Bustle Writer Tries WEN 7-Day Challenge In Search Of Hollywood Hair

Beauty writer Emily McClure with the fine, frizzy hair, had heard all about the power and popularity of the WEN hair no-lather shampoo system, and she was hoping to achieve Hollywood hair by trying it out.
So, Emily kept a daily hair diary with hair selfies to show readers how the QVC advertised WEN hair system would work for Bustle.com.

Popular LA stylist Chaz Dean had developed WEN hair, so that women and men could have another choice when it came to cleansing their hair. Regular shampoos contain harsh detergents like sulfates found in the lather that weaken strands.

WEN is a no-lather shampoo with natural, healthy ingredients that quickly restore the vitality and strength to every type of hair found in the world, it is soldon most sephora stores . Emily happens to have medium length, limp hair that gets greasy and unmanageable.

WEN advises not to skimp on their unique cleansing conditioners when using the product. The more, the better, to thoroughly nourish and cleanse the hair. Emily, however, believed that 16-24 pumps of WEN product was too excessive, so she only used the 10-pump minimum for short hair.

Would that play a role in her 7-day challenge? We are not sure.

Even with using the bare minimum of product, when Emily later blow-dried and styled her hair, her selfies show a mane of gorgeous shine and bounce. Emily’s friends also were also blown away by the gloss and movement of Emily’s hair.

During the 7-day challenge, as long as Emily kept to her daily AM WEN wash, her results were fantastic. If she skipped a wash or switched up the routine, then her hair fell flat and got a bit greasy.

Emily is a very busy woman and a bit lazy when it comes to a hair care routine and feels that WEN is a more disciplined method. Wen hair is available on Amazon.

Official Website: http://www.wen.com/