Unique Strategies Of Marketing in China: Lime Crime Pioneers The Way

Getting products overseas means complying with regulations in the countries that you are trying to reach. Lime Crime, a makeup manufacturer from the U.S. found this to be true when expanding into China. They navigated differences in culture, consumer preferences and legal stipulations in order to provide the best consumer experience.

Lime Crime makes vegan cosmetics. They don’t test on animals and provide the highest quality organic ingredients. T China requires products to be tested on animals in order to be sold in the marketplace. his was the first obstacle that Lime Crime needed to address. Their products are vegan and they did not believe in the principles of testing on animals.

In order to get around this requirement, Lime Crime decided to ship directly from the United States. This was the best option because it allowed them to keep their production processes to remain in tact. It also helped them circumvent any problems associated with maintaining inventory in China.

While mailing from the U.S. was a viable solution to their dilemma of animal testing, the Chinese government imposed numerous tariffs and taxes. This changed the pricing model that Lime Crime had to use in order to maximize the results. After getting past these key parts, they were finally ready to get their products in China.

There was one last challenge that Lime Crime had to face. When looking at the existing market, it was clear that multiple people were making counterfeit products. Fake versions of the vegan makeup were being sold on the streets and in retail locations in China. This was confusing to potential customers, and did not match up to the standards of quality from the originals.

Addressing this integral to getting a strong foothold in the market. By partnering with another American Brand, Revolve, it was possible to get a mutually beneficial strategy for their target audience. Revolve focused on fashion while Lime Crime added on a twist with their makeup. Altogether both companies were successful in China. Working through Revolve’s ecommerce platform was one of the best methods for customers to find out about the items while maintaining exclusive rights.

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