tournament. Accompanying Nick Vertucci to many of the high profile tournaments are some of the biggest earners in the industry, such as Mike Matusow and Phil Lakk.

Shervin Pishevar Choose to Go the Tweet Storm Route

Shervin Pishevar drew the attention of both the media and persons who follow tech news in early 2018. Pishevar went on a 21-hour tweet storm in which the tech entrepreneur presented a series of 140-character rallying cries to warn the public about issues of concern. Pishevar tweeted about dangers in the stock market and cryptocurrency realm. He also warned of the stranglehold the top five big tech companies maintain over the industry. Shervin Pishevar deserved credit for taking the initiative to tell the public about his grave concerns. Was his tweet storm effective though?


An empirical means of measuring the effectiveness of a tweetstorm doesn’t exactly exist. A non-scientific way of examining the efficacy isn’t too difficult to explain. Simply put, Shervin Pishervar would have a chance at impacting some people through his tweeting. Not tweeting wouldn’t reach nor influence anyone. An unexpected element also factored into the tweet storm’s results. The media picked up on his tweets. The tweet storm was even summarized in reports. The reports then allowed audiences far beyond Pishevar’s Twitter followers to read his musings. Within his tweets, Pishevar provided warnings some may find alarming.


Shervin Pishevar feels the stock market won’t continue to thrive. The Dow Jones marched on an upward path to the nearly 27,000-point margin. Such dramatic highs lead some to believe the market’s growth won’t suffer equally dramatic losses. Pishevar disagrees. He feels the Dow may experience a 6.000-point decline. His counterview to all the extreme optimism might be worth pondering.


Piahevar also sees Bitcoin as losing a lot in value. Enthusiasm over cryptocurrency investing may be a bit inflated. The futuristic aspects of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthrall many, but enthrallment shouldn’t come with ignorance of reality. Cryptocurrency trading is risky.



A rose-colored glasses approach towards the tech industry might not be realistic either. Shervin Pishevar sees a lot wrong with the concentration of power among the top five companies. He believes an anti-trust action may prove beneficial to the tech industry as a whole.


Some may wonder why Pishevar chose to employ a tweet storm to get his points across. Perhaps he understood his message has a greater chance of effective delivery this way.

The Future Of OSI Group Looks Profitable And Environmentally Friendly

Today, OSI Group is one of the greatest food companies in the world, and it has been recognized as so by Forbes and many other organizations. The company employs more than 20,000 people all over the world and operates its plants out of 65 facilities that exist in 17 different countries. While it is a global force to be reckoned with today, it started out as a humble meat market and butcher shop in the west side of Chicago. OSI was founded by Otto Kolschwosky who was a German immigrant that came to the United States with hopes of creating a successful business. It wasn’t long before Otto Kolschowsky’s company began to grow, and its popularity caused him to get into the wholesale side of the business.

After this, he struck up a deal with McDonald’s before the company became the fast food giant that it is today. The deal made Kolchowsky’s company one of the earliest meat suppliers for McDonald’s. Kolchowsky’s company became Otto & Sons once his sons became involved in running it, and it began to grow right alongside McDonald’s, which also began to take off around that time. By the 1970’s, Otto & Sons decided to build a plant that would be dedicated only to providing McDonald’s with meat products. During the 1970’s, Otto & Sons rebranded as OSI Group, and the company also hired on Sheldon Lavin. This move proved to be a good one, because over the following decades, Lavin helped to expand the company within the United States and overseas.

One of the moves that OSI Group made was to build another plant overseas that would supply McDonald’s with food products. This happened just as McDonald’s expanded its operations overseas. OSI Group also built several other plants in America and in different countries around the world.Today, OSI Group is working to become a more sustainable company through new technology and guidelines it is following. It has won awards for its willingness to pay closer attention to environmental standards and has pledged to continue this work. Its leadership has been the main driving force for its success, and the future is looking brighter and brighter for the food giant.

Aloha Construction: The Winners Choice For Home Renovation

Home renovation is a multi-billion dollar business. There is a ton of information that homeowners can use to renovate their homes. Television shows, seminars and magazines provides most homeowners with enough information to give their homes a welcoming transformation. Unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t schooled in construction and if this is the case, you should seek assistance with a professional. One of the better home renovators in the American Midwest is Aloha Construction, and it has set new standards in home-restorative projects. This company is rather young in age, but it has laid-down some veteran numbers.

Aloha Construction is very thorough in its work thanks to the company’s highly educated specialists. In addition to that, the company offers home-restorative services for the whole state of Illinois. The services included are flashing, roof installation, roof repair, window fascia repair, door installation, waterproofing, stucco installation, masonry, kitchen design, bathroom repair and many more. The options are nearly endless to some degree. In 2017, the Better Business Bureau recognized Aloha Construction for its phenomenal ethical practices. This recognition comes in the form of the affluent Torch Award. This particular award goes to a company for exuding leadership and for demonstrating social responsibility. The Torch Award has been presented to many companies throughout the years, and it has only been around since 1996. Organizational ethics truly benefits the customers, the communities and the employees. Yes, Aloha Construction has deep roots in its very own community of Lake Zurich, and it has donated plenty of time and work for a variety of causes.

This specific company has completed more than 17,000 home-restorative projects since it came into fruition back in 2008. It has provided valuable services for most of Chicagoland and for Chicagoland’s its surrounding communities.

Randall Nardone: Livewire Ceo Of Fortress Investment Group

Holding senior positions on the board of eight different companies in 20 industries is Randal Nardone – CEO of Fortress Investment Group.In terms of education, Randal went to the University of Connecticut where he earned his bachelor’s degree in science, he also attended the Boston University School of Law which is where his J.D degree came from.His career at fortress investment group began with the company’s birth in 1998. He co-founded the company and served in different capacities, culminating in his appointment in 2011 as interim CEO as Dan Mudd was forced to take a leave of absence. He was named CEO substantively in 2013 and has held the position till date.Randal Nardone is no newbie on the block. His sterling career has seen him hold a number of different positions in different organizations before his time at Fortress Investment Group began. He previously worked at Swiss banking giants UBS as a managing director between May 1997 and May 1998; before that, however, he spent time at BlackRock Financial Management, Inc as a principal director.

Prior to that episode too, he was employed at the law firm of Thatcher Proffitt and Wood where he was both a partner and member of the executive committee.In 2007, when FIG went public, he was named on the list of Forbes world billionaires, coming in at a modest 557th position. The public listing made a number of billionaires at that time, with the media naming them “the Fortress five”.Apart from his CEO position at Fortress Investment group, Randal Nardone also serves on the board of companies like Springleaf Financial Holdings, LLC; Eurocastle Investment Limited; Alea Group Holdings Bermuda Ltd; Florida East Coast Holdings Corporation; Fortress Credit Corporation; Springleaf Finance Inc; and a handful of others. His years of experience is seen as an obvious advantage to these companies.

In recent news, Fortress Investment Group was acquired in December by the Softbank Group. The acquisition is set to keep management and organizational structures intact. The company’s hierarchy announced that it will continue to operate within Softbank as an independent company with its headquarters remaining in New York City.Randal Nardone and the Fortress hierarchy have said repeatedly that the acquisition was made out of a bid to make Fortress a major competitor in the market and the consolidate Softbank Group’s team strength.Randal had announced in 2015 that Fortress investment group may have been undervalued and as such took steps to correct that. The acquisition in 2017 was made at a rate of over $8 per share, a figure which is lower than when the firm went public but higher than the trading price as at the time of the sale.

Nick Vertucci Real Estate Teaching

Nick Vertucci is an experienced investor in real estate. He teaches thousands of people each year the basics of real estate investing. He produces online content to help other people reach their goals. Many people enjoy his teaching style.

Nick Vertucci started working in the real estate industry several years ago. During this time, he accumulated vast knowledge about the industry. He decided to become a real estate investor to generate additional income. He quickly learned that he could become financially independent through real estate investing. The real estate market is booming in many cities.

Rental Homes

Nick Vertucci’s first investment was in a small rental home. He had almost no cash, and he had to borrow a lot of money to get started. However, this investment property was a great start for him. He made several mistakes during the buying process.

The property generated positive cash flow each month. Nick used the additional income to save for his next investment property. He now owns dozens of real estate properties across the country. He is excited about all of the opportunities that he has for the future.


One of the most significant issues for new investors is securing financing. Few people understand how risky significant debt can be. In the last housing crash, many real estate investors lost everything by borrowing too much money.

Although Nick Vertucci recommends that people borrow money to invest in real estate, he teaches people how to borrow money prudently. He has also raised money from private investors during his career.

Future Plans

Nick Vertucci has numerous plans for the future. Not only does he want to expand his real estate academy, but he also wants to teach people about becoming financially independent. He works hard each day to accomplish his goals.

A Tweet Storm By Shervin Pishevar Might Provide The Answers To What Will Happen Next In The World

Looking for signs about what the latest upcoming events in the world are going to be? If you are someone who wants to invest and make profits doing so, this has to be part of what you are thinking about all the time. The better a person is at predicting the future like that, the more they can profit as a result. Someone who is serious about getting the best possible results like this should follow along with the thoughts of people like Shervin Pishevar.

For those who don’t know, Shervin Pishevar is someone who got invested in the likes of Uber and AirBnb early on in the development of those companies. He was in on the ground floor, so he ended up with some of the biggest profits of all from these companies. Shervin Pishevar has been someone who has been followed for his wisdom since that time.

Just earlier this month, he went on what is known as a “tweet storm”. This is when a person tweets out many times in a row about a certain topic or series of topics. In the case of Shervin Pishevar and this particular tweet storm, it went on for twenty-one hours. There were a total of fifty tweets that were included as a part of this, and there was plenty of information in the whole series. See This Page for related information.

It didn’t matter if you knew about Shervin Pishevar ahead of time and admired him already or not, you had to admit that doing that many tweets about one topic is something we can all appreciate. He showed a lot of diligence in doing so.

You can read over his tweets to see what you think about them. He started it all off by talking about how he believes the stock market will fall pretty dramatically in the not so distant future. He followed that up by discussing ways in which Bitcoin is not going to be the safe harbor investment that some had hoped it might be. He just continued on and on from there. His material may be controversial to some people, but it is hard to say that his information is not interesting.

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Successful entrepreneur, Hussain Sajwani, continues his legacy offering luxury apartments

Officials at DAMAC Properties launched its luxury development property at the Business Bay, Rěva Residences. This opportunity will give residents of the area gorgeous one and two-bedroom apartments that overlook the beautiful views of the Dubai Canal.

Hussain Sajwani is a United Arab Emirates (UAE) national. He is the founder and chairman of DAMAC properties. The real estate company was ranked number one on Forbes 2017 Global 2000 list thanks to the hard work of Sajwani and his team.

Sajwani is leveraging the area, which is notorious for its spectacular canal views and offers those interested in premium properties that are affordable. The package includes world-class amenities and a concierge on staff that is available all day and night.

Sajwani specializes in residential, leisure, and commercial properties in Dubai as well as the Middle East. With the addition of the luxury apartment complexes, Rěva Residences, residents will have the opportunity to discover excellent dining, entertainment, and retail shops that are walking distance from the south ridge of Business Bay with Dubai Canal views.

The area is surrounded by parks, waterside trails where residents take advantage to lead a healthy lifestyle as they go jogging or cycling. For those that love shopping the area is filled with the finest designer stores the world has to offer at the world’s largest mall, located walking distance from the Rěva Residences.

This is not Sajwani’s first go at building luxury properties at affordable prices. DAMAC was built using a government decree in Dubai that enabled foreigners to own real estate. This law allowed Sajwani to leverage his company and was able to sell units in his very first building before they broke ground on building and constructing what would become a successful entrepreneurship.

Today, DAMAC offers competitive payment plans for those interested in the Rěva Residences. One bedroom apartments start selling at AED 699,000.

Joel Friant and the invention of the Original Habanero Shaker

In 1995 Joel Friant first introduced his Original Habanero Shaker. The idea for this revolutionary product came to Joel while he owned his first restaurant. Joel traveled the world to find the right variety of pepper to use in his Original Habanero Shaker and settled on the Scotch Bonnet.

The restaurant that Joel owned, which he also opened in 1995, was a fast food joint that took inspiration from traditional Thai recipes. The food was spicy, and Joel discovered that other people enjoyed high levels of spiciness just as much as he did. Through his own and experiences and through talking with customers, Joel discovered that there was not a single habanero chili shaker on the market that provided high-quality flavor. Joel vowed to change this.

Joel spent many late nights experimenting with the habanero, trying to perfect the perfect method to dry and package them. His method is a secret, but he will say that the peppers are sun-dried.

After perfecting his formula, Joel found the perfect packaging for his pepper flakes: a high quality 1.5 ounce bottle that retained the flavor and the spice of the habanero flakes. The Original Habanero Shaker was sold by grocery stores in Washington for a while until Joel decided to take a break from the business and enter the world of real estate.

Joel got a job at a real estate firm and was soon named top salesman of the office by his superiors. They then offered Joel the opportunity to run a branch office that dealt with mortgage loans.

In 2008, Joel began to devote much of his time to studying successful people. He determined what they did to become successful and began teaching the methods to his friends. His methods worked and info about Joel spread. Soon he was publishing articles and hosting seminars.

In 2012 he relaunched the Original Habanero Shaker with its own website. He continues to explore new venues of e-commerce as well as bitcoin, which he hopes to harness for business growth.

The Master of Investment James Dondero

James Dondero has done a great job at making a name for himself in the Dallas area over the past 30 years. Dondero, currently the President and CEO of Highland Capital, has spent the majority of his life working with investors and managing funds in a way that maximizes returns and takes a different look at opportunities. Through his business knowledge and ability to work with people, he has grown the portfolio of Highland to over $13 billion in assets, and he is showing no signs of slowing down. Read more at Huffington Post about James Dondero.

James Dondero had a modest upbringing. In early adulthood, he found himself studying accounting and finance at the University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce. After graduating, Dondero joined American Express as a corporate bond analyst. There he helped investors determine which bonds were likely fatten their holder’s pocketbooks, and he soon found himself the manager of $1 billion portfolio.

After his short time at American Express, he joined Protective Life as the Chief Investment Officer of one of the many corporate subsidiaries. Here, he again used his knowledge of capital markets and trends to help grow the fund he was managing to over $2 billion in short order. He transferred these skills and his knowledge into a new venture that he was starting to invest in: his how company. Follow James on Linkedin.

Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Markets and has never looked back. Highland is currently investing for pensions, governments, financial intuitions, corporations, and foundations. They offer several different investment strategies for all different types of clients, including collateralized loan obligations, which James Dondero worked hard to bring to the firm. Highland is also starting to offer several types of alternative investments to their clients, including funds in emerging markets.

Even with all of his success, James Dondero finds ways to give back to his Dallas community and the country at large. He donates to institutions such as the Uplift Education Foundation and Education is Freedom. He also gives generously to the Perot Museum of Natural Sciences and the SMU Tower Scholars Program. Dondero fills the rest of his time with other board obligations for MGM and American Banknote.