Flavio Maluf Explains The Consequences Of Brexit

In 2016, the United Kingdom exited from the common nations under the European Union. After the referendum, it was all set for the country to stand alone. The people voted for the exit. Across the continent, the stock markets felt the effect of the exit. It was evident that this group of kingdoms steered the mainland. The sterling pound was also devalued as a result of the British departure from the European Union. For this reason, this was one of the biggest records after the 1985 shortage of the British pound. The Brazilian businessman, Flavio Maluf, takes a keen look at the meaning if this departure.

For the most, Flavio looks at the impact the exit causes on the British economy. In the European Union, the major contributor to its success was Britain. For this reason, the country wanted to stand alone. They want to become independent and stop aiding a group of nations which would otherwise support themselves. Flavio explains that the restricted movement of products and people into the United Kingdom will affect the economy adversely. When he looks carefully at the foreign trade in Europe and the United Kingdom, he predicts the future of the continent. There will be new tariffs and rates for any incoming product. Foreign trade will be harmed. For Flavio, this means a positive end in Brazil. He also predicts that a country that enters into trade agreements with the nation will gain immensely.

Flavio Maluf, the successful entrepreneur and businessman, also analyzed the effect of the departure. For this reason, he explained what it meant to the imports and exports of the country. The United Kingdom is looking for bilateral trade agreements with member nations. They are in desperate need of allies. For this reason, Brazil will act as the best country to act fast and enter into trade agreements as one of the fastest ways to benefit from the Brexit. According to Flavio Maluf, the country was the economic pillar of the European Union. For this reason, the EU will suffer its loss. The only country at the margin to support the European Union is Germany.