The Nick Vertucci Real Estate Game Plan

If you are interested in buying properties there are a number of possibilities for you to look into. You want to put yourself in a place where you will be able to fix up one home, sell it and move on to the next. This is what the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy is able to do. Nick and his team of employees can help you find out the necessary steps that you need to go through in order to build up a home and get it sold for a profit.

The real estate concept is popular because there are a lot of HGTV shows that are discussing the topic of fixing up homes. This has become sort of a DIY type of environment where you learn how to engage in fixing up a home yourself. This is part of what Nick Vertucci talks about to people that are looking for short sales and foreclosures as potential homes that they can purchase.

Everyone that is looking at the real estate does not always have the money to afford these homes even if some of these properties are foreclosed. What Nick Vertucci does is help people see that there are options that they have for getting bank loans.

Sometimes this will require going to multiple lenders before you find the bank that is going to give you money for this type of purchase. All of these are the things that Nick Vertucci can help people discover once they sign up for his real estate Academy.

He has proven results that involve his own testimony about real estate investing. This cannot be denied when it comes to the possibilities that exist for building a solid financial portfolio. His testimony about his transition from losing a home to investing in homes is a very powerful one.

Richard Liu Qiangdong; Is The Future


Richard Liu Qiangdong is the chief executive officer and founder of He founded in the year 2004. The business name JingDong was derived from his last name and the first name of the lady he was dating when he founded Richard Liu was brought up in a humble background. His father was also business oriented like Richard Liu and owned a transport company and was also a trader.

An interview called “An Insight, An Idea” sits down with Richard Liu to discuss his career and how he has transformed the retail industry. His company is now one of the largest retailers in all of China and it has been very successful.

Liu Qiangdong attended college at the Renmim University of China where he graduated with a degree in Sociology. During his period of study at Renmim University, Richard Liu started a restaurant business. He ventured into this business in order to come up with funds to help cater for the hospital bills of his ailing mother. The restaurant business did not do well and he had to close it down.

The next business venture by Richard Liu was a retail store company. The company had 12 stores and some of the businesses specialized in selling computer ware. According to Liu Qiangdong, he had to close most of the businesses during the SARS outbreak in 2004 since most of the employees resorted to staying at home.

An employee who was still working with Liu Qiangdong suggested that they sell the stock they had online. This was the beginning of Most of the physical shops were closed by Richard Liu towards the end of 2004. This was a result of a careful comparison of online shopping from physical shopping. Liu Qiangdong and his associates discovered that online shopping required less logistics and that most customers found online shopping more pleasant. Find Related Information Here.

Liu Qiangdong believes that most people choose to shop with since they do not sell any counterfeit products and they offer fair prices for products. is ranked among the top 4 online stores in China and is estimated to be worth over $60 billion. According to Richard Liu, It takes between 6-20 hours to have products delivered in China.

Wealth gives one a sense of responsibility to society according to Liu Qiangdong. He believes that it is his responsibility to give back to society and to grow


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Oren Frank Taking Mental Health Services To The Masses Through Smartphones

Depression and anxiety are particularly difficult to treat. Those suffering from these mental illnesses often shy away from exposing their suffering. The idea of physically contacting a mental health professional, traveling to their offices and receiving treatment is absolutely exhausting. That’s why the services offered up by Talkspace are such an important step forward in our mental health industry.

CEO and founder Oren Frank started Talkspace over five years ago. He claims that the company has helped more than 1 million people in an interview with CNBC. It’s easy to see why so many people reach out to use his services. It’s just $79 per week in order to have video chat privileges with a mental health professional. But, more importantly, the company offers a messaging service for just $49 per week.

The messaging side of the company allows people to reach out in near anonymity. It also allows people to exert the minimum amount of effort to reach out for help. This is incredibly important for those who are experiencing depression. Depression often manifests itself in a lack of energy where many people find it hard to even get out of bed. This messaging service has the potential to help a tremendous amount of people.

Talkspace is on the verge of expanding worldwide. CEO and founder Oren Frank recently hired a chief medical officer to help with the responsibilities of running the company. Neil Leibowitz is expected to take over at least half of the operation of the business and his hiring may just allow Talkspace to begin prescribing medications online.

This is a bit of a controversial move. But the company assures everyone that they will stick strictly to state, local and federal regulations. Talkspace will also implement a policy of not prescribing opiates for any reason whatsoever.

It’s easy to believe a company like Talkspace. Its founder, Oren Frank, comes off as a genuine guy. Head on over to his twitter feed to see benevolent posts that are intended to help those who need it most. It also makes a sound sociopolitical argument for his innovative online healthcare services.

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The Success Story Of’s CEO, Richard Liu Qiangdong


JD was established in 2004, although Richard Liu had been running a dozen brick and mortar retail stores. The idea of venturing into retail markets was not far off, as his family had a small company, although it declined.

Before Liu Quiangdong entered into e-commerce, he faced some challenges, just like any other aspiring entrepreneur. He had established a restaurant business, although it didn’t meet the desired objectives. That’s when he decided to venture into retail markets, opening several retail stores.

During the economic depression in China, all the retail stores he owned went down, forcing him to close. However, he didn’t stop there. Liu and his partners decided to go into e-commerce, and the move paid off. After operating digitally for two years, the company realized increased sales. Additionally, the costs of logistics also plummeted.

Some aspects that make stand out from the competition is that it provides authentic products, and offers highly competitive prices. Today, the company offers over 1 billion products.

Currently, the company has over 67,000 employees. Last year, the number grew by 30,000. The number is bound to increase as the CEO emphasizes the need to bolster efficiency and reduce operating costs. Thus, product turnover will shoot, unwrapping the need for more workers.


About Richard Liu Qiangdong

He is the founder and CEO of, the largest e-commerce retail space in China. Since its inception, Richard Liu has amassed wealth and today ranks amongst world’s wealthiest individuals with a net worth of $11 billion dollars. The company has a market share valuation of $60 billion dollars.

Richard Liu Quiangdong went to Renmin University in Beijing where he obtained a degree in Sociology. Additionally, he also attained an EMBA from the China Europe International School of Business. Following graduation, he was hired in a health company in Japan where he held various positions.

On an ordinary day, Richard Liu wakes up at 6.00 am and attends an executive meeting at 8.30 am. Afterward, he attends various departmental meetings online to ensure operations run smoothly. Later he embarks on business meetings, meeting partners and government officials. See This Article for more information.


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Shervin Pishevar Choose to Go the Tweet Storm Route

Shervin Pishevar drew the attention of both the media and persons who follow tech news in early 2018. Pishevar went on a 21-hour tweet storm in which the tech entrepreneur presented a series of 140-character rallying cries to warn the public about issues of concern. Pishevar tweeted about dangers in the stock market and cryptocurrency realm. He also warned of the stranglehold the top five big tech companies maintain over the industry. Shervin Pishevar deserved credit for taking the initiative to tell the public about his grave concerns. Was his tweet storm effective though?


An empirical means of measuring the effectiveness of a tweetstorm doesn’t exactly exist. A non-scientific way of examining the efficacy isn’t too difficult to explain. Simply put, Shervin Pishervar would have a chance at impacting some people through his tweeting. Not tweeting wouldn’t reach nor influence anyone. An unexpected element also factored into the tweet storm’s results. The media picked up on his tweets. The tweet storm was even summarized in reports. The reports then allowed audiences far beyond Pishevar’s Twitter followers to read his musings. Within his tweets, Pishevar provided warnings some may find alarming.


Shervin Pishevar feels the stock market won’t continue to thrive. The Dow Jones marched on an upward path to the nearly 27,000-point margin. Such dramatic highs lead some to believe the market’s growth won’t suffer equally dramatic losses. Pishevar disagrees. He feels the Dow may experience a 6.000-point decline. His counterview to all the extreme optimism might be worth pondering.


Piahevar also sees Bitcoin as losing a lot in value. Enthusiasm over cryptocurrency investing may be a bit inflated. The futuristic aspects of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthrall many, but enthrallment shouldn’t come with ignorance of reality. Cryptocurrency trading is risky.



A rose-colored glasses approach towards the tech industry might not be realistic either. Shervin Pishevar sees a lot wrong with the concentration of power among the top five companies. He believes an anti-trust action may prove beneficial to the tech industry as a whole.


Some may wonder why Pishevar chose to employ a tweet storm to get his points across. Perhaps he understood his message has a greater chance of effective delivery this way.

Flavio Maluf: How Brazil Has Cemented Its Status as a Formidable Force to Reckon with in the Grain Producing Industry

Flavio Maluf recently grabbed the headlines after offering his exceptional insight regarding Brazil’s economy. According to the seasoned entrepreneur, agribusiness results released by the Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture for the month of June signified a 0.7% decrease compared to last year’s results. While the exports figures topped a whopping $9.21 billion, for both months in subsequent years, the agricultural sector depicted a substantial 45.65 % of the nation’s total foreign sales.

Alternatively, imports posted impressive growth to peak at $1.04 billion in June 2018 which represented a minimal decline by 10.1% over the same period last year. Flavio Maluf insists that such results painted a stark picture regarding frequent balances of trades culminating to $8.17 billion. Read more about Flavio Maluf at Wikipedia.

A Breakdown of Individual Commodity Performance

In essence, the total exports in the Brazilian agribusiness industry consumed a significant stake with overall exports amounting to 53.5%. Four other sectors yielding substantial revenue in agricultural exports included forest products (14.4%), sugar-alcohol complex (7%), coffee (3.9%) and meat (8.3%).

According to the celebrated entrepreneur, the Asian region specifically China wielded immense power and served as the prime destination for Brazilian exports for the last financial year. Suffice to say, shipments mainly consisted of cellulose and soybeans. China aside, the European Union has consistently developed to not only become an economic powerhouse but also the second largest destination market for Brazilian agro products. As a testament to their economic potential, the European Union spent a whopping $94.70 million from soybean meals and a substantial $60.36 million from orange juice.

Market Estimates

According to verified statistics from the Brazilian Supply Company, improved trade balances elevated the external soybean sales. With soybean production expected to peak at 119 million tons, which represents a 4.2% on the previous yield, the Brazilian economy is undoubtedly poised for significant growth.

Flavio Maluf reiterates that Brazil had shipped a whopping 46.27 million tons of soybean grains and generated a subsequent $18.43 billion. At 5.2% increment, the average prices spoke volumes about the improved value and quantity.

Flavio Maluf in Brief

Flavio Maluf currently serves as the President and CEO of Eucatex, a leading enterprise specializing in the supply of skirting boards, vinyl floors, panels, and doors. Uniquely crafted from eucalyptus fiber, the company has pulled all the stops to deliver unrivaled products and services to its diverse clientele. Mr. Maluf also spends ample time serving as GrandFood Group’s President and boasts an exceptional resume including leadership posts at Citicorp and Golden Feeds.

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Gregory Aziz : National Steel Car Pioneers Success

National Steel Car is one of the industry leaders when it comes to manufacturing and distribution of railcars. The organization has facilitated incredible change throughout the sector over the past several decades. Their continued focus on innovation and competitive technologies has made National Steel Car a leading company in the world.

Some of the ways that they excel are based on the forward-thinking and insightful leadership of Aziz. Having been a senior member of management for several years, Gregory J Aziz has significant experience in the industry. His leadership style and hands-on approach have ushered in new success for National Steel Car. The progress that he has made throughout the company is advantageous because it has helped them spearhead new technology and standards of operation.

Gregory James Aziz is also interested in all parts of his company. From managing corporate affairs to maintaining the highest quality internal organizational structures, Gregory James Aziz has made large-scale changes in recent years. His continued perseverance and commitment to integrity set National Steel Car apart from other service providers. Ultimately, the innovation, research, and execution that Greg Aziz has facilitated are unparalleled and continue to improve outcomes in railcar manufacturing.

Some of the strengths of National Steel Car include their commitment to scientific progress and innovative technologies. They have been steadfast about improving efficiency both in product delivery as well as manufacturing. These areas are key to their ultimate success because of the consistently improving quality of their rail cars. James Aziz’s visionary approach has permeated all levels of the organization and management structures.

With some of the latest techniques applied to manufacture as well as test railcars, National Steel Car is a strong player in the markets for both Canada and the United States. They have put together competitive plans based on diligent market research. Perhaps one of the greatest strengths of National Steel Car is their ability to put customer needs first. They take into account competing interests as well as features that will be of benefit to the specific clientele. This care and precision have made National Steel Car a pioneer for excellent service and product development.

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Entrepreneur Jason Hope Sees Future Without Aging

Entrepreneur Jason Hope has drawn a lot of attention recently for his views on a variety of matters including modern technology and the Internet of Things. But it is the views he has in regards to another topic of discussion that has the eyes of many riveted in his direction.

Conventional wisdom has suggested that aging and the associated diseases are a primary fact of life to be endured until the death o fan individual. But this long-held belief is being seriously challenged by scientists at the SENS Foundation practicing a new form of medicine known as rejuvenation biotechnologies. For more information read about Jason Hope on Medium

Jason Hope explains that this new anti-aging technology is not just about individuals seeking to live forever but is more about living a longer, healthier, and more productive life.

Hope, who is known for his philanthropical passions, has pledged his support to the SENS Foundation since 2010 when he donated half a million dollars to the organization to construct a new laboratory that is located in Cambridge, England. Hope has provided the organization with more than a $1 million to the organization since to support their efforts at defeating the effects of aging.

The last two letters of the acronym SENS refers to the term ‘negligible senescence’ and describes an absence of aging symptoms. This trait has been observed in animals such as tortoises, who unlike the majority of species present on the planet do not become more likely to die due to aging.

The human species, however, has been observed to break down over time as the metabolic workings needed to survive eventually work to wear down the body and cause an increase in disease vulnerability. This is why afflictions such as Parkinson’s Disease and heart disease are referred to as being age-related.

Jason Hope and other believers in rejuvenation technology feel that the modern medical approach of treating individual diseases as they occur should be replaced with an emphasis on preventive techniques that will enable a human being to live a long, disease-free life.

Jason Hope has been joined by a number of prominent investors in assuring that the progress of SEN and other organizations continue this important work in rejuvenation biotechnologies. Read more:


How Gregory Aziz Approaches Management

As an entrepreneur, there are quite a number of challenges that one is bound to face along the way. Despite the challenges, one may choose to remain on their track or may choose to defect away. Therefore, to understand more on this, the life of Gregory James Aziz focuses more on how he defied all the odds to become one of the most known celebrities in the world. At the moment he is the chairman of the well-known National Steel Car. Furthermore, he is the Chief Executive officer as well as the chairman of the company. His journey was never easy. Reaching where he now takes Gregory Aziz a lifetime experience to reach where he is at the moment.


James Aziz was born in a business family. To put food on the table, their family had a food store. Therefore, at a tender age, Greg Aziz could help in doing various chores in the business. Little did he know that his journey as an entrepreneur was being shaped slowly. He joined the Ridley College and later joined the Western Ontario University for his undergraduate degree. He majored in economics which expanded his mind widely making him a good decision maker.


After the school, he moved back to the family business where he sharpened his wits and future while still helping the business advance to the next level. After working for quite some time and helping elevate the business, he decides to move out and looking for a more challenging job. James Aziz got a New York-based banking job. It was when he was working in New York that he heard of the sale of the National Steel Car, a railway car company. He acquired the property in 1994. A few years later, had managed to revive the company and brought in his expertise in economics and management. He started by encouraging team building among his workers and providing the much-needed resources in terms of labor and capital.

As per the evaluation of the company 8 years later, he had managed to employ up to 3,000 employees down from 600 of them. Additionally, the output units were increased from 3,500 all the way up to 12,000 units. All the improvement and achievement was due to the good management skills possessed by Greg Aziz. Furthermore, Gregory James Aziz is among the well-known entrepreneurs in the world. Greg is a philanthropist and a family man as well.


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Read About Shervin Pishevar’s February 2018 Tweetstorm Right Here, Right Now – Even If You Already Have

Shervin Pishevar is a popular investor based in California known for his involvement in Uber, Virgin Hyperloop One, Freewebs, as well as WebOS and Sherpa Capital, a digital blog publication network and investment management firm, respectively, both of which he founded without any outside help.

Though Shervin Pishevar isn’t as popular or well-accomplished as Warren Buffett – who is that astronomically successful, anyway? – the venture capitalist is known around the cultures of United States commerce, domestic financial instrument exchanges, and recent tech startups as a successful participant in such fields. The single father has raised many millions of dollars for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the pair’s three total large-scale presidential campaigns for Obama’s two consecutive bids in 2008 and 2012, as well as Clinton’s and the Democratic National Committee’s shot at United States presidency.

Further, most people aren’t aware that Shervin Pishevar advocated for free, untethered, open use of the World Wide Web across Egypt in early 2017 immediately after the Middle Eastern, pyramid-hosting country’s government effectively shut down the use of the Internet by both lifelong citizens and transient residents within the nation. He created the nonprofit organization Open Mesh Project that has since facilitated Internet access across the country by transforming Egyptians’ laptops, desktops, and other modern tech devices into routers, creating a network or “mesh” of points of access to the Internet.

Shervin Pishevar’s infamous, largely-accurate February 2018 tweetstorm has also gained the finance-cum-tech guru popularity. Here are a few noteworthy tweets the intelligent-minded tirade published over 24-odd hours contained.

Pishevar shared in his 19th tweet that that bond market would rally soon before failing due to global trade concerns stemming from the Trump administration’s threats to China, Canada, Mexico, and virtually every other country.

In the investor’s first tweet, Mr. Pishevar predicted the Dow Jones Industrial Average stock index would drop some 6,000 points throughout 2018. Though it didn’t drop that much – only roughly 2,700 points – 2018 is only halfway done.

He also claimed that “while we build [physical and cultural] walls to keep out immigrant talent,” such brainiacs don’t have to come to the United States anymore to become successful, effectively lowering the relative performance of the United States’ economy in respect to other nations’.