PPP, Rio de Janerio’s unique approach, From Felipe Montoro Jens

The city of Rio de Janerio is undergoing a huge undertaking that was a campaign promise by its current mayor Marcelo Crivella. The mayor is keeping his promise through construction, maintenance and other pedagogical services of educational equipment. This plan of expansion will result in 20 thousand day care centers, and 40 thousand preschool by the end of 2020, says Felipe Montoro Jens, Project of Infrastructure.

According to Felipe Montoro Jens, The International Finance Corporation (IFC) a sister company of the World Bank is providing consultant services to help formulate plans to expand the city nursery and preschools networks. IFC was hired for 2.3million Brazilian Real. The IFC contributes more than any other private entities in developing countries. IFC is committed to applying their financial resources, expertise, innovative thinking and global experience to help their partners overcome financial and operational challenges.

Then candidate for mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo Crivella made a commitment to invest heavily in the education sector. He then vowed to “create 20,000 new day care centers and 40,000 new pre-schools by 2020 via Public Private Partnerships. The private entities are responsible for construction and administration maintenance of the new childcare facilities as well as the educational facilities.

December 30, 2004 a Public Private Partnerships blue print was laid out. According to No. 11,079 general rules were established for bidding and contracting within the public administration. This law is an attempt to address the issue of the scarcity of funds available for development within the public or government sectors. The PPP established an agreement stating partnerships can be established between the Union, State, Federal Districts, Municipalities as well as private partners.

A Tweet Storm By Shervin Pishevar Might Provide The Answers To What Will Happen Next In The World

Looking for signs about what the latest upcoming events in the world are going to be? If you are someone who wants to invest and make profits doing so, this has to be part of what you are thinking about all the time. The better a person is at predicting the future like that, the more they can profit as a result. Someone who is serious about getting the best possible results like this should follow along with the thoughts of people like Shervin Pishevar.

For those who don’t know, Shervin Pishevar is someone who got invested in the likes of Uber and AirBnb early on in the development of those companies. He was in on the ground floor, so he ended up with some of the biggest profits of all from these companies. Shervin Pishevar has been someone who has been followed for his wisdom since that time.

Just earlier this month, he went on what is known as a “tweet storm”. This is when a person tweets out many times in a row about a certain topic or series of topics. In the case of Shervin Pishevar and this particular tweet storm, it went on for twenty-one hours. There were a total of fifty tweets that were included as a part of this, and there was plenty of information in the whole series. See This Page for related information.

It didn’t matter if you knew about Shervin Pishevar ahead of time and admired him already or not, you had to admit that doing that many tweets about one topic is something we can all appreciate. He showed a lot of diligence in doing so.

You can read over his tweets to see what you think about them. He started it all off by talking about how he believes the stock market will fall pretty dramatically in the not so distant future. He followed that up by discussing ways in which Bitcoin is not going to be the safe harbor investment that some had hoped it might be. He just continued on and on from there. His material may be controversial to some people, but it is hard to say that his information is not interesting.

See Also: https://eca.state.gov/fulbright/about-fulbright/j-william-fulbright-foreign-scholarship-board-ffsb/ffsb-members/shervin

Sage Shervin Pishevar’s Storm of Tweets about 2018’s U.S. Economy

Shervin Pishevar is a venture capitalist who helped launched major brands, and he co-founded Virgin’s Hyperloop. On February 5, the investor in Uber, Airbnb and Postmates shared his thoughts about the state of the U.S. economy through his Twitter account, @Shervin.


6,000 Points


Pishevar’s first tweet was inspired by early-February hiccups in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. He forecast an extensive, slow downturn. “I expect a 6000-point drop in aggregate in the months ahead,” he stated. Over the next 21 hours, Shervin Pishevar added related tweets under his first and built a 50-tweet thread.


Volatile Financial Instruments


Pishevar was concerned by the American stock market’s volatility indices. He called them the tail wagging the dog, and he wrote that these financial instruments can lead to the type of risky investing that allowed 2008’s Great Recession. Further, he decried exchange-traded funds.


Popularly known as ETFs, these tools enable less-savvy investors to buy one stock managed by a Wall Street veteran who spreads the fund’s pool across a diverse set of industries. Shervin Pishevar is not a fan of ETFs. “24 ETFs with a combined market cap of nearly $6 billion. The inverse ETFs are over $3 billion of that and are at essentially zero overnight,” he lamented.


Entrepreneurs without Borders


Continuing, the venture capitalist criticized the U.S.’s faith in its tech-field competitive advantage. He tweeted, “As I’ve said before, Silicon Valley is no longer a physical place but an idea that’s gone viral. Entrepreneurship is a movement. Borderless!”


1,500 Builders


Pishewar then showed how the U.S. trails China in the tech economy. He shared a story from SCMP News about a large train station built in Longyan by 1,500 workers in nine hours. “Meanwhile,” he tweeted, “our infrastructure is in tatters.” See This Page for more information


The Coming Shift


Further, Shervin Pishevar forecast a once-in-ten-centuries shift that cryptocurrencies could bring. “That shift has to do with a revolution in stateless digital currencies unleashed across the globe over the next couple decades,” he stated.


Nations prepared for that revolution have a chance at success in this century. The unprepared ones could fade from the global economic stage.

Jed McCaleb Links the World

Jed McCaleb developed Stellar after seeing that the financial infrastructure of the world is completely broken and leaves the most vulnerable in the economy without the resources to join a banking institution. Stellar is a universal financial network that uses open source software that connects various financial institutions, businesses, and non-profits. There are 2.5 billion unbanked people in the world according to the World Bank and Jed McCaleb hopes to change that with Stellar. Due to the fact that most unbanked people are located in developing countries, that is where the most interest for Stellar is currently coming from.

One of the reasons so many people are unbanked, according to Jed McCaleb, is that the maintenance costs associated with accounts for low-income individuals are high. In addition, transferring money between financial institutions isn’t cost effective for the institutions or the customers. By networking all of these businesses together it will drive the costs down and encourage these institutions to offer products to people they previously wouldn’t have considered banking with.

Jed McCaleb co-founded Stellar with Joyce Kim in 2014 and continues to improve the infrastructure of the network. He is also serving as the Chief Technical Officer of Stellar and not only handles the technical aspects but also everyday business obligations. He has extensive programming knowledge as the founder of Mt. Vox, the first Bitcoin exchange market and various other projects.

Stellar uses the open source code, meaning clients can alter the code to fit their needs. The network is almost completely run by the community that uses it besides the core code that Stellar created. Much of the funding comes from Stellar.org, which also gives to other open source technology. Stellar.org promotes digital financial literacy along with open source technology.

While Jed McCaleb was inspired by Bitcoin, be didn’t want to create a new cryptocurrency or even a new system for pre-existing ones. Instead, he used some of the aspects of the Bitcoin network to link institutions together for traditional forms of currency. With this technology, Jed McCaleb hopes to change the world for the better and give new financial opportunities to everyone.

Greg Secker Is Helping People All Around the World Become Successful


Greg Secker is known for many things, among them his philanthropy. He was nominated to be on the list of the top two hundred most influential philanthropists.

One of the companies that Greg Secker has founded is the Smart Charts software. This software has made life easier for so many traders around the world. It has many features that make trading more efficient. Traders can easily follow the latest trends by using interactive charts. This helps them make smart decisions about trading various currencies on the forex market.

Capital Index is another company that Greg Secker has founded. It is a great broker that lets forex traders trade in currencies and CFD commodities. FX Capital is for clients who want to trade with a managed account. Capital Index has received an award. All of Greg’s companies are there to help people achieve financial freedom and become successful entrepreneurs.

Greg Secker is also a well known speaker. People who want to become successful in their life and in their entrepreneurship journey travel from far and wide to hear him speak. He has been invited to speak with some of the most well known motivational speakers in the world, such as Tony Robbins and Robert Kiyosaki, who is the author of the best selling book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Greg Secker has also shared a stage with Tony Blair. He speaks on all kinds of topics that are related to achieving happiness and success in life.

Greg Secker founded the Greg Secker Foundation in 2010. This foundation focuses on helping young people become successful. It focuses on education and giving people the skills to become successful entrepreneurs. The Greg Secker Foundation has a number of initiatives that are designed to support education and young people around the world.

After a typhoon devastated thousands of homes in the Philippines, Greg Secker traveled there himself to see what he could do to help out. He decided to donate money for the building of new homes that would be capable of surviving the next typhoon. Thanks to him, many people now have a safe place to live.

Nick Vertucci: Making Millionaires With His NV Real Estate Academy

The real estate industry creates more millionaires in the United States than any other. Plus, it is one of the easiest in which to get involved and it doesn’t take a lot of money. Nick Vertucci and his NV Real Estate Academy is providing people all over the country the opportunity to get the tools and training they need to embark on a career in real estate. With one call, anyone can be on their way to earning fabulous wealth and building a foundation that can leave their family financially secure for generations to come. All they have to do is follow the step-by-step instructions the NV Real Estate Academy provides.

Nick Vertucci is one of those Americans that became a multimillionaire using real estate. After the collapse of the dot.com industry, Vertucci’s computer repair and sales company failed and he was running out of money to feed his family. He had been unemployed and almost broke for about 18 months, when a friend tried to get him to go to a three-day real estate seminar. Vertucci was hesitant. Then he decided he had nothing to lose, so he attended the seminar. By the time the real estate seminar was over, Vertucci was confident he had found the answer to all his prayers. Buying and selling real estate.

For the next 10 years, not only did Nick Vertucci buy, repair and rent or sell residential and commercial properties and make money hand over fist, he also did lots of research. Combining his research and experience, he was able to create a very simple system for finding, buying and selling or renting distressed properties. The system Vertucci created was called Fortunes in Flipping. He knew it would work because by that time he had used it to make more than a million dollars. In fact, the Fortunes in Flipping system had made Nick Vertucci a multimillionaire in a few short years.

But Nick Vertucci remember the fear and uncertainty he felt when he was sitting at home trying to find a way to take care of his family. When he made his first million, he promised himself he would help others by introducing them to the real estate industry like his friend had done for him. Now vertucci is doing just that with the NV Real Estate Academy. He’s showing anyone that will listen a path that leads to financial security.

Find out more about Nick Vertucci: https://www.bbb.org/sdoc/business-reviews/seminars-and-training-wealth-building-and-real-estate-results-not-substantiated/n-v-real-estate-academy-llc-in-orange-ca-100121518

IDLife and Customized Sports Nutrition

If you’re someone who is serious about their workouts, serious about nutrition and is above all else, serious about seeing results, IDLife may be just what you’ve been looking for. If you’re unfamiliar with IDLife, it is a health and wellness company that prides themselves on being able to offer consumers a unique personalized nutrition system, that is not only an adjunction to their training regimen but is also delicious. Founded in 2014, IDLife is a purveyor of protein shakes, as well as energy and hydration products designed for those who are serious about living a healthy lifestyle. The company’s name, IDLife, is an acronym for “Individually Designed Life.” It is a name that connotes empowerment and encourages consumers to become the captain of their own destiny, as it relates to their health.

So, what makes IDLife nutrition different from their competitors? IDLife supplements can be tailored to complement your unique nutritional needs, which is determined once customers take a completely free IDNutrition health assessment. The result of this health assessment will enable IDLife to recommend products that fit your unique profile, based on your health goals, age, sex, health condition, and much more. In addition, IDLife’s product line is comprised of the highest quality ingredients; for example, their protein shakes are made from 23 grams of grass-fed, 100 percent cold-filtered whey protein, which helps build lean muscle while simultaneously boosting metabolism.

IDLife products also include energy and hydration products; the company’s energy products are available in chewable, powder, and liquid formulations. IDLife energy is designed to be time-released, which means not only will you get an immediate boost of energy you will also benefit from sustained energy releases throughout the day. If you’re someone who partakes in very strenuous workouts, you can appreciate the importance of hydration. Fortunately, IDLife also carries a delicious sports powder, which is the perfect way to replenish electrolytes and vitamins loss as you sweat through your toughest workouts.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle, or simply be a healthier version of yourself, IDLife has the products to help you reach your goals.

Logan Stout’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/TheLoganStout

Immortal Lifestyle: Logan Stout’s IDLife

Founder and CEO of IDLife Logan Stout is a dreamer with the wisdom, power, and discipline to make his dreams come true. This trailblazing entrepreneur and business proprietor is not only an acclaimed author and keynote speaker but a philanthropist as well.

He mentors proteges to be leaders in not only their field but in life. His website is sleek, full of jewels, and even has a tab dedicated to mentoring. In fact, Mr. Stout is currently offering personal development training via his website, where you are granted access to Stout’s mind and advice all for free.

Mr. Stout developed leadership qualities from a young age. He excelled at various sports including baseball and basketball while attending J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas. He was a member of the Student Athletic Council and as a junior, he garnered the title of MVP for his basketball skills.

He went on to earn a business degree at Panola and was part of the student body at the University of Dallas Texas where he earned a degree in psychology.

Utilizing his leadership skills he presided as both youth minister and coach at Dallas Baptist University. A man of the people Mr. Stout believes in getting his hands dirty and volunteering within his community.

He entered the professional baseball league and was involved in 17 world series. He contributed to sports broadcasts. He is sought out for his advice on coaching players to success and has addressed various crowds as a keynote speaker.

Along his travels, he saw a lot of young athletes with flaws and wanted to make them better players. This led to him creating what would become one of the biggest sports organizations known as the Dallas Patriots organization. Their aim was to assist in training young players to become better versions of themselves. Equipped with various techniques and methods Mr. Stout accomplishes this goal by providing classes, clinics, camps and even personal training.

Enter IDLife

Launched in May 2014, IDLife is a fully modifiable nutrition program that is engineered specifically on the individual. This groundbreaking idea is growing as more clients tout the results of this immortal lifestyle. For more info about us: https://vimeo.com/idlifellc click here.

For more information visit his website (https://loganstout.com/), It is both beautiful and informative.

A Road Map to Success with Eric Pulier

There are very few fresh faces in the tech world that have been making as big of an impact as that of Eric Pulier. While Pulier has been in the industry for almost two decades now, he has consistently found ways to reinvent his approach and change the way that he applies his craft. Eric Pulier is most well known right now for his work with the XPrize Foundation which has played a huge part in inspiring world changing technology among gifted entrepreneurs. Now we are going to take a closer look at Eric Pulier and what he does to get there.

Eric Pulier’s Early days

Every tech game changer has their start in the industry before they become a well known name. For Eric Pulier it was all about getting started in two fascinating fields of work: healthcare and education. Eric Pulier moved to Los Angeles in the early ’90s in order to chase his dream of becoming one of the most innovative tech entrepreneurs in the industry. He started out by establishing his first company, People Doing Things. PDT focused on bringing education and healthcare to those that suffered with poverty. His work early on would get him on the map and set the groundwork for chasing a larger career as a venture capitalist.

Eric Pulier the Venture Capitalist

With success behind him with People Doing Things, Pulier was able to look toward the future in order to focus on his work as a venture capitalist. Nowadays Eric Pulier uses his groundwork of success as a platform to bring in new ideas that excite him. Pulier says, “I am constantly searching for new ideas to invest in.” His focus, he says, is on finding people who are passionate about their concepts and willing to put in the work to become a success long term.

Eric Pulier and the Future

Nowadays Eric Pulier is focused on continuing his trend of marketing innovation. Pulier is working with vAtomic Systems, a company that brings real world purchases into the burgeoning mobile market. vAtomic Systems is Pulier’s latest success but certainly not his last!

For details: frenchtribune.com/teneur/25350-what-will-eric-pulier-do-next

Norman Pattiz’s Podcast One Platform Enhancing Businesses

The 21st century has been one era of technological innovation that has seen the revolution of almost everything from transport to communication. The innovations have also impacted positively on the advertising industry. There have been numerous methods, which entrepreneurs have come up with in a bid to make their businesses thrive. One such way is by use of podcasts. A recent survey conducted by Edison Research in partnership with Executive Chairman of Podcast, Norman Pattiz and five other leading brands in all categories from finance to groceries shows how podcast advertising has been useful. The study took place in 2016 for about six months. Norman recently announced the results. They prove that Podcast advertising is the new obsession.

Before the study, only 7% of the listeners knew about a particular grocery brand. At the end of the survey, there was quite a significant increase. For instance, the automobile brand awareness increased by more than 30% while the financial brand had a 47% increase. In the lawn and gardening category, awareness was increased to 22% from a mere 16% while that of a casual dining restaurant rose to 76%. Learn more: http://normanpattiz.com/author/npattiz/

The Edison research company, which leads in conducting surveys on podcasting organizations, says that the results of more than three studies are enough proof that Podcast advertising helps create more impact about brands to their customers in comparison to other channels. The research company further adds that most customers are willing to buy the goods from these brands once they get to hear about them on the podcasts

About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a household name when it comes to the creation and implementation of ideas in the broadcasting world. Norman established Westwood one, which is America’s largest network provider of anything news related from sports to traffic programming. That is made possible through its numerous channels such as NFL Football, CBS News, and CNN radio.

Norman is the chief executive officer and founder of Podcast, which has grown to become the biggest ad-supported and on demand digital audio network. Through this platform, businesses can promote their products while artists can create content. He boasts four decades of experience and has been appointed and reappointed by President Clinton and Bush to serve as a member of Broadcasting Board of Governors of the USA. Pattiz has been honored severally due to his inventions in the industry as indicated on (https://finance.yahoo.com/news/norman-pattiz-announces-hollywoods-legendary-204000537.html). For instance, in 2009 he received the Giants of Broadcasting Award in 2009. Norman is married and currently resides in one of the high-end estates in America, Beverly Hills with his wife.