CEO of James River Capital Brings Awareness to Burnout in the Workplace

Employees who are showing signs of burnout causes productivity to decline when overwhelmed with responsibilities or the workplace is dysfunctional. Paul Saunders, the CEO and Principle of James River Capital knows when his employees have burnout symptoms and implements intervention measures. He takes action immediately by offering support, encouraging fitness, communicating, and setting goals with the whole team. His system has worked for him nearly 40 years with enhancing his skills as a leader at A.G. Becker and other firms. In his Patch article on April 30th, 2018, he talked honestly about what he does when he observes an employee experiencing burnout.

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Paul Saunders says signs to look for of burnout employees are losing control, attitude changes, low energy level, lack of confidence, and sluggishness. The symptoms are physically and emotionally which needs addressing as soon as possible. Two main causes of work burnout are overload of responsibilities and working in a hostile environment. Paul brought awareness to James River Capital and constantly monitors his employees by interacting with them and ensuring the firm’s policies and structure are flexible. The first thing he and his team do the beginning of a workday is take 10 to 15 minutes outlining their goals they desire to accomplish.


The way Paul Saunders address burnout is effective, and he encourages other employers to try it if an employee is losing control, fatigue, and moody. The time for support and communication is when an employee’s attitude changes and he or she is showing negativity and lacks motivation. He says he recommends to his workers to separate work from the outside world and the home. Another thing to look for is when employees question their ability to perform work duties. It could be a sign of burnout and should deal with it by helping to set personal goals to achieve performance and productivity.


The signs of burnout are easy to detect and often associated to stress and long hours of working without rest breaks in the morning and afternoon hours. Although, some symptoms may be emotional it can affect the body by causing headaches, abnormal sleeping behavior, and other problems. Paul Saunders is knowledgeable of burnout and takes action by keeping communication open with the employees to discuss their concerns. He believes in work and life balance at James River Capital which keeps the environment healthy and productive. Learn more:


James River Capital is an investment advisory and management company headquartered in Manakin Sabot, Virginia. The firm manages hedge fund portfolios and provides services for commodity trading, corporate credit, fixed-income securities, and futures managing trades. Paul Saunders is a registered SEC investment advisor, an author, Chairman, CEO, and business owner.


Liven Up Characteristics of Effective Leadership Style; James River Capital

There are many different schools of thoughts about leadership. It is believed leaders are born; imply they naturally have traits that make them great. There are those who stand that leaders are made through education and training. How so, a leader is defined by how do they are at establishing a roadmap and encouraging other to ship in and propel the vision. As James River Capital Corp has observed that a good leader is more than just a skill they need continuous development.


James River Capital identified three key things that define effective leadership in the corporate world today. A leader should not only lead by example but should also support his juniors. Researchers have found out that the critical mental shift from lead to supporting has brought satisfaction among workers. A leader should know how to interact with his team members, place value on each encourages and motivate them to be better. In the long run, their performance improves and that of the business too. Ideally, it is the small things leaders do that make the whole difference.


Effective leadership should encourage growth within their team. Ideally, the leader should be a person who develops their junior from better to best. If for instance, they have a creative idea they would like implemented. Do not brush it off, welcome them to escalate, have open communication channels, and be hospitable to encourage them to share more with you. On the contrary is they feel undermined, they will hold back brilliant ideas that could have otherwise broken the ground for the business. Working around in ensuring all psychological needs are met should be part of the bargain; everyone should air their voice.


In the same vein, a good leader understands that every opinion is important. A leader should encourage them and engage them in business decision especially those that affect them and are thought to be an obstacle in performing optimally. James River Capital has employed this leadership style and observed that the sense of inclusivity, value, respect and attention, help all team members engage more. If in a meeting, ensure all talk or participate including the quitter members as their opinion could be all the organization need to breakthrough. However, let everyone feel comfortable as intimidation may work adversely. Learnm more:


About James River Capital


James River Capital is fondly known as James Capital. It is an investment firm that manages commodity trading, hedge funds, asset management, advisory and consultancy services among other things. It is based in Richmond, Virginia and was founded in 1986, by a well-respected business and finance expert Paul Saunders. At the time, it was operating under Kidder, Peabody &Co Inc. until 1995 when it was registered as an independent business entity.


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Unroll Me Businesses

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Safety with Unroll Me

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Jingdong Mall came up with the idea of the institute after doing thorough research on the urbanization of China. found out that the urbanization is affecting the environment through pollution, which in return affects people’s lives. Additionally, the research showed that traffic emissions produced by freight vehicles consume up to one third of the road capacity. The institute aims at coming up with the solutions to these problems through designing an environment friendly and efficient framework for logistics in the congested urban areas. To implement these strategies, the institute will implement subterranean tracks, underground logistic systems and integrated pipe corridors. This system will ensure that the urban logistics are smooth and efficient. Additionally, the aboveground space will be open free from the common logistics system. Read This Article to learn more.

Chen Xiangsheng, the Director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering pointed out that the cities that use the available resources and space always remain smart and the Institute will change the urban areas in a great way. He added that the plan by Jingdong to implement the three –dimensional smart logistics system by using the underground space and opening the above ground is a unique style. He said that the system would increase urban space, solve environmental problems, and ease traffic congestion.

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Graeme Holm’s Infinity Group Australia Wins Prestigious Award for Innovative Financial Approach

Affiliate Dork recently reported on the big win for Infinity Group Australia in the article “Graeme Holm Accepts Prestigious Award for Infinity Group Australia.” The article, written by Brandon Ferguson, details how the relatively young company won the prestigious Australian Financial Review award for the 58th Most Innovative Companies out of 100 different companies.


The Australian Financial Review uses the consulting company Inventium to select judges who sift through thousands of companies to find the crème of the crop. They are judged on their ability to provide effective solutions that will have a positive impact on their client while also improving the culture. Inventium selects companies that use innovation at every stage of the company, from the process to the resources. They also want to ensure that the solutions can affect a large part of the population. Winning the title can make a huge impact on the company’s success because it is published in the Australian Financial Review, a trusted financial publication that has more than 1.8 million readers.


When the AFR notified Graeme Holms that his company had been selected as one of the top companies, he was ecstatic. When he accepted the award he acknowledged the hard work and dedication of his team and partner which had a huge impact on their ability to be a success.


Graeme Holm started Infinity Group Australia in 2012 with Rebecca Walker after working for nearly 17 years in the financial industry. He often worked for the top four financial institutions in Australia which is where he discovered a large problem in the way Australian finances were being run. He found that most Australian families were given a raw deal on their loans. Once they had accepted the loan they were left to their own devices to pay it off, often leaving them without enough information and support.


The lack of support led Graeme Holm to create a company that was client-centered. He found inspiration from the fitness industry to tailor each debt reduction plan or retirement plan to the individual, according to their needs and limitations. Infinity Group Australia reviews all the data the family has in order to understand what they need. This allowed him and his company to provide tailored plans and support to each family, helping them reduce their debt more in 90 days than they had the entire previous year. Most families will pay nearly $40,000 of their debt down within the first year of working with the company.


His team is focused on creating specialized reports at the end of each month for every client to help them have a better understanding of whether they are on track for their goals and where they need to improve. Learn more:


Shervin Pishevar Choose to Go the Tweet Storm Route

Shervin Pishevar drew the attention of both the media and persons who follow tech news in early 2018. Pishevar went on a 21-hour tweet storm in which the tech entrepreneur presented a series of 140-character rallying cries to warn the public about issues of concern. Pishevar tweeted about dangers in the stock market and cryptocurrency realm. He also warned of the stranglehold the top five big tech companies maintain over the industry. Shervin Pishevar deserved credit for taking the initiative to tell the public about his grave concerns. Was his tweet storm effective though?


An empirical means of measuring the effectiveness of a tweetstorm doesn’t exactly exist. A non-scientific way of examining the efficacy isn’t too difficult to explain. Simply put, Shervin Pishervar would have a chance at impacting some people through his tweeting. Not tweeting wouldn’t reach nor influence anyone. An unexpected element also factored into the tweet storm’s results. The media picked up on his tweets. The tweet storm was even summarized in reports. The reports then allowed audiences far beyond Pishevar’s Twitter followers to read his musings. Within his tweets, Pishevar provided warnings some may find alarming.


Shervin Pishevar feels the stock market won’t continue to thrive. The Dow Jones marched on an upward path to the nearly 27,000-point margin. Such dramatic highs lead some to believe the market’s growth won’t suffer equally dramatic losses. Pishevar disagrees. He feels the Dow may experience a 6.000-point decline. His counterview to all the extreme optimism might be worth pondering.


Piahevar also sees Bitcoin as losing a lot in value. Enthusiasm over cryptocurrency investing may be a bit inflated. The futuristic aspects of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthrall many, but enthrallment shouldn’t come with ignorance of reality. Cryptocurrency trading is risky.



A rose-colored glasses approach towards the tech industry might not be realistic either. Shervin Pishevar sees a lot wrong with the concentration of power among the top five companies. He believes an anti-trust action may prove beneficial to the tech industry as a whole.


Some may wonder why Pishevar chose to employ a tweet storm to get his points across. Perhaps he understood his message has a greater chance of effective delivery this way.

Flavio Maluf: How Brazil Has Cemented Its Status as a Formidable Force to Reckon with in the Grain Producing Industry

Flavio Maluf recently grabbed the headlines after offering his exceptional insight regarding Brazil’s economy. According to the seasoned entrepreneur, agribusiness results released by the Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture for the month of June signified a 0.7% decrease compared to last year’s results. While the exports figures topped a whopping $9.21 billion, for both months in subsequent years, the agricultural sector depicted a substantial 45.65 % of the nation’s total foreign sales.

Alternatively, imports posted impressive growth to peak at $1.04 billion in June 2018 which represented a minimal decline by 10.1% over the same period last year. Flavio Maluf insists that such results painted a stark picture regarding frequent balances of trades culminating to $8.17 billion. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

A Breakdown of Individual Commodity Performance

In essence, the total exports in the Brazilian agribusiness industry consumed a significant stake with overall exports amounting to 53.5%. Four other sectors yielding substantial revenue in agricultural exports included forest products (14.4%), sugar-alcohol complex (7%), coffee (3.9%) and meat (8.3%).

According to the celebrated entrepreneur, the Asian region specifically China wielded immense power and served as the prime destination for Brazilian exports for the last financial year. Suffice to say, shipments mainly consisted of cellulose and soybeans. China aside, the European Union has consistently developed to not only become an economic powerhouse but also the second largest destination market for Brazilian agro products. As a testament to their economic potential, the European Union spent a whopping $94.70 million from soybean meals and a substantial $60.36 million from orange juice.

Market Estimates

According to verified statistics from the Brazilian Supply Company, improved trade balances elevated the external soybean sales. With soybean production expected to peak at 119 million tons, which represents a 4.2% on the previous yield, the Brazilian economy is undoubtedly poised for significant growth.

Flavio Maluf reiterates that Brazil had shipped a whopping 46.27 million tons of soybean grains and generated a subsequent $18.43 billion. At 5.2% increment, the average prices spoke volumes about the improved value and quantity.

Flavio Maluf in Brief

Flavio Maluf currently serves as the President and CEO of Eucatex, a leading enterprise specializing in the supply of skirting boards, vinyl floors, panels, and doors. Uniquely crafted from eucalyptus fiber, the company has pulled all the stops to deliver unrivaled products and services to its diverse clientele. Mr. Maluf also spends ample time serving as GrandFood Group’s President and boasts an exceptional resume including leadership posts at Citicorp and Golden Feeds.

Learn more:,21991ecd7b49587604a2d972ecada3b6lz1vsqwr.html


Infinity Group Australia Makes Big Splash With AFR Award.

If you own or operate a business in Australia or New Zealand, you know how incredible it is to make the Australian Financial Review’s publication. With an outreach of over a million readers, the AFR award section holds a lot of sway in the business industry. Infinity Group Australia most recently made their list of the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies for the first time ever and, as expected, they are ecstatic about being included. What makes Infinity Group Australia special? What put them over the top in order to make the AFR’s annual list? Let’s find out!


Infinity Group Australia was co-founded by Graeme Holm and Rebecca Walker back in 2013. Their goal with Infinity Group Australia was simple and directed straight at the Australian community. Holm and Walker wanted to use Infinity Group Australia in order to give Australians who were struggling to live paycheck-to-paycheck the kind of financial coaching that they needed in order to engage in meaningful debt reduction that could progress longterm in order to help them out. From the beginning, Holm and Walker worked hard to spread their business and now it is being made abundantly clear that they have succeeded. Learn more:


The Australian Financial Review releases an annual list of the 100 companies that they believe are bringing the most innovation and impact to their part of the world. Of the thousands of businesses that try to make the list, only 100 ever get selected. Holm’s Infinity Group Australia would end up ranking in at #58 which puts them at the top of the top of all businesses operating in the region. Infinity Group Australia was selected not only for their impact on the local community but also for their company culture and the meaningful way that they connected with their clients.


After just five years in operation, Infinity Group Australia is already making headlines across the nation. While much of their growth has been natural, more of it comes from the pure hard work being put in by Holm and Walker themselves. Holm specifically has come into his own in the business after spending more than 15 years working in the banking world. While working in the financial sector in the banking world, Holm came to realize that many Australians needed more help than their local banks and loan officers were willing to give them and this became the inspiration for the establishment of Infinity Group Australia.