The EU Could Be In What George Soros Is Calling”Mortal Danger”

Mortal danger for the EU could be the confluence of two things. They are in the middle of a struggle over how they should be operating, and it is making countries wonder if they should even belong. They are also dealing with refugees who are streaming in from Syria in the middle of a civil war. They have not decided how they are going to deal with any of this, and it is not helping their position. George Soros is talking about how this could be the end of EU, and people need to start listening.

The problem with the EU at the moment is that they will not deal with the refugees fast enough. There are people waiting to get into the EU, and they are scared. George Soros wants to see governments with trillion dollar budgets set aside money to help these people go where they need to go. Every person who is coming in from outside the EU has to have a chance to get to a final destination, and they cannot be left to wait.

This is a crisis that George Soros knows is making the EU look bad. He also knows that all these refugees are going to be good for the EU on if they are just allowed to come in. They have to be given a chance to come into the countries in the EU with one time assistance. George Soros is not saying that these people should be given a free pass to do what they want, but they need to be given enough assistance to make sure that they will be safe once they arrive.

The money that is given as assistance once would help all these people pay it back in taxes at the end of the year. These people will also be in a position to help the EU operate better in the future because they will be more established. These people have nowhere to go if they go back to Syria on, and they will likely be killed for fleeing ISIS. It makes much more sense to give these people the help they need now so that they can go on with their lives. They should not be left to sit in Greece or France for years at a time.

It is also necessary to allow all these refugees free passage. George Soros has told the EU that they are already a free zone, and the refugees should be allowed to go where they need to go. Police presence might need to be higher, but that is only to protect everyone as the refugees move through Europe. They will stop in the places they need to go, and they will start their new lives in the EU with the money they were given. There will be a whole new population in the EU, and they will start to contribute. George Soros knows that immigrants are going to get a lot done, and he wants to see them given a chance as soon as possible.