Barbara Stokes- Easing the Lives of Disaster Victims

Most balance act of life begins once a disaster strikes and the aftermath impact results to unique needs with many being immediate while others take time to recover. The recovery relates to multiple and different stages that may take weeks or even months and years. When the situation proves unbearable for the state, local workforces, suppliers, and equipment the Agency dealing with Federal Emergency Management steps in. They boot the ground helping in rescue and restoring the vital services keeping people sheltered and safe which is essential for the moment and also for going forward. However, the never-ending planning put all the resources together making them ready supply. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

All cities and towns need to store the required essential, dedicated fuel suppliers and install generators at different buildings designated for emergency shelters according to Homeland Security Emergency Agencies. Such houses should use accommodation potion for the residents. Different companies have the contract with FEMA to help in rebuilding infrastructure and re-housing of the community members, creating jobs and services and providing goods.

Among the companies, there is an exceptional one that meeting all the newly recognized needs. The GHS of Alabama is known to produce modular homes of different sizes. It has developed temporary designs to meet the required federal guidelines on accessibility, safety, constructions and material quality. The houses have latest amenities including fire sprinkler system, and they are easy to assemble taking few days. Read this article at

The GHS’s Company is a registered Contractor with the Disaster Relief Construction and was founded by Barbara Stokes together with her husband COO Scott Stokes. Their headquarters located in Huntsville Alabama. The company has rapidly expanded its manufacturing facilities and business to eight states fulfilling the 28.5million dollars contract with FEMA. The company latest win is the contract of over 45 million dollars.

GHS’s under the leadership of Barbara Stokes boasts of having high-quality construction materials offering energy efficiency. The plan allows people to rebuild their lives after a disaster. Their construction design and materials are functional and practical with the latest beauty and the much-needed products offering standardized costs.