Jed McCaleb Links the World

Jed McCaleb developed Stellar after seeing that the financial infrastructure of the world is completely broken and leaves the most vulnerable in the economy without the resources to join a banking institution. Stellar is a universal financial network that uses open source software that connects various financial institutions, businesses, and non-profits. There are 2.5 billion unbanked people in the world according to the World Bank and Jed McCaleb hopes to change that with Stellar. Due to the fact that most unbanked people are located in developing countries, that is where the most interest for Stellar is currently coming from.

One of the reasons so many people are unbanked, according to Jed McCaleb, is that the maintenance costs associated with accounts for low-income individuals are high. In addition, transferring money between financial institutions isn’t cost effective for the institutions or the customers. By networking all of these businesses together it will drive the costs down and encourage these institutions to offer products to people they previously wouldn’t have considered banking with.

Jed McCaleb co-founded Stellar with Joyce Kim in 2014 and continues to improve the infrastructure of the network. He is also serving as the Chief Technical Officer of Stellar and not only handles the technical aspects but also everyday business obligations. He has extensive programming knowledge as the founder of Mt. Vox, the first Bitcoin exchange market and various other projects.

Stellar uses the open source code, meaning clients can alter the code to fit their needs. The network is almost completely run by the community that uses it besides the core code that Stellar created. Much of the funding comes from, which also gives to other open source technology. promotes digital financial literacy along with open source technology.

While Jed McCaleb was inspired by Bitcoin, be didn’t want to create a new cryptocurrency or even a new system for pre-existing ones. Instead, he used some of the aspects of the Bitcoin network to link institutions together for traditional forms of currency. With this technology, Jed McCaleb hopes to change the world for the better and give new financial opportunities to everyone.

The Next Level: Bob Reina and New Technology.

Bob Reina is the CEO and founder of a company called Talk Fusion. He started his career as a police officer and then someone introduced him to the world of direct marketing. In 2004 he tried to send a short video to family and friends. His provider dais this was not possible and the idea for Talk Fusion was born.

Bob Reina is a man who goes after his dreams. He knew there had to be a way for businesses to communicate via video email. He is a man who helped create a new product and fulfill a need for businesses to stay competitive in a modern technological world. Bob Reina is still staying ahead of the game with his newest version of a product called Live Meetings.

Live Meetings is a product that helps businesses hold video meetings or make presentations. The software used in this program is called a WebRTC system and can hold meetings of fifteen people up to as many as five hundred. The major advantage of this new product is that a company can simply access the program on their browsers and not need a separate program CD or a new download to get the product. This makes life a great deal easier for companies with big meetings or big presentations to make.

A second advantage to using this software is that video and audio are crisp and clear for the people using them. There are no extra add-ons needed for the software and it has the latest in security features. This helps a company keep information safe and secure while the product is in use. Businesses can rest easy knowing the important information is being protected during any type of meeting. The software helped Talk Fusion win a WebRTC award. This is the icing on the cake for Bob Reina and his team.

Bob Reina is a man who is determined to move forward with the latest ideas in video e-mail and video chat technology. With the help of  WebRTC system, he will be able to do just that. That makes him feel great. Learn more:

Talk Fusion is Expanding Their Company into New Delhi India

Talk Fusion is a company that is going above and beyond to better lives in countries around the world. Their latest announcement was on November 29th when they informed the world via press release that they would be opening a new international office. The location of the new office in New Delhi India is absolutely perfect. This new location is designed to serve as a central international support center to support the company’s continued growth in the region.


This announcement has many people throughout India very excited as they are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to take part in Talk Fusion Instant Pay. Talk Fusion Instant Pay is believed to be the world’s very first instantaneous compensation plan that allows representatives of the company to receive pay within 3 minutes after a sale is finalized.


The founder of Talk Fusion Bob Reina believes that India will become one of the top Talk Fusion marketplaces in the world so the placement of the office in New Dehli could not be a better fit. The new office will be located in the Westend Mall in Unit 301 B located in New Delhi in the Janak Puri West Metro Station. The office hours of this new location will be Monday through Saturday from 9:30 am until 6 pm local time.


Talk Fusion provides innovated products and services to businesses in over 140 countries worldwide. Their most familiar product is the Talk Fusion Video Suite which includes video email, video newsletters, live meetings, video chat, and sign-up forms all in one convenient package! To learn more check out the full press release here or visit the Talk Fusion website at



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New Dawn in the Mexico’s Energy Sector with Talos’ Zama Well

The Zama-1 Well signify a new dawn for the Mexico’s oil industry that has been under the monopoly of Petróleos Mexicanos (also known as Pemex) for close to 80 years. The oil well is located in the Sureste basin off the state of Tabasco. The Zama Well is a joint initiative of three companies; one Mexico’s firm (Sierra Oil & Gas) and two international companies (Premier Oil Plc. and Talos Energy LLC). The three firms commissioned the drilling of the well on May 21, 2017, and they were optimistic that the well would be ready for use in 90 days.

According to a statement issued by the UK based Premier Oil a week before the commissioning of the drilling process, the Zama Well is endowed with an approximated 100 million to 500 million of crude oil. Also, the company which owns 25 percent stake in the venture made it known that the well would cost it over $16 million.

Oil and the energy sector, in general, attract attention from investors and analysts alike because of the potential for massive profits. As soon as the three companies announced that they would drill the first non-Pemex well in 80 years, the news drew the attention of analysts such as Charlie Sharp and Elaine Reynolds among others. Reynolds of UK’s Edison Investment Research and Sharp of Canaccord Genuity shared similar sentiments; the well would alter the prospects of Mexico’s oil sector that has been ailing since 2007.

The other two companies bestowed on the Houston based Talos Energy the privilege of operating the Zama Well. Talos Energy owns a 35 percent stake in the venture. Talos Energy came to life in 2012 with interest to explore, develop, or acquire oil and gas properties in the Gulf Coast and the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos Energy is under the stewardship of the CEO Tim Duncan. As the head of the company, Duncan is interested in motivating employees through awarding them with equity regardless of their position in the company. In 2013, WorkplaceDynamics voted Talos the “Best Workplace among Local Small Businesses.” Also in the same year, the firm signaled an inorganic growth strategy by acquiring an oil and gas subsidiary of Helix Energy Solutions.

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Talk Fusion: Fast Changes In 30 Days

There comes a point in time in everyone’s life where they have to make a decision. Keep in mind, no one said it would be easy to make this decision, but that is actually part of the fun of it. With no risk, there would be no reward. That is why the time is now to join Talk Fusion. It is 2017 and the world is changing, each and every single day. Technology is growing and changing and it is making the impossible possible. It is also changing people’s lives for the better and making them happier as individuals. That is why Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are proud to offer 30-day free trials of Talk Fusion (


They believe in the product that much and they know that if anyone is a little hesitant or a little scared to try it out, they won’t be once they get their hands on the video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats. There is no better time to join Talk Fusion than right now. The company is growing by leaps and bounds. It is coming off 2016 where they won two awards. One of them was for the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. Talk Fusion is going to give its customers all of the solutions they need in their day-to-day life. They don’t have to live in fear anymore, and they don’t have to be afraid at their job. They can truly be happy all of the time.


The reason they can be happy all of the time is because they are the ones calling the shots at their job. They are the ones that are in control of the situation. They don’t have to hand it off to someone else. This is not a matter of someone being a control freak. It is a matter of someone caring about what they do and why they do it.


It reminds them what it feels like to be alive again and to be doing something creative, fun, and special. After the 30 days, they will be asking themselves why they didn’t sign up sooner. Learn more: