Shervin Pishevar Choose to Go the Tweet Storm Route

Shervin Pishevar drew the attention of both the media and persons who follow tech news in early 2018. Pishevar went on a 21-hour tweet storm in which the tech entrepreneur presented a series of 140-character rallying cries to warn the public about issues of concern. Pishevar tweeted about dangers in the stock market and cryptocurrency realm. He also warned of the stranglehold the top five big tech companies maintain over the industry. Shervin Pishevar deserved credit for taking the initiative to tell the public about his grave concerns. Was his tweet storm effective though?


An empirical means of measuring the effectiveness of a tweetstorm doesn’t exactly exist. A non-scientific way of examining the efficacy isn’t too difficult to explain. Simply put, Shervin Pishervar would have a chance at impacting some people through his tweeting. Not tweeting wouldn’t reach nor influence anyone. An unexpected element also factored into the tweet storm’s results. The media picked up on his tweets. The tweet storm was even summarized in reports. The reports then allowed audiences far beyond Pishevar’s Twitter followers to read his musings. Within his tweets, Pishevar provided warnings some may find alarming.


Shervin Pishevar feels the stock market won’t continue to thrive. The Dow Jones marched on an upward path to the nearly 27,000-point margin. Such dramatic highs lead some to believe the market’s growth won’t suffer equally dramatic losses. Pishevar disagrees. He feels the Dow may experience a 6.000-point decline. His counterview to all the extreme optimism might be worth pondering.


Piahevar also sees Bitcoin as losing a lot in value. Enthusiasm over cryptocurrency investing may be a bit inflated. The futuristic aspects of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency enthrall many, but enthrallment shouldn’t come with ignorance of reality. Cryptocurrency trading is risky.



A rose-colored glasses approach towards the tech industry might not be realistic either. Shervin Pishevar sees a lot wrong with the concentration of power among the top five companies. He believes an anti-trust action may prove beneficial to the tech industry as a whole.


Some may wonder why Pishevar chose to employ a tweet storm to get his points across. Perhaps he understood his message has a greater chance of effective delivery this way.

Arthur Becker’s Brilliant Triumph

Arthur Becker made his accomplishment due to the superb services that he gives to his clients. He as well is the managing partner at Madison Partners LLC whereby the organization mostly deals with Biotech and real estate augmentation. Apart from that, he acted as the Zinio LLC as the CEO and the chairman and NavSite to which made him be successful and recognized all over the world. As he worked at NavSite the services they offered is internet machinery technology. Later on, he decided to proceed alone as the private investor in technology and real estate.

According to NY Daily News, Arthur Becker’s excellent knowledge from the corporate where he served enabled him to develop Madison Partners to be top organization in the world. The organization thrived and most of the clients are satisfied with the services which they offer. Due to the new creative technology that Becker had also enabled him to advance Madison Partners and be well known all over the world. Biotech enabled him to introduce new technology at Madison Partners hence enabling them to make achievement.

Furthermore, he is now building real estate in New York Suvillan and also in Tribeca where has properties that he is constructing. He as well guides other entrepreneurs on how always to prosper in whatever business they are venturing to and also committing themselves in ensuring they are always attending to their clients wants first.

In a report by Perez Hilton, through his skills in biotech, he as well enabled cancer patients to get treatment and live better lives. Madison also ensures they motivate their staff members through providing them with a good environment to work on and also they make sure that they have better bonding among them so they can work more efficiently and make the organization to make more income. Young entrepreneurs are also guided and supported through being given small capitals and direction to start them hence they become more successful. In addition in order to be way ahead of his competitors, he ensures that he always employ professional individuals who will improve the organization services hence enabling their clients to be happy and always come back for more.

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Financial Expert Glen Wakeman

Glen Wakeman is the Co-Founder and CEO of a Software as a service company called LaunchPad Holdings LLC. The company started in 2015 and has been fairly successful thanks to Wakeman’s two decades of experience in the management field, not to mention everything he has learned from being a Public Company CEO, Investor, Financial Service Executive, Small Business Owner, Board Member and Executive Mentor. He started earning his experience from the University of Scranton, where he attained his Bachelors in Finance and Economics in 1981. Wakeman continued his education at the University of Chicago and in 1993 he earned his MBA in Finance. Not long after graduating from the University of Chicago he began working for GE Capital. Wakeman held a handful of positions dealing with business development.

Glen Wakeman has been recognized time and again because of his numerous successes in the financial field. At GE Capital and Nova Four he was given the title Growth Leadership Role Model, due to the amount he expanded both the companies, by their prospective Board of Directors. In total, Wakeman has been able to increase the assets and staff members where he has worked by $15 billion and 17 thousand respectively. He did this by being a guiding hand in the company’s plans for new market entries, start-ups, divestitures and M&As, making exponential growth a priority. For each one of these factors Wakeman uses a five-point plan which includes risk management, execution, human capital, governance and most importantly leadership.

When he is not working, Glen Wakeman spends his time investing his own money and writing. Being a writer has opened many doors for him and he finds in enjoyable to share the knowledge he has obtained through the media of blog posts. Wakeman focuses on helping others with his writing, sticking to the topics of finance, emerging markets, administration, financial strategies, management and international fiscal matters. Occasionally, he will meet groups of people and give a speech about one of these topics. He currently mentors for Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded who both deal with C-level executives.

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Achievements Of Livio Bisterzo In The Health And Nutrition Sector

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian born entrepreneur currently living in Los Angeles. He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Green Park Brands, a food producing company within the health and nutrition industry. The firm was founded in 2015 and it specializes in production of multi-purpose food brands.

Under the leadership of Livio Bisterzo, Green Park Holdings’ objective is to develop a strong portfolio focusing on brands with positive social impact as well as cultural and behavioral change. The firm’s vision is to advance its agenda of bringing the desired change in the nutritional sector.

In April 2016, Green Park Brands launched its first brand, HIPPEAS, which was expected to shake the global market after it hit the market. HIPPEAS is considered as one of the most preferred snacks by consumers, especially those who demand taking tasty snacks with highest quality of ingredients. According to Livio Bisterzo, they expect HIPPEAS to be the most loved snack brand all over the world.

Livio Bisterzo’s Education and Career Profiles

In 1999, Livio moved to London, United Kingdom, where he studied marketing at the University of Arts. In 2003, the young Bisterzo’s entrepreneurial skills were exposed when he an events company. Later, the entrepreneur created other ventures ranging from retail and hospitality brands to lifestyle companies. Due to Bisterzo’s achievements, his brands have featured severally in The Times, Sunday Style, Vanity Fair, The FT, Harpers and others since 2006. In 2009, the entrepreneur was nominated by the Evening Standard one of the most influential individuals in London. In 2008, Livio Bisterzo and a Chicago based fashion outfit, RNA Corporation partnered to produce skincare products for men that were supplied in 26 nations. The entrepreneur exited the business in 2010.

In 2011, Livio acquired a Danish based startup, Little Miracles. It is a beverage business specializing in organic blend of Juice and Tea. The brand won several awards in 2013, and was also recognized for its outstanding growth and performance. Today, the brand is sold in 18 countries. In 2016, Livio Bisterzo relocated to Los Angeles. One of his philanthropic initiatives is helping Eastern African farmers out of poverty through HIPPEAS brand.

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Learning With Giants: Marc Sparks and His Triumph

Living in Dallas, Texas, most entrepreneurs, business people, startup developers, company owners, name it, have already heard from either the name of Marc Sparks or the companies that he founded and achievements that he has already accomplished.


Marc Sparks is one of these personalities that are always in the spotlights of business news or, mainly, Dallas news. Mark Sparks has already run many firms, and his strong leadership led him to be the chief officer of many groups in companies related to telecommunications, real estate developers, investment strategies, business management, administration, and other areas.


Currently operating as the head of Timber Creek Capital, a firm specialized in selling investment and business advice that are updated to the newest trends and market strategies every month.


A series of business built from the ground began after the young entrepreneur graduated from his years in high school, in 1975, Austin. Since then, Marc fell in love with the concept of creating his businesses and learning more about the many markets that the world had to offer. He acquired a lot of experience in the process, and more than half a dozen companies were founded by the businessman, either as the co-founder or as the owner of the business, leading him to become one of the youngest successful startup developers in the United States.


His story of success sometimes leaves behind the amount of dedication and hard work that he had to put in, though. Hours of thinking, planning, talking to other business owners and of understanding the different markets of the U.S. were put into perspective. The young businessman is also an author of great success, having written the book “They Can’t Eat You,” Marc Sparks talks about his story, career, the triumphs and downfalls of his path as well as some of the quotes and knowledge that he brings with him every day.


Venture investments are no stranger to the young writer, as he has owned and led some of his companies in the field of capital management and financial advice.


According to Marc, he was born with a keen instinct that led him to the triumphing path that he is now, always selling companies worth millions of dollars and developing products and brands that are self-made and created from scratch. Having had no training at all from professionals in the area, Marc considers his success a gift.


For Timber Creek Capital, for example, it all began with an idea. An idea that not only covers, according to Marc, an aspect that is very underdeveloped in the market, but also targets consumers that are not receiving the treatment that financial advisors could be giving. This kind of philosophy has already caused the young company to be worth millions, just because of the leadership of Marc Sparks.


Sparks is a case of study, being one of the most impressive stories of success coming from one person alone. He has already done non-profitable work and helped construct dozens of homes for communities, as well as assisted a foundation that aimed to remove kids from their state of poverty.


Thor Halvorssen: An International Defender of Liberty Weighs in on Latest Cuba Incident

While the longtime Cuban dictator Fidel Castro passed away just this last year, his ideology did not and even with his death, freedom of speech has come under assault. Recently, a Cuban artists known as El Sexto was jailed as a result of creating a sketch Cuban authorities said mocked the now deceased Castro. But it didn’t stop there. A US international human rights attorney, Kimberley Motley headed into Cuba herself to defend El Sexto at his trial, but she was then detained by local security agents. Motley has worked with Thor Halvorssen, the President of Human Rights Foundation who called Motley’s arrest an “outrageous abuse” of power, defining the evil that Cuba’s regime stands for. Halvorssen has spent years speaking out against regimes like the Castros.

Thor Halvorssen is quite a unique individual, and he’s had so many adventures in police state countries that you would need thousands of pages of books just to tell of his expeditions. His passion for fighting against tyranny comes from being raised in a politically active family, including seeing family members imprisoned for speaking out. He’s part Norwegian and part Venezuelan, roots that go back to the days his grandparents were fighting against Hitler in World War II. Even his cousin today is still spending time in a Venezuelan prison.

Halvorssen started the Human Rights Foundation to encourage more dissidents to challenge tyranny and to be bold about speaking for freedom. The Foundation holds annual meetings in Oslo, Norway where they give out the “Václav Havel Prize for Creative Dissent,” a prize awarded to those who’ve thought of unconventional ways to disrupt tyranny. Such things could involve smuggling contraband into dictatorship countries through water balloons, using self-built drones or other inconspicuous items, or making a statement through music or creative art. Halvorssen has been a part of many of these creative efforts, and has used just about every trick in the book to carry out his plans. He will make public appearances here and there, but likes to spend a lot of time off the grid protecting his identity from any prying government eyes.