Just Who Is Doe Deere?

The name Doe Deere is rather unique and the name Lime Crime is also one of a kind. To simply state it, Doe Deere is the founder for one of the cosmetic industries most prominent companies. Lime Crime just so happens to be that company, and it has revolutionized the game in many ways. This Russian-born beauty is like a magnet as she pulls in the attention with relative ease. Deere has always had a strong love for the entertainment industry as she was an aspiring musician years ago. While living in New York City, she actually received the gift to perform in a band.


Deere was 17 years old at the time, and she spent 14 years in “The Big Apple.” This actual band was where she met her soon-to-be husband. That’s right! Big things were happening on a regular basis thanks to her strong ambition to succeed. After performing in the band, Deere would go on to attend classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Fashion was the name of the game. Deere has always been fascinated with this subject since she was a child. During her childhood, she would dress-up in the boldest and brightest of colors. Her friends’ style were actually bland when being compared to her style and this would carry over into her adult life. As of today, Deere is a full-fledged businesswoman with her very own company. Lime Crime is the queen of lipsticks thanks to its liquid-matte finishes. The brand uses some of the brightest of colors that no other brand dares to emulate. This would include the eclectic names of saint, utopia, black velvet, red velvet, scandal, ruby red, shroom and many more.


Deere has always stated that people should always be true to themselves and that people should always follow their dreams. She’s known in the cosmetic industry as the “Unicorn Queen” and some of her brand’s best selling products come from the Unicorn Collection. Who is Doe Deere? She’s an entrepreneur, a musician, an innovator as well as a future icon. Learn more: https://ideamensch.com/doe-deere/

The Successful Career of Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert was born in Quebec. He pursued a degree of production management in the University of Montreal. Louis started his career at General Motors where he was working for about 14 years. After working for General Motors he decided to shift and partner with Pratt and Whitney which is a larger unit of UTC to work. He worked for the firm for six years before being promoted to be the president of the institution in 1999.

Louis continued doing great in his position for seven years and later being elected as the president and CEO of UTC due to his proper leadership skills and innovative ideas. His main aim when he got into that role was to purchase the Goodrich firm through which in a year he was able to achieve it. A variety of managers and highly professionals were intrigued by his style of leadership through which he was able to choose projects with high prospective and inspired people so as to achieve the projects.

Louis Chenevert has been able to make several achievements and has uplifted UTC through his managerial role. UTC has several objectives which include the welfare of its employees like the Employee Scholar Program which pays the fees for its employees who are willing to pursue further education. Since its establishment in1996, it has been able to assist over 40,000 employees get degrees in certain areas.

When certain firms were given an offer by the U.S Airforce to manufacture alternative engine and they refused, Pratt and Whitney took it. They are now the most prominent supplier of the F-35 engine for the government.

UTCs Sikorsky is now the biggest and leading manufacture of helicopters in U.S. The advanced jet engines across the globe are all accumulated by UTC.

All of these projects and achievements were under Louis Chenevert tenure. He was appreciated with the Honor Award in 2009 from National Museum. During 2011, he was also awarded with an honorary doctorate from HEC Montreal for his achievements and uplifting UTC. Louis was also recognized as the Person of the Year in 2011 by the U.S Aviation trade magazine.

Anthony Petrello contributes towards noble initiative for children

Anthony Petrello is a business executive in the United States. He is also a great philanthropist who has contributed a lot to the setting up of the first neurological research center for Children suffering from neurological disorders. He is the current chief executive officer of a company known as Nabors industries. This is the biggest drilling firm in the world. It specializes in drilling oil and natural gases. Anthony Petrello has played a huge role in the development of this mining giant. He has been the driving force that the company has been looking for in a long time. Since it was started in 1962, it has never recorded success like it has done in the recent years.

Anthony Petrello has been a great philanthropist. Since the birth of his daughter he his life has taken a turn that he never anticipated. He is leading in efforts to eradicate neurological diseases by supporting efforts aimed at coming up with a research center that will research medical treatment of the neurological diseases suffered by children. In his efforts to support this initiative, he has contributed over $5 million which is intended to go to the development of the research center. Anthony Petrello hopes that the pain that these little children go through will be eliminated by doctors coming up with methodologies for treating these disease.

Anthony Petrello’s daughter known as Carena was born with a health condition. Her brain could not receive enough oxygen. This led to the failure of her body and a further condition known as cerebral palsy. This is a condition that made her unable to do any task that requires motion. She has to be taught how to do the most basic body functions such as eating, walking and chewing. It has taken her about 7 years to finally learn how to do some of these tasks.

Her condition disturbed Anthony Petrello very much. He had to move around the world looking for medical treatment for her daughter. He has been to almost any big hospital in the world and has never been able to solve the problems that her daughter has. He realized that the world was suffering from lack of research in the neurological medical field for young children. He decided to make a change by supporting the development of the first research center. The research center is located in Texas Children hospital. It has recruited top doctors and surgeons who will come up with a solution for all the problems related to children neurological disorders.

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Doe Deere Shows What It Takes To Standout In A Crowd

Instagram leader and creator of Lime Crime, Doe Deere knows how to stand out in the crowd. Today if you want to be stylish and noticed, you have to really make a statement and Doe Deere does that with her products.

Doe is much more than just a pretty face to look at. She has everything it takes to successful in the business. She has learned from an early age that she wanted to work in art but she never knew what type of art she would be creating.

Self-Made Magazine awarded Doe the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneur for her line of cosmetics and revealed why she choose the brand of the cosmetics. For people who don’t know who Doe Deere is, she is a well-known makeup creator who has worked tirelessly to create a line of cosmetics that individuals who love bright colors could be proud of.

All of the cosmetics that Doe Deere and her company make are environmental friendly and animal cruelty free. The people who purchase her products are in love with the bright colors, the types of shimmer and shine found in the makeup and so much more.

Doe Deere grew up in Russia and when she was 17, Doe decided to make her way to New York. As she arrived in NYC, she learned that she wanted to do more than just makeup. Doe joined a band and quickly fell in love with her husband. The two of them met through the band and when she wanted to follow her dreams even further and head west to California, they uprooted and moved away.

Once the brand came out on the market and others noticed the products, Lime Crime became a top selling competitor in the cosmetic industry. The cosmetics that Doe manufactures is so bold that people who wear it, they want to grab everyone’s attention in the room when she walks in.

Not everyone has what it takes to pull off the bold look of Lime Crime. If you are someone who loves the warm colors and likes traditional makeup, Lime Crime is not the brand for you. If you want bold hair, bold eyes and a standout outfit, the brand is what you are looking for when deciding what to use for products. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/doe-deere#/entity

When asked what led her to create the line of cosmetics, Doe spoke about the love she had very early on for hardcore colors and once she was old enough and knew what she had to do, she started the Lime Crime makeup line. Learn more: http://www.bizjournals.com/losangeles/potmsearch/detail/submission/6417482/Doe_Deere

Louis Chenevert Career in UTC and Beyond

 Louis has had more than a decade of success while working at St. Therese Production as its manager and a stint at General Motors in a similar capacity. He has also worked at United Technologies Corporation (UTC) as the company’s chairman and chief executive. Chenevert is a French Canadian who studied production management at ‘Universite de Montreal’.

The Road to UTC

Chenevert before working for UTC had worked at General Motors for more than ten years. He later joint Pratt & Whitney, a business affiliated with ‘United Technologies Corporation’. He worked at ‘Pratt & Whitney for six years a period that saw him elected to the presidency of the company in 1999. At the helm of ‘Pratt & Whitney he served for close to a decade before he was elected to head UTC as both its chief executive and president.

While at the helm of the company, Louis was able to negotiate an acquisition deal of approximately $18.4 billion with Goodrich. Louis was quick to mop up after Rolls-Royce and other companies declined overtures to manufacture alternative engines for the Air Force. Pratt & Whitney presented itself and hence became the only supplier of F-35 engines to the US administration.

Human Resource

During his UTC days, Chenevert was keen on investing in human resource. Through the ‘Employee Scholar Program’, he ensured that employees were able to better their skills and hence serve the company better. Although he was all for investment in the right technologies, he also stressed that investment in people would take the company even further.http://frenchtribune.com/teneur/25552-innovative-deals-and-inspired-leadership-characterize-louis-chenevert

Departure from UTC

In late 2014, Chenevert left UTC after he resigned as chairperson and chief executive. Chenevert soon received an appointment to the Goldman Sachs’s division of merchant banking. He now serves as exclusive advisor. His stellar performance at UTC continues to be enjoyed as the company still enjoys competitive advantage in the market.


At the helm of UTC, Chenevert was inclined towards technological investments as well as investments in human resource. He would pick projects that would be able to propel the company further ahead in the industry. Upon picking a project, he would rally his staff behind the project until it succeeded for the company.


Gregory Aziz and National Steel Car

Greg Aziz is current Chairman, President and CEO of National Steel Car; located in Hamilton, Ontario, it is known for being one of the world’s leading manufacturers of freight cars.

Based in North America, National Steel Car is one of the most popular companies worldwide. The company specializes in the manufacturing of railroad freight cars, the modern company is a leader in the industry because of how successful it has been.


National Steel Car has been in the industry for over a century, therefore, enjoying a well established reputation for having expertise on the subject. Since the 1990s National Steel has had an international reputation with clients all over the world.


Gregory James Aziz acquired National Steel from Dofasco it was his goal to make the institution one of the best in the United States. Greg Aziz worked hard to achieve his goal, making his company a leader in many areas, as well as winning the hearts of people throughout the United States and worldwide.


In the 1990s, when Greg J. Aziz first acquired the company, it was only producing about three thousand five hundred cars annually, now just ten years later the company is manufacturing over twelve thousand cars a year.


Regardless of the economic status of the country (and world) Greg James Aziz plans to continue working hard so his company maintains it top position. NSC is known for quality services, as well as being on top of the game with competitors nationwide as well as internationally.


National Steel Cars is prepared to welcome North America’s harmonized regulations to manufacture the next generation of safe rail cars for hauling flammable liquids. Due to the number of recent accidents in Canada and the United States, they are prepared to make the North American rail system as safe as possible. Visit This Link.


With the recent upgrading of their equipment, and hiring more than 900 employees, since October of 2014, National Steel Car believes that their increased productivity, and awareness towards safety will be a combined contribution to leaving a cleaner environmental footprint for North America.


National Steel Car believes that the people within the company is its greatest cornerstone. Because of these great people working so hard, National Steel is much more dynamic, diverse, innovative and values-driven than it has ever been. Constantly being challenged by ourselves, we continue to raise the bar for improvement. It is because of this that National Steel Car has the strength and focus on efficiency unmatched by any other rail car manufacturer.


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Gregory Aziz – A Substantial Business and Entrepreneurial Success

Mr. Gregory James Aziz has been the successful owner of the Canadian business National Steel Car. He is a one person show in terms of leadership as Mr. Gregory James Aziz is occupying the positions of Chairman, President, and chief executive officer of the establishment.

National Steel Car is a Canadian business that had its start about a hundred years ago in the province of Ontario. The company is stationed in the city of Hamilton, and it was previously owned by another business under the name of Dofasco. The National Steel Car produces railroad freight cars, engineering included. The first manufacture was a hundred years ago, and since then the company has been steadily occupying a spot in the industry.


The new owner of the National Steel Car is also from Ontario. Mr. Greg James Aziz has a background in wholesale food; he was a part of the family company called Affiliated Foods starting 1971. After sixteen years in the industry, the company expanded so much that it began operating on an international level. Mr. Greg James Aziz came into the ownership of Affiliated Foods and continued to grow the enterprise. Mr. Greg James Aziz majored from the University of Western Ontario in Economics, so he was prepared very well for his responsibilities in business. Related Information can be found Here.


In 1994, Mr. Greg J Aziz bought his current business – National Steel Car. He had been preparing for the purchase for many years. In the late 1980s and the early 1990s, Mr. Greg J Aziz made a series of investments in banking in New York City He then went n a purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco. Over the course of the following five years up to 1999, Mr. Greg J Aziz transformed the company completely. From producing 3 500 cars a year, National Steel Car increased its capability drastically and started manufacturing 12 000 cars instead. The employment of the business also had to increase dramatically. Previously, the corporation had six hundred people, but after Mr. Greg J Aziz assumed the leadership, the number of employees grew up to 3 000 people.


The changes that Mr. Greg Aziz made to the corporation of National Steel Car had the company excel in its line of work. Mr. Greg Aziz also brought philanthropy to the company. National Steel Car supports a variety of organizations such as the Salvation Army, the United Way, and many other organizations as well. Mr. Greg Aziz and his wife have been lifelong supporters of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.


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Louis Chenevert is Maestro in Business Management

Progress is Louis Chenevert’s mantra in the corporate culture. He did not just wake up one day and found himself at the apex of an empire he is in now. Diligence, consistency, and integrity are his principles which have guided him not to derail from his values. He foundationally began his career at General Motors sailing through ranks to be the General Manager of the Production unit at St. Therese General Motors. Louis spent cumulatively 14 years working for this organization.

In 1993, he joined Pratt & Whitney at their Canada based office and worked honestly for six years before promotion and election as the President until March 2006. He accepted the offer by United Technologies Corporation to become its director in 2006 shortly after leaving Pratt & Whitney. His proven track record made high soar high. He was given the position of Chief Operating Officer where he would concurrently run along with being the President. In 2008 he was appointed as President & Chief executive Officer, and Chairman in 2010.

Louis Chenevert has since their undertaken his managerial roles for the United Technologies Corporation with high public listing and stocks doing fairly well.

About Louis Chenevert
He is a seasoned Canadian businessman married to Debra Chenevert and lives in Hartford. His 59 years of life has seen him achieve intellectually, materially and also financially. Louis Chenevert studied Production Management at Université de Montréal. He has worked for United Technologies Corporation, Pratt & Whitney and General Motor.

Louis Chenevert is now an exclusive advisor for the Goldman Sach based Merchant Banking division. Until 2012 he was the Vice Chairman of the Business Council. His selfless commitment has seen him obtain the Fire Commissioner’s Humanitarian Award, the Leadership in Business Ethics 2010 Pace Award and honorary recognition by HEC Montreal and National Building Museum. The Aviation Week & Space Technology Magazine also featured him as the 2011 Person of the year. He is a regent at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

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Susan McGalla Applied Learned Lessons in Childhood to the Executive Office

It is said women have a struggle reaching high-level positions but this is not always the case like in the case of Susan McGalla. Though Ms. McGalla claims it is how she was raised in a family with two brothers and a football coach father. She said being a girl did not change the way she was raised having to work for what she wanted. Ms. McGalla has used this lesson in her adult life working to be successful and holding high-level positions including working her way up in American Eagle Outfitters. She said when starting at the company all the executives were men. However, before leaving the company she held the title of president and then she founded P3 Executive Consulting.

Currently Ms. Ms. McGalla is currently the Pittsburgh Steelers Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development. This is an accomplishment for a woman in a male dominated industry and proves women have the capability to work in executive positions in the business world. It is important for women to have the support of other business women since women only fill one-quarter of the senior positions in companies worldwide. Women executive sponsors can help provide motivation for women in the male dominated business world.

Susan McGalla is an East Liverpool, Ohio native who earned a BA degree in business marketing at Mount Union College attending from 1982 -1986. She began her career at Joseph Home Company in marketing and management positions after graduation from college until 1994. Then she joined American Eagle Outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. Ms. McGalla worked her way up in the company managerial positions until reaching president and chief merchandising officer.

After leaving the company she worked for American Eagle and oversaw the launch of the 77kids brand. Then Ms. McGalla was appointed to the Board of Directors of HFF Inc. She served as the chief executive officer of Wet Seal Inc. where she worked remotely while pregnant prior to starting full time. After leaving Wet Seal Inc. she founded the P3 Executive Consulting Company before taking the position she currently holds.

Doe Deere Is A Business Leader To Follow

The success of the Lime Crime founder Doe Deere over the last decade has made her a business leader to follow for entrepreneurs of each gender who hope to follow in the footsteps of one of most impressive new business executives in the world. As the founder of the Lime Crime company, Doe Deere is a prime example of how a business leader can take their own passions and turn them into a venture each and every person within a business can be proud of; the manufacturer of various forms of cosmetics stumbled upon her passion after completing her fashion education in New York and looking to develop her own line of makeup to complete the marketing for her own cosmetics line. Learn more: https://www.limecrime.com/about/


Doe Deere has been one of the leading individuals in terms of the success she has achieved as a business executive who has been seeking to find success in the fashion arena. The development of an impressive business plan can result in the creation of a new way of looking at the business world, including the development of a business plan that should take into account all the aspects of a business that could be expected over the course of the life of a fledgling company. In developing the Lime Crime brand the individual nature of a business should be identified in the different options open to the entrepreneur looking to develop their own brand; in a business plan the time, funds, and different options open to any business leader seeking to develop their own company should be explored to prove to any potential investor the individual has the ability and forethought to develop their company with a great deal of success. Learn more: http://www.phillypurge.com/2017/06/05/finding-your-business-niche-like-doe-deere/


Doe Deere brings a different outlook to the people of the cosmetics industry based on her own background as a business leader who has the ability to develop their brand based on her own cultural history and business sense. Born in Russia, Doe Deere moved to the U.S. at a young age and began her education in fashion as a student in New York; although her first love is music and moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of making it big with her own band before the Lime Crime brand launched on an Online sales platform became the dominant feature of her life in the early years of the 21st-century. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/doe-deere/