Read About Shervin Pishevar’s February 2018 Tweetstorm Right Here, Right Now – Even If You Already Have

Shervin Pishevar is a popular investor based in California known for his involvement in Uber, Virgin Hyperloop One, Freewebs, as well as WebOS and Sherpa Capital, a digital blog publication network and investment management firm, respectively, both of which he founded without any outside help.

Though Shervin Pishevar isn’t as popular or well-accomplished as Warren Buffett – who is that astronomically successful, anyway? – the venture capitalist is known around the cultures of United States commerce, domestic financial instrument exchanges, and recent tech startups as a successful participant in such fields. The single father has raised many millions of dollars for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the pair’s three total large-scale presidential campaigns for Obama’s two consecutive bids in 2008 and 2012, as well as Clinton’s and the Democratic National Committee’s shot at United States presidency.

Further, most people aren’t aware that Shervin Pishevar advocated for free, untethered, open use of the World Wide Web across Egypt in early 2017 immediately after the Middle Eastern, pyramid-hosting country’s government effectively shut down the use of the Internet by both lifelong citizens and transient residents within the nation. He created the nonprofit organization Open Mesh Project that has since facilitated Internet access across the country by transforming Egyptians’ laptops, desktops, and other modern tech devices into routers, creating a network or “mesh” of points of access to the Internet.

Shervin Pishevar’s infamous, largely-accurate February 2018 tweetstorm has also gained the finance-cum-tech guru popularity. Here are a few noteworthy tweets the intelligent-minded tirade published over 24-odd hours contained.

Pishevar shared in his 19th tweet that that bond market would rally soon before failing due to global trade concerns stemming from the Trump administration’s threats to China, Canada, Mexico, and virtually every other country.

In the investor’s first tweet, Mr. Pishevar predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock index would drop some 6,000 points throughout 2018. Though it didn’t drop that much – only roughly 2,700 points – 2018 is only halfway done.

He also claimed that “while we build [physical and cultural] walls to keep out immigrant talent,” such brainiacs don’t have to come to the United States anymore to become successful, effectively lowering the relative performance of the United States’ economy in respect to other nations’.

How a Financial Advisor can Help You Plan for Your Long-Term Financial Plan

At any age, you might be having a decent job, but you are not where you desire financially. If you look at your retirement, instead of seeing travel plans, you see lots of unpaid medical bills and property that are pending foreclosure. It is easy to give up at this particular point in time because you never implemented investing or saving plans that could help you live the ultimate dream.


Life expectancy is expanding rapidly, and saving, planning and investing can be beneficial in the future. For instance, if a 50-year-old man decided to work until the age of 70, and starts to invest in his 50’s, then the individual has 20 years to grow the mustard seed. The money that is saved and invested can supplement the medical bills and other governmental benefits.


So how can a financial institution like Infinity Group Australia help in creating a long-term financial plan for people?


Analyze your current situation


Infinity Group Australia will help you to get an accurate picture of your financial status which will help to see you through the entire process of planning your financial goals. Your current income will be determined when you sit down with a personal advisor to help you figure out your income & expenses, calculate your projected and current net worth, establish an emergency fund, and evaluate how your finances can be impacted by life events.


Plan for retirement


Identifying your retirement plans and making the right steps to achieve them are important to your financial plan. When you consult a financial advisor like Infinity Group, you will be helped to have an estimation of your retirement income and expenses, project the retirement savings and identify the options for retirement funds distribution and maximize the retirement income.


Financial protection


When you identify and close the gaps in the safety net of your finances, you will make sure that you are ready for any events in life. Life takes different turns; you can be retrenched, you can be involved in an accident, or even suffer from an unexpected illness. When you strategize with a financial advisor, you can discuss how disability insurance, life insurance and other products that can protect you from the surprises that life offers.




Infinity Group Australia reviews can help you see how Australians are benefiting from the detailed investment strategy that is helping them plan for their long-term financial plans. A financial advisor can help you assess the risk tolerance you have, and begin to help you design a tailor-made investment strategy that can help you get to your goal.


In summary, Infinity Group Australia reviews and reviews from other financial companies can help you pick a partner who can help you plan for a long-term financial plan.


Talk Fusion Giving More Power to Businesses to Realize their Marketing Goals

If you want to make sure that your company doesn’t bow down to the competition in the market, you have to update your marketing efforts constantly. One of the companies that have been providing revolutionary and unique video marketing products for over a decade is Talk Fusion. The company has been able to expand its operations in over 140 countries in a very short period, and its strength continues to increase at a rapid pace globally in terms of revenue, product inventory, market share, and company’s reputation. The clients of Talk Fusion believes that it has some of the most effective video marketing products that can boost the marketing campaigns in a very efficient manner without burning a hole in the pocket. The different features allow them to create a campaign that not just look good but is effective too.


Talk Fusion started its operations in the year 2007 on a small scale, but today it has grown tremendously and has a turnover of millions of dollars. Bob Reina founded the company in order to use technology to device marketing products that would have better outreach than the conventional marketing products and would cost much less. Talk Fusion’s products are applauded as well as used globally, and it continues to dominate the world of video marketing. The video marketing has become one of the most important forms of marketing in today’s date, especially with the world of social marketing become as big as it has become in the past few years. More and more companies are diverting their marketing budget to video marketing online on platforms like Facebook, Youtube, and much more. Learn more:


If your company is struggling to take place in its sector and you want to try something different to reach out to more customers, then maybe you should start by using the basic video marketing solutions offered by Talk Fusion. One of the most important products that Talk Fusion offers and is very popular among the clients is video e-mail. It also recently announced the launch of the video chat application named Fusion on the Go. The app can be used not just to hold meetings but also send high-quality videos to the others. You can either upload an already created video or create a live video to be sent to different people. There are many different attractive templates to be chosen from where specific details can also be added.


Anil Chaturvedi and His Superb Banking Experience That Shaped Hinduja Bank Switzerland

There are many challenges and adversities that confront Anil Chaturvedi as a seasoned banker for private banking needs of his clients, and it’s inspiring to know that he’s able to perform all his roles with excellent results and an impressive level of reliability. One of the biggest achievements right now under the name of Anil Chaturvedi is the fact that he’s the Managing Director in Private Banking for the well-established bank Hinduja Bank Switzerland.

With the leadership of Anil Chaturvedi, Hinduja Bank Switzerland has built a consistent, reliable and impressive record in delivering business results that satisfy any client’s specific banking need. In fact, without Mr. Anil’s leadership, it may be hard or unlikely for Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd to arrive at its leading position in the world of private banking, investments, and business consultancy.

The Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd is a finance company that was established and founded last 1978, and it is a bank regulated by the Swiss in 1994. Its main headquarters is in Geneva, with its network of banks to be found in Switzerland, Zurich, , and Basle. There are also networks of the bank to be found in London, Paris and New York. The strengths of the company include advising expertise for mergers, acquisitions and emerging markets.

We should also cite here that Mr Anil’s work for the bank may have led the company to be considered as a reliable source for many of the developments in global finance. In a report from the official website of Hinduja Bank, we can even read the expert assessment they have over various important events in the world of banking, including the performance of Tata Teleservices, Tata Group, and the global publishing firm Pearson.

It is also relevant to include here that the leadership Anil Chaturvedi offers for the bank may be rooted in the formative education he had from Meerut University in 1971, a prime university in India. Secondly, we could say here that the Masters Education that he had at the Delhi School of Economics is also the reason why his expertise is always sought by many different companies today.

Jeunesse Global Day-to-Day Beauty Regimen

Start your day off the right way with AM Essentials, a powerful daytime supplement containing important vitamins and minerals. This supplement contains proprietary blends that give your body and mind the necessary tools for clarity and focus. PM Essentials offers proprietary blends, minerals and vitamins that work together to help your body recover from the day, so you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. AM & PM Essentials work together to help maintain a healthy immune system, regulate your body’s biorhythm for enhanced sleep, assist with proper cell function and help protect against free radical damage.

M1ND, which is inspired by Eastern medicine, is a dietary supplement. It contains CERA-Q—designed to enhance memory—and L-theanine, which may assist with reducing mental distractions. Whether you’re focused on your career, education or want better cognitive function in day-to-day life, this supplement may help you remember names and important information, enhance your attention span, increase clarity of thought and allow you to concentrate more readily.

Improve your appearance in minutes with Instantly Ageless. This product reduces the appearance of fine lines, under-eye bags, wrinkles and pores in only two minutes. The results last for six to nine hours, allowing you to look your very best while at work or socializing. Using a specially designed micro cream, this product focuses on areas with lost elasticity and reveals toned, lifted skin with results that you can see quickly. For the best results, apply this product to your forehead, eyebrows, below your eyebrows and on your facial pores.

For the ultimate in mind and body rejuvenation, the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) contains the previously mentioned products, along with six more products.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis created Jeunesse with the goal of spreading high-quality youth enhancement products with the world. The company began on 09/09/2009 at 9:00 p.m., as the number nine represents longevity and the founders’ desire to excel. By creating an innovative compensation plan, Jeunesse utilizes the power of the direct selling industry to help spread its products, along with providing support and training. The company’s goal is to make a lasting change in people’s lives, and currently, thousands of people are working together across the globe to help others while reaching their full potential.

Talk Fusion Upgrades Its Fusion On The Go App

discovered that a video couldn’t be attached to an email. Seeing the need for such capability, Mr. Reina enlisted the help of Dr. Jonathan Chen and Talk Fusion’s first product Video Email was born.


Based in Brandon Florida and operating in 140 countries Talk Fusion provides video marketing solutions to businesses. Some of the company’s products are also useful to non-business users. Globally, Talk Fusion has more than 100,000 customers.


Recently, Talk Fusion upgraded its Fusion On The Go app. Using the iOS7 operating system the app can be downloaded to various Apple devices. At a minimum, those with Android-powered devices need to have the 4.4.3 operating system. The app will work with newer Android systems.


The new features include being able to set-up a chat room in a specific country using any desktop or mobile device to conduct video calls internationally. Multiple party chats are possible. Private “meeting rooms” can be established and stored for later use. You can discover which friends or business contacts are online at any given moment.


For all the features and capabilities of the app, it is designed to be extremely user-friendly. Add on features are available so that each user can tailor the app to their needs.


Other recently added features include the ability to store conversations should you need to refer to them later and unlimited messaging. Talk Fusion does not supplement its revenue stream by selling advertising space on this app.


The video quality is quite good. The unsteadiness and blurriness that have plagued such videos in the past are minimal. Templates and editing are available to enhance production quality.


New or archived videos can be sent using the app. Private users can establish a shared link with their kith and kin. This makes it possible to chat with friends and family anytime, any place, using mobile or desktop devices.


Using Talk Fusion products supports the company’s good works. Their premier product is donated to charities around the world to help with their promotional and fundraising efforts. Learn more:

Talk Fusion Redefining the Marketing Business and Strategies

For people who are struggling to make a solid marketing plan, integrating video marketing into their marketing campaign can make a huge difference. Talk Fusion is a company that has excelled in this department and is one of the most important companies in the field of the market for last many years. Talk Fusion was founded in the year 2007 by a regular police officer named Bob Reina, who was also involved with multi-level marketing. In due course, Talk Fusion became one of the most influential video marketing firms in the business. Bob Reina is one of the most talked about marketing experts in the industry today and is also a contributing author to many leading online news publications.


Talk Fusion spends a lot each year on their technology as well as developing new technologies and research and development. Bob Reina believes that the only way any company can stay ahead and at the top of their game is through research and development, and thus, leaves no stone unturned to ensure that their products and services are the best in the business. Moreover, the customer service of Talk Fusion is second to none and has helped many companies achieve their business goals through the company’s efficient video marketing products. One of the products of Talk Fusion that has been highly popular with the consumers is the video e-mail.


Bob Reina says that between an e-mail that just contains words and another e-mail with words along with an embedded personalized video, it is without a doubt that the one with the video would be more impactful on the target audience. Talk Fusion is in the process of continually developing new products and services, and one of the products that the company has recently launched is the Fusion on the Go video chat app. It is a highly useful app that is meant to be used by the people to connect with their friends and family members and can also be scaled to be used by professionals. The features of the Fusion on the Go are convenient for people, and multiple users can join the video chat started in the app.


Talk Fusion is a company that has a presence in more than 140 countries, and its wings have been expanding to many new territories in the last few years under the leadership of Bob Reina. He believes that the products and services of the company are redefining the marketing business completely. Learn more:


Some Forex Trading Lessons with AvaTrade

Trading involves the exchange of goods and services. Traditionally, trade was an exchange between goods for others. Later on, money was introduced and the traders exchange their goods for money. Trade became a global affair and that necessitated the need for exchanges of the currencies of the countries involved. The form of trade which involves currencies is called forex trading. The practice is gaining in all parts of the world including some countries that have been regarded as less developed in the past. The value of the currencies varies according to the environment in a specific country.

Various firms identified the opportunities and started forex brokerage firms. AvaTrade is one such firms that was started and has been in operation for more than a decade. The firm has recorded an impressive growth and has become one of the largest forex brokerage firms in the world. There are several firms that offer the brokerage services, however, a trader should be cautious in deciding the best firm to trade with, the trader should choose a brokerage firm that is regulated by a reputable authority. Some brokerage firms that lack proper regulation are likely to engage in unethical business that may have a negative impact on the trader.

AvaTrade review offers diverse services and at competitive fees as compared to some competitors. The traders get the value for their money. The success of the company can be attributed to it’s ability to offer quality services at competitive fees as pricing is an important aspect of marketing. The firm offers a wide range of instruments that a trader can use, the diversity of the instruments has attracted a lot of investors into the firm. One of the most exciting features about AvaTrade is that the investors can do their trading through various platforms which are easily accessible. A firm that wishes to grow in financially and in terms of operations should embrace diversity, AvaTrade has a client support team that can assist traders in their various native languages. The feature is an indication that the firm values its customers and recognizes them as an important part of the organization.

Full Avatrade review:

Infinity Group Australia’s Astounding Financial Services to Australians

Infinity Group Australia was developed to assist Australians to create wealth, minimize their debts, and secure their future financially. The company is a credit subsidiary of Vow Financial Pty Ltd. It was founded by Graeme Holm to help Australians with their financial issues. The company specializes on offering debt deduction, wealth creation, and retirement solutions to their clients in Australia. Infinity Group also conducts financial health test for their clients. The analysis provides the clients with credible and reliable information concerning their financial status.


For many years, Australians have been receiving raw deals with many financial institutions in the country. The institutions often talk about providing loans at lower rates and helping families financially but they do not talk about reducing debts. The mission of Infinity Group Australia is to help their clients eliminate debt. The company provides a unique debt reduction program which assists clients in paying and reducing the debts. They have guided many people through the process of clearing all debts in half the time. Infinity Group Australia has additional debt consolidation programs that assist clients in getting back to their feet financially after clearing all their debts. The debt reduction program is effective in reducing and stopping the growth of debt.


Many Australians have been unable to create genuine wealth because of the higher rates of bills and mortgages that they are required to pay on a regular basis. Infinity Group Australia advices its clients to invest their money wisely on profitable business venture and assets. The company ensures that the assets of its clients are well taken care of and their investments are yielding profits. Infinity Group Australia monitors these investments and assets on behalf of their clients. The company also helps their clients to review investment options and create wealth using various wealth creation techniques.


Infinity Group Australia helps its clients in coming up with proper retirement solutions. These retirement solutions are often tailored to make the people financially stable after they retire from the jobs. Infinity helps its clients to have retirement solutions amid the high rates of inflations and higher costs of living. Infinity Group ensures that its clients secure themselves a comfortable future in the older days. Many people have secured their future and that of their family using the strategies tailored at the company. In order to advice clients on how to pay off their debts in half the time, Infinity Group requires their clients to conduct a formal review of their financial position which entails a 30 minutes financial health check and an appointment with a wealth strategies at one of the company’s offices. The strategists are proficient in developing property investment plans that put clients in a better position of making money and accumulating wealth. Learn more:


Stream Energy Sets Up Philanthropy Office Stream Cares

When Houston was under nearly five feet of rain, companies from all over the country reached out to help. The recovery effort from Hurricane Harvey helped those affected return to their homes and work to get their lives back on track.

From another city in Texas, Dallas, Stream Energy sent money to the effort and eased charges for customers affected by the storm. This philanthropic effort is common for the company. It has become part of its brand and has led to the foundation of Stream Cares. This new office will coordinate with partners and organize their charitable functions going forward. This won’t just be restricted to financial assistance but also material support and participation from Stream Energy employees.

In the past Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross have worked with Stream Energy to support local endeavors. That network is expected to expand with their new charity, working with more organizations and deepening existing partnerships to help a greater number of Texans.

One partnership that’s been established is with Hope Supply Co. This Dallas charity worked with Stream energy to provide free meals and a day at a water par for more than 1,000 homeless children. The day concluded with the children receiving much needed supplies and financial assistance for their families.

They were also at the forefront of the response to a series of tornadoes that devastated Texas during Christmastime 2016. Partnering with the Salvation Army, they were able to raise thousands of dollars to help people get back into their homes and for smaller businesses to get back to servicing their communities.

Kimberly Girard, now in the Senior Event Manager position for the new office, said in a recent statement that their new philanthropic efforts are meant to change the lives of many. Charity has always been at the heart of the company, but now they’ll have the opportunity to strategically give back in ways that gives associates a greater ability in determining how.

This is notable because of how little the state of Texas actually donates. It actually ranks near the bottom in a list of states that donate and volunteer. Stream Energy is looking to change that trend for their home state and act as an example for the Texas business community.