Why Dr. Clay Siegall is a key Figure in Cancer Therapy

There has been an increase in the number of firms that are undertaking cancer research. Seattle Genetics has nonetheless remained steadfast in its effort to find cure for cancer. The company’s president and CEO, Clay Siegall has particularly been vocal in raising issues about cancer and the innovations that his company has undertaken in its quest to fight the malevolent illness.

Under his leadership, Seattle Genetics has won hearts with for the impressive advancements that it has made towards ensuring that cancer treatment is no longer seen as a pipe dream. The company itself has rapidly grown and this is attested to by the fact that its stock price has tripled within a span of five years. This growth is owed to Siegall who has a firm dedication towards improving the health of cancer patients. He has been at the helm of Seattle Genetics since 2002.

Dr. Siegall in Brief

Dr. Siegall is a renowned personality in biomedical research with over thirty years of experience under his belt. During his impressive career, he has won admiration for his passion towards groundbreaking cancer research whose aim is to unravel therapies for patients. He actively leads research teams at Seattle Genetics. Since co-founding the biotechnology company in 1998, he has worked tirelessly to ensure that it advances world-class products that will benefit cancer patients for years to come.

Clay earned his doctorate in genetics at the George Washington University. Since making forays into the field of cancer research, he has carved a hugely successful career for himself. He has also won numerous personal and professional accomplishments for his work. His research career begun at Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute where he was a senior research investigator. His diligence, enthusiasm, and dedication saw him become chief scientist at the firm. Later on, he moved to the National Cancer Institute where he was a biotechnology fellow and staff fellow.

Dr. Siegall owes his success to the supporting cast that he has had around him for much of his career. He concedes that scientific research is about teamwork. He mainly focuses on research that banks on cutting-edge developments. The passion that he has towards his work has seen him mold Seattle Genetics into the ultimate industry leader in cancer research.