Infinity Group Australia: Becoming A Top Player In The Financial World

In the ever changing world of finance, lending and banking there has always been strict policies as to who was eligible for assistance. Often times individuals have applied for assistance and were denied for any number of reasons. Individuals that were able to receive assistance most of the time could not afford to pay more than the minimum. Therefore creating a perpetual cycle that kept them locked in financial debt.


This is how Infinity Group Australia has become one of the most popular firms in the financial market. There was a void and a disconnect when it came to helping those less fortunate receive the financial assistance that they needed. Infinity Group Australia was able to step in and fill that void. They helped to pave a way for Australians to become debt free, to improve their financial status by offering ways to reduce their debt and establish budgetary goals so that they could remain free from debt and have a better future.


Infinity Group Australia has been doing such a great job with helping others that they recently received recognition as Australia’s 58th Most Innovated Company for 2018. The vision of the company shows the heart of the co-founder Graeme Holm.


His vision was stemmed from his own personal experiences as he worked within the financial industry in positions that were finance, real estate and planning based. After 17 years of working in the industry all of a sudden Graem had a thought. He began to ponder how could he help to improve the life style of individuals who were living from one pay period to another. The question was raised in his mind because he started to notice how most of the clients just could not afford to pay more than the minimum on their accounts. Basically they were making the companies richer while the customer themselves became poorer. He was also disgusted with the financial sector taking advantage of the poor in Australia.


So he decided to do something about in creating the Infinity Group Australia in 2013 along with his partner Rebecca Walker. The goal was to make life easier for Australians by helping them to be more financially stable. In addition to offering loans his company also does financial coaching for each borrower. This coaching is the the key component that helps to keep the borrower on track with their repayment, it helps to create ways to establish a realistic budget so that they are able to pay their loans off faster than the traditional 7 to 10 year term.


Under their company’s loan program, borrowers are able to usually pay down their debt in a matter of 3 to 4 years. This is a big deal when it comes to helping someone get back on their feet and not be trapped in a cycle that would only keep them strained. Graeme has succeeded in bring this business to life because he believes in sharing innovative ideas and collaborating with peers and setting the ideas in motion. Learn more :