Chris Villaneuva Created MB2 Dental In Order To Awaken A Stale Dental Industry

Chris Steven Villaneuva is the founder of MB2 Dental, and he is an active participant in helping dentists to help other dentists in order to lift the field up and improve what is has to offer. As a practitioner, himself, he knows both sides of dentistry and how to support other dentists to see them succeed. He created MB2 Dental in order to bring positive change to the industry and to get doctors working together in order to get more done than they could by themselves. What his company offers is a new way of practice management that is a welcome change from the outdated methods of the past. MB2 is owned by dentists and works with dentists to help them with personal growth, autonomy, and whatever other support they may require.

Instead of focusing solely on the clinical aspects of their practice, MB2 Dental focuses on improving the kinds of things that patients care about. The environment at the company is one that encourages growth and education where dentists can learn from one another, and some of the specific services that MB2 offers are help with payroll, legal issues, HR, marketing, and compliance challenges. The company is full of younger members who bring enough experience to the table to not only help other practices to succeed but also to bring them into modern times. The company is truly disrupting the industry and continues to grow and grow.

Chris Villaneuva, in interviews, has talked about how he came up with the idea for MB2 Dental Solutions and has admitted that he created the company in order to bring together all of the best possibilities for dentists. Instead of having to choose between going into a private practice versus joining a larger practice, dentists today can do a bit of both. Villaneuva says that he gets his best ideas when he is up at night and has talked about how he is a night owl. He hires smart, productive, capable people to work at his company and lets them do their jobs without his interference. He believes that leadership is done best when a leader inspires his team and then lets them get to work. He is really excited about the way that technology is playing a larger and larger role in the world of dentistry and believes that it will continue to enhance every aspect of what a patient experiences when they go to see their local dentist.

Amazing Facts About Mb2 Dental

What is the MB2Dental solution? MB2 Dental Is a dental service company that serves as a partner to join all dentists and health practitioners across the globe. The company provides affiliated offices coordinate services to aid them in carrying out their practices effectively without giving up patients care control as well as maintaining high standards dental care practices.

Services offered by MB2Dental

The company recognizes that clients’ care and satisfaction is of utmost significance to their affiliated dental practices. Therefore, the organization has aligned its business around that priority. The organization has experts who can carry out the entire clinical field of dental practice management as well as other tasks that can be confusing, burdensome and time-consuming.For years now, the company has lied down strategies necessary to enlighten all the dentists across the world and provide them with the right stepping stones to explore and enable them realize and achieve their duties. Their associated dentists don’t have to earn limited amount or denied career enhancement.

Importance of MB2 Dental

They have an esteemed recruiting team specializes in matching phenomenal doctors with the right opportunities. The team works in a coordinated manner during vetting the right candidates to ensure they are matched respectively to their affiliated practices. This act has for years maintained the integrity of the dental profession and create a supportive space where most dentists have grown their career. For new associates, MB2 Dental guarantees clinical independence, supportive community of colleagues and mentors. Moreover, the associate will receive compensation transparency, growth and ownership opportunities.The company also has the best doctors and the best employees who work hand in hand to ensure delivery of adequate services to their clients. The company’s owners motivate their employees monthly for their hard work and dedication. Additionally, the company has a friendly culture that allows all the staff to prioritize multiple tasks at a time.Besides, dental practices, the company is also involved in the development of new generic drugs, especially in the western market. The company has over 191 medications, diagnostics kits, biotechnology products, critical cares and more than 60 active pharmaceutical ingredients a for drug manufacture.


The company pays its employees hourly with relative rates of $10.95per hour for customer specialist and $31.77per hour for the dental hygienist. For billing coordinator, the average MB2 Dental solution salary lies approximately at $33,000 annually and $50, 000 annually for dental assistant.