DOJ Inspector General Refers McCabe for Criminal Prosecution

Reports on Thursday were released that disclosed the Inspector General’s office had recommended criminal prosecution for former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe. While the referral in of itself does not guarantee that McCabe will be prosecuted, it does show an alarming development for the former Deputy Director following his firing by Attorney General Jeff Sessions last month. McCabe was fired less than two days before his upcoming retirement, denying him full retirement benefits. The Attorney General had cited the Inspector General’s office and their findings on McCabe as the reason behind the McCabe firing.

The referral in question is in relation to the authorization of a leak of information to The Wall Street Journal in regards to an investigation into the Clinton Foundation. It was the Inspector General’s office’s conclusion that the Deputy Director had “lacked candor” in dealing with the revealed information. It has also been stated since that McCabe may have misled investigators on his role in authorizing the leak at least four times, three of which committed under oath. Speculation has arisen that McCabe, whose wife ran for the Virginia State Senate and received assistance from Clinton ally Terry McAuliffe, may have had a conflict of interest in regards to the investigation into the Clinton Foundation. It will ultimately be up to the US Attorney’s Office stationed in Washington to decide whether McCabe’s actions will warrant criminal prosecution.

Andrew McCabe himself has denied any wrongdoing on his part through statements released by his personal attorney, Michael Bromwich. Advised of the referral weeks ago, Bromvich believes that the referral will be proven to be “unjustifed” and that only pressure inappropriately established by higher powers– specifically the White House– would justify going through with a prosecution. Bromwich has also revealed McCabe’s intent to file “civil lawsuits against the President and senior members of the Administration that would allege wrongful termination, defamation, Constitutional violations and more.” McCabe has yet to file the lawsuit.