Shervin Pishevar Choose to Go the Tweet Storm Route

Shervin Pishevar drew the attention of both the media and persons who follow tech news in early 2018. Pishevar went on a 21-hour tweet storm in which the tech entrepreneur presented a series of 140-character rallying cries to warn the public about issues of concern. Pishevar tweeted about dangers in the stock market and cryptocurrency realm. He also warned of the stranglehold the top five big tech companies maintain over the industry. Shervin Pishevar deserved credit for taking the initiative to tell the public about his grave concerns. Was his tweet storm effective though?


An empirical means of measuring the effectiveness of a tweetstorm doesn’t exactly exist. A non-scientific way of examining the efficacy isn’t too difficult to explain. Simply put, Shervin Pishervar would have a chance at impacting some people through his tweeting. Not tweeting wouldn’t reach nor influence anyone. An unexpected element also factored into the tweet storm’s results. The media picked up on his tweets. The tweet storm was even summarized in reports. The reports then allowed audiences far beyond Pishevar’s Twitter followers to read his musings. Within his tweets, Pishevar provided warnings some may find alarming.


Shervin Pishevar feels the stock market won’t continue to thrive. The Dow Jones marched on an upward path to the nearly 27,000-point margin. Such dramatic highs lead some to believe the market’s growth won’t suffer equally dramatic losses. Pishevar disagrees. He feels the Dow may experience a 6.000-point decline. His counterview to all the extreme optimism might be worth pondering.


Piahevar also sees Bitcoin as losing a lot in value. Enthusiasm over cryptocurrency investing may be a bit inflated. The futuristic aspects of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthrall many, but enthrallment shouldn’t come with ignorance of reality. Cryptocurrency trading is risky.



A rose-colored glasses approach towards the tech industry might not be realistic either. Shervin Pishevar sees a lot wrong with the concentration of power among the top five companies. He believes an anti-trust action may prove beneficial to the tech industry as a whole.


Some may wonder why Pishevar chose to employ a tweet storm to get his points across. Perhaps he understood his message has a greater chance of effective delivery this way.

Flavio Maluf: How Brazil Has Cemented Its Status as a Formidable Force to Reckon with in the Grain Producing Industry

Flavio Maluf recently grabbed the headlines after offering his exceptional insight regarding Brazil’s economy. According to the seasoned entrepreneur, agribusiness results released by the Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture for the month of June signified a 0.7% decrease compared to last year’s results. While the exports figures topped a whopping $9.21 billion, for both months in subsequent years, the agricultural sector depicted a substantial 45.65 % of the nation’s total foreign sales.

Alternatively, imports posted impressive growth to peak at $1.04 billion in June 2018 which represented a minimal decline by 10.1% over the same period last year. Flavio Maluf insists that such results painted a stark picture regarding frequent balances of trades culminating to $8.17 billion. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

A Breakdown of Individual Commodity Performance

In essence, the total exports in the Brazilian agribusiness industry consumed a significant stake with overall exports amounting to 53.5%. Four other sectors yielding substantial revenue in agricultural exports included forest products (14.4%), sugar-alcohol complex (7%), coffee (3.9%) and meat (8.3%).

According to the celebrated entrepreneur, the Asian region specifically China wielded immense power and served as the prime destination for Brazilian exports for the last financial year. Suffice to say, shipments mainly consisted of cellulose and soybeans. China aside, the European Union has consistently developed to not only become an economic powerhouse but also the second largest destination market for Brazilian agro products. As a testament to their economic potential, the European Union spent a whopping $94.70 million from soybean meals and a substantial $60.36 million from orange juice.

Market Estimates

According to verified statistics from the Brazilian Supply Company, improved trade balances elevated the external soybean sales. With soybean production expected to peak at 119 million tons, which represents a 4.2% on the previous yield, the Brazilian economy is undoubtedly poised for significant growth.

Flavio Maluf reiterates that Brazil had shipped a whopping 46.27 million tons of soybean grains and generated a subsequent $18.43 billion. At 5.2% increment, the average prices spoke volumes about the improved value and quantity.

Flavio Maluf in Brief

Flavio Maluf currently serves as the President and CEO of Eucatex, a leading enterprise specializing in the supply of skirting boards, vinyl floors, panels, and doors. Uniquely crafted from eucalyptus fiber, the company has pulled all the stops to deliver unrivaled products and services to its diverse clientele. Mr. Maluf also spends ample time serving as GrandFood Group’s President and boasts an exceptional resume including leadership posts at Citicorp and Golden Feeds.

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Entrepreneur Jason Hope Sees Future Without Aging

Entrepreneur Jason Hope has drawn a lot of attention recently for his views on a variety of matters including modern technology and the Internet of Things. But it is the views he has in regards to another topic of discussion that has the eyes of many riveted in his direction.

Conventional wisdom has suggested that aging and the associated diseases are a primary fact of life to be endured until the death o fan individual. But this long-held belief is being seriously challenged by scientists at the SENS Foundation practicing a new form of medicine known as rejuvenation biotechnologies. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

Jason Hope explains that this new anti-aging technology is not just about individuals seeking to live forever but is more about living a longer, healthier, and more productive life.

Hope, who is known for his philanthropical passions, has pledged his support to the SENS Foundation since 2010 when he donated half a million dollars to the organization to construct a new laboratory that is located in Cambridge, England. Hope has provided the organization with more than a $1 million to the organization since to support their efforts at defeating the effects of aging.

The last two letters of the acronym SENS refers to the term ‘negligible senescence’ and describes an absence of aging symptoms. This trait has been observed in animals such as tortoises, who unlike the majority of species present on the planet do not become more likely to die due to aging.

The human species, however, has been observed to break down over time as the metabolic workings needed to survive eventually work to wear down the body and cause an increase in disease vulnerability. This is why afflictions such as Parkinson’s Disease and heart disease are referred to as being age-related.

Jason Hope and other believers in rejuvenation technology feel that the modern medical approach of treating individual diseases as they occur should be replaced with an emphasis on preventive techniques that will enable a human being to live a long, disease-free life.

Jason Hope has been joined by a number of prominent investors in assuring that the progress of SEN and other organizations continue this important work in rejuvenation biotechnologies. Read more:


Nick Vertucci: The Past Does not Decide Your Future

Nick Vertucci had a difficult childhood, but this did not deter his success as an adult. After losing his father at the age of ten years, Nick’s life was never the same. Life became difficult for Nick and her mother. She worked hard to replace the void left by her husband. Despite the effort of her mother, life did not become any easier as it would have been with his father present. Nick’s young adult life was terrible until he decided to turn it around.

Nick Vertucci started with a small business of selling computer parts. The business thrived, and Nick enjoyed the freedom of self-employment. Unfortunately, the year 2008 experienced a recession. It affected Nick’s business, and he lost it. At this point, Nick was supporting a family of five, and the only thing he had was his home. One day a friend invited him to a real estate seminar, and he was glad to attend it.

The seminar inspired Nick Vertucci to start a business in real estate and today; he is a millionaire. The knowledge Nick acquired in his real estate business is not just his. He started an academy that trains people to invest in real estate. Nick and his companies have helped people who have invested in real estate, and they are thriving.

Looking back at his life, Nick Vertucci realized that your past does not determine your future. At one point or another in Nick’s life, he was depressed, miserable and desperate. The situation changed, and now Nick is a mogul in the real estate business. Additionally, he has succeeded and helped others to do so. Back in the initial beginnings, Nick Vertucci may not have thought or believed he would be who he is. In fact, he almost did not go to the seminar that inspired his present success.

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Sahm Adrangi; a Leading Investment Manager’s Advice

Every market changes now and then due to various factors. The stock market changes daily and investors do much research to ensure they avoid losses. The purpose of researching is to ensure they invest in companies that have great ideas and have great impact. They target companies with low share value and expected to go up soon. As a result, they make huge profits from their investments. Sahm Adrangi is a great investor who has specialized in investment management. Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University where he studied economics.

Currently, Sahm Adrangi is the chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He founded this investment management company in 2009, and it has grown significantly since then. Sahm and Kerrisdale Capital Management are working hard in stock market research. Their primary aim is to help investors acquire information about which stock to buy in the stock market. They also advise investors on the companies to avoid after thorough research. He is an expert in reading the trends of shares value of established and developing companies.

Recently, after thorough research, Sahm Adrangi gave a negative report about QuinStreet, Inc. This is an internet marketing company generating revenue at a high rate from a flawed business model. The business gets revenue from a single client, and its shares value has significantly gone up. Investors see this as an investment opportunity which will produce returns, but Sahm has a different opinion. From his research, this company doesn’t have a good business model and is benefiting from sham web traffic. As a result, its shares will go down soon.

Sahm Adrangi has also given investment tips to other companies to avoid Preteostatis Therapeutics, Inc. The company is developing drugs that are said to treat Cystic Fibrosis. The value of shares of the biopharmaceutical company has gone up, and will go down once the drug is ineffective in treating the disease. Sahm has gained experience in investment management throughout his career. He has worked for Chanin Capital Partners, Longacre Fund Management as well as Deutsche Bank.

Dr. Mark Mckenna Brings Luxury to Cosmetic Procedures

The non-invasive cosmetic surgery industry will soon see its own version of uber that brings the convenience of an app to scheduling procedures and communicating with doctors. This technology is being brought to you by the doctor and entrepreneur Dr. Mark Mckenna. Dr. Mark Mckenna started his newest business venture in the medical industry in 2017 and opened its first retail location in March of 2017. This cosmetic procedure center is known as OVME and it offers a first class experience that feels more like a visit to the spa than a doctor’s office. This is due to the fact that Dr. Mark Mckenna knew to truly create a business that his customers love and want to return to he needed to make sure their experience was the best that it could possibly be.

The location of OVME’s flagship retail medical center is located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta at 3167 Peachtree Road NE but there are plans to expand. Dr. Mark Mckenna would like to see OVME open retail locations in many large cities across the nation. The current set up for this location is set up with 4 different procedure areas that are each designed with every detail in mind as well as a consultation room that is completely private.

Each room is equally beautiful and created with the patient’s comfort in mind. Dr. Mark Mckenna hopes that OVME will make the patients look forward to the experience instead of going into it with apprehension. In the waiting area, patients can either shop OVME’s selection of premium skincare products that will help them get the most out of their procedure or relax and enjoy the scenery that includes a living wall of flowers and other plants.

The OVME center offers many different services such as micro-needling, dermal fillers, DNA guided weight management, Botox, and more. There are also services offered specifically for men such as testosterone replacement therapy and hair loss treatments. At OVME, patients may also sign up for memberships that offer special benefits such as exclusive events, special pricing, and free B-12 shots every week.

Nick Vertucci Thoughts on Business

Nick Vertucci is a successful investor and entrepreneur. He recently spoke at an event about his thoughts on the global economy. He is a passionate investor who has had a ton of success during his career. Not only does he operate a successful company, but he is also a real estate investor.

Nick has not always had success. Early in his career, he struggled to find a job that he enjoyed. He bounced from job to job in search of his passion. He eventually decided to start a company. His first business idea failed, but he learned valuable lessons from the failure.

Learning About Real Estate

Nick Vertucci decided to become a real estate investor because he wanted more financial freedom. At the time, housing prices were much lower than they are today. Nick started to look for real estate properties in his local area. He was having trouble with the entire process, and he sought the advice of a real estate mentor. He was able to learn valuable lessons that prevented massive financial mistakes.

Over time, Nick has been able to develop a massive real estate portfolio. Not only does this portfolio produce monthly income, but it also increases in value each year through price appreciation. Nick Vertucci decided to start a real estate academy for other people willing to learn about investing.

Teaching Others

Nick offers an online format for people who want to learn about real estate investing. Real estate investing is relatively simple. Investors look for properties that can produce positive cash flow. With the strong housing market, it is hard to find homes that are affordable. Nick Vertucci started investing in 2011, and real estate prices were much lower at that time. In the years ahead, Nick Vertucci plans to offer additional products and services to his customers.

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A Tweet Storm By Shervin Pishevar Might Provide The Answers To What Will Happen Next In The World

Looking for signs about what the latest upcoming events in the world are going to be? If you are someone who wants to invest and make profits doing so, this has to be part of what you are thinking about all the time. The better a person is at predicting the future like that, the more they can profit as a result. Someone who is serious about getting the best possible results like this should follow along with the thoughts of people like Shervin Pishevar.

For those who don’t know, Shervin Pishevar is someone who got invested in the likes of Uber and AirBnb early on in the development of those companies. He was in on the ground floor, so he ended up with some of the biggest profits of all from these companies. Shervin Pishevar has been someone who has been followed for his wisdom since that time.

Just earlier this month, he went on what is known as a “tweet storm”. This is when a person tweets out many times in a row about a certain topic or series of topics. In the case of Shervin Pishevar and this particular tweet storm, it went on for twenty-one hours. There were a total of fifty tweets that were included as a part of this, and there was plenty of information in the whole series. See This Page for related information.

It didn’t matter if you knew about Shervin Pishevar ahead of time and admired him already or not, you had to admit that doing that many tweets about one topic is something we can all appreciate. He showed a lot of diligence in doing so.

You can read over his tweets to see what you think about them. He started it all off by talking about how he believes the stock market will fall pretty dramatically in the not so distant future. He followed that up by discussing ways in which Bitcoin is not going to be the safe harbor investment that some had hoped it might be. He just continued on and on from there. His material may be controversial to some people, but it is hard to say that his information is not interesting.

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Real Estate Lessons from Nick Vertucci

People often forget what it is like when they have passed through a hard situation in life. Most people are even so preoccupied with their own lives that they forget to give back and mentor others who are less fortunate than themselves. However, Nick Vertucci stands out as a mentor to many using his NV Real Estate Academy (NVREA) to train people in real estate business. Since 2014, NVREA has been offering some of the best real estate training.

The hand of fate befell him in 2000 when he lost his computer parts selling business following the tech crash that rocked the stock market affecting many businesses in the world. Nick Vertucci valued the job and the convenience that came with being his own boss. The collapse of his business demoralized him since he was not prepared for it and close to 18 months without an income, he was so much in debt. He lost everything except his home.

Towards 2004, a friend invited him to a three days-extensive real estate seminar after which his heart developed an interest in the industry. It was at this point that Nick Vertucci sought some investing power, and although he was millions in debt following the collapse of his tech business. Steadily acquiring a door at a time, he invested in single-family rentals by purchasing foreclosures, rehabilitating them before renting and managing them using his turnkey system.

Within ten years of business, marketing them through radio shows such as his own “The Real Estate Investing Hour” he started flourishing and becoming financially free. His philosophy for actualizing ideas includes four steps. Seeing it, believing it, mapping it, and finally executing it. Nick Vertucci advice to budding entrepreneur is that they should be ready for dynamics in market changes and be willing to change and evolve, as well as building on their experience.

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Siteline Cabinetry the Premium Solution for Quality Designs

Siteline cabinetry is a unique brand specializing in cabinet designs. Their products are built in styles to fit any interior setup including bathrooms, offices, and kitchens. Its products are prioritized for quality, durability, value pricing and design customization.


Siteline products are based on clients order description. Most of its products are built of solid wood, veneers, and particleboards.Cabinets range in design from traditional to contemporary.

The brand offers a wide range of finishing options. It provides a finishing variety of stains, laminates, paints, and wraps. Clients are not also limited to choices in terms of color preference, wood species, and drawers. In addition, it offers a multiple choice of door styles.


The brand manufactures its products in America. The main reason towards settling in this area was the presence of experienced workers. Production of quality products is enhanced by the use of the latest manufacturing machines. This enhances the safety of staff members and workers. It also fastens the production and ordering system as the process is fully computerized.


In most occasions, Siteline products are used in finishing and remodeling projects. The company is well organized to handle these tasks within a short period of time. This is dependant on the high qualification of its staff. The company is flexible enough to deliver its products in long lead times within a short time of 28 – 35 days.

Siteline provides its clients with a limited lifetime warranty guarantee. It fixes and replaces defective products. This offer is enjoyed by the original owner.

The company does not sell directly to the public. It sells exclusively to businesses specializing in design such as construction, designers, and home remodelers. The products can then be customized from the resellers in terms of appearances and functionality.

Siteline Cabinetry also gives you design solutions to your storage areas. This cabinetry transformation can extend to your closet and laundry space. Siteline, therefore, gives you a style that reflects your personality and taste in terms of color, texture and finish design. This in response makes your space aesthetically pleasing.

Therefore, as the world revolutionalizes, Siteline cabinetry helps you keep up with the trends. It has its largest inspiration from nature. In response, it produces nature-inspired colors and finishes with a sense of comfort and serenity.