Mark Mofid Wants to Change the World

Once upon a time, many people can remember plastic surgery as being something of a luxury and somewhat dangerous to one’s health. And for the most part a long time ago this may have been true. We’ve all seen horror stories of botched cosmetic surgery on celebrities in cheap periodicals, while buying a hand full of groceries at the local market.

But like many things, fact is often more fascinating than fiction, and the progresses made in the field of plastic surgery are astonishing. This is true for procedures performed on facial areas and other places such as the gluteus. And when it comes to these procedures, one doctor in particular deserves a little bit of mention for his candid and professional approach to perfecting the procedure. His name is Mark Mofid MD.

He is more than qualified to make advancements in this field, as his training includes Harvard and John Hopkins. Mark Mofid knows his aesthetic practice up and down. And, there’s a reason why he focuses on gluteal augmentation. The simple fact is this field of surgery and medical practice is woefully underfunded and not taken serious. For example, no one laughs at the billion-dollar industry of male enhancement. But when it comes to gluteal augmentation, all of a sudden cheap jokes just come out the woodwork.

The professional endeavor of Mark Mofid is to bring an air of dignity and quality to these procedures, so that they are not stigmatized or thought of as quack medicine. In fact, he has a technique and expertise that other doctors really need to take a look at. He only places in plants in an intramuscular fashion and he make sure to never cross the line when it comes to practicality. What this means is that no matter how hard a person bags for the bigger implant, Mark Mofid never does more than 330 cc of augmentation. Subfascial is off the menu, in his operation room. His teacher in this particular field is Raul Gonzalez MD who happens to be a plastic surgeon in Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.


Imran Haque is Helping Diabetes Patients

Over nine percent of the American populations are suffering from diabetes. According to a recent survey, more than twenty-nine people are currently living with this condition. This number has risen in the recent times due to the poor eating habits practiced by most people. The sedentary lifestyles have also played a role in this figure. Diabetes is a common condition that affects the ability of the body to produce the insulin hormone. For human beings to use sugar as a source of energy in the body, they must use insulin. People living with the condition experience high levels of glucose in their blood and urine because there is an abnormal consistency of carbs in the body. There are three types of diabetes.

Although the disease is not easy to treat, patients can manage it and live a healthy life just like everyone else. Regardless of the type of diabetes, it is important for a patient to get medical attention when they realise that they are suffering from the condition. Many medical professionals in the healthcare industry promise to offer the medical attention needed by diabetic patients. However, some of these physicians are not well qualified for the job, and they end up mismanaging the patients. Imran Haque is individuals you should consult when suffering from diabetes.

In his successful career, Imran Haque has assisted so many diabetic patients. Most of his patients have successfully overcome the effects of this dangerous disease. Haque is very experienced and also highly reputable medical professional. At the moment, Imran is working as a licensed internist at one of the best hospitals in the world. Since childhood, Imran wanted to change the lives of people who are living with different medical conditions. Haque has assisted very many patients. When he cannot handle a problem, the medical professional refers patients to the right professionals so that they can get help.

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Cardiology – What It is, Who It is for and So Much More to Note

Clinical Cardiology is often an area in which patients may first have access to specialized inpatient or outpatient heart care as well as long-term management for their conditions. Edward Honig can offer the latest innovations within cardiac care and therapies for patients of all ages. Edward Honig will provide state-of-the-art tests and procedures for making an accurate diagnosis while creating a long-lasting treatment plan. Edward Honig and his NYC team will usually see patients with the most common heart problems, like angina, artery issues, valvular heart disease and even heart failure. They’ll also treat patients with rarer forms of heart disease; this includes patients who were previously told by their other doctors that certain conditions cannot be treated.


Honig’s cardiologists use multiple treatment options to provide each patient with the best care possible. These often include lifestyle modification recommendations, medications and even more specified procedures. Honig’s cardiologists work closely with a team of specialized cardiovascular surgeons as well, in case surgery should be the best option. NYC’s Glen Cove Hospital’s Family Department of Cardiovascular Medicine offers physicians within every cardiovascular specialty, who work to offer the latest medications or interventional heart disease procedures. The result is better heart care outcomes for each patient.



  • Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing Section
  • Cardiovascular Imaging Section
  • Clinical Cardiology Section
  • Heart Failure and Transplantation Medicine Section
  • Invasive and Interventional Cardiology Section
  • Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation Section
  • Vascular Medicine Section



Caring for patients with difficulty within heart rhythms and electrical signaling, Honig’s experts in Cardiac Electrophysiology are leaders in both the diagnosis and care of those with atrial fibrillations, ventricular tachycardia, Wolff Parkinson White, fluttering and other abnormalities. The Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing area offers five state-of-the-art laboratories to offer a wide range of mapping and ablation procedures for patients with these suspected rhythm abnormalities. Other services include atrial fibrillation clinics, remote monitoring devices with genetic testing, any full range of pacemakers or cardioverter defibrillator ICD devices, biventriculars, removals of leads, advanced mapping or ablation therapy, syncope clinics or device clinics. suggests that within the Cardiac Electrophysiology and Pacing sections, they offer any variety of specialized approaches to more heart-rhythm problems. The procedures are most often used to diagnose any similar heart problem or even to treat it. Arrhythmia treatments depend on the types and severity involved.

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