The Oxford Club’s Four Investment Strategies

The Oxford Club, a private network of international knowledgeable entrepreneurs and investors, has a mission of helping its members grow and protect their wealth. It implements time-tested and proven methods help members out-perform the market and yield returns that beat average returns. With nearly three decades of experience and recommendations that cover the spectrum of bonds, securities, and other investments, The Oxford Club has four main strategies:

  1. Smart Diversification

A well-balanced portfolio is key to maintaining and growing a portfolio’s value. The Oxford Club’s method advises diversifying among risk levels, sectors, and asset classes. While including equities as part of a healthy portfolio, the Club does not exclude other asset classes. Bonds, mutual funds, exchange traded funds, or ETFs, among others are all a part of an investor’s diversified portfolio.

  1. Cultivate an Exit Strategy

Buying a stock or a bond is one matter. Knowing when to sell it is another. The Oxford Club only provides “buy” recommendations with clear, precise exit strategies. This strategy ensures that profit and principal are protected without having to guess about when to make an exit.

  1. Position Sizing

The Oxford Club considers position sizing necessary to successful investing. The Club uses a special position-sizing formula to accomplish how much to invest in a particular stock or in classes of assets as differentiated by risk. The Oxford Club members’ success is due in part to re-balancing.

  1. Cutting Investment Costs

Smart moves that guarantee a healthier portfolio are cutting fees from fund managers and finding efficient methods of tax management. The Oxford Club fund investments do not have traditional front-end load, back-end load and other fees or surrender penalties. Additionally, The Oxford Club shows members how to legally reduce their tax exposure to the IRS.

These four strategies are earning The Oxford Club’s 157,000 members growing portfolios with methods they can trust.

Achievements of Bob Reina in Video Marketing

In every business that develops, the owner has a driving force and what he or she believes in. According to Bob Reina, for you to prosper in business, you must have a dream. With your vision at hand, you will be willing to chase that dream day and night. Many businesses like online marketing need a lot of trials. But if you have a dream, you will succeed at all costs. That is the trick Bob used to develop Talk Fusion. With his goal, he moved out and explained to people who were close to him.

For any business to grow, you need to sell it to people so that they know what your products and services that you give. Bob believes in the power of advertising using video. Bob states that, if you use a video to advertise, you connect with more people than using any other form of publicity. Some types of videos like video chats allow one to get details about a product or service which is not common to any other form of advertising.

It is a hard job getting your first customer in any business. But Bob Reina states that, if you have an idea, just speak it to anybody who will like to listen to it. Tell them what your business will do and the benefits of being associated with it. Reach out to friends and those people who are close to you. After starting the business, give it time to mature and yield a profit. That will make your dream come true. Learn more:

So, who is this man Bob Reina? Bob is known for many things and big sweet position around him. With more than 20 years in direct selling and marketing, Bob has taken Talk Fusion far. Founded in the year 2007, Talk Fusion is proud to have Bob as its CEO and founder.

Bob Reina is a famous professional who has knowledge in video marketing. He is very innovative, and he has strong commitment power. He believes that anything that people does needs sacrifices. He loves all those who surround him like friends and family. He also enjoys giving back to the community.

Talk Fusion: This Company Loves Its Customers

How many companies out there can say they love their customers? Talk Fusion is one of them. For other companies out there, they simply see their customers as just that: customers. They don’t view them as anything else. They might care about them, want to make them happy, and be there for them, but beyond that, they show little to no interest in going the extra mile for the customer. That is why Talk Fusion is built differently. They truly love their customers and they treat them like family. They are interested in their progress and they are interested in seeing how far they will go when they use this wonderful video technology.


It is a big reason why Talk Fusion has endeared themselves to so many customers from so many different states. They pick up on the fact that Talk Fusion has their back, will support them, and guide them through the process. Here is the thing: a lot of people use Talk Fusion for only personal reasons and that is fine. There is no hard and fast rule on how to use Talk Fusion. For Talk Fusion, it is all about what works for the customer. Again, they are like family to them. They want them to feel totally and completely at ease when using the product.


They are also all about solutions. That is at the forefront of Talk Fusion. It is no surprise then that they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award (, which was their second award in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation. This is a company that is not known for handing out awards for the fun of it. They have to be earned. Needless to say, Talk Fusion earned it and then some. Talk Fusion should be very proud of themselves, but knowing them, they are already looking forward to what is next and what they can do to improve and keep all of their customers happy.


They are also looking for was to get new customers into the mix as well. For them, they want everyone to be part of the family.