FBI Concerned With Plans To Release Memo

The FBI is up in arms over a plan by GOP members of Congress over a plan to make public a memo that targets the FBI along with the Department of Justice for the way in which surveillance was performed on a campaign advisor that had worked for President Trump.

In a Wednesday statement that was released to various media sources, the FBI expressed “grave concerns” over what they say is an omission of facts that distort the conclusions that have been drawn regarding the memo.

A vote was held on Monday by the House Intelligence Committee and it was decided that the memo should be unclassified and its contents revealed to the public. The final decision will lie with President Trump as he has five days to block the committee’s decision if he so chooses.

The President’s stance on the matter seems to be clear as he said on Tuesday he would be in “100%” in the release of the document while involved in a conversation with a Republican lawmaker that was caught on camera shortly after the President delivered his State Of The Union address.

Sarah Huckabee, White House Spokeswoman, was a lot more conservative the day following the president’s assertion and said that no plan was presented at hand to make the memo public and expressed that the President had not been fully briefed at the time in which he was approached by the lawmaker on the matter.

John Kelly, Chief of Staff for the White House had a different take on the matter. Kelly said later Wednesday while doing a radio interview that the memo will soon be released pending a review of its contents by attorneys.

The memo in question is supposed to provide clear evidence that the Justice Department used information Christopher Steele, a former spy for Britain, in its surveillance of the Trump aide Carter Page.