Talkspace and Mental Health Stigma

Talkspace is an organization that deals with online therapy services. The company announced its plans to include Michael Phelps, a world champion swimmer to promote therapy as a critical tool when it comes to improving the mental health of individuals. This partnership will consist of a TV campaign that will see Phelps giving out his life story with depression. The main agenda of the campaign is to let people be free when it comes to seeking mental health help. Michael hopes that his story will encourage more people to come out for therapy. In addition to this, the campaign will display the kind of services that Talkspace offers.

Michael Phelps claims that it was not easy throughout his career as he battled with depression as well as anxiety. He goes ahead to say it was also difficult for him to come out and seek help because of the stigma. How could somebody from his class suffer from depression? What will people say if they see him seeking help for mental health? These are some of the questions that Phelps kept asking himself that made him not to come out and seek help. When his situation got worse, and he was losing it all, he decided to come out and get help. Michael is alive today, thanks to therapy.

Phelps argues that he became happy when he leaned that he could access help through his phone. He goes ahead to state that people should learn to speak out. It was when he started talking to others about his condition that he got the courage to seek help. Because of the support he received through therapy, he wants to encourage others that there is a solution to mental health challenges and currently it is easier to access that help through Talkspace and anybody can afford it.

Talkspace is an organization that brings together licensed therapists and clients using their mobile as well as web apps. The company is the leader in the industry. Talkspace has transformed the mental health care access by allowing people to have a dialogue with therapists in the digital age. The organization’s mission is to eliminate the stigma associated with mental illness.

Talk Space Therapy Offers Online Counseling through an App

Talk Space Therapy Offers Online Counseling through an App

While depression, as well as anxiety, are incredibly different health conditions, their causes and symptoms can overlap. For that reason, it has become increasingly important for health care practitioners to create platforms that will help people who suffer anxiety and depression. One such platform is Talk Space Therapy.

Founding Talk Space Therapy

In 2012, Oren joined Roni Frank to create Talk Space. But before that, Roni Frank was a dedicated software developer. Therefore, she garnered vast experience from the industry before delving into the tech business. Talk Space was conceived from helping couples get through any difficulties they experienced in their marriages. As such, the results of the therapies turned out to be meaningful for many clients including the founder, Roni Frank. She found it important to share her skills with other people. Consequently, she registered for a degree in psychotherapy.

Facts about Talk Space Therapy

Talk Space started as a group therapy that offered to counsel to people with marital issues. With time, the company evolved into online psychotherapy with licensed therapists. Talk Space would later introduce online unlimited messaging therapy where users would text therapists in search for help. Aside from that, the app allowed users to send audios as well as video messages to therapists.

Michael Phelps Partners with Talk Space

Even if you are not a sports fanatic, you have probably heard of Michael Phelps, one of the world’s best swimmers. At some point, he topped the list of America’s greatest athletes. Nevertheless, his success did not deter him from developing anxiety and depression. For years, he tried to battle his mental issues but was unsuccessful until when he started talking to a therapist. Today, he is partnering with Talk Space Therapy to highlight the pleas of those who suffer from mental disorders. He hopes that people will stop stigmatizing mental issues and find proper channels to address the issue. While at it, he is also encouraging those who suffer from talking about their experiences especially with professionals.

Talkspace Therapy Saves Many Lives

Therapy can be expensive for many. Talkspace is a mobile app that can help people in a much more accessible manner so that therapy can be available to those who find normal methods of therapy too expensive. Michael Phelps is an example of a person that one day realized that he needed to seek out help. After coming to this realization, Michael decided to speak to a therapist. This ended up saving his life, so he partnered with Talkspace to help save more lives.

Michael Phelps decided to partner with the creators of the mobile app Talkspace so that he can share his experience with as many people as possible. Michael suggests people that use the app to open up, and talk to friends, family, and teammates. He also suggests to work with a professional therapist if one has the ability to do so. Michael teamed up with Talkspace to make a more affordable and convenient version of therapy available to more people. As many are aware, conventional therapy can be quite expensive.

A recent article written on the crunchbase profile of the mobile app Talkspace was generally focused on the detrimental situations that can occur in the workplace of many. These kinds of situations can range from prejudices to sexual harassment, making the workplace highly toxic for anyone in it. The environment that a person is in can greatly affect their moods and self worth.

The article also goes on to mention the real world possibilities of office bullies and abuse of colleagues and employees. These kinds of work environment situations can have many negative effects on a persons health and productivity. People can also have a growing concern for their own safety in a place that they spend approximately a third of their time. These types of situations are commonly referred to as “microagressions”. The services of the Talkspace app have proven to be helpful in working through these types of situations.

Although the Talkspace app has proven to be an effective remedy, it does not hide the reality of detrimental work space issues. According to the article on the crunchbase profile of Talkspace, the work place “microagressions” seem to rank among the top issues of many people.

Talkspace Improved Anonymity While Getting Excellent Therapy for Mental Problems

Don’t worry about the expensive therapy you have to go through at the office of the therapist as the same therapy you can avail through Talkspace online. Many people don’t go for counseling and therapy sessions just because they cannot afford it, but it doesn’t have to be like that anymore as the people with mental health concerns can easily connect with the therapist through Talkspace. It is a mental health app that has been changing the mental health sector considerably in the past few years since it was launched in the year 2012. If you are looking for ways to solve your mental health problems and need to consult with the therapist, Talkspace will help facilitate that in an affordable as well as convenient manner.

Talkspace has been helping tons of people in the past few years and whether it is your work-related stress and anxiety or personal life, rest assured you can share anything and everything with the therapists at Talkspace. The therapists at Talkspace would help guide you through the issues in a very elaborate and distinctive manner that would impact the primary issue positively. It would help you look at life positively and vent out the negative energy forever. However, you have to make sure that you follow the guidance of the therapist at Talkspace accurately. You would be able to live your life normally again without any stress, anxiety or depression. Change the quality of your life and register at Talkspace today.

Talkspace has made it easier for people with mental issues to seek help. Many were worried about what their family members would think. But with online therapy, they are not just getting better but also keeping it a secret from their loved ones. Thus, online therapy is preferred by many people than the traditional therapy setting.

Talkspace The Reasons behind its Growing Popularity

Text messaging therapy has been around for a while, but there are so many misconceptions surrounding it. It is because of this reason that many people are unable to benefit from it. The first reason is that people think since the therapy is free, it must be not of high quality. But, the truth is that free counseling is different from online therapy. It is essential to know the difference between the two so that you can enjoy its benefits.

Free counseling online is not provided by trained and licensed therapists. It is done by just a person who is working part-time to earn extra income. Online therapy, on the other hand, is provided by licensed professionals who work full time as a therapist and are also available to their online clients through text messages or audio messages. Online therapy apps such as Talkspace offer high-quality therapy services to their clients who find it challenging to afford in-person therapy. But, it is not just about the cost, online therapy is also more convenient and reachable for many people. A person can talk to their therapist through the app without having to step out of the house or missing their day at work. All they need to do is launch the Talkspace app and started getting therapy.

All the therapists working with Talkspace are experienced and can help assess the problems that you might be facing. You can stay in touch with them throughout the day without having to worry about anything. All your personal information that you share with the therapist is secured, and none of it is shared by any third-party. Talkspace has encouraged more people to get help for their mental problems without having to get it known to anyone else. Privacy is one of the primary factors that Talkspace has been able to reach out to more people.

Popular App Talkspace Provides Mental Health Via Text

Walk by any bus stop or stand in line at your favorite coffee shop and it will strike you – everyone is looking down at their phones. To date, these phones have certainly helped us get better directions or look up what the most popular song was in 1992 (it was “End of the Road” by Boyz II Men). But the smart phone has, in many ways, not helped improve our quality of life.

Enter Talkspace.

professional. After signing up with Talkspace you are paired with a counselor or therapist who will use text messaging, email, even video chat to provide counseling nearly around the clock. Starting at around $25 a week, you can customize how much interaction you need and have confidence you’re working with a licensed professional.

The therapists are all licensed in the regions the clients come from, but they are allowed to expand their service footprint beyond just the city they work in. It provides another revenue stream for these professionals while still providing a service to the clients who may feel more comfortable talking by email or text, or who may have anxiety meeting in a therapist’s office.

Feedback about the service has been positive and a great example of putting the “smart” back in smartphone.

Therapy Is Expensive – Talkspace Makes It Easy

About one in five Americans today struggle with some form of depression or anxiety. Mental illness sadly is still overlooked in today’s society, and there is still a lack of respect for those who do receive help. Because there is still such a taboo on receiving therapy for simply feeling or being anxious or depressed, this makes it less common to get help when it’s best to receive guidance and therapy. This also makes it more expensive as well.

Mental health is oftentimes not at the top of priority on health care plans. There is space to receive therapy but the costs can be so high. Today, hundreds of dollars is not exactly easy to come by to pay for on a weekly basis. This is why Talkspace decided to create their movement, Therapy for All. This movement allows for ordinary people even with small budgets to afford access to a licensed therapists without having to spend huge amounts every single session.

What makes any form of therapy treatment so expensive is the fact that every single session can cost so much. Therapy for All allows people the chance to gain access to a licensed therapist for as little as $25 a week. You can speak to somebody via text, video, or audio message, and this could allow you to get advice almost immediately throughout your day. Just having someone virtually there to listen to every word can make a world of difference. Talkspace is such a reliable source with connecting the right people to your specific needs. They have licensed professionals in all areas, and you could gain so much help from all aspects when you are assigned your specific therapist. Talk to them whenever you may need them, and they will respond as soon as they can to help you succeed.

Talkspace: Therapy With A Twist

For years, people thought of therapy as a sign of weakness, and that could not be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, it is a sign of strength and being in control. If someone is just holding in how they are feeling and not doing anything about it, how are they going to get help and how are they going to get any better? There is no use in ignoring the problem. The problem is there and it is not going away anytime soon. The sooner they deal with it; in fact, the better off they will be in the long run. They just need to admit that something is bothering them and do something about it.

Talkspace is therapy with a twist, though, and it is highly rated when it comes to technology apps. It allows a patient to talk to a therapist over the phone, one-on-one through video chat, and also through text message. No matter what method they prefer, they are going to get the same kind of care. One of the major issues people have with therapy is the cost of it, as it can cost hundreds of dollars per hour. They walk out of the session, and they don’t feel like they really got their money’s worth.

If they are on a budget, they can even text a therapist for only 32-dollars a week, which allows them to share their feelings and not have to worry about having a big bill in the process. It is truly a win-win for people that are tired of the same old model of therapy. They can do it their way and they meet with someone on the phone that actually really cares about them and is going to show it with their level of commitment and professionalism.