Sussex Healthcare, Senior Living Home

Those who are elderly or disabled and are no longer able to care for themselves in their own homes still have the right to have the proper and quality care for their complex variety of health and social care needs that will enable them to live happy, comfortable, and dignified lives.

Sussex Healthcare is the leading provider of residential and nursing care in the Sussex area and is a fine example of a “home away from home.” Residents, no matter what their individual needs and ailments may be, can find the surroundings and highest quality of care that will enable them to continue to live out their lives with their health, either physical or mental, in the hands of a professional team and a competent experienced staff that is available 24 hours a day.

Sussex Healthcare also recognizes that social, leisure, and recreational activities are essential to overall good health and a sense of well-being. Each home provides activities to motivate, stimulate, and interest every individual and encourage using their abilities and faculties to the fullest possible extent. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at

The residents should be encouraged to also maximize their physical, emotional, social and intellectual capacities and enjoy music, art, handicrafts, hobbies, reminiscence sessions, cooking classes, demonstrations, and more. Mealtimes are important in everyone’s life, and trained chefs make use of good quality fresh ingredients and create wholesome and tasty dishes that are elegantly served.

Neurological Care is also provided by Sussex Healthcare in purpose-built facilities for those requiring support with neurological and acquired brain injuries. A fully trained in-house staff includes physiotherapists, language and speech therapists, and therapies such as reflexology, aromatherapy, and hydrotherapy pools.

Dementia Care is given with the belief that people with such memory loss conditions should continue to live an active life and have support and ongoing opportunities that are personalized to their specific circumstances.

Being in an accredited location that offers various amenities to help them along their way is of major importance. Sussex Healthcare is the only UK independent care home provider that has attained dual accreditation for International standard ISO 9000:2000 and Health Quality Service (HQS) for their quality management systems.

Sussex Healthcare believes that every resident is a unique person in the heart of their homes with each one deserving to be treated like the special individual he or she is and is to be cared for in a home-like and welcoming environment.



Jeunesse Global Day-to-Day Beauty Regimen

Start your day off the right way with AM Essentials, a powerful daytime supplement containing important vitamins and minerals. This supplement contains proprietary blends that give your body and mind the necessary tools for clarity and focus. PM Essentials offers proprietary blends, minerals and vitamins that work together to help your body recover from the day, so you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. AM & PM Essentials work together to help maintain a healthy immune system, regulate your body’s biorhythm for enhanced sleep, assist with proper cell function and help protect against free radical damage.

M1ND, which is inspired by Eastern medicine, is a dietary supplement. It contains CERA-Q—designed to enhance memory—and L-theanine, which may assist with reducing mental distractions. Whether you’re focused on your career, education or want better cognitive function in day-to-day life, this supplement may help you remember names and important information, enhance your attention span, increase clarity of thought and allow you to concentrate more readily.

Improve your appearance in minutes with Instantly Ageless. This product reduces the appearance of fine lines, under-eye bags, wrinkles and pores in only two minutes. The results last for six to nine hours, allowing you to look your very best while at work or socializing. Using a specially designed micro cream, this product focuses on areas with lost elasticity and reveals toned, lifted skin with results that you can see quickly. For the best results, apply this product to your forehead, eyebrows, below your eyebrows and on your facial pores.

For the ultimate in mind and body rejuvenation, the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) contains the previously mentioned products, along with six more products.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis created Jeunesse with the goal of spreading high-quality youth enhancement products with the world. The company began on 09/09/2009 at 9:00 p.m., as the number nine represents longevity and the founders’ desire to excel. By creating an innovative compensation plan, Jeunesse utilizes the power of the direct selling industry to help spread its products, along with providing support and training. The company’s goal is to make a lasting change in people’s lives, and currently, thousands of people are working together across the globe to help others while reaching their full potential.

Sahm Adrangi; a Leading Investment Manager’s Advice

Every market changes now and then due to various factors. The stock market changes daily and investors do much research to ensure they avoid losses. The purpose of researching is to ensure they invest in companies that have great ideas and have great impact. They target companies with low share value and expected to go up soon. As a result, they make huge profits from their investments. Sahm Adrangi is a great investor who has specialized in investment management. Adrangi is a graduate of Yale University where he studied economics.

Currently, Sahm Adrangi is the chief investment officer of Kerrisdale Capital Management. He founded this investment management company in 2009, and it has grown significantly since then. Sahm and Kerrisdale Capital Management are working hard in stock market research. Their primary aim is to help investors acquire information about which stock to buy in the stock market. They also advise investors on the companies to avoid after thorough research. He is an expert in reading the trends of shares value of established and developing companies.

Recently, after thorough research, Sahm Adrangi gave a negative report about QuinStreet, Inc. This is an internet marketing company generating revenue at a high rate from a flawed business model. The business gets revenue from a single client, and its shares value has significantly gone up. Investors see this as an investment opportunity which will produce returns, but Sahm has a different opinion. From his research, this company doesn’t have a good business model and is benefiting from sham web traffic. As a result, its shares will go down soon.

Sahm Adrangi has also given investment tips to other companies to avoid Preteostatis Therapeutics, Inc. The company is developing drugs that are said to treat Cystic Fibrosis. The value of shares of the biopharmaceutical company has gone up, and will go down once the drug is ineffective in treating the disease. Sahm has gained experience in investment management throughout his career. He has worked for Chanin Capital Partners, Longacre Fund Management as well as Deutsche Bank.

Stream Energy Sets Up Philanthropy Office Stream Cares

When Houston was under nearly five feet of rain, companies from all over the country reached out to help. The recovery effort from Hurricane Harvey helped those affected return to their homes and work to get their lives back on track.

From another city in Texas, Dallas, Stream Energy sent money to the effort and eased charges for customers affected by the storm. This philanthropic effort is common for the company. It has become part of its brand and has led to the foundation of Stream Cares. This new office will coordinate with partners and organize their charitable functions going forward. This won’t just be restricted to financial assistance but also material support and participation from Stream Energy employees.

In the past Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross have worked with Stream Energy to support local endeavors. That network is expected to expand with their new charity, working with more organizations and deepening existing partnerships to help a greater number of Texans.

One partnership that’s been established is with Hope Supply Co. This Dallas charity worked with Stream energy to provide free meals and a day at a water par for more than 1,000 homeless children. The day concluded with the children receiving much needed supplies and financial assistance for their families.

They were also at the forefront of the response to a series of tornadoes that devastated Texas during Christmastime 2016. Partnering with the Salvation Army, they were able to raise thousands of dollars to help people get back into their homes and for smaller businesses to get back to servicing their communities.

Kimberly Girard, now in the Senior Event Manager position for the new office, said in a recent statement that their new philanthropic efforts are meant to change the lives of many. Charity has always been at the heart of the company, but now they’ll have the opportunity to strategically give back in ways that gives associates a greater ability in determining how.

This is notable because of how little the state of Texas actually donates. It actually ranks near the bottom in a list of states that donate and volunteer. Stream Energy is looking to change that trend for their home state and act as an example for the Texas business community.

Aloha Construction: The Winners Choice For Home Renovation

Home renovation is a multi-billion dollar business. There is a ton of information that homeowners can use to renovate their homes. Television shows, seminars and magazines provides most homeowners with enough information to give their homes a welcoming transformation. Unfortunately, most homeowners aren’t schooled in construction and if this is the case, you should seek assistance with a professional. One of the better home renovators in the American Midwest is Aloha Construction, and it has set new standards in home-restorative projects. This company is rather young in age, but it has laid-down some veteran numbers.

Aloha Construction is very thorough in its work thanks to the company’s highly educated specialists. In addition to that, the company offers home-restorative services for the whole state of Illinois. The services included are flashing, roof installation, roof repair, window fascia repair, door installation, waterproofing, stucco installation, masonry, kitchen design, bathroom repair and many more. The options are nearly endless to some degree. In 2017, the Better Business Bureau recognized Aloha Construction for its phenomenal ethical practices. This recognition comes in the form of the affluent Torch Award. This particular award goes to a company for exuding leadership and for demonstrating social responsibility. The Torch Award has been presented to many companies throughout the years, and it has only been around since 1996. Organizational ethics truly benefits the customers, the communities and the employees. Yes, Aloha Construction has deep roots in its very own community of Lake Zurich, and it has donated plenty of time and work for a variety of causes.

This specific company has completed more than 17,000 home-restorative projects since it came into fruition back in 2008. It has provided valuable services for most of Chicagoland and for Chicagoland’s its surrounding communities.

Aloha Construction Article #6

The home-improvement industry generates billions of dollars thanks to its wide variety of services. If you own a home, then you’ll eventually run into some issues down the line. In most cases, these issues require professional service. General contractors are mainly the professionals of choice when it comes to this style of work, but all general contractors aren’t the same. Aloha Construction, a Lake Zurich-based general contractor, can handle a wide selection of home-improvement services thanks to its team of highly trained personnel. In total, this company has over 200 employees that are spread-out over two distinct locations. The company’s second office is located in the Bloomington area of Illinois.

Aloha Construction provides a free home inspection upfront and with no hidden fees. This inspection consists of nine steps, which gets to the root of the problem. This thorough inspection may also find other hidden issues that might have manifested over time. Did you know that the climate and weather conditions play a significant role in home degradation? Extreme heat and blistering cold temperatures can be a deal breaker for sure. Aloha Construction has extensive knowledge on the subject because all of its trained personnel has been thoroughly educated in a huge selection of tasks. This includes soffit installation, roof installation, waterproofing, window repair, door installation, gutter repair, bathroom repair, stucco installation, flashing, vinyl siding repair and many more.

The homeowner’s property will be protected at all times and every issue will be discussed with the homeowner. Aloha Construction deals in good ethical behavior. Unfortunately, many of the other general contractors seem to lack this important trait. Thanks to its strict, personal honesty, Aloha Construction has been presented with the prestigious Torch Award. Besides receiving this award, the company has a solid reputation, is a member of the Building Trades Association and is a member of the National Roofing Contractors Association.

How Stream Energy Uses Their Business for Good

Stream Energy always works to give their customers the options they need. As an energy provider in seven different states, Stream Energy knows the importance of helping their customers get the solutions they need. They also know the importance of running a business that gives back to the community they’re a part of. For Stream Energy, the point of doing all this is giving people the options that will continue helping them through many different energy changes. As long as Stream Energy can continue helping people with these things, they know they’ll be a company that continues thriving.

When Stream first started, people didn’t quite understand the premise of the business. Now, though, they see that Stream Energy provides them with things like energy and other services. In addition to being an energy provider, Stream Energy is a home and business essential protection company. They know there are things people can do that will help themselves with different issues.

As Stream works protecting their customers, they know there are quite a few different options people have. They offer all their services in a way that’s better for everyone. It’s also how they spend most of the time they work on different projects. They learn about the things they can give their clients and make sure they’re always giving them what they need. They are more than just an electric provider. They’re a service company that dedicates themselves to the customers they have already built up.

Now that Stream has Stream Cares, they know they can help even more people. They plan to expand to other charitable options and that’s what will allow them to keep growing their business. They have a lot of faith in the hard work they do and they’re dedicated to giving people all the options they need. For Stream, the point of helping people through Stream Cares is so they have options they might not have otherwise. It’s their way of promoting a positive experience no matter what issues people deal with when they’re looking at the various energy choices they can make for their own lives.

Wide Variety of Goals For Market America Users

One of the greatest advantages that an entrepreneur has is the ability to choose his goals. One good thing about working with a opportunity like the one Market America offers is that people start already at the top. In other words, they are already in control of every aspect of their work life. They do not have a boss hovering over them dictating their activities and their time. Market America unfranchise owners have the luxury of deciding what they are going to do in order to earn money. At the same time, they can also pursue other goals while they are working on this opportunity.

One goal that unfranchise owners can take on is gaining the spotlight. The Market America website gives recognition to some of the star sellers. This is good for the unfranchise owner in multiple ways. For one thing, it brings more attention to their business and attracts more customers. At the same time, it also shows others that the opportunity is legitimate and not a scam. This can attract people to the business owners who are in the spotlight with the hopes to gain some mentoring. The spotlight is one of the best ways to help others.

One of the best things about Market America is that it gives people the room to figure out their own strategy for earning. This is the type of business that is going to do well throughout any industry. For one thing, people do not have to merely provide marketing content. They can just entertain their audience. Another thing they can do is reach out an be an online friend. One of the best things about being a business owner is that some of the most creative people are going to come up with the most unique and successful activities while making money with one of the opportunities from Market America.

Jed McCaleb Links the World

Jed McCaleb developed Stellar after seeing that the financial infrastructure of the world is completely broken and leaves the most vulnerable in the economy without the resources to join a banking institution. Stellar is a universal financial network that uses open source software that connects various financial institutions, businesses, and non-profits. There are 2.5 billion unbanked people in the world according to the World Bank and Jed McCaleb hopes to change that with Stellar. Due to the fact that most unbanked people are located in developing countries, that is where the most interest for Stellar is currently coming from.

One of the reasons so many people are unbanked, according to Jed McCaleb, is that the maintenance costs associated with accounts for low-income individuals are high. In addition, transferring money between financial institutions isn’t cost effective for the institutions or the customers. By networking all of these businesses together it will drive the costs down and encourage these institutions to offer products to people they previously wouldn’t have considered banking with.

Jed McCaleb co-founded Stellar with Joyce Kim in 2014 and continues to improve the infrastructure of the network. He is also serving as the Chief Technical Officer of Stellar and not only handles the technical aspects but also everyday business obligations. He has extensive programming knowledge as the founder of Mt. Vox, the first Bitcoin exchange market and various other projects.

Stellar uses the open source code, meaning clients can alter the code to fit their needs. The network is almost completely run by the community that uses it besides the core code that Stellar created. Much of the funding comes from, which also gives to other open source technology. promotes digital financial literacy along with open source technology.

While Jed McCaleb was inspired by Bitcoin, be didn’t want to create a new cryptocurrency or even a new system for pre-existing ones. Instead, he used some of the aspects of the Bitcoin network to link institutions together for traditional forms of currency. With this technology, Jed McCaleb hopes to change the world for the better and give new financial opportunities to everyone.

The Next Level: Bob Reina and New Technology.

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of a company called Talk Fusion. He started his career as a police officer and then someone introduced him to the world of direct marketing. In 2004 he tried to send a short video to family and friends. His provider dais this was not possible and the idea for Talk Fusion was born.

Bob Reina is a man who goes after his dreams. He knew there had to be a way for businesses to communicate via video email. He is a man who helped create a new product and fulfill a need for businesses to stay competitive in a modern technological world. Bob Reina is still staying ahead of the game with his newest version of a product called Live Meetings.

Live Meetings is a product that helps businesses hold video meetings or make presentations. The software used in this program is called a WebRTC system and can hold meetings of fifteen people up to as many as five hundred. The major advantage of this new product is that a company can simply access the program on their browsers and not need a separate program CD or a new download to get the product. This makes life a great deal easier for companies with big meetings or big presentations to make.

A second advantage to using this software is that video and audio are crisp and clear for the people using them. There are no extra add-ons needed for the software and it has the latest in security features. This helps a company keep information safe and secure while the product is in use. Businesses can rest easy knowing the important information is being protected during any type of meeting. The software helped Talk Fusion win a WebRTC award. This is the icing on the cake for Bob Reina and his team.

Bob Reina is a man who is determined to move forward with the latest ideas in video e-mail and video chat technology. With the help of  WebRTC system, he will be able to do just that. That makes him feel great. Learn more: