Achievements of Bob Reina in Video Marketing

In every business that develops, the owner has a driving force and what he or she believes in. According to Bob Reina, for you to prosper in business, you must have a dream. With your vision at hand, you will be willing to chase that dream day and night. Many businesses like online marketing need a lot of trials. But if you have a dream, you will succeed at all costs. That is the trick Bob used to develop Talk Fusion. With his goal, he moved out and explained to people who were close to him.

For any business to grow, you need to sell it to people so that they know what your products and services that you give. Bob believes in the power of advertising using video. Bob states that, if you use a video to advertise, you connect with more people than using any other form of publicity. Some types of videos like video chats allow one to get details about a product or service which is not common to any other form of advertising.

It is a hard job getting your first customer in any business. But Bob Reina states that, if you have an idea, just speak it to anybody who will like to listen to it. Tell them what your business will do and the benefits of being associated with it. Reach out to friends and those people who are close to you. After starting the business, give it time to mature and yield a profit. That will make your dream come true. Learn more:

So, who is this man Bob Reina? Bob is known for many things and big sweet position around him. With more than 20 years in direct selling and marketing, Bob has taken Talk Fusion far. Founded in the year 2007, Talk Fusion is proud to have Bob as its CEO and founder.

Bob Reina is a famous professional who has knowledge in video marketing. He is very innovative, and he has strong commitment power. He believes that anything that people does needs sacrifices. He loves all those who surround him like friends and family. He also enjoys giving back to the community.

Daniel Mark Harrison: a Jack-of-all-Trades in the Business Field

Daniel Harrison is a highly respected writer, entrepreneur, and media mogul. He owns a successful company called Daniel Mark Harrison Company. He also is a partner with the company Monkey Capital and Fintech. Monkey Capital is a unique company that invests in SpaceX supply contracts and Blockchain systems. The company has received national recognition for its success and innovation. The company is currently the hottest on the market. Daniel was nicknamed the “billion dollar baboon” by the Huffington Post. He also is a successful author and has published many best selling books. Despite his busy schedule, he finds time to volunteer on a regular basis.

Daniel Harrison is well rounded and envied in the business and cryptocurrency fields. He was educated at Oxford University, Norwegian Business School and New York University. His family business Daniel Mark Harrison Company, focuses on managing the assets and estate of the family. The company has locations in Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong. His contributions to CoinSpeaker helped to dramatically increase the readership.

As a publisher for Marx Rand a news publication, he broke many important stories to include a FBI member being involved with the KKK and Toyota being involved in slave labor. He served as a writer for the Motley Fool and suggested stock price improvements to the United States and United Kingdom.

Mr. Harrison has been very successful in the Asian markets. He played a major role in the success of Stanley Court Limited. An Investment company based in Bangkok. He also is responsible for engaging with hedge fund managers across the globe to find better ways of doing business.

Daniel Harrison is also no stranger to the television market. He is a regular guest on CNN, Bloomberg and Reuters. His achievements have also been highlighted in the Wall Street Journal and Forbes.

Financial Expert Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the Co-Founder and CEO of a Software as a service company called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The company started in 2015 and has been fairly successful thanks to Wakeman’s two decades of experience in the management field, not to mention everything he has learned from being a Public Company CEO, Investor, Financial Service Executive, Small Business Owner, Board Member and Executive Mentor. He started earning his experience from the University of Scranton, where he attained his Bachelors in Finance and Economics in 1981. Wakeman continued his education at the University of Chicago and in 1993 he earned his MBA in Finance. Not long after graduating from the University of Chicago he began working for GE Capital. Wakeman held a handful of positions dealing with business development before moving to work for the Doral Financial Corporation. Here he climbed the latter to become the President and CEO of the Company.

Glen Wakeman has been recognized time and again because of his numerous successes in the financial field. At GE Capital and Nova Four he was given the title Growth Leadership Role Model, due to the amount he expanded both the companies, by their prospective Board of Directors. In total, Wakeman has been able to increase the assets and staff members where he has worked by $15 billion and 17 thousand respectively. He did this by being a guiding hand in the company’s plans for new market entries, start-ups, divestitures and M&As, making exponential growth a priority. For each one of these factors Wakeman uses a five-point plan which includes risk management, execution, human capital, governance and most importantly leadership.

When he is not working, Glen Wakeman spends his time investing his own money and writing. Being a writer has opened many doors for him and he finds in enjoyable to share the knowledge he has obtained through the media of blog posts. Wakeman focuses on helping others with his writing, sticking to the topics of finance, emerging markets, administration, financial strategies, management and international fiscal matters. Occasionally, he will meet groups of people and give a speech about one of these topics. He currently mentors for Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded who both deal with C-level executives.

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Learning With Giants: Marc Sparks and His Triumph

Living in Dallas, Texas, most entrepreneurs, business people, startup developers, company owners, name it, have already heard from either the name of Marc Sparks or the companies that he founded and achievements that he has already accomplished.


Marc Sparks is one of these personalities that are always in the spotlights of business news or, mainly, Dallas news. Mark Sparks has already run many firms, and his strong leadership led him to be the chief officer of many groups in companies related to telecommunications, real estate developers, investment strategies, business management, administration, and other areas.


Currently operating as the head of Timber Creek Capital, a firm specialized in selling investment and business advice that are updated to the newest trends and market strategies every month.


A series of business built from the ground began after the young entrepreneur graduated from his years in high school, in 1975, Austin. Since then, Marc fell in love with the concept of creating his businesses and learning more about the many markets that the world had to offer. He acquired a lot of experience in the process, and more than half a dozen companies were founded by the businessman, either as the co-founder or as the owner of the business, leading him to become one of the youngest successful startup developers in the United States.


His story of success sometimes leaves behind the amount of dedication and hard work that he had to put in, though. Hours of thinking, planning, talking to other business owners and of understanding the different markets of the U.S. were put into perspective. The young businessman is also an author of great success, having written the book “They Can’t Eat You,” Marc Sparks talks about his story, career, the triumphs and downfalls of his path as well as some of the quotes and knowledge that he brings with him every day.


Venture investments are no stranger to the young writer, as he has owned and led some of his companies in the field of capital management and financial advice.


According to Marc, he was born with a keen instinct that led him to the triumphing path that he is now, always selling companies worth millions of dollars and developing products and brands that are self-made and created from scratch. Having had no training at all from professionals in the area, Marc considers his success a gift.


For Timber Creek Capital, for example, it all began with an idea. An idea that not only covers, according to Marc, an aspect that is very underdeveloped in the market, but also targets consumers that are not receiving the treatment that financial advisors could be giving. This kind of philosophy has already caused the young company to be worth millions, just because of the leadership of Marc Sparks.


Sparks is a case of study, being one of the most impressive stories of success coming from one person alone. He has already done non-profitable work and helped construct dozens of homes for communities, as well as assisted a foundation that aimed to remove kids from their state of poverty.


Jim Hunt’s VTA Publications – Getting Rich Off Stock Trading

The stock market holds tons of money making opportunities. For average investors, trading stocks is more of a gamble than an investment. For accomplished investors such as Jim , however, trading stocks is a matter of reading the signs and placing a trade.

Jim Hunt’s prowess in the stock market is popular, and he is even more popular for helping average investors trade like the pros.

Who is Jim Hunt?
Jim Hunt is a financial advisor and the CEO of VTA Publications. He is a veteran stock trader who began his career by working for major banks and investment institutions. He has also traded independently on the global stock market, and he is popular for his ability to profit from both bear and bull markets.
Today, Jim styles himself as a guide for amateur and average investors seeking to gain a footing in the volatile stock market on This, he says, is the main reason why he established VTA Publications. He is popular with his followers and clients for sharing information about his recent trades for free. He also develops programs designed to automate trade for his clients and maximize their ROIs.

VTA Publications
VTA Ltd is a UK based publisher of distant learning materials. It focuses on finance and economies and focuses much of its learning scope on stock trading. Its courses involve learning how to read and interpret stock chats, mastering little-known futures options strategies, and even lessons on retirement and saving taken from the Bible. VTA Publications also airs seminars and videos of live and recorded trading sessions on YouTube and its website.

VTA has also produced several trading programs that are taking the market by storm:

Make Mum a Millionaire
Make Mum a Millionaire is a program designed to help stay-at-home mums make a living out of stock trading. Jim claims that he can help the average stay-at-home mum make $1 million in just 10 trades by utilizing the hidden trading techniques utilized by banks and giant investment institutions.

Wealth Wave
Weal Wave is a program designed to take advantage of falling stocks to make money. Jim Hunt says that the secret from profiting off bear markets is timing. He also claims that Wealth Wave utilizes proven and hidden trading techniques, and he assures clients that there is no limit to the money-making opportunities according to YouTube.

Mike Baur Co Founder of Swiss Start up Factory

One of the top entrepreneurs in Switzerland is Mike Baur. Mike is the current co founder of the company known as Swiss Start up Factory. This company specializes in helping a number of entrepreneurs reach their goals. Swiss Start up Factory provides advising, coaching, mentoring and funding to a number of entrepreneurs. While Mike has co founded a unique company, he has also spent a number of years investing in start up businesses. This experience helped provide Mike with the inspiration to eventually start up his own company. At the very beginning of his career, Mike worked for a number of financial firms in business banking. During his stint in banking, Mike got first hand experience dealing with entrepreneurs who were looking to get capital and advise on how to launch their companies. Therefore, Mike has an extensive background in helping start up businesses achieve their goals.


Baur co founded Swiss Start up Factory in 2014 in an effort to capitalize on the emerging trend of entrepreneurship. His company specializes in providing mentorship and financing to a number of new businesses. Swiss Start up Factory operates by first holding an event where entrepreneurs pitch their business idea. Mike then evaluates each business idea and chooses the ones that he believes will likely be the most profitable and successful. After choosing a business, Baur will then provide them with capital as well as coaching to help ensure that these businesses reach the highest levels of success possible. With this company, Mike has been able to help a number of new businesses make a positive contribution to Switzerland’s economy.


Before Mike was involved in entrepreneurship, he spent a number of years investing in a number of start up companies. He would routinely invest his own funds in a number of companies that were just starting up. This endeavor proved to be very lucrative as Mike would often earn high returns on the capital he invested. As a result, Mike was able to make a lucrative income as well as coming up with the start up capital necessary for his new business. Along with earning high profits, start up investing helped give Mike the experience he needed in order to pursue entrepreneurship. The experience allowed him to realize the full potential of start up companies. As a result, Mike came up with a plan to build a company that would create even more start up companies and allow him to continue earning a lucrative income through his company Swiss Start up Factory.


Highland Capital Management Co Founder Awards $1 Million Grant

Recently, James Dondero announced that he will award a $1 million grant to The Family Place. This grant is intended to help raise the $2.8 million the organization needs to finance its Legacy Campaign. Offering this grant will also help the organization come up with the resources to continue supporting victims who suffer from family violence. Dondero announced the issuance of this grant at the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon. This grant is being given through the Highland Dallas Foundation which is the main charitable branch of his company Highland Capital Management. By offering this grant to The Family Place, James Dondero looks to continue providing funds to improve the Dallas community.

James Dondero is the co founder of Highland Capital Management. He began operating this firm back in the year 1993. For over two decades, Dondero has built this firm into one of the best in the finance industry. His firm offers comprehensive capital management for a number of large institutional investors. With Highland Capital Management, James is able to offer a number of options such as hedge funds, collateralized loan obligations and also equity securities. As a result, James will often help numerous investors get better returns on the money they invest as well as growing their capital. Since his firm has been among the most successful in the industry, Dondero has expanded it to a number of locations throughout the world.

Before James Dondero founded Highland Captial Management, he held a number of positions in the finance industry. His first job was working as a credit analyst/investor where he received more in depth training in the finance industry. He would hold this position for a short time and advance to other higher ranking positions in the industry. His top position was as the chief investment officer for a firm in which he managed assets for a number of major corporations. As the chief investment officer, James would manage $2 billion for American Express. This gave him the necessary experience to not only manage large sums of money, but also start up his own firm serving institutional investors.

What John Goullet’s Work Means To Him

John Goullet helps run a high-profile IT staffing firm, Diversant LLC. This company finds candidates who are versed in IT skills, and helps them find work with companies looking for part time or full time workers. Goullet once sat down with Ideamensch to explain the importance of his business. Goullet said he gets most of the ideas for the business from reading up on the trends in the IT labor force, and then helping implement training programs and skills for those needs from the talent pools. Goullet’s goal is to help graduate more students from college IT classes to meet the growing demands.

John Goullet has been in the IT Staffing business for over 20 years, and prior to that he was serving in the IT world himself. After graduating from Ursinus College, Goullet was a consultant for several firms including the Computer Sciences Corporation, 3D Information Services and several others. Goullet eventually became an IT staffing executive, and soon decided he wanted to startup his own staffing company. He founded Info Technologies, a company he practically built from the ground up, and in just five years he had turned its value to over $30 million. The company has been mentioned in Inc. Magazine’s fastest growing fortune 500 companies.

In 2010, Goullet met up with Gene Waddy, another man who was an IT professional and wanted to help train and place new workers in IT jobs. The two merged their companies and Diversant, LLC was born. Diversant has not only made the task of job seeking and candidate hiring easier for both parties, they’ve also helped people get into the workforce. Through their retired veterans program, they’ve helped military members transition into civilian IT workforce. They also have contributed to scholarship programs for inner city charter schools, and even have tuition reimbursement for current students.

Steve Murray Passes Away

Steve Murray is a well- known hedge fund manager in the United States. He has worked with the CCMP Capital for over sixteen years. He has also had the opportunity to sit on boards for companies like Aramark and Warner Chilcott.

Stephen Murray recently announced that he was leaving CCMP Capital and that he was no longer going to serve as the company’s CEO. CCMP capital is a very popular equity firm that is based in New York City. Several months ago, the company had managed to raise over three billion for its funds under the leadership of Steve Murray. Before resigning from the top position of the company, Steve Murray had been listed among the two CCMP executives who played a crucial role in the fund.

Immediately after leaving the business, newspapers and magazines have been looking for him, trying to figure out why he had left, and what his future plans were. According to the fortune magazine, Steve Murray left CCMP Capital because of health problems on Wikipedia. Steve had been unwell for several months, and he wanted to get better medical attention. In ten days, his name was removed from the institution’s website.

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Steve Murray joined CCMP Capital many years ago when it was still known as the Chase Capital Partners. After several years, the organization changed its name to JP Morgan Partners. In the year 2006, CCMP Capital became independent and acquired its current name.

Just one month after leaving the company, Steve Murray passed away. At the time of his death, Steve Murray was fifty-two years old. Before his death, he was serving on several boards: Crestcom International, Jetro JMDH Holdings, Strongwood Insurance Holdings, Octagon Credit Investors, Infrogroup Inc and any others.

Greg Brenneman, the former chairperson of the private equity firm, will now take the position of CEO. In a recent report, Greg said that the company was saddened to learn that a close friend and founding partner of the company had passed away. According to Greg, Steve Murray was a very dedicated investor. He was a terrific deal maker whose contributions will forever be remembered in CCMP Capital. Steve spent most of his career life working in CCMP Capital, and the success the company had experienced in the past is attributed to him. His leadership skills on will also be remembered. Greg and his team send their message of condolences to Steve Murray’s wife and two sons.

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Mike Baur Starts Up Startup Factory That Helps Entrepreneurs Become Successful

Mike Baur is the co-founder, Managing Partner and Executive Chairman at Swiss Startup Factory, “where innovation meets execution”. Based in Switzerland, their mission is to provide talented entrepreneurs a specialized platform that monitors these talents through the entire process and gives them ambitious milestones. Their vision at the Swiss Startup Factory is to run startup accelerator programs that will be the global standard for others and to provide any startup with every single service they may need to become successful.


The company focuses on technologies and offers these startup entrepreneurs mentoring, coaching, industry expertise and access to networks of potential clients and investors. Mike Baur wants to ensure that the proper issues are tracked and that the best talents are selected and endorsed. They feature a three month-long startup accelerator program in which they provide unique services, financing, coaching, and office space to aide his startups in their success. His goal, with partner Michael Hartweg, is to be an innovative power in Switzerland, helping the industry, especially in Switzerland, where they are the leading location for digitization in the financial sector. Recently, the Swiss Startup Factory has partnered up with CTI Invest to create a close relationship in order to develop and further the Swiss Startup Ecosystem.


The Swiss Startup Factory features a source an equal-minded individuals who can create and share those connections at co-working spaces. They are given services that include bookkeeping, invoice management, payroll management, tax and VAT reporting, cash flow reports and financial health reviews. Launched startups from this company include Struckd, Carhelper, Beaconsmind and Blinkers.


Mike Baur calls Fribourg, Switzerland his home and remains strongly connected to it. Fascinated with banking and finance at an early age, the Swiss Startup Factory comes with a great personal gratification. He attained his MBA from University of Rochester and in addition, received his Executive MBA from the University of Bern. He spent nearly 20 years in Swiss Private Banking and eventually found his way to the executive board of a large Swiss private bank.


In 2014, he began his entrepreneurial journey and founded the Swiss Startup Factory with two other partners. This company is the number one privately financed ICT startup accelerator in Switzerland. Mr. Baur invests a lot of time and effort into Switzerland’s youth, especially entrepreneurs, by supporting their startups both as a mentor and with his financial assistance.