The Significant Growth of the Waiakea Water Company

Bottled water has grown to be one of the most popular drinks of the time. Water is known as an important component of our bodies that we need daily. Many people more so those traveling and those in offices find it difficult carrying water from their houses. Carrying bottled water has also resembled a dignitary character, and this is how Ryan Emmons found a vacant business opportunity.

Among the key things that people look after is a sustainable product that is unique with health benefits and with an environment-friendly effect. These are the three key things that he tried to seek out before he came up with the Waiakea bottled water company. The company that was started back in 2012 has in the currently grown to one of the top generating a stable income and profits.

Since he founded it at the age of 22, most people have been taking it, Emmons seriously. This has helped give the company a significant growth record of 4000% with much more expectation in the near future. The annual growth rate of the company is attributed to 170% all which is through the reliable services they provide. By the time of its establishment, Waiakea was producing an average of 2,304 cases of bottled water which has grown to 122,400 cases annually.

One of the key factors that is said to have pushed the company far beyond its competitors is the location of the company. The company is said to hold a value of 10 million square miles of ocean which is also the same amount the company is worth in dollars. Waiakea operates through a combination of both rain and volcano from the pristine snowcapped peak of the Mauna Loa Volcano. This makes the sources of its water one of the purest environments on the globe.

The main source of their water which is 14, 000 feet of the volcanic rock of the mountain is said to be an harbor of water with the rich minerals such as potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The minerals are believed to good for human health more so in improving the development of one’s bones, nails skin and many more. It is this fact that Waiakea bottled water had grown to the top of its competitors that were even in existence before it was established.