OSI Industries: Growing the food industry further

OSI Industries is a company that has been trying as much as possible to bring to bring the right changes in the food production business. For the past one century, the company has been making significant contributions which could lead to the development of OSI Group and the entire industry. The leadership of OSI is committed to making the industry great by setting the bar of leadership and production too high for the rest. The company has so far been very successful with its production work since it has managed to move its operations to over 17 countries and has built over 65 pants to supplement its production activities.

OSI Industries has a role that cannot be companies for any other company in the industry. First of all, very few companies even in the other industries manage to make the kind of progress that this one has made. A lot has changed in recent years due to the nature of technological food production and economic growth that has been happening all over the world. For a company to weather all the challenges that have been in the industry for past few years and make out of the industry strong, it is not a little achievement.

OSI Industries has reached to this point because the leadership of the company since 1975 have not changed a lot. One of the managing partners of the company then, Mr. Sheldon Lavin is still in the company and currently holds the senior most position in the management. He was part of the company when OSI Industries was formed from Otto & Sons (the previous brand name for this company). This company has transformed its operations so much since then that it has surpassed all other companies which were in the same business. Sheldon Lavin has maintained the position he assumed in the 1980s. He brought with him experience from the banking sector where he was working as an executive and an investment manager.

OSI Industries is on a path that will see its products reach to all corners of the globe. The current leadership will not relent until every plan they have is accomplished. Sheldon Lavin has an able team that will leave no stone unturned. In doing so, the company is also investing in today’s technologies which could make the industry better. The new technologies are bringing efficiency in food production and making it possible for these companies to produce more.

OSI Industries has had Some Big New Regarding Facilities

OSI Industries is a food processing firm that has operations located all around the world. One of the areas that the company operates out of is Spain. OSI’s Toledo, Spain processing facility is responsible for production for the markets in Portugal and Spain and it has recently undergone a massive upgrade that has dramatically increased its processing capabilities. In fact, these significant upgrades have doubled the facilities quota of processed chicken annually as compared to before the upgrade. These facility improvements also include upgrades to the facilities security and storage capacity. The OSI Industries commitment to world-class customer service goes all the way back to the company’s beginnings in 1909. The company is pro-active in the area of research as well as development.

In regard to the massive works done at the Toledo, Spain facility, OSI Industries added 22,600 square feet to the facility and this space includes a production hall, storage areas, service areas, areas for shipping and receiving and also an area for employee social interaction. OSI Industries also added a top-notch test kitchen that will play a vital role in helping the company to develop new products. The main victory in this expansion project has been the fact that OSI’s chicken production at the facility has jumped from 12,000 tons per year to 24,000 tons per year.

OSI also prioritized an improvement in the Toledo facility’s sustainability and its overall security. The upgrades in security are all a part of an effort to increase safety for employees as well as product security. Toward this effort, new surveillance systems have been added to the facility. OSI also put major efforts to increase the facilities overall energy efficiency as well as its sustainability. These are principles that the OSI executive team takes very seriously. The final results have been a twenty percent reduction in electric consumption.

In other recent OSI Industries news, the company also purchased the former Tyson plant in Chicago, Illinois. This purchase has much of the same motivation that led the company to upgrade the Toledo facility. This purchase will serve to dramatically increase OSI’s production capabilities in the Chicago area.

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