The Impact of Rick Cofer

He Means Business

Recycling in Austin Park is becoming the new go green! So, hurry up! The Recreation Recycling Task Force in Austin is definitely trying to keep up with the splendor and the outstanding dynamics of Mr. Rick Cofer.


Mr. Cofer is adamant about the change and enforcing it with all seriousness; by creating the change he wants to see in the world starting with recycling at Parks in Austin. Although some parks are recycling, he won’t stop until they are all on the same page and in the same book. To make matters appear more appealing, he’s giving 2 options, option A will cost $1.3 million and take a year of your time and option B is going to run you about $802,500 and is going to take you two years, but the task force isn’t taking it lightly, and they are weighing their options and walking towards Option B.


Mr. Cofer is a man of dedication and working to see his change accessible to everyone who comes across or interacts with, in, or by any of the Parks in Austin. Hopefully, they decide to enforce the change in every Park in Austin in a timely manner. Just a heads up, Rick Cofer is not playing the blame game of who can fund this or can afford that; he believes that it can be done with everyone chipping and doing their part, one park or two parks at a time!


The Man behind the Impact

Rick Cofer is an honorable pillar in his community and holds many titles. Mr. Cofer is not only a Criminal Defense Attorney (with the numbers to prove his worthiness), he is also the owner of his own firm, and is a part of the Democratic Party on national levels as well as local. He loves outdoor activities with his Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Lady Bird!


During an interview, he mentioned that he considered a good time as Free. Breakfast. Tacos., well we’re definitely here for that! He’s a hardworking reflection of the genuine goodness in humanity and has more than enough to teach us all by his constant pursuit of change. Although his life appears busy, hopefully, the good that he is doing does not go overlooked and undervalued. He’s making an impact one state at a time and he’s doing it with a purpose!