The Future of the Healthcare Bill in the U.S.

Events in Law
The law is meant to provide order in the governance of a nation. Different countries have different types of laws. Under the law, there is a bill, which is a proposed law. This proposed law is brought to the parliament for discussions. Bills are constantly changing due to revision by the ruling government. The U.S. is not a stranger to this. With a new government in place, different bills are being revised or under consideration for revision. One of such is the Health Bill.

Regulations in the U.S. Health Bill
With new governance in place in the U.S., there are discussions for a new health bill. In the previous administration, there was the Obamacare, which at the moment the new administration is seeking to revoke. According to Senator Mitch McConnell, the Senate seeks to revoke the Obamacare without placing another replacement.

The Senate had previously recommended another health care bill but with two senators being a no-show, the bill was suspended. However, there seems to be hope in the pending health care bill. The Republicans seem to be burning the midnight oil as they try to look for a way forward with the bill.

Susan Collins and Rand Paul have voiced their disagreement with the bill. According to the two senators, they would prefer a health care bill that is different from the existing one. The fate of this bill seems to be hanging by a thread as it ignites mix reactions from the senate.

Future of the Bill
In order to salvage the bill, the Republicans are making plans to add $200 billion to a Medicaid Program that the bill would cut. The Americans remain uncertain about the future of the healthcare bill. The Senate, on the other hand, continues to explore all options they can find.