IDLife and Customized Sports Nutrition

If you’re someone who is serious about their workouts, serious about nutrition and is above all else, serious about seeing results, IDLife may be just what you’ve been looking for. If you’re unfamiliar with IDLife, it is a health and wellness company that prides themselves on being able to offer consumers a unique personalized nutrition system, that is not only an adjunction to their training regimen but is also delicious. Founded in 2014, IDLife is a purveyor of protein shakes, as well as energy and hydration products designed for those who are serious about living a healthy lifestyle. The company’s name, IDLife, is an acronym for “Individually Designed Life.” It is a name that connotes empowerment and encourages consumers to become the captain of their own destiny, as it relates to their health.

So, what makes IDLife nutrition different from their competitors? IDLife supplements can be tailored to complement your unique nutritional needs, which is determined once customers take a completely free IDNutrition health assessment. The result of this health assessment will enable IDLife to recommend products that fit your unique profile, based on your health goals, age, sex, health condition, and much more. In addition, IDLife’s product line is comprised of the highest quality ingredients; for example, their protein shakes are made from 23 grams of grass-fed, 100 percent cold-filtered whey protein, which helps build lean muscle while simultaneously boosting metabolism.

IDLife products also include energy and hydration products; the company’s energy products are available in chewable, powder, and liquid formulations. IDLife energy is designed to be time-released, which means not only will you get an immediate boost of energy you will also benefit from sustained energy releases throughout the day. If you’re someone who partakes in very strenuous workouts, you can appreciate the importance of hydration. Fortunately, IDLife also carries a delicious sports powder, which is the perfect way to replenish electrolytes and vitamins loss as you sweat through your toughest workouts.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or simply be a healthier version of yourself, IDLife has the products to help you reach your goals.

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Aloha Construction Breathing Life to the Illinois Community

Aloha Construction, a local construction company servicing residents of Wisconsin and Illinois has seen a rapid growth over the last couple of years. The family-owned company boasts of an excellent team of field supervisors, installers, inspectors and office team that has worked together to complete over 7,000 projects. Today, Aloha stands alone in offering intelligent, safe, and customer satisfying services in the construction industry.

As if not enough, the firm is aimed at maintaining unmatched integrity, honesty, professionalism and fair relationship with its sub-contractors, suppliers, company agents, insurance adjusters and most importantly, its consumers. Timeliness, keenness to details, and quality are among the key pillars that this firm, leverage on to keep their customers happy with their services.

David Farbaky

Dave Farbaky is the CEO and president of Aloha Construction. The 46-year-old Lake Zurich resident is responsible for leading the family-owned, managed and operated firm towards achieving its mission. Apart from managing Aloha, Dave is also a philanthropist. Through his foundation, Dave Farbaky Foundation, he reaches the less fortunate in the society especially children through shopping sprees in the community.

Services Offered

At Aloha Construction, all your home repair requirements are covered. The firm is readily available and handles repairs of all types including damage by natural disasters. Whether you need renovations, simple repairs or upgrading your home, Aloha will handle this with industry leading professionalism. The all-rounded construction company will attend to several areas of your home including windows, sides, gutters, and roofs among other repair services.

Aloha Construction in Brief

Aloha Constructions is a family-owned general construction firm offering services to residents of Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The company has its headquarters at Lake Zurich, Illinois. Through this office, the company can serve residents of DuPage, Lake, Cook, and McHenry counties. The firm also has another office at Bloomington, which serves McClean, Tazewell, Peoria, Champaign and Washington counties. The company has completed over 18,000 projects in Illinois.

Aside from general construction, the industry leader actively participates in charitable activities in the community. Through the Dave Farbaky Foundation, Aloha Constructions reaches to the children of the community each year to buy toys and dollies, which cannot be afforded by many parents in Illinois. As a result, the firm is highly appreciated by the local community, a factor that has contributed to the fast growth rate of the company.

Tony Petrello Blends Both Leadership and Charity Successfully

Anthony Petrello grew up in Newark where he lived for most of his childhood. He was an excellent math student and this earned him a scholarship to study mathematics related courses at Yale’s University alongside a mentor, Serge Lang. He later had a change of heart and joined Harvard School of Law for a Juris Doctor.

He started his career at Baker & McKenzie where he worked majorly for departments dealing with business and taxation law. Thereafter, he got the opportunity to serve at Nabor Industries as a corporate attorney and chief operating officer of the company. He later was promoted to a higher position of leadership as the president of the company. During his regime, he was committed to building the company and working towards its goals so as to ensure the success of its operations. By so doing, he helped the company acquire ownership of Grace Drilling law firm through excellent bidding of shares. In addition, the company also had another company, Superior Well Services under its wings and this took place years after the $32 million purchase of Grace Grilling.

In 2011, Tony Petrello was appointed the CEO of Nabor Industries and later nominated by the board and the company’s executive committee as their chairman. His leadership at Nabor’s Industries was all rounded and he ensured that the growth that the company experienced was proportional to all its departments. Even amidst competition that other companies posed against his company, he always worked tirelessly with an unwavering commitment to ensuring that the company’s name remains top notch.

Apart from business, Tony also gets involved in giving back to the society. One of his charitable works is his $5 million donation to Texas Children’s Hospital that is involved in pediatric an neurological research with hope of finding a cure for kids suffering from cerebral palsy and other neurological disorders. What really inspired him most was the fact that his only daughter also suffered the same condition at birth. This also attracted his wife into extending a helping hand to these helpless children. The money that the couple donated was used mostly in research which was most of the time spearheaded by Tony Petrello. Some of the money was used in building more facilities at Texas Children’s Hospital so as to accommodate as many kids who have the same condition.

With great achievements and the massive success of his company and great progress in generous giving towards saving lives of vulnerable children, Tony Petrello is the man that every society needs.

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Louis Chenevert Career in UTC and Beyond

 Louis has had more than a decade of success while working at St. Therese Production as its manager and a stint at General Motors in a similar capacity. He has also worked at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as the company’s chairman and chief executive. Chenevert is a French Canadian who studied production management at ‘Universite de Montreal’.

The Road to UTC

Chenevert before working for UTC had worked at General Motors for more than ten years. He later joint Pratt & Whitney, a business affiliated with ‘United Technologies Corporation’. He worked at ‘Pratt & Whitney for six years a period that saw him elected to the presidency of the company in 1999. At the helm of ‘Pratt & Whitney he served for close to a decade before he was elected to head UTC as both its chief executive and president.

While at the helm of the company, Louis was able to negotiate an acquisition deal of approximately $18.4 billion with Goodrich. Louis was quick to mop up after Rolls-Royce and other companies declined overtures to manufacture alternative engines for the Air Force. Pratt & Whitney presented itself and hence became the only supplier of F-35 engines to the US administration.

Human Resource

During his UTC days, Chenevert was keen on investing in human resource. Through the ‘Employee Scholar Program’, he ensured that employees were able to better their skills and hence serve the company better. Although he was all for investment in the right technologies, he also stressed that investment in people would take the company even further.

Departure from UTC

In late 2014, Chenevert left UTC after he resigned as chairperson and chief executive. Chenevert soon received an appointment to the Goldman Sachs’s division of merchant banking. He now serves as exclusive advisor. His stellar performance at UTC continues to be enjoyed as the company still enjoys competitive advantage in the market.


At the helm of UTC, Chenevert was inclined towards technological investments as well as investments in human resource. He would pick projects that would be able to propel the company further ahead in the industry. Upon picking a project, he would rally his staff behind the project until it succeeded for the company.


Eric Pulier The Technological Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier is one of the entrepreneurs who have enough trajectory energy to reach the sky. His innovations in technology make him fit in this category of entrepreneurs. As an entrepreneur, public speaker, technologist, philanthropist, columnist, author, financial sponsor and originator of many companies, Eric Pulier’s stunning achievements have made him very famous.

On the Mall in Washington, D.C., his concept for the display portrayed the role in entertainment, manufacturing, and education to name but a few according to Bloomberg. In cloud computing, Eric has won many awards through his success in enterprise technology. He showed signs of innovative tendencies since he was in fourth grade where he developed programming skills. Eric Pulier was interested in technology while others were only interested in other fields like mathematics and grammar. After his graduation from the Harvard University, he turned to technological innovation contrary to his other undergraduate students who focused on American literature and English language. With his magma cum laude degree, he went to Los Angeles for a future in technology.

While in Los Angeles, he started his first venture; People Doing Things in 1991. The organization aimed to promote healthcare and education to mention just but a few through the use of technology. Later on, he founded Digital Evolution which merged with US interactive LLC. Starbright World, ServiceMesh, Media Platform, Desktone, and Atakana were other major startups that Eric Pulier founded. Through Starbright World, Eric explained his dedication to helping the society through contributions and also providing motivation and inspiration. It has helped hospitalized children to communicate through the internet in more than 700 healthcare facilities and hospitals in the United States. His advice to those who want to become entrepreneurs to keep in mind that innovation is for the whole world and everyone should have access to re-invent and maintain the world going. Through his latest innovation named vAtomic systems where he is the CEO, he is pursuing cloud computing where he is developing an asset for mobile devices to ease trading during online transactions and also help in tracking digital products.

Apart from his work in technological developments, Eric Pulier is a prominent philanthropist. He is actively involved in charity activities meant to help the needy in the society. He is particularly involved in helping people with multiple sclerosis conditions learn more about it. Together with others, Eric Pulier created a social media platform called Starbright World. This is a platform through which children suffering from chronic diseases would share their own experience with no interference from the external world.

Achievements of Bob Reina in Video Marketing

In every business that develops, the owner has a driving force and what he or she believes in. According to Bob Reina, for you to prosper in business, you must have a dream. With your vision at hand, you will be willing to chase that dream day and night. Many businesses like online marketing need a lot of trials. But if you have a dream, you will succeed at all costs. That is the trick Bob used to develop Talk Fusion. With his goal, he moved out and explained to people who were close to him.

For any business to grow, you need to sell it to people so that they know what your products and services that you give. Bob believes in the power of advertising using video. Bob states that, if you use a video to advertise, you connect with more people than using any other form of publicity. Some types of videos like video chats allow one to get details about a product or service which is not common to any other form of advertising.

It is a hard job getting your first customer in any business. But Bob Reina states that, if you have an idea, just speak it to anybody who will like to listen to it. Tell them what your business will do and the benefits of being associated with it. Reach out to friends and those people who are close to you. After starting the business, give it time to mature and yield a profit. That will make your dream come true. Learn more:

So, who is this man Bob Reina? Bob is known for many things and big sweet position around him. With more than 20 years in direct selling and marketing, Bob has taken Talk Fusion far. Founded in the year 2007, Talk Fusion is proud to have Bob as its CEO and founder.

Bob Reina is a famous professional who has knowledge in video marketing. He is very innovative, and he has strong commitment power. He believes that anything that people does needs sacrifices. He loves all those who surround him like friends and family. He also enjoys giving back to the community.

Norman Pattiz’s Podcast One Platform Enhancing Businesses

The 21st century has been one era of technological innovation that has seen the revolution of almost everything from transport to communication. The innovations have also impacted positively on the advertising industry. There have been numerous methods, which entrepreneurs have come up with in a bid to make their businesses thrive. One such way is by use of podcasts. A recent survey conducted by Edison Research in partnership with Executive Chairman of Podcast, Norman Pattiz and five other leading brands in all categories from finance to groceries shows how podcast advertising has been useful. The study took place in 2016 for about six months. Norman recently announced the results. They prove that Podcast advertising is the new obsession.

Before the study, only 7% of the listeners knew about a particular grocery brand. At the end of the survey, there was quite a significant increase. For instance, the automobile brand awareness increased by more than 30% while the financial brand had a 47% increase. In the lawn and gardening category, awareness was increased to 22% from a mere 16% while that of a casual dining restaurant rose to 76%. Learn more:

The Edison research company, which leads in conducting surveys on podcasting organizations, says that the results of more than three studies are enough proof that Podcast advertising helps create more impact about brands to their customers in comparison to other channels. The research company further adds that most customers are willing to buy the goods from these brands once they get to hear about them on the podcasts

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a household name when it comes to the creation and implementation of ideas in the broadcasting world. Norman established Westwood one, which is America’s largest network provider of anything news related from sports to traffic programming. That is made possible through its numerous channels such as NFL Football, CBS News, and CNN radio.

Norman is the chief executive officer and founder of Podcast, which has grown to become the biggest ad-supported and on demand digital audio network. Through this platform, businesses can promote their products while artists can create content. He boasts four decades of experience and has been appointed and reappointed by President Clinton and Bush to serve as a member of Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA. Pattiz has been honored severally due to his inventions in the industry as indicated on ( For instance, in 2009 he received the Giants of Broadcasting Award in 2009. Norman is married and currently resides in one of the high-end estates in America, Beverly Hills with his wife.