Siteline Cabinetry the Premium Solution for Quality Designs

Siteline cabinetry is a unique brand specializing in cabinet designs. Their products are built in styles to fit any interior setup including bathrooms, offices, and kitchens. Its products are prioritized for quality, durability, value pricing and design customization.


Siteline products are based on clients order description. Most of its products are built of solid wood, veneers, and particleboards.Cabinets range in design from traditional to contemporary.

The brand offers a wide range of finishing options. It provides a finishing variety of stains, laminates, paints, and wraps. Clients are not also limited to choices in terms of color preference, wood species, and drawers. In addition, it offers a multiple choice of door styles.


The brand manufactures its products in America. The main reason towards settling in this area was the presence of experienced workers. Production of quality products is enhanced by the use of the latest manufacturing machines. This enhances the safety of staff members and workers. It also fastens the production and ordering system as the process is fully computerized.


In most occasions, Siteline products are used in finishing and remodeling projects. The company is well organized to handle these tasks within a short period of time. This is dependant on the high qualification of its staff. The company is flexible enough to deliver its products in long lead times within a short time of 28 – 35 days.

Siteline provides its clients with a limited lifetime warranty guarantee. It fixes and replaces defective products. This offer is enjoyed by the original owner.

The company does not sell directly to the public. It sells exclusively to businesses specializing in design such as construction, designers, and home remodelers. The products can then be customized from the resellers in terms of appearances and functionality.

Siteline Cabinetry also gives you design solutions to your storage areas. This cabinetry transformation can extend to your closet and laundry space. Siteline, therefore, gives you a style that reflects your personality and taste in terms of color, texture and finish design. This in response makes your space aesthetically pleasing.

Therefore, as the world revolutionalizes, Siteline cabinetry helps you keep up with the trends. It has its largest inspiration from nature. In response, it produces nature-inspired colors and finishes with a sense of comfort and serenity.