Francisco Domenech Brings a Wealth of Experience to Politank

Francisco Domenech is a legal counsel and managing partner for Politank, a bipartisan consulting firm that manages public policy for individual business in the wake of governmental affairs. Domenech is also a political advocate, and philanthropist, who serves Democratic interests in Puerto Rico. As a philanthropist he has used Politank to support numerous ventures serving the people of Puerto Rico. He is a supporter of the Museo de Arte de Ponce, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, Clinton Foundation, the Washington Center for Internships, and TASIS Dorado Scholarship fund to name a few. Domenech has served as a campaign manager for both Hillary Clinton and Hon. Jenniffer Gonzalez, represented Puerto Rico in four Democratic National Conventions, and is a member of the Democratic National Committee.

Domenech graduated the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, earnimg a bachelor’s and Juris Doctor in political science. His tenure as a student was a busy one, with Domenech serving in many political stations the breadth of his tenure. He was President of the Student Body Council, Academic Senator for Rio Piedras Academic Senate, and Student Body President of UPR’s College of Social Sciences. His political activity in Puerto Rico leans to the Democratic side. Domenech served as Deputy Campaign Manager for both of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential runs, doing the Senator proud both times with high polls over her caucus opponents. In 2016 he was appointed to Clinton’s National Finance Committee.

Before becoming a part of Poitank Francisco Domenech served in the Legislative services of Puerto Rico. He was the former Director of Legislative Services, managing a workforce, creating accessibly for the handicapped, and facilitating a budget or around $11 million. The Puerto Rican Legislative Assembly is akin to U.S. Congressional Research Service. His previous service was as Chief Legal Counsel for the P.R. Senate President. Domenech represented the Senate’s interests in court, often being present for litigation. He also supervised all counsel work, oversaw outside counsel, and managed federal lobbyists. His work with Politank has helped create a bridge over the gap that currently separates business and government in Puerto Rico.