What Measures does IC Systems Take to Ensure their Consumers are Safe?

Collections, is one of the most complicated practices when it comes to financing. This is because consumers are always looking for a business solutions provider who can assure them that they are being treated with fairness and that all the amicable solutions to financial conflict are applied when settling issues. IC Solutions has been in this business since 1938, and over the decades, they have managed to earn the trust of their clients for the provision of professional financial resolutions. One of the most significant services that they have been offering is the protection of consumers.

The company was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson. For the entire period the company has been running, it has remained in the family. Its headquarters are in Minnesota. The company’s tradition has been making sure that all the solutions they offer to their clients are family oriented and that if settlements and agreements can be made out of the courtroom, they will explore that possibility first.

The values that are at the center of the business practices the company takes part in include innovation, pride, people and integrity. All the people who train as employees at the company must therefore make sure that their actions reflect the right kind of treatment for all their customers. The company has been nominated for the Torch Award for Ethics by the better business bureau for three consecutive years.

Another thing that the company always does is that they always strive to comply with the regulatory measures which have been set by the industry policy makers. Normally, other companies deal with the bare minimum, but IC makes sure that everything is complied with in all transactions. The company understands that they are not in the best position to deal with their own internal audits and quality assurance; they therefore outsource the services of competent, external auditors to have a look at their internal practices and make sure there is compliance.

These are just a few of the things that make IC solutions one of the best when it comes to financial solutions provision. The company’s management is constantly updating their management practices to include measures which are both transformative and innovative.